Audibles From the Long Snapper

Brad Biggs' gives his definition of a "number one receiver" in this abbreviated mailbag column over at the Sun-Times.  Believe it or not, I actual got texts from people claiming we should have traded for Brandon Marshall (6:11 ET Sunday) and Braylon Edwards (11:01 ET Monday).  This coming off a weekend where media and fans seem to be pining for the quarterbacks and running backs of yesteryear.  Why?  Because nobody in Chicago seems to notice that our defense gives up third-and-longers faster than the French gave up France to the Nazis while our offense WILL carry us into the playoffs.

Matty Ice has only been sacked twice in four game this season.  That's the same number of times as Peyton Manning.  Goal number one: hit him.

Goal number two is cover Roddy White and if this job is bestowed upon anyone other than Charles Tillman then the coaching staff has done a poor job.

Here's the Falcons' quarterly report from head coach Mike Smith.  The article opens, "It could be better but not by a whole lot. The Falcons are a quarter of the way through the 2009 season with a 3-1 mark, one game behind the New Orleans Saints in the NFC South."  3-1 in some parts of the country is a positive thing.

Another stat of note: the Falcons are 20th in the league in yards allowed and 5th in points allowed.  "What does this mean, Jeff?"  I'll tell you.  It means they're the kind of defense that will give you sixty yards and make you kick field goals.  (Remind you of anyone?)  It also means that if you don't execute down in the red zone, you'll end up chasing them in the fourth quarter.  Ron Turner and Jay Cutler have said the focus has been on red zone/third downs during the bye week.  We'll find out on Sunday night.

Final point.  Never discount the playoff implications of a ballgame like this.  People will tell you "it's early" but not in this case.  These are two playoff-caliber teams.  This game could be a much bigger deal in January.


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  • Da First!

  • Jeff,

    Great insight on the importance of the Falcons game, we come away with this one and it provides some major inspiration and a lot to think about for our next opponents.

    On the previous string I agree to a degree, I agree that losing Benson was a good thing though for the reasons you stated, but I do think that watching what he is doing right now and watching what Forte has done so far this season (except for the two nice runs that I suspect will inspire more of the same in the coming games) has me thinking that the type of run blocking our offensive coordinator comes up with is what creates the failure in the run game in addition to the lack of commitment to it. I guess I am all for it if it keeps working, but I would love to see more balance because I think that it will make our already growing success in the passing game even more of a threat.

    That issue isn't on Jerry A, I think it's more on the coaches or maybe we just don't have the talent on the offensive line to really accomplish it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the line and MF are still in the "gel" process so we will continue to see them get better.

    Anybody heard any rumors about TO being considered as a trade to us now?, someone tried to shoot that at me this afternoon...

    I cant imagine how he would work out over here with our nicely developing receiving corps. I mean who would you bench, my only solution would be to go 4 wide in that case.

    JK, DH, EB and TO. Forte and Mckie in for blocking or Des and Forte for Blocking I sound like a genius to myself in my own mind.

    TO is a cancer, but I would root like the dickens for his success if it had to be.

    Go Bears

    I want this next game bad!

  • NO T.O.

    he once was a HOF wide receiver, and could possibly help us on the field, but he's not the kind of guy we want in Chicago.... ever

  • just as a side note to the T.O. comment.... if you doubt that bringing in a once good Prima Donna won't be a cancer, just go ask the cubbies how Milton Bradley worked out for them...

  • Leave TO, lets have JC create our own from in house. I'm good with that. Either way, kill Hotlanta

  • No to TO. He is the best teammate in the world when things are going well and the team is winning AND he is getting the ball 13 times a game. If ALL 3 of those scenarios are not present his cancer spreads...
    Let's develop the 3 amigos and our 3 extremely capable tightends. Oh and in case you forgot, we have:

    2. KNOX and HESTER who can take both kicks and passes and reverses to the house at any moment
    3. 3 count'em THREE tightends that could play and/or start on many other teams in the league.

    No to Terrell. No to Harrison. No to any other old past his prime primadonna. But a yes to bringing in Matt Jones to develop him. I'm still convinced that he will be a huge talent in this league.

    Oh, and i sadly now have to admit that Mike Brown needs to hang it up. He is 2 steps too slow now and was embarassed on both TD's against the Cowboys and against the Giants and in the other games. It is a truly sad day but i think it is time for him to hang the cleats up.

  • The Bears should channel the last time a big group of people from Illinois went down to Atlanta. If I remember correctly (and I do) Atlanta was pillaged and sacked and then Sherman marched to the sea.

    Yeah...the Bears should do that.

  • I was pushing hard for a vet WR in the offseason and pissed we didn't get one. I am now thinking pass on TO and Harrison. Maybe Matt Jones but otherwise I would much rather trade for a FS or a guard. These boys deserve the chance to develop. They are getting it done. Unless a sure thing #1 without the cancer causing abilities comes along then I vote to stick with the 3 amigos.

  • Why is it that we have to travel TO atlanta 2 years in a row? Doesnt it seem like they should have to come here this year?

