A Rallying Cry

Not writing a column about yesterday's game is a cop out and I'm better than that.  So after reading every word written about the most embarrassing Chicago Bears performance of my lifetime, I'm ready to oar my boat into the ocean. 

The Bears are not winning a championship in 2009.  They never were.  But if 2009 is going to be a building block for future success, something has to change.  People can criticize the interceptions all they want but Jay Cutler is a terrific quarterback dying for an offensive system to thrive in.  Alex Brown and Adewale Ogunleye aren't going to make Lake Shore forget Dent and Mongo, but they're more talented than their pass rushing would have you believe.  Missed strips leading to missed tackles.  Snaps to quarterback's knees.  False starts as a way of life.  Fumbles.  Does everybody have to fumble all the time?

Something has to change.  And you guys know I'm not one of those "fire the coach now" fans.  I try to keep perspective.  I stay balanced.  I temper my enthusiasm and limit my expectations.  Now don't get me wrong here.  I give more emotionally to this team than anybody I know.  Their losses physically hurt me.  And sad to say, it looks like there's more losing in the future.  Why?  Because some guys are winners.  And some guys are Lovie Smith.

I don't want to hear anybody, ANYBODY associated with this organization say "it's just one game" when they're asked about yesterday.  Literally, yes, it was a single football game.  But it was symptomatic of every Lovie issue that has percolated for five years.  The only thing that can save this tenure is if the Chicago Bears use 45-10 as a rallying cry for the 2009 season.  When they beat Cleveland next week, they should talk about Cincinnati.  When they beat Arizona the following week, they should talk about Cincinnati.  When Brett Favre comes to Soldier Field on December 28th, they should pretend he's wearing the name "Benson" on his jersey.

They say that alcoholics need to hit rock bottom before they realize change is necessary.  Yesterday the Chicago Bears got loaded on tequila and drove their sedan into a schoolyard.  Rock.  Bottom.  The only salvation for the team is that they are 3-3.  Nothing is lost.  But something has to change.  Frank Omiyale can't play guard anymore.  Jay Cutler can't be handcuffed.  No more soft cover-two bullshit and no more runs up the middle on first down.  The Bears are entering Shitty Football Teams Anonymous and Step One is the Cleveland Browns.  And if they lose that game at home, God help 'em.


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  • Nothing will change. Let's not over react after one game. This team could still go 9-7 and get a playoff spot. Relax!!

    Read more at the Rock Report on Chicagonow.com



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    My name is Crown and I am a Bears addict. I continue to go down the same destructive path on Sundays. It's a vicious cycle but I cannot stop. I'm still wasting my Sundays getting excited for the Chicago Bears to play only to be disappointing 3 and a half hours later. I put on some Bears gear or my C hat, drinks lots of beer and talk up this bunch like they are legitimate contenders to any of my friends that will listen. Then the game starts and I become physically ill by the players' execution and the lack of coaching. I continue to drink beer until Lovie Smith looks like he has control of the situation, but that obviously never happens so I keep drinking. Needless to say things get messy from that point out. If this isn't rock bottom I don't know what is. And Rock, if something doesn't change this week, there are serious organizational problems from the top down, even if it is as obvious and simple as replacing Omilaye with Beekman. How can you relax with the last two showings? 9 and 7 will not be good enough in the improved NFC.

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    Make it stop Loive! ''It was a total breakdown by us, but you move on. Experience teaches you a lot, and we've been in this spot before.''

    WTF!!! If you've been in this spot before (and they have) and experience teches you a lot - then how did this happen?!?!?

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    The only thing he's learned from these experiences in the past is that you gotta keep coming up with new "we'll do better next time" cliches.

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    Dude. "Let's not over-react after one game." !? I don't think despair and horror and disgust is over-reacting to Sunday's filth. I didn't even see the game. I'm actually glad I didn't see the game. I never want to have to see such a bad performance out of my Bears. Playoff spot ? What spot, for the worst team in the NFL ? Child please. Playoffs ...

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    And that's the point Rock .. nothing will change. We've got Bubba on TWO YEARS of a contract after this season that the McCaskeys are definitely not going to buy him out of.

  • Jeff. I love you, man. We disagree occassionally, but I've never doubted your heart. Posts like this prove it once again. Keep Bearing Down...even when the Bears aren't.

