Bears Win Second Half 27-3

I turned to my brother at halftime of yesterday's ballgame and said, "If the Bears don't win this game by three scores, I quit on Lovie Smith."  They won by three scores.  I'm still sweet on ya, Lovie.  Here are my thoughts...

  • Game balls to Dave Toub, Brad Maynard, Robbie Gould, Earl Bennett, Johnny Knox and the entirety of our special teams.  Did the Bears start any drives in their own territory in the second half?  Did the Lions start a drive outside their own twenty?
  • There is no game this season I'll think the Bears are out of. The reason is Jay Cutler.  That's why we could have given up a decade's worth of first round draft picks.  As for the touchdown run...that's enough of that.
  • Lance Briggs can say whatever he wants but he's turned his game up a notch since Brian Urlacher went down.  Nobody's played linebacker like this in Chicago in a long time.
  • Mark Anderson?  Tommie Harris?  We have to credit Rod Marinelli for this, right?
  • Another game, another injury.  Let's hope Devin Hester isn't seriously hurt.
  • If they re-held the draft today, I think Johnny Knox goes at the end of the first round.  As unique a talent as Devin Hester is, how did we find another one?
  • My gut tells me that Zack Bowman isn't comfortable sitting back in Lovie's coverage scheme and would much rather be attacking the football on every throw. 
  • Really like the game that Ron Turner called yesterday and for the past three weeks.  Cutler's a brilliant talent but Ronny has harnessed that talent brilliantly.
  • He won't get a lot of press but I think Chris Williams played a hell of a ballgame.  He's a giant.
  • How much would you pay for video from the locker room at halftime?
  • Adewale Ogunleye is going to make himself a lot of money.
  • I've never played offensive tackle.  On television, blocking Alex Brown looks comparable to standing in the middle of the New Jersey Turnpike at 6:00 pm on a Friday afternoon in the summertime. 
  • If the Bears want to win the Super Bowl, they're going to need to cover wide receivers.
  • Jason McKie's total carries this season is on-point.  Zero.
  • Jay Cutler.  Seven touchdowns, one interception since opening night.
  • All that matters is 3-1.  


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  • Game was a bit scary at times, then not soo much :)

  • This game was the one I noticed Urlacher being gone the most. They may as well blitz Roach every down because he can't get back and cover the middle from the line like Urlacher can. So many passes right smack in the middle of the field it was like they were actually attacking our 3rd string Mike.. Atlanta has Gonzalez...

    Knox was doing a lot of jawing early and then he dropped that ball too early on the kickoff return and is lucky they didnt have a better angle to challenge, please don't turn into DeSean Jackson, please. Without Hester, this is a different offense but luckily we had such outstanding field position we were fine.

    I am so sick of people saying "well if Forte didnt have the 2 big runs..." NO SHIT! You think any running back ever actually gets 4.5 yards every time they touch the ball? If they did, they'd just hand it to him every down and get a first on every 3rd carry. That is why it's an average. This game took his avg up to 3.8 a carry, thats about right, regardless of how it got there.

    Now that was a fun game by the end... I had a Lions friend bet me $20 when they were up 7-0, I said sure. At half he was talking crap after the Know return about how AP being out was gonna be big and that Wolfe shouldn't be in the NFL so I bet another $20 that Wolfe would get in the end zone. I was laughing so hard when he called after the game that I could barely get out the I'll be expecting your $40 on Monday.

  • Talk about a tale of two halves. The defense apparently made an adjustment at halftime to have Tillman shadow Johnson (probably should have done that to start the game boys) and also have Manning shade toward his side regardless of the situation. Seemed to take away the deep throws for Stafford (who looked impressive). Plus, obviously, the dline was able to get to him in the second half.

    Game ball has to go to the special teams. They whiped the Lions with the field...TD return (uh Johnny, let's cross the goal line next time kid, then celebrate all you want), a handful of other great returns, Maynard inside the 20 on every punt, Gould with a 52 yarder, good kick and punt coverage...just awesome. I do think though, the offense should have put this game away much sooner with the field position we had in the 2nd half. We will need to take advantage of those situations much sooner against better teams.

    Also of note...kudos to Clark for covering up that Cutler fumble early in the of those plays you forget about that made a difference.

    All in all, Bears are 3-1 heading into the bye week...sounds pretty fuckin' good to me. Rest up and get ready for Atlanta in Prime Time.

