Bye Week Game Day Thread

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Go Rams!


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  • Rams victory would be sweet!

  • goooooooooooo all viks opponents!!!!!

  • Alas, the Rams are PATHETIC.

    From the "Who in hell made up THAT list?!" department:

    Watched some NFL Network yesterday evening.
    It was their THE TOP TEN ALL-TIME show. This one was an hour on the "TOP 10 ROOKIE SEASONS".

    Now, WE all KNOW the top rookie season of all time, right?

    All together now:

    "Gale Sayers - 1965."

    Very good, class.

    You KNOW what's coming because if the NFL NETWORK had put Gale at the top of their list, I wouldn't be posting.

    So, guess where they put him?

    No, not second.

    Uh-uh. Not third, either.


    Yup. They had the unmitigated GALL to put Gale Sayers and his 22 TDs in FOURTEEN GAMES as FOURTH on the list of the 10 greatest rookie seasons of all time.

    That's not just IGNORANT, it's downright CRIMINAL.

    So, who is ahead of him on the list, you ask?

    3. Lawrence Taylor - 1981.

    Say WHAT!? He didn't even have his big sack year (20.5) until 1986. Pro Football Reference has a blank space for sacks in his '81 stats so I think that was the year before it became an official stat. How do you even quantify THAT choice?
    No, sorry but "He played in New York" is NOT a reason.
    That choice is plain stupid.

    2. Eric Dickerson - 1983. Don't make me laugh. OK, so he rolled up 1800 yards and 20 TDs...WITH the benefit of a 16 game season and the narrowed hash marks! It took him 16 games and 441 TOUCHES to score 20 TDs. Gale amassed his 22TDs in 222 touches. He averaged a TD every 10 times he touched the ball.
    That choice is plain moronic.

    1. Randy Moss - 1998. 69 Catches with 17 touchdowns. Yeah, it's a nice average, but it's still just 17! Hell, even erstwhile Browns pass-dropper, Braylon Edwards, had a year with 16 TD receptions. Plus, Jerry Rice had already reset the standards for receivers with multiple years in the teens and a high of 22 before moss even came into the league. Before 1965 NO ONE had ever scored as many as 20 TDs. 2 players did that season. The guy Sayers edged out to set the record was some "nobody" named Jim Brown. Oh, and 6 TDs in one games is regarded by enlightened observers as the greatest single day any player every had in NFL History.
    That choice isplain ridiculous.

    Excuse me, genetlemen, but, what part of 22 TD in FOURTEEN games is WAY better than either 20 or 17 TDs in SIXTEEN games ANYWAY YOU SLICE THE BALONEY! I won't even dignify the Lawrence Taylor choice with a response. On second thought, if you want defensive player on the list, here's one I CAN quantify:

    Dick "Night Train" Lane -1952
    He only picked off FOURTEEN passes.
    A record that STILL STANDS.
    He set it in a TWELEVE GAME SEASON!!!!!
    He didn't even MAKE THE LIST!?!?

    Sayers scored TDs, rushing, receiving, returning punts AND returning kickoffs and, oh, by the way, he was 2 for 3 with a TD as a passer. And he only started 12 of that seasons 14 games!

    Game, set, match to Mr. Sayers.

    If this were a gunfight, NFL Network, I'd be stading over your dead carcass on the street.

    If it were a boxing match, the ref would have stopped it in round 1.

    If ignorance is bliss, the folks who concocted this list are one happy bunch.

    But if brains were dynamite, they couldn't blow their noses.

    Moneypenny, take a letter, please.

    Take your "Top Ten Rookie Seasons" list and STICK IT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE!!!!


    Albert in Tucson

  • Re: last thread.

    I am glad that Al is on our side.

    Bears rest!! Go Rams, KC, Oak, TB (wow I am cheering for some crappy teams this week), Pittsburgh and whoever is not going to win their Division out of Atlanta and SF and whoever is going to have fewer losses between Was and Carolina!!

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    Re: your first sentence - LOL!!

    No kidding!

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    Sigh. As if I needed one, ANOTHER reason to detest the BYE week.

    Here's my choice of early games on local TV:

    CBS: Raidas at Giants.

    FOX: Cowbums at Chefs.

    Oh GOODY!

    I get to see TWO of the league's three worst teams in action!

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    All that's missing is Vikings at RAMS!

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    The NFL Network should send a thank you note to the Tucson Fox and CBS affiliates. If that lineup doesn't pump up sales of NFL REDZONE, nothing will. The local Sports Bars will be happy too.

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    I live about an hour and a half from St. Louis, and I gave considerable thought to going to that game in my Walter Payton jersey. But alas...I didn't car enough.

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    Excellent gripe, by the way, Al. Usually NFLN is better than spewing that popularized football propaganda (ala the four-letter network). And choosing current NFL media favorite team New England Patriots WR Randy Moss as the number 1 rookie of ALL TIME is unmitigated horse shit.

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    Rams done. That was quick.

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    The Rams would actually be in this game if they could hold on to the ball in the red zone......

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    The Rams have fumbled twice inside the Vikings ten yard mark.