  • The Saints traveled to Chicago three years in a happens.

  • Right on, Jeff. This game is a test of the defense, plain and simple. I expect the offense, with Hester and Knox blazing on that turf, to put points on the board. I'm not really worried about that.

    The game will come down to our defense, and more specifically to how our defense is coached.

    We've got some good linebackers, but what we don't have is a great blitzing backer. Pisa is a good all-around player, Lance is a great one, but neither of them are lightning fast pass rushers. The first half of the Detroit game was a perfect example of what Lovie does wrong--Blitz, Blitz, Blitz, get no pressure, and let the QB find the open receivers.

    If we let our backers sit back in coverage and allow Marinelli and the front 4 to do their jobs, we can contain Gonzales, White and Ryan. If Lovie gets blitz happy, watch out, because our only chance to win will be to engage in an absolute shootout (which would be fun to watch, but I'm more interested in WINNING).

    Go Bears.

  • Matt (Flynn) Ryan.......hilarious. I think our biggest key for a victory on Sunday night is to ELIMINATE THE FUCKIN' SQUIB KICK! Still bitter....yep, that's me.

  • I agree with everything but Tillman on Roddy White. I don't think it would be that big of a deal to have Bowman on him. I believe Tillman was targeted more than any other DB in the league last year, so there's obviously a reason for that, right? Great ballhawk, but I'm iffy on his coverage.

    If Tillman is on him that will be fine, but I don't think it would be crazy to give Bowman a test here.

  • This may be way outside the box......but what about trading our #2 next year to San Deigo for Shawn Merriman? I know, he's hurt, but I'm fine with that right now. We get him in the locker room, get him healthy and schooled on how we play D, then turn him loose the last 3rd of the season. When healthy, he's a force, lights-out dance not withstanding. AJ Smith is sick of him, and he needs a change of scenery. Imagine Urlacher, Briggs and Merriman next year with Pisa, Williams and Roach on back-up duty. That's sick. I'm sure I'll get destroyed for this line of thought, be gentle.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    the only logical thing about that sentence was the last part. notice how merriman hasn't been up to the "Defensive Player of the Year" stature after he quit the 'roids. he's just another avg. player imo

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    meant to say "the only logical part about that entry was the last sentence" AAARRRRGH!!!!! NO EDIT BUTTON!!!!

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    I liked Merriman before he got injured, i mean before he stopped the roids, i mean before he had roid rage and almost injured that whore Tila Tequila...

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I hear all of you, what are your thoughts on Derrick Johnson? He was a beast at Texas, and KC looks like they're wanting to move him. That could be a potential successor to #54. I'm a fan of defense, first and foremost. If we don't have a bad-ass defense in Chicago, then I feel like the team isn't what it's supposed to be. We have the O we've been looking for (though we need to get bigger, younger, meaner and more athletic on the line), so I think LB and Safety are our biggest building blocks.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    yea i could go for that, but it depends on how much they want to give up for him (provided roach doesn't pan out). with more reps, i think he can polish his pass defensive skills and be a prominent name on this defense (but expecting him to play at an all-pro level w/ only 2 starts is hard to ask).

    really, #54 going down was the best thing to happen to this defense. we're getting to see what happens after he retires. i'd stick w/ roach for the rest of the time and see what happens (his athleticism is very promising)

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    I always liked Tuesday Rodeo or whatever. Audibles From the Long Snapper seems like a smack in the face to an awesome Bear. Its cool though, I'm not bitchin'.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    We need to do well everywhere to beat Atlanta. They fucked up a damn good defense in the Niners. That's a Patrick Willis defense, and a real good secondary there. It needs to go airborne, a lot, away from Greg Olsen - but we'll need to get aerial in this game. Shootout written all over it, neither team has a great secondary.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    Michael Freakin Turner.

    > 120 yards rushing = Bears Loss.

    It will have meant that they controlled the clock, got first downs, were in typical short yardage situations, and didn't need Matt Ryan in difficult situations where Alex Brown could get to him.

    To achieve this, we will need great - not OK - great play from all three LBs. Disguise the run blitz and we will be ok, because Harris will be a non-factor on the Atlanta turf. Adams and Harrison, we will need that bulk so look for those two to get the majority of snaps at DT.

  • This game is too important to "test" Bowman on White. Put our best and most physical corner(Peanut) on their best receiver, no question. Where did you get info regarding Peanut being the most targeted DB last year? That stat wouldn't mean much to me anyways, since Peanut was almost always covering the opponents #1. Looking forward to seeing Pisa respond to injury. I think Afalava makes an impact play this week, I see LOTS of potential in this kid and couldn't be more pleased with his performance as a starting rookie. I'd like to see some D-line pressure from some names we haven't heard called out yet this year. Anthony Adams, Marcus Harrison, Big Toe, and possibly Gilbert (if he gets a chance) need to bulk up the play of the middle of the D-line. We are going to need to rely on others on the line besides the DEs to get some pressure on the QB. The middle has to improve this week.

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