Awful. Just Awful.

I'm not even going to waste a post on the single worst performance by a Chicago Bears defense in the last thirty years.  There's no reason to analyze anything.  There's no reason criticize anyone.  The Bears, as a whole, were dreadful yesterday.  And I don't want to write about it.

But I will say this.  Lovie Smith's "We'll learn from this game" in the presser made me sick to my stomach.  We'll learn from this game?  What will you learn?  Why are you still learning things five years into your career as our head coach?  And exactly what was the lesson?  If you haven't figured it out yet, Lovie, I'll tell you.  You stink at coaching football.  You've stunk at coaching football for half a decade and you'll continue to stink at coaching football for the foreseeable future.  I'm tired of watching a talented roster underperform.  It's time to move on.



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  • we flat out suck bengal balls be lucky 2 win 4 more games

  • First to not comment. Wait a second I have to comment as this was the most embarassing performance I have ever witnessed. I thought Lovie was this defensive genius, what the hell has happened this year and don't tell me injuries because every team has injuries. I say piss off to Lovies contract and get a winner in here that won't stand for this kind of performance. Now we'll have to sit another week and hear Lovie say "we've got some things to work on but there' a lot of season left. After that performance I don't even want to see another game this year. OK I don't mean that, I still love the Bears and always will but something has to give and it's either see some defensive improvement or bye bye Lovie. I just neede to vent after the maddening game.

  • 'We're just terrible. It's like we suck, man.' --Mike Brown, Bears safety, after the Bears fell to 1-3 in 2005

    Pretty much how I feel about this team right now.

    At least everyone was happy enough to help Ced up all game and give him a big congratulatory hug after the game. Way to go, Ced! We are so proud of you! I'm so glad Devin got to keep the football he caught for a touchdown that cut the lead to 45-10...I'm sure he will look back at that catch with pride some years from now.

    I'm just disgusted right now. What a waste of a football Sunday.

  • Sometime in the middle of the night last week I posted about my "heart of hearts" belief that we cannot win a Super Bowl with Lovie at the helm. That belief has been brewing ever since the Super Bowl loss, and was helped along by an unusually coordinated and fierce attack on Lovie by the local media following the Atlanta loss pointing out how players seem to always get better after they leave the Bears.

    Well it probably goes without saying that the dark mutterings of the heart exploded to the front of the cerebral cortex after that performance - surely a candidate for THE WORST PERFORMANCE OF A BEARS TEAM UNDER LOVIE SMITH - and the first one that I can remember walking away from at half time. (Only a few feet away, to the back yard, but still a very unusual thing for me)

    It was so bad that my parochial school 6th grader asked me for permission to say a bad word - a first ever request - so unusual that I had to say go ahead - and he says "Lovie Smith is a DICK!!!"

    I had to laugh, better than crying. At least HE didn't cry - last time for that was the 2007 loss to the Cowboys, a mere 3 games into a lost season. 2007 was the year I figured out that Lovie was not a good head coach.

    Yesterday was when I figured out he's not a good defensive coordinator either.

    I still support Jerry Angelo, maybe foolishly so, but at least he made a lot of moves in the off-season and made the trade for Cutler, who I still do not blame for yesterday. That the moves are not yet panning out - well many of those moves were on the offensive line, and who do we have running that circus? Harry Hiestand and Ron Turner. The one move I hindsightedly disagree with was spending the 2nd round pick on Gaines Adams - I think it should work out great in the long term, but shouldn't that pick have been used to trade for a position we're REALLY short on, like linebacker? Losing two of three starters at that position really cost us in that game. Roach was awful in the middle.

    And who thought Bowman could play corner? He apparently can't. Were any of you yelling "why isn't Vasher out there if Bowman's gonna play like this?" like I was?

    The Marinelli effect lasted about as long as a Chinese dinner keeps you filled up. Two games now with no sacks.

    Greg Olsen is not a bust, but he's not as good as we all thought and hoped, and he apparently can't block worth a shit.

    Olin Kreutz is, as Rancid says, two years past when he should be starting for us.

    Before yesterday, we could at least say about the line that they provided okay pass blocking coupled with putrid run blocking. Yesterday they gave us the worst pass blocking performance since 2007.

    It's only one game. That's what you say after a loss like that.

    Unfortunately, you know and I know - IT'S WAY MORE THAN THAT.

    Way to get the team ready, Lovie. I'm so done with you.

  • Saving grace of the game for me was I missed the first half to grade 6th graders at basketball tryouts. 21-0 already when I got home.

    But then I sat through the 2nd half. I've been watching the Bears since the late 60s, and they've never played that poorly even with me at QB.

  • "It was so bad that my parochial school 6th grader asked me for permission to say a bad word - a first ever request - so unusual that I had to say go ahead - and he says "Lovie Smith is a DICK!!!"

    That is classic Phil!!!! Your kid speaks the truth!

  • More bad news...

    A report on the Sun-Times board says that several Tampa coaches are laughing at us over Gaines Adams. That they were ecstatic to get a 2nd rounder for this guy, who is a classic bust. That NO Defensive Lineman who was labeled a bust has ever switched teams and done squat, EXCEPT Simeon Rice. And that's how they sold the Bears, they couldn't believe Lovie was so gullible.