  • I was waiting for this post. I needed this post. I knew too much would be written this morning about "it's just one loss." I knew Jeff would see yesterday for what it is: I, too, have been a fan of Lovie, and to some degree I've tried to stay patient with Ron Turner. Yesterday, the Bears coaching staff was exposed. I don't believe that Lovie has sucked at coaching for a decade -- I believe that he WAS a very good defensive coach, but one that whom the rest of the league has caught up to and figured out. I waited to see if I would feel any differently this morning, but I don't: I still feel like I want the Bears to go out and lose the rest of their games this year, fire their coaching staff, bring in a Jon Gruden or a Shanahan and rebuild this thing. I'm not going to be talked down from the edge and I'm not going back to the Kool-Aid this year. Not for that team. Not when they heard Benson talk that b.s. all week and then flat just didn't show up.

  • "Yesterday the Chicago Bears got loaded on tequila and drove their sedan into a schoolyard. Rock. Bottom."

    Awesome. The bottom line is Lovie put the defensive play calling on his shoulders and I respected him for that. HOWEVER, someone must be held accountable. There is no way that Lovie gets fired mid season, but if they miss the playoffs, he's got to go. Period.

    ps. 9-7 is not going to get us in the playoffs this year.

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    9-7 also means Jay Cutler and Orlando Pace did no better for you than Kyle Orton and John St. Clair

  • I haven't read much yet but for those who belive Lovie is a good coach - how many good coaches have 45-10 ganes five years into their careers? More telling - how many have 45-10 games AFTER a loss when the team makes so many mental errors?? Lovie might be able to coach a defense - but he cannot coach a TEAM. I'm sorry to be so blunt - but to me that's self evident.

    45-10 and clearly not ready to play AFTER a tough loss when the team borke down mentally AFTER a bye week. Come on - that's bad coaching.

  • Man. Been a while since my last post, but figured this was one to comment on. I agree whole-heartedly about the need to dump Lovie. I was at Big Joe's on Foster last week and this old former soccer player from the soviet bloc said, "He is a bullshit coach. Look at him, he has no fire, no passion! If you do not show passion when you coach all of your players will take on that sentiment. He is a horrible leader."

    That's the part I agree with - it's not that the play calling is necessarily bad (even if it is), it's that he got that "Aww Shucks" look on his face about 5 years ago and forgot how to get FUCKING ANGRY. Somebody needs to put a severed bear head in Lovie's bed.

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    "Somebody needs to put a severed bear head in Lovie's bed."

    LMAO. Awesome.

  • Also, Rock Mamola, you sound like a total tool.

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    Biggs said there is no way Lovie gets fired after this season. I disagree - anything less than 8-8 and he gets fired. JA didn't spend all those draft choices and money to see a losing team. Anyone else agree? JA has the guts to fire Lovie if they go 4-6 or worse from this point on.

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    They haven't got the money to fire him. You think old cnt McCaskey's gonna drop $11 million on Bubba's lap *and then* go out and sign Cowher or somebody else on the megabucks ?

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    This is why Lovie needs to go.
    Two weeks in a row - the same godd-amn play, same result.

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    By the way, its a little Bush League to post your blog site here my man. Im just sayin....

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    It's a very tough decision about Lovie Smith.

    I'm not going to rush to the radical side of the issue and demand that Coach Smith be fired yesterday! Instead, I'm going to remind you of Dave Wannstedt and Dick Jauron. Remember how dark those years were for the Bears? For my fellow "elders," do you recall Jim Dooley, Jack Pardee, Neill Armstrong, and Abe Gibron? The Chicago Bears have had 13 head coaches and 4 good ones. Those being Halas, Ditka, Smith, and Ralph Jones.

    My point being that good head coaches are exceptionally hard to come by. And I don't know that I would jeopardize a Super Bowl coach in Lovie Smith to someone else.

    I think the only way the McCaskeys, Phillips, and Angelo could sell that to me is if Smith were to be replaced by Mike Shanahan or Bill Cowher.

    I think that would be throwing stones in the wrong direction, however. I opined yesterday, and Pro Football Talk has come to the same conclusion, that Ron Turner is the chief culprit in the Chicago Bears woes...at least on offense for the last five seasons. Why is it that Kyle and Ced were mediocre/bad in our system and Pro Bowlers in other systems? On the reverse, why is it that Jay Cutler was a Pro Bowler in another system and looks worse than Kyle Orton this season?

    Ron Turner possesses an inablity to produce the best out of offensive players. He can't. I cannot possibly think of greater proof of his incompetence than what I just wrote. Jay Cutler IS the best QB this organization has ever had and he can't do anything.

    In 1998, when Elway went down and Bubby Brister took over for several games, he was told, "Okay, Bubby, you've got a Ferrari here. Just sit back and drive the Ferrari." Bubby drove that Ferrari until Elway returned.

