Adams & Turner & Harris OH MY!

Brad Biggs is expecting Gaines Adams to be active this week and he'll reportedly be taking the active roster spot of Devin Aromashodu.  Two things about this: (1) Was I the only one who had no idea Devin Aromashodu was active last week?  (2) Our defensive ends - outside of Alex Brown - have gone invisible for long periods of time and it's been killing the defense.  If the Bears let Carson Palmer sit in the pocket for 5+ seconds, he'll dissect our secondary for big plays.

Dan Pompei is the first journalist (unless you consider me a journalist) to come to the defense of Ron Turner.  I know that fans despise Ronny but the article will dispel many of the baseless assessments most fans make regarding him.  Fans criticize offensive play-callers because offensive play calls are the most visible aspect of the football game.  But ultimately, fans don't know shit about play execution.  I think my criticism of Turner is that he's often-times a pedestrian play-caller and is too slow to navigate away from preordained game plans.  If the plan is to run, the team runs until they start losing three and four yards a clip.  How he adapts to having a legitimate quarterback will tell us a lot about him.

Don't expect Tommie Harris to be on the field Sunday afternoon in Cincinnati.  I've been very, very hard on Harris for several years but here we are, in another big game, and Harris' cap-guzzling contract will be in plain clothes.  But my apologies, Tommie.  I'm sure the fans and media will be to blame for this one too.  I'm sure Tommie will be fired up and ready for those rugged Cleveland Browns next week!

SIDENOTES: (1) DaBearsBlog t-shirts are getting their own secondary page on the site and we're working out the details.  Have your debit/credit cards reading on Tuesday morning. (2) Adrian Peterson says he's "doubtful" for the Steelers this week.  Vikings can't beat that team without him.


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  • I will tell you what Pompeii's article did not dispell. This fact:

    "On third-and-10, traditionally a time to throw, the Bears have run it 50 percent of the time"

    The fact that he references this stat in an article defending Turner is embarassing. WHY in the world would you run it that often on third and long.

    I agree with a good portion of the article, but thats a joke.

  • you sure about AP Jeff? b/c everywhere else, he's listed as "probable."

  • Man, I hope the Vikings get beat. The Packers, too, for that matter, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • Good call-out on Turner's play calling on 3rd and ten, Dmband. I guess that little stat was supposed to highlight his unpredictability.

    I actually don't mind Turner. The Bears have been moving the ball all season long. The players fucked it up Sunday night.

    I'm excited to see Gaines Adams on the field. I liked that move by J.A.

  • I still really like the name "Wrong Turner" though.

  • impossible to judge the 3rd and ten comment without knowing where the bears are on the field. third and tens, throughout our last two quarterback and deep on our side, were running downs. or have we all discovered retroactive faith in grossman/orton?

  • I refer to my own posts in weeks past, here at this very blog - in which I coined the nickname "Butter" Harris. Cause when it's really hot, he turns soft.

  • I knew DA was active but don't understand why he hasn't received any reps. He may have been a Cutler roster pick who has under-performed in practice. Regardless, I want to see this guy play. He has size, decent speed, and had some chemistry with Cutty during preseason. Also looking forward to Nick Roach shutting everyone up. I think he is our best option in the middle and has played very well minus the big Gonzalez TD right before the half. He's fast, smart, and has shown he can cover the middle in the tampa 2. The only knock on him so far has been that he is so quiet in the huddle that some guys can't hear the play calls. I think he gets a pick this week and has an excellent game.

  • Jeff, your point is well taken. However, I find it hard to believe that the 3rd and tens were consistently deep in our own territory. Furthermore, if we are facing 3rd and ten deep in our own territory all the time, doesnt that also indicate poor offensive play calling?

  • You nicknames are on point gpldan.

  • Dmband - you said it before I had a chance. I had the same reaction to the 3rd and 10 stat. If they can follow up with the conversion rate of run versus pass on 3rd and ten maybe I'd be convinced that his play calling was more than just giving up to give the punter a few more yards. If a team really thinks it's got a better chance of converting third and ten by running simply becuase of the "surprise" factor, that means they have issues in the passing game.

    Now third and 5 or 6, I'd agree.