    Second bit of bad news: Butter Harris told reporters the story about his knee was bullshit. Nothing wrong with his knee. When asked - why then he wasn't talking - he said talk to Lovie. "I don't play, I don't talk." Sounds like a major fucking headcase. I hear he is a super big Jesus freak, so maybe somehow the Lord told him to skip this game. God knew what was coming...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    To me, that sounds like some bad locker room, practice, or off-field incident with the penalty being an informal 1-game suspension since the team doesn't want to make the information public.

    Why else would Tommie Harris not play. If I was him, I would be pissed too.

    But it's not like we needed one of our best starting defensive players to play, right? Oh wait...

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    ... oh wait, yeah... Tommie Harris cannot play any more.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I am the ultimate die-hard Bears fan. Even when they lose, I can still find good things to say, good plays to talk about, a way to defend my team against all the nay-sayers and bandwagon jumpers I know....

    Today: NOTHING. I mean really, I have nothing positive to say. Oh, wait a minute: Great field goal, Robbie!!


  • Amen to all that has been said. This was, to use a popular phrase these days, Lovie Smith's Waterloo. Or you could say it was the moment that all Bears fans realized that the coach has no clothes. Whatever you prefer.
    This was the worst Bears game in 6 years, the infamous SF season opener of 2003 with Stewart at the helm. And yet this game was worse because this team has much more talent then that team. Yesterday was the day the Bears were eliminated from the 1st round of the playoffs. There may be 10 games to go in the season, but this team cannot win the division this year, and IMO will not win the wild card either. It's over. The dream of 2009 is over.
    I would endorse bringing back Angelo because of the Cutler trade, and the fact that he did draft Benson and all these other guys who are staring elsewhere. He should actually get credit for that, it's Smith and our pathetic coaching staff that cannot develope this talent.
    Fire the coaching staff, and bring in a winner. Or at least someone with some balls who gives a flying fuck about this.

  • First time in my memory that I turned a Bears game off at halftime. I feel guilty about bailing but less guilty knowing that I was still more invested in the game than the players. Sad.

  • I know it feels wrong to give up on Olin, but the research is fairly clear. I wish we still had the archive link here because I refuse to do it all again. It took like 3 hours last time. For Olin to experience a resurgence would be a humongous anomaly in the NFL world. Centers hit a wall in their early thirties.

    I was ok with not replacing him immediately, as long as we drafted a clear choice to be his replacement. Beekman shouldn't count. He's never had the reps at it. Everyone likes to say that he played some center at BC, but that's bull. He started 3 games there as a senior to help his draft status. This means he can play emergency backup probably with a decent body for it, but to paint it as though he is a ready to go center waiting in the wings is asinine. Do you have faith in Defensive coach Lovie, OC RT, and Hairbrain Harry to have developed him into a starting quality center at this point, when he can't even win the start at his natural position???? I doubt it. What really hurts is that we traded our pick last year with Max Unger (who I personally lusted after for months) still on the board. And who did the Seahawks take with our pick? Unger.

    I love the player that Olin was. He has the attitude, the persona, and the talent that everyone wants and loves, just like Mike Brown and some of the other great ones. But people get older every year. Olin will not play better this year than last year. He is in his natural slide. He has been in a discernible slide since the Superbowl appearance. He's had some good games in that stretch, but overall, the slide is clear. He's a great Bear, but he's done being a dominant blocker on a consistent basis.

  • I know we are all terrified at the possiblity of losing to Cleveland, but take a moment and consider 2 weeks from now, when we will face Arizona with no pass rush and no secondary. BOHICA

  • I dont even know what to say. That was disgusting.

  • What can you say? Speechless. Hurts more on a sobering Monday. Owned by the Bengals no less. I'm glad we got pounded. We deserved it and this team needed a wake up call. That call sounded a little bit like this, "Your not a good team."

  • Military term - Bend Over Here It Comes Again

  • Some random thoughts, ramblings and quotes now that the dust has settled from yesterday's train wreck.

    Awful, Jeff? I disagree.
    I would require some improvement from them to before they qualify as "awful".

    We have a $20 million QB protected by a 20 dollar offensive line.
    That is so Bears.

    I stayed at the bar and watched the entire game, start to finish.
    It was like watching a traffic accident.
    You know you should just move on but you can't look away.

    As a result of watching the entire game, I am either going to apply for a Purple Heart or change my Blog ID to
    "A Glutton For Punishment in Tucson".

    So,apparently, Tommie Harris wasn't injured, just benched.
    Is that a fat lady I hear singing?

    Your choice (and remember DEATH is not an option):
    Yesterday's performance in Cincy
    last year's performance in Green Bay?

    So much for Rod Marinelli's RUSHmen. They looked more like his
    PUSHmen after the way they got pushed around yesterday.

    Random Quotes:

    Denny Green: "The Bears ARE who THOUGHT they were!".

    Albert: "The Bears ARE who we are AFRAID they were!".

    Lovie Smith: "We get off the bus running".

    Albert: Attention Lovie, that sound you heard (or SHOULD have heard) yesterday was the wheels FALLING OFF that bus.

    Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry in the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812:

    (with thanks to a great cartoonist, Walt Kelly and POGO).

  • Is it just me or does this hit too close to home?

  • I still like Max's quote the best:

    "I said BEAR Down not LAY Down."

  • Da Bears sucked worse than a virgin 'ho! My 11-year old grandson had a much better defensive game yesterday-- I think HIS team could have beaten the Bears! ;-D

  • Not exactly the language I'd expect from Grandma.

  • Don't worry, you weren't the only one who was drinkin' the juice. I think all of Chicago drank it. We're doomed.

  • Very good analysis of all of them. I'll add

    Robbie Gould Very good. We only got him one chance all day.

    Brad Maynard boinks a few but is still above average.

    Gosh wasn't this an exciting post!

  • In reply to TomBecker:

    I've said before and I'll say again, Robbie Gould is the best player on the team.

  • In reply to TomBecker:

    Word up Doc Nitty. And thanks Rancid, glad to see the military are fully embracing the gay community. Now that doesn't mean you get to say BOHICA all the time now Granma Cath ...

    I too drank from the kool aid. On April 2nd I believed my cup, and that of the Chicago Bears, had runneth over. Not only did we snare Cutler (who I believe is the one of 2 great Bears, Briggs the other, Gould's good) but I also drank up extra E numbers with Orlando Pace's signing. Then we were assured Omiyale and Shaffer being signed were the bolstering moves to solidify the Bears OL. Our O-line was new and improved like Carlito Brigante. Whupty fukkin do ! I believed that Greg Olsen was to be our newly promoted superstar TE - Golden Balls ! Nope. Can't catch, can't block. Sucks. And the one guy that can do both will remain stashed away on the bench so that nobody realises that Olsen's promotion was another wrong move in retrospect. Hester was the one thing we did right, I thought he would struggle with the receiving game and our starting field position would suffer. I was wrong about him struggling, he's our best receiver. I thought Lovie taking over the D-calls would be for the best. But who's coaching the team while he's coaching the D ? Who's running the show ? Here's the thing. I'm not a football professional. I'm not even American. I'm allowed be stupid. I'm a fan, that's my job. But it's Ted Phillips job to put a manager and HC in place who know more about football than people like me. It's Jerry Angelo's job to draft the best players and take the best available players from free agency, or at the very least - have a look at them. Maybe even pick up the phone. It's Lovie's job to manage his players, coaches and game day. It's the players' job to play a simple game with heart and pride and give it everything they have. Well, from Ted Philips down to the water boy, they failed heroically. They went from being a team who should have beaten the Falcons last week, to a team that couldn't have beaten the Falcons THIS week. The fact that we got rid of two of the NFLs leading rushers is moot. We haven't got the OL to block for them anyway. The only depth on the roster is the few inches of horse manure it takes to fully encompass it. Angelo failed to cement the WR position with the signing of a vet. He even cut the one large vet we had, Brandon Rideau, to keep his ego-pick -Iglesias - stashed safely on the roster. Our backup RB right now resembles a small child in the backfield. Our defense consists of small men, easily manhandled by modern offensive lines. Our offense consists of under-achieving players and again, small receivers in a league where beasts roam. Ron Turner calls plays in a job he's not qualified to do clearly. But I guess Ted, Jerry and Bubba have been down the yellow brick road and have it all figured out. Because they're the professionals ....

  • In reply to TomBecker:

    Clean house! I've been a die hard Bears fan for 30 yrs. and I thought when they got Cutler we were Super Bowl bound! Man was I wrong. I have always thought LOVIE was too passive. GET HIM OUT OF THERE !!!!!!!!! I miss DITKA !! He wouldn't put up with this crap !!! I've been reading these posts and I'm glad there are other people that feel the way I do. Why do we see it and the people that run the team DON'T ????

  • In reply to TomBecker:

    My fiance is in the kitchen cooking, and I have, since we've been together, talked up the Bears. I think she's started to really like them. I don't want this to tarnish her opinion of them, but it is really quite embarrassing. I'll allow her to now put in her own words her thoughts on the game. "If I wanted disappointment like that I would have stayed a Redskins fan."
    I told my baby that this was the best time ever to become a Bears fan. It hurts, it just hurts. I'm sure that every baby that was born on October 25th, 2009 is destined to become a serial killer as it is a day that will live in Infamy. Just now my fiance said "you shouldn't say that, baby" She also says I should eat vegetables. I still love the Bears. I don't know how I feel about Lovie, I mean, he's been at the helm for alot of great things. Now I'm starting to think it might have been more without him. The allegiance to Grossman, the decision to not play Harris, and his overall apathy about such a terrible loss. I know he is a calm guy. Which would give it a little more weight when he rips into the team and loses his fucking mind. Why should we be the only ones to do that? This is the time that I most questioned him as our coach. There are times to be calm and times to flip out. I am an expert at knowing those times. Come to think of it, I'm not. They know football better than everybody on this Blog, it's easy for us to Judge them and their actions, thinking we know better. If we did, why aren't we in the NFL? The Bears are who we thought they were, a great TEAM.

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