    Jay Cutler is driving a Yugo...the cutting edge of Croto-Bosnian technology.

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    +1 for making a lot of sense about Turner. However, it's still Lovie's job to get fired up about this stuff. It's still his job to smack Turner in the face if it's his fault for screwing up the offense. I don't see any of that happening.

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    Oh, and when I call for Ron Turner to be replaced I meant at the end of the season. Because "you don't change horses midstream."

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    I disagree about firing the Bears up.

    Chuck Noll never fired ANYBODY up and won 4 Super Bowls.

    If the players NEED to be fired up by a coach then they're dumb jackasses that don't deserve to be on that field. That would mean they do not realize what they are doing is important.

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    We all need motivation, no matter what we do or how much we make. If that wasn't the case then the Yankees would win the World Series every single year. You're way off.

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    Realistically, the Bears will need to win 10 or 11 games to get into the playoffs this year. Everyone will get some cheap wins thanks to the many bottom feeders the league has to offer this year...it will take more than 9 wins to get in.

    That said, is this Bears team capable of going 7-3 in the next 10? Not from what I've seen, but hey, you never know. Plus, we have no draft position to worry about so let's just try and enjoy the rest of the season for what it is...

    Here are some changes I want to see...
    1. Beekman in, now. It won't fix the problem that is our oline, but it can't hurt.
    2. Dez Clark the Number 1 tight end. Olsen can't block and hasn't proved to be a serious threat in the passing game. Put Dez in...at least he can block and he is dependable enough.
    3. Can the cover two defense not be tweaked? Can we please allow our corners to jam once and a while at the line of scrimmage or move the safeties up at least a little bit.
    4. Call me crazy, but I'd like to see more AP in the running game. Sure, the OLine has done Matt no favors, but at least AP will put up a damn fight at this point...and our running backs will have to do that if they want to gain any yards in the first place.
    5. No more DManning blitzes. They don't work. Either that, or he has no concept of concealing the blitz, because he plays his cards every time by creeping to the line well before the snap.
    6. Skunk back on kick returns. This team needs a spark...let's see if Skunk can give us one.
    7. Can we please run one fucking roll out this year that isn't inside the 5 yard line? Cutler can move...why not move the pocket once in a while and keep the defense on its toes. He is a sitting duck back there right now...gotta get more creative if we want to move the ball with such a shit oline.

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    The game was a horrible embarassment and a big deal, but I just hope they can use it as a motivator to win some games. I can still see this team going 10-6 or even 11-5 if a couple things go their way.

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    You mean the drop back and fling it wherever isn't working? We have a strong-armed quarterback and two of the fastest receivers in football. We also have a tight end that creates a ridiculous mismatch with backers and safeties. You'd think, maybe once, we'd throw the ball down field. Every single deep slant seems to work.

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    Yep. And that TE is Kellen Davis, not Handbags Olsen.

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    Man, Benson had a burst yesterday. He looked like he lost 10-15 lbs and was in great shape. He was getting to the outside and just running away from lineman, linebackers and safeties. I knew this guy was supposed to be hard to tackle, but where was that pure speed and explosiveness when he was on the Bears. I'll still take Forte over Benson in a heartbeat. I don't think Benson keeps this pace going for the entire season. Also, their offensive line looked like giant ogres against our D-line. I'd like to know how much our D-line was outweighed by their O-line; this seems to be a trend I'm seeing on a weekly basis. I know Lovie prefers lighter and quicker defensive linemen, but maybe we need to go out and get two huge guys to clog the middle like we had with Washington and Traylor. The Izzy losing 60+ pounds experiment has not helped his play at tackle. Beefing up the D line could help us not get continually owned at the line of scrimmage. That, and maybe if a D-linemen could shed a block. Joke.

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    I couldnt agree more. I have not seen them run one play that sends Hester and Knox deep with Clark and or Olsen over the middle. Seems to me that should be run 2-3 times a game. They have not run it once. I think they are aware of the fact that the O line CANNOT give Cutler enough time to throw that pass....if they dont make some changes on the line (i.e. Beekman) they will continue to not be able to execute that play.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Yeah, that was my thinking. I'd love for them to try and stretch vertically with that kind of speed on the outside, but can we protect long enough to do that?

    Might be a case where you put Hester and Knox on the outside...keep Dez in to block...give the running back a block or route option the other way (can stay to protect, or chip and head to the flats)...then put Olsen or Bennett in the slot. Hester and Knox fly routes or deep slant...Olsen/Bennett deep slant. Possible running back in flats.