  • Sorry, this is a "Reprint from yesterday's late edition" but I think it's a point that needs to be addressed and as you'll see, I'm a little torgued about it:

    Is it just ME, or is anyone else here absolutely dumbfounded / stunned/shocked/incrdulous/LIVID that with under 7 minutes to play and ahead by 20 our FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK WAS STILL IN THE
    FREAKIN' GAME!?!?!? What! Was up! With THAT!?! Even WORSE, there's the franchise, running downfield at that same juncture TRYING TO THROW A BLOCK!!!! ARRRGH!!!! WHAT ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH were the coaching staff and JAY, HIMSELF, thinking?!?!

    Apparently, they WEREN'T!


    You guys had the sense to pull Forte out of the game, where the hell was Caleb Haney to hand off to Wolfe? You were already down Hester and Mr. "Opportunity"! Were you trying for a "Hat trick" with a totally meaningless injury to the biggest reason you are not staring down an 0-4 record? Talk about flaunting it to the football gods!

    UN-FREAKIN'-BELIEVABLE personnel mis-management.

  • The Lions are going to be a team to reckon with in the near future...maybe as soon as next year. The NFC North will be a bloodbath similar to the EAST where there are no easy wins. I also have a new Lion to hate...Louis DumbAss didn't shut his yap all game.

  • You know I LOVE Alex Brown and have never understood how Mark Anderson has forced him off the field as much as he has, that being said, I wish he'd save his "Gator Chomp" for when his play has forced 4th down for an opponent. It looks stupid to do that then on 2nd down, give a a 30 yard completion to to a Calvin Johnson or such for a 1st and 10.

    Speaking of Calvin Johnson, did you notice his productivity diminished mightily in the 2nd half after Peanut took over the coverage? Thank you, Mr. Tillman.

  • Special teams were by far the story of this game.... without our offense starting at the 4o or 50 every time and detroit's offense starting at the 5 or 10 every time it would have been a much more interesting (or depressing) game...

    We've had a great special teams for much of Lovie's time in Chicago, but they really showcased their talent yesterday... what other team has 3 or 4 legitimate game changers returning punts/kicks???? Hester gets hurt and it's like he never left... part of me thinks we should incorporate manning on offense because he is a force in the open field, but heck, now we have 3 tight ends, 3 good receivers and a great pass-catching RB..... it's really a shame we couldn't insert this offense for the sexy rexy offense of the super bowl year... peyton would still be searching for a ring...

    Gould making that 52 yarder was awesome to see- he's a machine from inside 45, but we all know he doesn't have a big leg.... that was encouraging to say the least! and brad maynard looked like the best punter in the history of the game yesterday

    Without Urlacher, we need to play up on receivers more and stop saying in the soft ass cover 2 all the time.... that middle of the field is wide open and our receivers always play over the soft unders, leaving slants and middle routes wide open against a good quarterback.... matt ryan is yet another good QB this year who will pick us apart for 300 yards if we don't attack the receivers and the ball more... with the added pressure the dline has been putting on, we don't have to sit back in as much C2... i only wish 54 were still in the middle with the line getting as much pressure as they have...

  • peanut did do a bang up job in the second half, but he is more of the up in your face, ballhawking corner that we need ALL THE TIME! Who is going to cover Tony Gonzalez??? Because that is a frightening thought.... Will Pisa be back healthy enough for that???? How about Manning? somebody needs to stick him or he'll go off

  • agree about Alex- although Anderson has been playing well as well- the whole line as a whole has been playing well so it's good to keep them fresh by subbing whenever we can.... they've both been effective

  • I really hope that Toub never pulls a Harbaugh and gets a head coach spot. He definitely deserves it, but I'd love to keep him in Chicago til death do us part. This man gives us a massive advantage every game.

  • It's official. This morning on ESPN Chris "Beerman" Berman referred to Johnny Knox as "Fort Knox". Boomer is Nickname King for sports figures. Although "Opportunity" is a good name, it can't compete with "Fort Knox". Gold is reposited there and Bears are golden for getting this player. Robbie "Pure" Gold. Cutler Prime! Briggs Security Systems. This is fun. 48 points? Winning brings about wild enthusiasm and Bears complete first quarter at 3-1. No Lack either. Tommy gets interception which should keep him motivated as season rolls on. He was disruptive yesterday and D-Line played up tempo all game. O-Gun chasing QB's and contract. Every player should be in contract year in NFL. Man, do they play better when they're chasing new contract. Vasher? Has his cash and play shows you how much he wants it now. Shell of former self.

