A Tuesday Rodeo

I'm fascinated by the number of post-weekend football columns written around the internet and reports on television with dumb, football-y type names.  Inside the Huddle, Monday Morning Quarterback, The Blitz,The Locker Room, Four Down Territory, Two-Minute Drill...etc.  It's all very silly.  I was thinking about what I would use for my Tuesday bit and have narrowed down my Bears-related options: The Fullback Dive, Soft Coverage, Fistfight at the Gun Range and Audibles From the Long-Snapper. (I like the last one.)

Here's three quickies...

Adewale Ogunleye is off to the best start of his career and there's two reasons why: money and Marinelli.  Wale is a good player but he's not worth a big-time defensive end contract at this point in his career.  I'd much rather see that money put into the secondary.

Lovie Smith expects a full-side against the Falcons in two weeks and that's good news.  The league is beginning to sort itself out and the winner of this ballgame takes a big step toward the playoffs.

Vaughn McClure is reporting that the Bears won't have AP for 2-to-3 weeks.  The Bears won't go into that Sunday night with two running backs on the roster so expect some kind of move. 


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  • hey everyone :)

  • The RB form of Chris Henry would be a decent choice imho. Sean Alexander maybe and Deuce McAllister I suppose after that. But I don't think either of the last two give you any Special Teams help at all. Henry is a 25 yr old, 3rd year back who never really got a chance due to injury, and Lendale White and um the fast one. Or we could activate the one from our PS or go get that Notre Dame back off of whatever PS he is on, I liked him in college.

  • Our PS RB Kahlil Bell

    Darius Walker is the guy I liked at Notre Dame who is currently on Denver's PS.

  • Here a great diagram of Lovie blitz play an article


  • I watched Chris Henry play here in Tucson at The U of Arizona.
    I think he would definitely be worth a look.

    I found last night SOOOO depressing. I can only IMAGINE how Packer Backers feel this morning.

    Are there many tall buildings in Green Bay? Just askin'.

  • Audibles From the Longsnapper, good one.

    Favre is tearing up opposing secondaries in the short game (prior to last night where he tore up the whole field), and the short game is where the Bears falter, no? I think the Bears only hope is if Favre throws his 40 year old arm out on one of his fist throwing TD celebrations, or that rotater cuff gets worse as the year goes on...not to mention "the other AP".

  • In reply to Perno:

    No, I think the best bet is Adewale, Alex, and Mark beating his self-absorbed and ESPN-frequented ass into the turf.

  • Has anyone of the stat crazed websites out there ever attempted to track player's performances in contract years? Am I the only one frustrated that it seems to never fail...when a guy is in a contract year, he has a career season. Obviously, in any job, money is the main motivator, but why cant these guys play to that level all the time! I would love to see the stats of Football, or Baseball players in a contract year vs. thier career numbers.

    Sorry...just venting.

  • oh, and man...did Favre look unreal last night. As it turns out, Green Bays O Line is terrible. If that continues, this will be a two horse race in the North....I just hope we can keep pace and Favre feels the affects of the season later on...

  • To answer your question; there are no tall bldgs in Green Bay. I'm really scratching my head over GB's insistence of not giving the LT any help. I hate Jared Allen and that stupid calf roping BS. He had a great game but the Fudge Packers let it continue. If Favre stays healthy all year the BiQueens will win the division. I'm guessing at some point he'll break down (knock on wood).

    It will be interesting to see what the Bears do with the RB situation.

    I think the Bears should give Wale a contract they both can live with. If Wale wants the keys to the bank, C-ya.


  • Jeff, how about...

    Arm Tackle!!!!
    The Futile Challenge Roundtable
    Let's Talk About The Fifth Wide Receiver

    Would anyone get the AP-fill-in job but our practice squad player? If he's not appropriate for that, what's he doing on our practice squad?

    Well I just scanned the Vikings schedule with the purpose of listing the schedule of cold weather games that old man Brett can look forward to - and guess what? He and they are looking pretty lucky. We can hope for bad weather when they to go the Steelers on 10/25 but that's more than iffy - Nov 1 at Lambeau, then after that, it's only December 28 at our home field. Their other late season away games are Arizona and Carolina, that's not helpful.

