Bears v. Lions Highlights


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  • I'll tell you what WASN'T a highlight for me.

    The sight of Jay Cutler HELICOPTERING into the endzone.

    I had to excuse myself to go and remove my heart from my throat.


    I love how Culpepper coming into the game is a highlight, good work.

  • NICE hi-light package, Helicopter scene notwhithstanding.

    The Highlights are sooo much better with the radio play-by-play calls.

  • i love that i just watched the game in 4:44 and i feel like i just saw the whole thing again. I hope Little Garrett looked quick and fast on those runs. Jay flying in the air made my heart start hurting. Hester has a stiff neck and Knox has a shin bruise. all will be ok. Pisa coming back after the break, things are looking up. Forte looked a little gimpy on the knee getting caught from behind but the moves looked good to get into the open on those 3 runs. Bennett continues to impress with the fucking HANDS. Note to Hester: you are the one guy that i will allow to run out of bounds after catching a pass in the flats. you are not going to run dudes over. Olson and Special K back in the TD mix. BEARSSSSS.

  • Great highlights. I could watch Forte bust those runs all day. Knox's return touchdown was beautiful, but if you pause the highlight just right you'll notice he's damn close to not being in. Yikes! That DeSean Jackson 'celebration' from last year should've scared every offensive weapon straight when it comes to that lame, non-chalante, look-at-me-I'm-cruising-for-a-score celebration.

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    cruising at 4.3 speed!! 5th round gem...

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    Jerry Angelo looks like a damn genius after these past 2 drafts. i am not going to sit here and tell you i knew it was going to end up like this but look at this list:

    1. Cutler
    2. Knox (rookie)
    3. Bennett
    4. Kellen Davis
    5. Afalava (rookie)
    6. Pace
    7. Marinelli
    8. Pisa??? To be determined but looked great in pre-season

    That is pretty impressive. The list of accomplishments will only get better as we go out and grab another safety or corner and maybe a #1. But do we even need a number 1 if our 3 WR's stay on this pace? I don't know but i am damned excited about our chances to make the playoffs...damn excited.

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    I would say aquistions made limited to just this year, impressive. Past 2 drafts .. no outside of Williams, Bennett, Olsen, Davis, and Afalava - the rest are not "draft" picks. Knox Angelo doesn't get credit for, they were totally up in the air on that pick and Lovie said how bout this Knox kid.

    Pace is unimpressive so far, Williams finally had a game where he looked good but, quick can you name the Lions Left DE? Pisa and Marinelli came here because of Lovie not Jerry so your list is really just

    1. Cutler (trade)
    2. Bennett
    3. Davis
    4. Afalava
    5. Briggs (resigning was big)
    6. Olsen

    But to me the debacles he's had, I'll call it square but no better.
    1. Rex fn Grossman
    2. Releasing Jones for Benson (WTF this is a huge one)
    3. Chris Harris released to afford Vasher
    4. Ayenbadejo (Id take him ove Pisa anyday)
    5. Pretty much every high first round pick he's ever made.

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    Don't forget Archuleta. That one still stings.

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    Lovie looks a lot tougher with Marinelli next to him. These guys are actually making half-time adjustments and I am complaining about Turner much less too. Definitely need secondary help and O-line and maybe a WR but many good pieces in place to be competitive for several years. We need to get Cutler signed after next season maybe. Who are FA's after this season for us? Will we actually have to use a tag? Busch Gardens for the win. Rest Bears. Rest. Atlanta is a huge game to make a statement that we are major players in the NFC this season. Either the Packers lose or Favre/Vikings loses. Either way it's something to celebrate. Come on 3 way tie at the top.

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    hey i just wanted to say i love the way the bears fought against the lions but here are some things i find wrong with the way the games are handled turner thinks its 1985 still either he dont undersand that defences are faster than the where then or he dont care i thougt we got cutler it was because of his arm and far i have seen no roll outs and their trying to make him into a pocket passer. plus i am sick of this dink dunk pass way of doing thingS!! so you have to wonder when turner going to be gone i hope soon for are sake.

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    One thing I have been surprised about regarding the playcalling, I have to believe if you send Hester and Knox deep the middle should be wide open for some big plays to Olsen. Either that or one of the guys on the outside will get behind the defense. Havent really seen that....yet...

