Bears Acquire Gaines Adams

Apologies if I've been absent in recent days.  Going into rehearsals on a new musical Tuesday and making the final push to get the show ready.  Will be back in full form next week. 

Gaines Adams is a damn good football player.  And now he's a Chicago Bear.  Making an all-too-rare in-season trade and giving fans no reason to turn on their televisions next April, Jerry Angelo has added a young, fast pass rusher to an already deep defensive line.  It's a nice a move designed to grab headlines but mark my words: this will be a trade that makes fans very, very happy.

Vaugh McClure does some nice analysis:

"Gaines absolutely sees this as a great opportunity," Adams' agent, Fletcher Smith, said. "I know he's looking forward to the opportunity to work with Rod Marinelli, who was able to mold guys such as Simeon Rice and Warren Sapp."

Smith said Adams' playing status for Sunday's game is up in the air because he has to pass his physical. Adams is scheduled to fly to Chicago on Saturday morning and hopes to make the trip to Atlanta with the team.

The knock on Adams, according to some familiar with the Bucs, is he doesn't play physically and doesn't display any counter moves.

The acquisition of Adams might mean the Bears won't re-sign veteran Adewale Ogunleye, whose contract expires after the season. Ogunleye, 32, leads the Bears with 4 1/2 sacks from his left end position. His asking price might be too much for the Bears, and another team might be willing to give him a lucrative contract.

Getting Gaines also puts Mark Anderson on notice. Anderson, 26, is in a contract year and has not been as productive as the Bears had hoped following an outstanding training camp.

This move protects the position should Ogunleye leave town for a big payday come the end of the season.  More than that, it shows Jerry and the organization have their sights set not just on winning today but building a consistent, winning team.  Not gonna lie.  It's going to take some getting used to.


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  • this is a contract year for Ogunleye and i think Anderson too. this makes me worried that Ogun might not be back next year

  • never mind you mentioned all of this already, thats what i get for posting before i read your whole article

  • I like it. Jerry and co. have shown they don't know what the hell they're doing in the first round or two anyway (Forte excluded). If this means they miss out on the next Dan Bazuin or Tank Johnson, fine. I want to see Matt Ryan on the ground all night Sunday!

  • Great move. Tampa's tanking for Tebow.

    The Bears have given up too many points early this season to be considered an elite team...but that could change for the better before this season's over. The only better move would have been one in the secondary, but shut-down corners (like Champ Bailey) don't come on the market very often and are expensive (1st round draft picks).

    Even if Gaines doesn't start, hooray for defensive flexibility.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    For Tebow? Thats a joke right?

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    I know that I will feel like shit and partially responsible if the 1st game that I watch since Week 1 goes badly. So after Busch Gardens I am going to a movie instead of a bar to watch the game. Then I am going to get NFL Rewind. I need to see the other games anyways. Yes I might be insane. So it looks like either District 9 or Zombieland. Any recommendations?

    Go Lions and Ravens and Bears oh my!!

  • For Christ's sake I hope they don't let Wale go! What a tragic mistake that would be.

  • Boys, i think Marinelli and company know what they are doing on this one. With the right coaching this guy is going to be Alex brown on roids. Gune is going to want sick money to play in the twilight of his career. prediction is that Mark Anderson is gone. Everyone is talking about Ogunleye but i think that Mark Anderson is just not shaping up the way they thought he was going to. Gaines Adams is a great pick up and we got a first round talent, top 4 pick for a 2nd rounder in 2010. that is called buying something on sale. Once the coaches get a hold of this guy he is going to break out. Anderson out, Adams in, Ogunleye stays with the Bears and plays out the rest of his career with a solid contract.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I hope your right. I'd rather see Ogunleye on the Bears than Anderson, don't get me wrong Anderson has looked a lot better this season than last, but he'll never play like he did his rookie season. But Anderson might be the cheaper option and the Bears might prefer that.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    yup this just shows that ogunleye will be gone next year.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I like it.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Gaines for Gaines.

    I suppose that makes it official, Kellen Davis is here to stay.

    I just hope KD can learn to get his pad level low enough to get some push in short yardage situations, an area where Michael Gaines excelled.