  • Tommie was nasty glad someone mentioned him, what Ogun did was sick but Harris was showing some signs of his former self out there, I saw him shove a guard about 3 yards into the backfield as soon as the ball was snapped, his "get off" is unreal. Now he just needs to work on endurance. If we get him back the way he was and Ogun and Brown keep playing like this, we may have something real. Oh Izzy did a great job also.

  • The Bears certainly have some flaws (mostly due to injury) but credit the coaching staff for making adjustments to coverup and overcome.

    And yes, Jay Cutler changes everything. EVER-Y-THING.

  • "It's Official"? Spare me, Jersey.

    I refuse to relinquish "Opportunity" in favor of "Fort" just because his royal high-ass, BOOMER BERMAN, decided he likes "Fort". Screw Berman and the horse he road in on. He WAS entertaining - once upon a time. Now he represents everything that is wrong with the 4-Letter network. Berman's become a caricature of himself and even worse, a joke as a sports anchor. He's an anchor alright, a BOAT anchor weighing down everything he touches.

    The guy needs a proctologist to find his head.

    A 10-year old could have come up with "Fort Knox" in about 30 seconds. It took that gas-bag, Berman, 4 WEEKS.

    Fact: These days he does his best work in Nutri-System commercials.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    he will always be the jackass we know and love to me

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I was lucky enough to get some prime seats for this game, and while I can't complain too much about a team that put 48 points on the board, there were two things that really concerned me:

    1. The defensive calls in the first half? Blitz, blitz, blitz...the same thing that failed all the time last season. Let the LBs drop back and cover and force the rookie QB to make the tough throws into coverage. We don't have any LBs who are overpowering on the blitz. It's a waste, and those 21 first-half points are all on you, Lovie.

    2. Greg "2009 will be a breakout season" Olsen. I don't expect him to be a great blocker. I don't expect him to be a grinder who breaks tackles. But CATCH THE FUCKING BALL ON THIRD DOWN WHEN YOU GO OVER THE MIDDLE. He's dropped a 3rd down ball over the middle at least once in each game this year. Is he afraid to get hit? Can he concentrate? Maybe his buddy The Franchise needs to get in his face a little bit.

  • In reply to dafreema:

    Positives : We won. We scored a lot of points. Jay Cutler is as mad as Jimmy Mac, but has balls. We have a kickoff returner. Again. Robbie can actually kick FGs of 50+

    Negatives : Why wasn't Tillman covering Johnson from the start of the game ? Why must half the game be played before someone put two plus two together and gets four ?

    Nicknames : Fort Knox ? What's the connection ? Gold ? Impenetrable reserve (which is allegedly empty by the way) ? No, that sucks. I propose "Johnny Know" because whenever I type his name that's how it comes out. Or "Ugly bastard". That works.

    Totally with you Northside. Catch the fucking ball Greg, because you weren't exactly brought here for your blocking skills. More nicknames ... like Greg "Pussy" Olsen. It wasn't surprising at all to see the guy in pink cleats and gloves, no doubt there was a matching handbag in his locker. A total girl. Another one catch game. How many balls has he dropped ? Does anyone have that stat ? 10 receptions in 4 games ? That's not cutting it for a guy many expected to be our #1 receiver this year. How about Greg "Footsteps" Olsen - 'cause that's all he hears. Lovie should be more like Singletary. Somebody isn't doing their job, make them sit it out. TEACH THEM THEY CAN'T DO THAT AGAIN. Olsen is keeping Kellen Davis out of looks,and that's not good. He can catch and block, and he's bigger, what's the deal with keeping Bitch Olsen on the field ?

    A win's a win though. Good enough. Get well Devin.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Albert..lay off the coffee dude. What, is it raining down in the stinking desert or something today? Bears win big and you're ready to get all shitty on fellow Bear fan for a lousy nickname. Calm down braa. Cardinals need fans too you know.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Albert in Tucson, I've been thinking about your post for awhile now, and here is what i came up with..
    I believe they kept Cutler in for one reason. To get Wolfe his first touchdown. If caleb goes in on the last drive the lions know its going to be run-run-run-run. With Cutty in there, the Lions had to respect the pass. Did you notice the holes that our line was miaking on that last drive? Something tells me that was all about Wolfe. He was overdue. He knew it, Turner knew it, the whole O knew it.
    I'm not sure its still a good excuse to keep Cutler in, But if that (Wolfe) is the real reason, then that shit is really good for the locker room.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    This just in. Johnny Knox has decided to change his last name to Knocks. Any 10 year could of figured Johnny would do that. Must be all the endorsement money that's getting thrown his way.Win 48-24 Record is 3-1 and we're fighting over a stupid nickname. How about Johnny "Knocked Out" Knox. That work for ya?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I wasn't "arguing" with you, Jersey. I merely stated that I refuse to defer to Blow-hard Berman.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Who else is being reminded here of Da Bears of early 2006? Remember when we had the best special teams in the league, a ferocious D that was looking to take the ball away every possession, and a QB with an incredible cannon that was hooking up with streaking wide receivers and great tight ends? That team won a lot of games and wound up in the Super Bowl. And THAT team featured Mr. Rex Grossman at quarterback.