    The type of play that you would love to use in play action...if we had a run game to fear at least. Actually, it's the kind of play I had sweet dreams about before the season began. sigh.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I think I can speak for many Bears fans that the issue is Turner. Does that guy believe in ever creating a play that passes past the first down marker? Sure he makes a deep pass play once in awhile but those hardly work, Hester is not 6"4 sorry to break the news. I'm sorry but if I see one more pass for 3 yards when its 3rd and long god help me. Let Cutler make the calls on the field. Lovie, please wake up and lose that commatose look you have on the side lines, realize that you cant run through the middle ONLY (there is another way around the middle of 350 lb lineman), and learn how to tackle. I can just hear the locker room from Love, "Guys its just another game, we still have many more ahead. There are things we need to work on..." how about ripping some heads off and be a coach with some compassion. Its pretty sad when we know that there are holes to be filled and we dont have any draft picks next year, perfect.

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    How does Ron Turner put us behind by 30 points in the first half ? What part of the defense is he responsible for ?

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    Bears will win the next 4 games. they'll be 7-3 heading into Minnesota who will be 8-2.

  • In reply to RealityCheck:

    Like McMahon said in his provocatively entitled official biography "McMahon!" ...."the family throw nickels like manhole covers" ... or words to that effect. Shit flows down from the top. Ted Philips oversees the Bears, and the staff employed to lose football games. He is responsible for Angelo et al. Or he puts up with them. Either way, he's culpable in all of this. But who put him there ? You can't escape the curse of the McCaskeys. They're not going anywhere sadly. The owners suck. Still love my Bears though.

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    Cards~49ers~eagles? With a name like souleater, I hope you are some sort of soothsayer. How many time did you have to roll the bones to come up with that?
    Oh, Ghost, I didn't want to start an argument with you man. Its not the first time we have disagreed, it won't be the last. But I always enjoy reading your post.
    FQD, you are not alone dude. After a loss like that everyday is a Monday for me until we get some redemption.

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    So we can't fix the McCaskeys, what can we fix ?

    1. Bench Frank. Start Beekman.
    2. Slap Olin Kreutz in the face.
    3. Chris Williams is our future tackle. He's a LT. Play him at LT.
    4. Bench Greg Olsen. Can't catch, can't block, why are you on the field ? Start Kellen Davis.
    5. Big armed QB, fast WRs and a 100 yard long field ... I think I have an idea Ron ...
    6. Tommie sits on the bench until Tommie has something important to say.
    7. Get well soon Brian.
    8. Get some people on the roster that don't look like they need growth hormone.
    9. Teach some of these fools how to block and tackle.
    10. Fire Jerry Angelo. Now. Hire Ditka. Turner's contract is up this year. It wouldn't happen, but I'd love to see Mike in Halas Hall. Lovie's then got until the end of his contract to justify a new one. If he doesn't, employ an OC/DC and interim HC. Wait one year and sign Singletary. More problems (Buddy Ryan called him stupid)with conservatism, but he's part of the family and he gets emotional and loud ...

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    Sorry, gpldan, but I have to take you to task for part of your 10/26, 3;44pm post on this thread.

    Where on God's green earth did you ever come up with THIS hypothesis?

    "Urlacher? His wrist is broken. He could get it fused, play the season, and re-break it at the end and get it fixed to heal. He won't."

    Well DUH!. Under the circumstances, neiher would anybody else in their right mind!

    Were you not paying attention?

    They didn't whisk #54 away from the airport right to the hospital and rush to perform wrist surgery in the WEE HOURS of the morning after he broke it because he had a run-of-the-mill busted wrist. I believe that while 3am IS when they did his surgery, I'm pretty sure that 3am IS NOT the optimum starting time that high-priced surgeons choose to perform operations, even on professional athletes.

    Plus, Urlacher back at MLB doesn't do a thing for the crappy play on the offensive line or fix all the other issues on defense.

    Finally, it's real EASY to SAY "Oh, just fuse the wrist and the re-break it after the season is over".

    REAL easy.


    I think your Urlacher wrist rant was totally WHACKED and straight out of the Mike Florio "If I don't have a decent story line, I just make it up" school of thought.

  • In reply to RealityCheck:

    I absolutely dread the upcoming Green Bay and Vikings games.

  • In reply to sjvl:

    Then your not a good fan, no matter what happened the last two weeks. 10 count em, 10 more games. Lots of ball to play.

  • In reply to sjvl:

    3-3 with 10 games left. Our season is NOT over!