  • In reply to Shady:

    KD is huge target. His run blocking may be suspect, but he's a huge freakin target.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Great move, I think. Get young 1st round talent at DE? This D isn't getting any younger, and I doubt you could get a quality NFL ready DE with a late 2nd rounder this year. Let Rod do his thing, and Adams could be real good.

    Our D is getting older. As much as i like Wale, and I hope we keep him around, hes not going to keep top form for too many more years.

    We have a young talent on O at QB, TE, WR, RB, and RT. Time to get some new, younger talent on D. This kid is only in his 3rd NFL season, and our D line is much better than tampa bays, which should open things up for him.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I guess you could say that

    Tampa's LOSS is our GAINes?

    Folks, I would SHELVE all the conjecture about "next year" and put all your energy in to what's happening THIS year. There may not even BE a "next year" as I think a potential LOCKOUT looms large on the NFL horizon.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Nice predictions by the Trib writers.
    Shut 'em up, Bears and shut ATL down.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Tribune writers are pathetic. They really think that constantly slagging the Bears makes them look "objective" and "realistic". I love watching them explain how they were wrong because the Bears got "lucky".

    Hint, when a team misses field goals it's because the defense KEPT THEM OUT OF THE END ZONE. That's not "luck".

  • In reply to Shady:

    I repeat, BDG:

    Lockout NEXT year.

    A pre-emptive move by the owners to AVOID the free-for-all of an uncapped year.

    If the labor situation simmers until 2011, THEN we'll see a strike.

    Is it just ME, gang, or did the NFLPA make a HUGE mistake going with "I never played football at this level or anything approaching it" 3-piece suit, trial lawyer, classic mouthpiece, Demaurice Smith instead of "I shed my blood, sweat and tears on the turf of NFL stadiums all over this country and why'd the Bears ever trade me", former rock-solid defensive end, Trace Armstrong?

    Of course, Mr. Smith IS a former athlete.
    A 4-year varsity track man at ...

    (DRUM ROLL, please)

    ...mighty CEDARVILLE UNIVERSITY in Ohio!

    (Pausing here for the cheering to subside or the laughter to die down)

    I Wonder if he refers to it as "THE Cedarville University."?


    As for "Let's eat us some bird" on Sunday, Doc, I am ALL FOR IT, as long as it's roast FALCON and not a plate of CROW!

  • I think this is also an indication that the Bears will be more active in FA next year then they have been in recent years. With no first or second rounders to have to pay they should have room in the budget for some big additions. Right now the glaring need on this team is an impact player in the secondary, probably at safety.
    I have high hopes for Adams, he's a physical freak! It's been 16 years since Richard Dent left town and we still haven't replaced him. Adams has a real shot.
    And as for losing Ogunleye; let him go. Honestly he has failed to live up to his contract throughout his career in Chicago, as well as the billing he recieved in the blockbuster trade that brought him here. After all the Bears gave up one of their best recievers ever as well as a couple of draft picks for this guy. And he's had what 2 good years in 5 seasons and never made a pro bowl? Don't get me wrong he's a good player, but he's not in the Jared Allen league and that is what he was brought here to be.

  • In reply to alott96:

    Al, i agree about the FA perspective. Open the pocketbook McCaskey, time to shop for a shiny new safety and corner!

  • In reply to alott96:

    Jeeze, Al. You have high standards. Wale has registered 40 sacks in 6 years for the Bears. Plus, he's leading the team in sacks this year with 4.5. That's not bad after FOUR games. As long as he's a playmaker, I would much rather have him as OUR playmaker than THEIRS.

    If anyone is put on notice it is the woefully disappointing Mark Anderson who not only suffered through one of the most dramatic sophmore slumps in modern memory, but also a junior slump, and now seems to be slowly headed in the right path.

    If Adams pans out then I think he and Anderson COULD be the future of the position, but as long as "old" guys like Alex and Wale are making plays, keep them around.

    And that's the news from Lake Wobegon...

  • In reply to alott96:

    It may pay to remember that we traded Marty Booker for Ogunleye. The Fins got like, one decent year from Booker, two lousy ones, and he was back here as a free agent.