    Fast forward to 2009. We STILL have the best special teams in the league (best punter, best returners, best field goal kicker, and great coverage teams), our D is not where it was in early 2006 but starting to show signs, SHOWING SIGNS!!!! (to quote Marv Alpert) and instead of this on our minds (circa 2006) Q: Can our new young gunslinger really be this good? A: Uh, no. -- we now know that we HAVE that guy.

    It's surely exciting to be a Bears fan today! The CHEMISTRY is starting to percolate - can you feel it? I CAN!!!

    Now since it's Monday after the game, once again it's time to rip our new favorite media villain - RICK MORRISSEY.

    You tell me - what's wrong with this headline?

    "Yes Bears Lucky But Pretty Good Too"

    WHAAAA???? In WHAT way are the Bears "lucky?"

    Opening sentence: "For those of you who believe the Bears are more lucky than good..." STOP RIGHT THERE - Rick, WHO exactly comprises the group that believes the Bears have been "lucky" in 2009? Oh, just you then? We're "lucky" to be facing the Lions prior to the bye week? When we have already played the Seahawks in their "noisiest stadium on earth" and beat them, already beaten the Super Bowl Champion Steelers, played the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau and almost won there too? We're LUCKY????

    You're LUCKY you still have a job, Sr. Morrissey.

    Chris Berman is the most obnoxious thing on sports media - do you remember when Rome had the tape where Berman was greasily hitting on that intern? He's not funny, he doesn't appear to know much about sports (at least sports in this century), and HE PICKED THE SEAHAWKS TO WIN OVER THE BEARS.


  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I think we need to take a breath. Gould and Maynard are top 5-10 but the best? Probably not. We have had some luck this season (4 missed FG's) but every team needs some luck. Whenever a team wins it all they have been very good plus a bit of luck. We've also had some bad luck, injuries and horrible calls from the refs (Cutler's crackback block). I actually think I've seen more bad calls in 4 games than all of last year.

    On Berman, what a tool. He was funny 25 years ago and has been milking it ever since. I hate screamers and he was one of the first. I just wish he would go away. That's one of the best things about living in Canada. Other than the NFL games and MLB playoffs on ESPN, I hardly ever watch it. TSN and Sportsnet up here are a kinder, gentler version. Way less screaming and grandstanding.

    Hope we heal up these next two weeks and beat the Foulcans and the Bungles.

  • Two comments...

    1) Brad Maynard has to be the best punter in the NFL
    2) The bears have made GREAT half time adjustments all season. Credit to the coaching staff for that.

  • And regarding Berman, the only reason I watch his show is to hear Tom Jackson...that guy actually knows what he's talking about. He realized that if he became friends with Boomer, he'd have a lifetime job at the Booyah network.

  • Per the Trib, Jay Cutler is the first Bear QB since 1970 to have a passer rating of 100 or better in 3 straight games.

    The guy who did it in 1970? I am Ghost will sure recall the glory days of Jack Concannon!

    That was the year "Boston Jack" hooked up with Dick Gordon for 13 TDs.

    He only threw 3 other TD passes that season to go with 18 INTs.

    2 years later he was gone from the Bears and 2 years after that he was out of the league.

    Bobby Douglass threw 4 TD passes that year and fullback, Ronnie Bull also threw one.

    21 TD passes in a 14 game season is LOT for the Bears!

    The Bears finished 1970 at 6-8, rebounding from the horrendous 1-13 of 1969.

    More Concannon Trivia:

    He was the 2nd round pick of the Eagles in 1964 out of Boston College, the 16th OVERALL PICK of the NFL draft. He was also the #1 pick of the Boston Patriots of the AFL.

    Jack was the player the Bears received from the Eagles in exchange for some guy named, MIKE DITKA.

    He had small roles in the movies M*A*S*H and BRIAN'S SONG.

    I believe he was busted and served time for dealing drugs after his career was over.

    He died of a heart attack in November, 2005 at age 62.

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