  • In reply to RealityCheck:

    Regarding Urlacher, he gets a complete pass on this deal - his injury was to the ulnate bone, requiring pins that could not be enclosed in a cast - there was no way he could play, so Albert is right to call out glpdan about that - Brian not playing sounded weak at first but the reality was different - Brian Urlacher would have been thrilled to be out there playing with a cast vs the option of sitting down - but in glpdan's defense, it sounded like he didn't know this.

    Beardown1982, good calls, I'd like to talk a little about the undisguised blitzes and Bears defensive calls in general. My premise is that the Bears employ a generally plain vanilla defense that doesn't disguise much. When they're blitzing, the other team usually knows it and defends it, especially against good quarterbacks who can read the blitz and get rid of the ball to a single covered (or frequently in our case, uncovered) receiver.

    You'll notice that when we employ a delayed safety or corner blitz, it usually works. Am I wrong or do we rarely employ the popular zone blitzes that other teams use? And with our "fast undersized line" you would think we would be an ideal candidate for that.

    So why do we sometimes have success with this current D? It's when we face a team with a significant weak link on their O-line. If we get that, we actually generate a pass rush by exploiting that weak link, and then good things happen from there. But against a solid offensive line, our plain vanilla undisguised rush does nothing, and then the rest of the poor Cover 2 game plan gets easily diced apart. Happened in the last two games.

    When is the last time you heard another team say "we were really confused by what the Bears D was throwing at us" - and how many times have you heard that from our offense in losses?

    Coach Lovie, where are you?

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    You know, I don't hate Lovie. I do think you could win a Superbowl with him. I don't think you have to scream and shake guys and go crazy on the sideline to motivate them. I also don't ever want a passionate coach if Josh McDaniel's Jr.Hi. ego romp after the Patriots game is what a passionate coach looks like. I think we could do much worse than Lovie.

    Conversely, I do think that we could do much better with someone better. I don't think he's a great coach. I think that he has undying faith in a faulty system that his team can't run properly anyway. I think he knows RT is crapping the bed but unlike other coaches, he can't do much, he doesn't know enough about offense. He already took Defensive play calling from an incompetent dunce, should he take Offensive play calling as well? Should he change OC's midseason? No. TheyI think he's a bit self-deluded in that if everyone just focuses and gets the little things right, this ship still floats.

  • In reply to Rancid:

    My computer just went Poltergeist on me and posted that before I was done. I was going to say that the ship doesn't float with the offensive or defensive systems right now and that I really have no freaking clue what the Bears can do to save this right now. The point to change OC's was after the 07 season. That's when RT got exposed. now, it's a mess, and it'll only make Cutler's transition harder. The whole thing just sucks.

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    amen Jeff

  • In reply to Dmband:

    One thing Jeff...I would hope having the name "Favre" on his back would already be enough motivation for these guys to want to knock the crap out of him. Obviously they want nothing to do with a guy named Benson.

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    Reality Check - that's why the urgency. No draft picks for a while to fill the holes. We are either stuck with this or have to get lucky in later rounds. Won't happen with the O-Line. I also like the Ferrari - Yugo comparison.

    Cutler was a GENIUS for signing now. I think he relaized by the end of the season with RT he woudl look like a bust. Not his fault - we see what he can do. It's the line and the play DESIGN, not necessarily the play calling. Check downs and screens with no blockers. Where has we seen THAT before?

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    I agree with Halas. I have a business that requires very physical work, and most employees are young men. If they are not self-motivated and don't take pride in their work, they usually don't last a month (usually not a week). It took me a while, but I learned that you find people who are self-motivated and take pride in their work, and then you keep adding more responsibilities (and pay). Most people respond very well. Every now and then you may have to light a fire under them, but not often. Maybe the NFL has too many head cases.

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    You need a player to set a tone for you, an emotional leader who is on the field and does the job every day. Look what Brian Dawkins did to the Broncos D, he took the tire swagger and attitude of the Philly D and gave it to the Broncos. You think the Ravens coach is firey? No he has Ray Lewis and Ed Reed to set the tone out there for him. That is what we don't have is a player to set that nasty attitude.

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    Leave a comment...

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    FYI: Contractually, the Bears owe Lovie 2 more years and $9 million.
    I will be surprised if they eat TWO years.

    It is very hard for me to get excited about "next year". I was hoping to be relevant THIS year and that hope is dimming.

    The train that is the NFL labor situation is high-balling down the tracks and the 2010 (Owners Lockout))or 2011 (Players Strike)season is straddling the crossing.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Lovie Smith seems to lack the ability to do something that any coach in any sport must be able to do--adjust to changing circumstances. He has an idea of how he wants to do things, which is fine. The problem is, when his plan doesn't work out, he doesn't change it. Here's a cliche he might want to learn: "Repeating the same behavior over and over again while expecting different results is the definition of insanity."