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    I'm stuck with Rams-Vikes and Steelers-Lions right now. Suck.

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    I like the Rams' throwbacks better than their current equipage. I'm just waiting for Erik Dickerson to step out onto the field...

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    0-2 at this point, but KC threw that damn was all theirs (hell hailey should've went for the 2 pt. conversion....what do you have to lose)? try to WIN the game instead of playing not to lose it.....not like you're going to the playoffs this year right?

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    is Brandon McGowan the starting safety for the fucking Patriots?

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    Yeah and he recovered a fumble

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    Some thoughts.

    I know they used to be good a long time ago but even a Bears fan has to take a little pity on the Browns QB situation (2/17 23yds 0 TD 1 INT) Wow is that like a -40 passer rating? And they won. How does Jauron have a job? It is nice to see TO in what must be his version of hell.

    Shit the bed Benson with 120 and a TD on the Ravens who hadn't allowed 100 yd rusher in 39 games. WTF?! I hate him even more now that he is trying. Fuck him! Unprofessional whiney bitch. Glad it happened so we could get the deuce deuce. He's still a douchebag. Hey we got rid of the double douche for the double deuce.

    Jeremy Maclin 142 yds 2 TD's. Sucks that Philly got that weapon.

    It's really hard to say who the worst team in the NFL is. So much competition. TB has to be down there somewhere.

    Jared Allen had 2 Fumble recoveries, 1 for a 52yd TD. I hate him and I hate the Vikes but they are both good. They still haven't really played anybody. They need to lose and soon.

    No Frank Gore hurts a lot but so does Roddy White's 8 Rec 210 yds and 2 TD's, Turner's 3 TD's and the Falcons 28 1st downs, 477 yds and 45 points. Hopefully they are tired from all the running up and down the field. Tillman shadowing White all game from the jump anyone?

    Hassleback throws for 4 TD's

    and I am done apologizing to Broncos fans ever again for "The Trade", Orton and the Broncos 5-0 and beating NE. What more do they want for a start to a season? They drive 58 yds on the 1st possesion of OT for the winning FG. Orton 35/48 330 yds 2 TD's. What a defensive turnaround in 1 season for that team. Randy Moss 1 catch. Tough day for some prima donnas.

    Bear Down! Huge game coming up! Are we scrap for a playoff spot good or contend for a title good? This will give us a little better idea.

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    And they have Tony Gonzalez. Shitty. The D needs to gear up and handle this. This could be a shootout. Bet the over kids. Bet it hard.

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    congrats to orton, but denver is maaaaad overrated. hell they were down for 3 quarters against the pats.....not impressed w/ that team just yet.

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    Good god, is the Bye week almost over???

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    Funny - don't put text in "<" brackets...gets omitted.

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    thoughts on cedric benson anybody? ran for 120 yards vs. Baltimore, the first player in 40 games to rush for 100+ yards against the Ravens (via Zach Zaidman)

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    "He is who we thought he was"...when we drafted him (as far as potential).

    But his ego(declaring himself better than Thomas Jones when he WAS the offense the year before) and agent(rookie holdout ruining his rookie season) meant he didn't meet his potential in Chicago. So a lot of his teammates hated him.

    Also, he bulked up too much which slowed him down...which could have been the coaching staffs fault.

    ...Funny, Benson's career may mimic Thomas Jones' career in some ways. Thomas Jones never lived up to expectations for the team that drafted him (Arizona).

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    I've always been a fan of Derek Anderson, because I love an underdog. However, today he was 2 for 17 for 23 yards! Is he a professional football player??

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    Was Clevand trying to lose the game to win the Tebow sweepstakes(but failed in the worst played game in the NFL this year by both teams)?

    Even if the team that drafts him doesn't want him, any of the Florida teams would give up a ransom to get him for fan support.

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    OK so, Chefs-Cowbums was pretty interesting.
    Too bad the Chefs can't seem to tackle Miles Austin.

    Cleveland 6, Buffalo 3.
    Can you say "Eyesore" ?

    The ULTIMATE insult. The local CBS affliate switched from Raiders-Giants after halftime to Bengals-Ravens.
    LOL, Al Davis, you decrepit excuse for a human being.

    If I am Baltimore, I definitely demand that Cedric Benson immediately take a pee-pee test.

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    Atlanta is absolutely destroying Samurai Mike's Niners...I think it was 35-10 at the half. Let's hope they get all of this offense out of their system this week...

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    brandon marshall will make orton's numbers look pro-bowlish this year. marshall is a freak of nature

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    Good for Kyle Orton!

    On a more concerning note, the Atlanta Falcons beat a pretty good 49ers team at home 45-10 off a BYE week. I'm a little more concerned about next week now.

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    i'm not. the 9ers looked flat....really, they got all their points off big plays. if we eliminate that by playing good, SOUND defense, get everybody healthy, and play our game, it will be a good one

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  • Amen on the Kyle attribution. He skill has yet to throw a "real" interception this year. WTG Neckbeard.

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    Hooray for Neckbeard! He had a career game against a good team today.

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