  • BillW-

    I would also like to see a stat on how many times a plan is run for less than the required yardage on third down. I think we as Bears fans have had that point of contention for some time. I get it sometimes, If you have blocks set up, etc. but there is nothing more frustrating than a 5 year pass in the flats on 3rd and 12. The Bears seem guilty of that quite often.

  • Dmband (I assume your name is a callout to my two boys' favorite band) - I would hope with Jay that RT would be willing to call more pure passes on 3rd and ten. Running on 3rd and ten isn't strategic - it's at best a "hope for the best" call and at worrst it's "give up and punt - at least we won't throw an INT."

    Overall, the article was daming RT with questionable praise.

  • FYI:NFL LIVE's Mark Schlereth (one Da' Blogs FAVORITE talking heads) & Herm Edwards both picked the Bears over the Bengals. Schlereth picked the Steelers, Edwards picked the Vikings.

    From Mr. Peepers, er, John Clayton...

    Bengals safety and erstwhile Cowbum, Roy Williams, will probably miss the game.
    I 'm not sure that is GOOD news. He may be a big hitter but he can't cover your aunt Matilda.

    Ochocicno missed practice but will play and is SUPPOSEDLY nursing a sore hip.
    I suspect it's JUST sore enough for him to miss Friday practice (nudge, nudge, wink wink).

  • It is indeed a callout to the band, although I get a lot of crap for that, which is understandable. And yes, they should, in theory start trusting the guy they just and an extension to, to throw on 3rd down and long.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I love DMB! Fuck the haters!

  • In reply to Dmband:

    We are the lead on and 1 of the 5 games not to miss this weekend. Mostly from the Ced angle i'm sure but still.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Ron Turner is lowest echelon amongst OC. It is really that simple.

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    He doesn't have to be though. If he lets Jay throw the ball early and often, we'll be scoring 4 TDs a game easily.

  • In reply to StarkyLuv:

    Sure would surprise the heck outta me!

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    I'm just getting started on this thing so bear with me guys. I am up way too late and reading all the blogs, comments, etc. I live in Virginia so I have to pay for Sunday ticket to see my Bears play. I am really happy with the Cutler thing and our receivers. I think that we have a championship caliper team and there might be only two things that get in the way...the football energizer bunny on Vicadin- Brett Favre, and ourselves. We need to stop knocking in the eight ball and losing winnable games, period.

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    Thank you. We all remember the frustration that Wrecksgrossman put us through. The potential to be one of the best quarterbacks ever, or one of the worst. I actually think we would have won that Superbowl if Cutler was at the helm. Hell, even KO. Our defense was so good, this year almost as good. Whatever happened to stripping the ball? The takeaways were nice. The momentum would go their way and then we would take it back. I loved it. I would actually watch the defense waiting for a score.

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    Howdy all, Megan here
    I am going to the game tomorrow in Cincinnati. If any of you are going would love to meet up for a frosty one? My husband bought me the tickets for my birthday so he is going as well.
    Born and raised in Cincinnati, he has been a Celtics fan all his life!

  • No Tommie in Cincy, what a surprise...Harrison, Double A and I Twice will get the bulk of the work load. I'd like to see what Swimming Pool can do against Bangles. Time for DT's step up because "Butter" Harris is toast. Cap buster as well. Toe suiting up?

  • I agree. Turners fault isn't his plays, it's his determination on sticking with preordained plans. The Bears SHOULD be a passing team, but he seems stubbornly intent on being a "running team".

  • This line quoted from the Team site:

    "Rediscovering their pass rush Sunday in Cincinnati will be critical for the Bears as they face veteran quarterback Carson Palmer, a two-time Pro Bowler."

    REDISCOVERING! REALLY? I mean I understand that (through my lame use of the box scores for the five games the Bears played) we had 14 sacks going into Atlanta and 29 QB hurries (please be reminded that we played GB who has been an open door to sacks all season, Pittsburgh that has BR who holds the ball for 10 minutes on every play, Seattle that had their back up QB and mass injuries on the team at the time, then we had Detroit, nuff said on them). So our Sack and QB Hit totals may be a little skewed, then we don't get a sack or even a hit on Matt Ryan, but others really havent either so my point is that are we really "rediscovering" something that we really ever possessed in the first place?

    Anyways, I just wanted to complain about the media and the propaganda machine again.

    My attitude is that if we dont really see any difference with Tommie out this week, then maybe it's time to seriously consider cutting the losses.

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