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Buck up, Al. We've been through worse.

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    Sorry Ghost, but sometimes guys need motivated at all levels. In fact, it is totally not your style to say that. Don't you think Ditka had something to do with the '85 intensity? Or even Tomlin last year? If its not the head coach then it has to be someone working for the head coach(06 bears/RonRivera).
    Oh, and to say Chuck Noll isn't a modivator is like saying Mike Singletary wasn't a linebacker.

  • In reply to PhilinNYC:

    Right on. My name is Northside, and I'm a Bears addict, too.

    This has been a long time coming, and I think the blame could not be more squarely on the coaching staff. Even with Urlacher and Harris out, there is above average talent on this defense. It is completely, totally, 100% the coaching. Sure, we've got some positions that need to be addressed, but what team doesn't?

    Here's where it gets tricky. It doesn't seem like the McCaskey family to fire Lovie Smith after this season. It doesn't make financial sense, and they obviously like him as a person and are patient (to the point of stupidity) with him.

    But here we are, with a coach that isn't working, a defensive scheme that isn't working, and for the first time in the modern era, a real franchise QB. To top it all off, there are hall-of-fame coaches who will be available this offseason. There is too much of a proud tradition of Chicago football to waste this chance. Period. Lovie must be fired--it'll cost money, but it will save pride.

  • In reply to PhilinNYC:

    Well, I read his blog post anyway. Essentially seems to be saying that things WON'T change (I agree - for this year at least and maybe even next) but does't seem to address whether they SHOULD change. (But maybe I read it too fast - I apologize if that's true.)

    I will say it all year long - how can a team come off a bye and look unprepared , and then the very next week look WORSE - and not have that be a reflection on the coach. Especially a team that had realistic playoff aspirations and feels like they have a realistic path back to the SB soon.

    A team that falls apart one week and then is humiliatingly pathetic the very next week is NOT well coached.

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    Wow. I must say that your post brought a tear to my eye. *raises a glass*

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    Lovie Smith should be congratulated...for FINALLY getting the most production out of Cedric Benson.

  • In reply to PhilinNYC:

    I guess Cutler is going as Rex Grossman this Halloween.

  • In reply to PhilinNYC:

    Can't argue with that.

  • In reply to PhilinNYC:

    Enderwiggin, I'm not going to argue with you, pal. I didn't say Chuck Noll wasn't a motivator, I said he wasn't the kind of coach to fire guys up...giving motivational speeches ala "Any Given Sunday" or screaming, shouting, and grabbing guys by the facemask ala Ditka. And it worked! Four times! In six years! With arguably the best collection of football talent the world has ever seen! That's the kind of results I like to see. That's all I'm saying.

  • In reply to PhilinNYC:

    Fire and Passion in coaching is widely overrated.

    There have been just as many successful coaches with calm and balanced demeanors as there have been successful coaches with highly emotional, yelling and screaming all the time demeanors.

    More often than not, it comes down to the players.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Organizational attitude and temperament is infused from the top down lads.

    Many of these players sadly just consider this a job, and in my opinion, can

  • In reply to Shady:

    Example A: Tom Landry.

  • In reply to Shady:

    You're right, Ghost, we HAVE seen worse.

    Even NOW I can hear Abe Gibron singing "Jeremiah was a bullfrog..."

    Whoops. Wait a minute. I think Cedric Benson just ran for another first down.

    OR we could be RAIDER fans...


  • In reply to Shady:

    The NFL is a corporation. The Bears are Innatech from Office Space. Lovie is Lumburgh.

    Butter Harris is the guy with the red stapler.

    Seriously, the NFL is a job. Players look to extend their careers, get as much money as possible for as LONG as possible. Imagine a company where everyone is on employment contract, only the coaches are hired in as FTEs.

    Would it be hard to get them to play for team and not self? It's damn hard. A good motivator needs to show them the value in playing hard, in winning. There are financial incentives for the playoffs, but compared to base contracts, it's peanuts.

    That is the problem. It isn't Lovie. It isn't even Ron Harris. They are middle managers to vice-president levels. The problem is the McCaskey family. It starts at the top. Compare them to the Rooneys in Pitt. Who respects the mcCaskeys? Nobody. From Hub Arkish to anyone national at all - everyone will tell you - they run the Bears in the worst possible way. The Bears are General Motors, run like shit, financially mismanaged from the top. Lovie should have never gotten an extension. As a result, he will be all smooth and calm - what does he really care? 11-5 and playoffs or 6-10 and a crap season - it's pretty much the same to him.