    There are many drafts that we can hang the Bears out to dry on, but as far as that trade went - we took the Fins to school. It was the beginning of the end for the fish, that ultimately ended with them having a near winless season and bringing the Tuna to town.

  • Why would letting Wale go be so terrible? He is 32...even if he had a huge year, do you really want to give him a huge contract as he approaches the end of his career? Keep in mind folks, soon enough, we will have A LOT of money tied up in Jay Cutler. We won't be able to throw money around to aging players like Wale. Sure, he has been consistent for the most part, but rarely has he lived up to the billing as a big time pass rusher since we traded for him. I'd rather take a shot on a younger, cheaper player with huge upside personally.

  • It's a great move. We must let 'Wale go because he'll be 33 next year. We get to keep Andersen for cheap and now have another young end.

    Angelo is slowly building his team towards the future. Cutler, Forte, Olsen, Knox, Hester, Roach, Bowman, Alfalava, etc., etc.

  • Gaines Adams is now a Bear and you can say bye bye to Anderson, not O-Gun. And Wale can't afford to cry about this now. After all, it's contract time for him. All NFL players play better when chasing the almighty dollar. Wale must play at high level rest of the season. He has no choice. Anderson is now a bomb squader. Experiment with Idonije at D-end is officially over. Bulk back up Israel, you're now DT for rest of Bear career. Bears add a Gaines and get rid of a Gaines(Micheal) Adams+Adams means we're The Adams Family! Role of "Lurch" goes to Israel Idonije.

  • I'd like to see how Harris finishes this year at DT under Marinelli before I'd cast him off.

  • i agree Doc, Wale should stay with a REASONABLE extension, Anderson goes. Then in the next draft or 2 we look for another later round draft darling at DE to mold into shape. Adams gives us a future stud and a real contributor this year.

  • Bears get no respect so we have to just deal with it. I wish reporters were required to have talent like in the old days. now apparently you just have to be "controversial" and "provocative". Morrissey, Rosen-douche, Mariotti, Seifert, dopey, nerdy, some guy that never got laid or played football because he was too much of a pussy and every other unqualified pundit will continue to treat this game like a fucking reality TV show on E!. This is not the fucking Kardashians you pussy reporters, it's the world's greatest game. Have some respect for yourselves and the game. thus endeth the lesson. Long live Cutty!

  • Al. I too wished Trace got job at NFLPA but it went to Obama buddy Demaurice Smiff. Smiff was a major $ contributor to Bamster(while at Patton Boggs law firm) and that's why he got job over Trace. Smiff is very tight with AG Holder/Baminator) I had the chance to meet Armstrong up at NYSE back in 2002 when he came to exchange floor with Upshaw. TA was freaking huge! Massive. He made Upshaw look tiny. TA barely fit into revolving door to get into building. Feel DC lobbyist buds of Smiff will influence NFL owners to give players what they want or they'll make major trouble. No strike. Owners cave big time. Just my hunch. Smiff put the wack on Limbaugh's attempt to enter NFL in St Louis. Hit job Chicago style. Bear down tonight in GDOME!

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Jersey, i'm glad Rush is not able to get into NFL Football. We don't need extreme politcial pundits who think they know football to own teams just because they have money. let's leave that to internet billionaires that think they know sports and have alot of money.

  • how is our defense old?

  • Waf, I feel ya brah. But dig this. J-low is % owner of Dolphins. Check out some of the N words she throws around on her so called music. No problem..she's in NFL. Take Fergie. Pissed her pants on British TV. Uses N word all the time.She's % owner Dolphins. JayZ. % owner of Nets. N word? That's how he made his cash. Political correctness has no place in Sports. How bout Jimmy "ROIDS" Irsay. Coke/booze problems= owner of Colts. Joke. I can go on and on. Rush does not need NFL. Dude is freaking killing it on radio. 500 million contract. G5 jet. Nuff said. NFL ownership is a joke.

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  • OMG what a horrific trade for Adams. The kid is a bust and would have be cut soon. He could have been gotten for q 7th round. Jerry you truly suck. Had you known this kid and what was being said you would have gotten him for a 6th or 7th round. He was awful I mean the worst defensive end int tampa. He was going to be benched soon. What were you thinking?

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