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    is it just me or does Stafford look exactly like Jason Isbell, formerly of the Drive by Truckers?

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    Repost, sorry, was posting after Jeff put up a new thread as per usual.

    Who else is being reminded here of Da Bears of early 2006? Remember when we had the best special teams in the league, a ferocious D that was looking to take the ball away every possession, and a QB with an incredible cannon that was hooking up with streaking wide receivers and great tight ends? That team won a lot of games and wound up in the Super Bowl. And THAT team featured Mr. Rex Grossman at quarterback.

    Fast forward to 2009. We STILL have the best special teams in the league (best punter, best returners, best field goal kicker, and great coverage teams), our D is not where it was in early 2006 but starting to show signs, SHOWING SIGNS!!!! (to quote Marv Alpert) and instead of this on our minds (circa 2006) Q: Can our new young gunslinger really be this good? A: Uh, no. -- we now know that we HAVE that guy.

    It's surely exciting to be a Bears fan today! The CHEMISTRY is starting to percolate - can you feel it? I CAN!!!

    Now since it's Monday after the game, once again it's time to rip our new favorite media villain - RICK MORRISSEY.

    You tell me - what's wrong with this headline?

    "Yes Bears Lucky But Pretty Good Too"

    WHAAAA???? In WHAT way are the Bears "lucky?"

    Opening sentence: "For those of you who believe the Bears are more lucky than good..." STOP RIGHT THERE - Rick, WHO exactly comprises the group that believes the Bears have been "lucky" in 2009? Oh, just you then? We're "lucky" to be facing the Lions prior to the bye week? When we have already played the Seahawks in their "noisiest stadium on earth" and beat them, already beaten the Super Bowl Champion Steelers, played the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau and almost won there too? We're LUCKY????

    You're LUCKY you still have a job, Sr. Morrissey.

    Chris Berman is the most obnoxious thing on sports media - do you remember when Rome had the tape where Berman was greasily hitting on that intern? He's not funny, he doesn't appear to know much about sports (at least sports in this century), and HE PICKED THE SEAHAWKS TO WIN OVER THE BEARS.


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    Not to brag for JA but he traded Jones and Harris. Didn't get enough for either one and shouldn't have traded them but he didn't release either one of them. Also, he did pick Knox. Lovie had some input but JA picked him. Also, he signed Pisa and Marinelli. Again, Lovie had some influence but JA signed them. Who knew Rex was going to fall apart under pressure? Until the league found out that was his kryptonite, everyone was pretty happy with that pick.

    If you want to give Lovie credit for some signings then give him the blame for Ayanbedajo leaving. He left because he wanted a shot at the SLB job and Lovie wasn't giving it to him. Oh well.

    Overall we've won the 2nd most games in the NFC since Lovie took over. Compared to every regime since Ditka's, wow. I think we're a notch below the best organizations; Pats, Steelers, Colts, Ravens and Giants. I also think the arrow is pointing up. Go Bears!

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    We let go Brandon Rideau for Aroma-Shabba-Dabba-Doo. Now we have Hester with a possible shoulder separation, Knox took a whack to the shin and Dabba-Doo is still out. We need this bye week, Cutler isn't going to the Pro Bowl throwing to Rashied Davis. His Vanderbilt pal is a decent slot receiver already.

    What's my proof? Orton looks like he's a Pro Bowler headed to the Super Bowl in the AFC over there throwing to Marshall.

    Pisa + the Roach should shore up the LB corps and Briggs is really stepping it up. Falafel-Lava is a godsend, a rookie safety that can step in and play at that level? Mark Carrier anybody?

    If we lost AP, we will need another RB. I like Wolfe more than just about everyone else here, but we need a power back. Who got cut this year that looks decent? Shame about AP - he and Davis are the best special team players we have, along with that #58 guy.

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    I like this roster in 2009. They have a chance to be great in 2010. They're going to need to add pieces, paricularly on the offensive line and in the secondary. But I think we're looking at some consistent years ahead. Just really hope Lovie is the right guy because he's not going anywhere.

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    Hey Johnny-

    I agree 100%, however, not be a downer, but you could easily construct a much longer list of poor draft picks/FA pickups that Mr. Angelo has been a part of.

    Impressive list, though, no doubt about that.

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