    Same with Urlacher. Singetary played the final year of his career with a broken arm. I remember flying around around there with a full cast on, trying to get his arm above his hand to make a pic. Pure heart.

    Urlacher? His wrist is broken. He could get it fused, play the season, and re-break it at the end and get it fixed to heal. He won't. He's out for the season. Why?

    He can extend his career maybe one, maybe two more seasons if he allows his back and neck more time to heal. He can keep getting PAID. He knows everybody loves him. Nobody will run him out of town, or cut him. So he skates. Why shouldn't he? The organization isn't going to do anything about it.

    So instead of hoping Lovie gets the sack, or Angelo takes off - start with the head. Maybe Virginia will kick off if the Browns beat us. Then we'd get what, Mike back? God help us then. He'd have to leave the Tennis club and learn how football is played again.

    We need owners on par with the best owners in the NFL. The McCaskey family is nearly openly mocked at NFL owner meetings. I can probably find the Pro Football Weekly articles with Google that confirm this.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    You speak the truth, my friend. Change starts at the top, beginning with the McCaskey family. Unfortunately, there will be no changes taking place up there for a very long time (or at all). I mean, to experience radical change on the Blackhawks' team, freakin' Wirtz had to croak.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    DMBand, you beat me to it - but Jeff, that line was one of your BEST EVER - INSTANT CLASSSIC!!!!

    By the way, how CAN we find the archive link? Someday I'd waste some time coming up with a compendium of your all-time best lines - there's lots to choose from.

    Thanks, brother, for giving me something to smile about today. God knows we Bear fans need it!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    (Team rant really quickly: I don't understand why people try to talk shit and clown me for being so passionate about my team that they're like "dude...why are you seriously feeling down about that? it's just sports." no...it's not just sports; it's something bigger. something bigger than one man, 11 men, one coach, one GM, one owner, etc. Through Da Bears, i've "met" just as many people as passionate about them as i am; a win Sunday is a start to a great week & a loss Sunday brings on a brutal Monday. people w/o passion fuckin' suck....and i'm surrounded by a bunch of morons. just want to say i thank each an every one of you for being on this site....for understanding how a team positively represents something bigger than ourselves. And for how a 35 point loss to an team can fire EVERYBODY up. Godspeed to all).

    now that that shit is out of the way, I've tried to side with Lovie....honestly I didn't want him to get fired, but for the man & organization to peacefully part ways eventually (what the Gouda-makers & Favre should've done), but I've about had it w/ this "we'll learn from our mistakes" shit. seriously? seriously? OF COURSE YOU'RE GOING TO LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES!!!!! i want to hear something to an effect that you're going to get fined by the Goddell World Order or some shit....wanna hear that some jobs are going to be lost b/c of this horrendous play effort....wanna hear that practice is going to be HELL!!!!!

    as for this season...fuck 11-5. more like 9-7 (if lucky)

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    I'm pleased to know I'm not the only one who is passionate about this team. :) None of my friends can understand why I am so upset after a loss like this. Heck, after ANY loss!! My whole week is predetermined by how the Bears perform on Sunday and everybody at work knows this. It's simple to figure out my mood on Monday. Bears win? Great mood all week, nothing can touch me. Bears lose? Do not even breathe around me.

    Anyway. I'm with ya on Lovie. Always tried to support him through the years and I'd always be the first to say that I was a Lovie fan. The keyword here now is "was". He needs to go. It's maddening hearing the same thing over and over during those postgame interviews. Does he ever have anything different to say? Can he get angry for once? *sigh*

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    One word for this D to get better: Steroids! Maybe it would give Lovie a much needed occasional outburst too.

    I don't know why anybody would compare this game to the Atlanta game last year. This game was more like the Packers failure last year.

    The Falcons game last week we owned, yet lost it when it mattered. The Packers game we were in position to win even after the mass of turnovers. This game we just got spanked, exposed embarassed. I would rather get crushed then give away games like the other two losses and like so many of last seasons losses that kept us from the playoffs. The positive is that if we have more of these kinds of games, then something drastic will have to happen, but if we barely make it through, "almost" winning, then they think, "oh, we just need to make some small adjustments." If the "small adjustments or tweeking" is all that is needed, fine then we will see. If all the teams left on our schedule check out some game film and do the same type of stuff to us, then again we will see. Of course a lot of the teams that are left don't have the skill level of the current Bengals to execute in that manner so we will probably be seeing an improvement and Lovie will be shouting it from the highways and byways as if we are really that good.