    So it looks like weather may not help us too much to beat down that old body. But after a gimme Rams game, they have a 3 game tough stretch - Ravens, at Steelers, at Packers. Let's root for an 0-3 there - leaving them 5-3. Also a big help on the schedule could be their last game at Giants - as long as the game means something to the Giants, which it might not.

    Got to admit that was a storybook game for Favre and the Vikes last night. The accolades being poured on him were actually deserved for once. On the other hand, we had the benefit of watching Aaron Rodgers get exposed as perhaps a wee bit overrated. And old Bretty still has to get through 12 more games of being popped, bad weather or not.

    Let's hope our secondary gets a little more tuned in before we face him!

  • Just a thought/hope.... two months from now we will be talking about how the Vikings peaked in week 4. They are due for a let down. Da Bears, however, have yet to come close to peaking. I am getting more and more excited about this team. Not just this season, but in the future as well.

  • Doc-

    Good call. As much as everyone may hate him, the guy can flat out play. I think there is something to be said of 1 Superbowl win over 17 seasons, but as far as best Qb's in history..he at the table, no doubt about it. Being a Bears fan, I just cant wait until we dont have to deal with him anymore. He's just really good...

    He couldnt, but to avoid the Favre watch every season, he should just flat out say, "im coming back, but I dont want to participate in training camp".

  • I just want to point out that Lovie Smith Defense vs. Brett Favre is the Bears on top 6-2.

    I'm just saying. I don't care if he is throwing to Berrian or Harvin and handing off to the fumbler Adrian Peterson. 6-2 is startling after the Dave and Dick era vs. Favre. What did we do then, win 4 games to the Packers' 17?

  • Favre has always been a threat, but being on the Vikes now, even more so. The Vikings looked awesome last night. Their Defense was savage, their WRs were spot on open and Favre, well he's FAVRE.

    I'm worried about our secondary after seeing last nights game. The cover 2 in combination with our CB and safety corps not being able to cover well or react quickly is going to spell BIG trouble for the Bears.

    We have to put extreme pressure on Favre when we play them. I don't mean showing blitz and backing off, I mean go after him like a steak in a dog pound. We have to sack him, hurry him and sack him again and again and again.

  • Not to mention stopping Peterson from running us down.

  • want a quick laugh?

    one packer fan said this on a social MB i'm on:

    ""we KNOW what our issue is - the O line. Period, point blank. Defensively, I like what I see and we still don't "own" the 3/4 yet - still learning. After the quarter mark, we're .500. But here's the thing - we're a few improvements from being a good team to a GREAT team. the jump from good to great isn't that big for us as compared to ya'll....it's gonna take more for ya'll to make that jump than it is for us to make that jump....but it's early....for both squads...."

    my response (kinda long):

    "lol you REALLY need to elaborate on this one. cutler threw for 141 yds and we STILL put up 48 (albeit the lions, but hell the Saints had to be on their offensive juggernaut shit to put up 45). the only problems we have are: 1) letdowns on O-Line due to non-continuity 2) secondary letdowns and 3) injuries. if it weren't for injuries, we'd be an elite defense (mind you urlacher's out for the season and pisa hasn't played more than 1 snap all season).

    since the GB game, cutty has been playing LIGHTS OUT!!!! only 1 pick and numerous TDs (i wanna say 8 throwing and 1 running). you can't seriously say that we have a huge hurdle to climb b/c we're not even CLOSE to peaking (can't say the same about Minnesota). yep it's still early, which is a good thing b/c we can now go into the bye, work on run blocking, and bust Forte on out there (don't know if you saw the highlights, but he's still the same back as last year....just shitty run blocking is the reason why he hasn't excelled). if you notice, y'all DO NOT HAVE A RUN GAME!!!! THAT SHIT IS NON-EXISTENT IN EVERY GAME Y'ALL PLAYED!!!! the only time Grant got big runs was b/c of draws, screens, and jared allen being in the backfield before the handoff and over-pursuing the play. y'all hurdle is bigger than us b/c y'all have to figure out how to win games...whereas we don't have that problem."

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