    Reasons for hope:

    -We play Cleveland at home this week.
    -The Eagles lost to Oakland last week. Come on, that would be worse right?
    -The NY football Giants are on a two game losing streak and got beat by NO in similar fashion to our loss.
    -The "I think" overrated Vikings finally were beat ;) and I think BB may have even hurt himself.

    I'm sorry, but Cedric Benson is not as good as we made him look, his true lameness will show through as the season goes on or following this season, but hats off to him for doing to the Bears what the Bears should have done to him when it mattered.

    I am more mad about not crushing Ced than losing that game! he really needs to pay for the fact that he didnt take his role seriously enough while he was here.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I just can't understand the people who say that Turner is the problem and not Smith. Who hired Turner, and who has kept Turner around now for 4 years? Who does Turner report to? Again the answer is Lovie Smith, head coach.
    Need I remind everyone about Lovie's first pick for offensive coordinator one Terry Shea?? Or about Lovie's brilliant decision to fire Ron Rivera and replace him with Bob Babich for two freaking years?
    At the root of all of our problems is Lovie Smith. The guy who got out coached by Mr. can't-win-the-big-one Tony Dungy in Super Bowl XLI. The guy who said "trust me," is 19-19 with no playoffs since.
    It's time.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Megan here...
    My first Bears game ever. It was embarassing to sit through. I can't say anymore then WTF!!!!!??????
    I texted my brothers during the game "I f*cking hate the Chicago Bears right now!"

  • In reply to Meggles:

    I feel terrible for you guys! I'm going to the Cardinals game and fear the same thing happening to us.

  • In reply to Meggles:


  • In reply to Meggles:


  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    Love it! It worked for the guys at tradecade.com .

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    Thanks for the link.

    I just refreshed my memory on Bears coaches since Ditka (1992):


    1. DAVE WANNSTEDT (1993-98)...ugh....record 40-56
    2. DICK JAURON (1999-03)...ugh.......record 35-45
    3. LOVIE SMITH (2004-now).......... record 45-35
    (5-11 first year, followed by 2 great years, followed by mediocrity)

    Lovie's 51 now and seems pretty complacent.

    I think Bill Simmons once said this seemed to be the latest trend with NFL coaches...a few short years with the same club and then mediocrity/burnout and getting fired.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Also, now that I think about it, post-Ditka, the Bears management didn't exactly seek out the highest profile coaching talent...Lovie's been the best of the bunch so far (hurray for mediocrity! great with great talent, crap with aging talent)

    He's still got 2 more years left on his contract...I don't see the Bears breaking the bank for Cower or Shanahan considering those previous hires.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    This year's O-line is what we expected to be LAST YEAR during pre-season.

    And the D is giving up 24 points a game, like clockwork.
    (144/6 games = 24).

    It's a small miracle (Cutler?) that this team is even 3-3 right now.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Giving sole credit to Cutler for our wins in a 500 record is somewhat undue, any QB who doesn't throw 4 picks that 1st game probably wins it and Hanie could have beat detroit so he has us maybe one game better than anyone else would have us at this point. Essentially we are right back where we started, if we play crappy D, we lose, or if we turn the ball over, we lose. Nothing has changed but the names on a few jerseys. The only real difference between this year and last is that we can't run the ball at all this season and we can't stop the run even with a determined effort.

    We need to get back to the roots of playing smashmouth mean ass football instead of trying to show off our new toy.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Cutler's first game was atrocious but him and the receivers were clearly not on the same page. It's forgiveable.

    This last game he had no protection AND no running game whatsoever. 4 picks is a lot, but considering the former and being down by infinity-1, not too surprising.

    The red zone offense is HORRIBLE without a running game, like Cutler's pick early against Atlanta. It feels like unless Cutler is throwing 20 or 30-yard+ TD passes, this offense has little chance to score a TD.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    I had the misfortune of being in Cincy for the most Gutless loss that i can remember,and i am 54 years old.Losing a game is one thing losing like we did to the Bengals is shameful.

    So many players that have worn the Bears uniform proclaim how proud they are,with all the history and tradition. Bullshit,these fuckers quit out there on sunday,they quit after the second drive of the game.

    I am tired of the bullshit,all i expect is for this team to play their asses off no matter what the score.

    I am tired of the Tommie Harris bullshit,practice and play or fucking quit Tommie.

    Pandering to certain players is disaster,play who wants to play,nobody on this team is good enough to not practice and expect to play on Sunday,nobody.

    Nate Vaher at Safety why not,it is better than doing nothing.Maybe Nate really wants to play. If Lovie dont shake things up after this debacle i will be the first one on his ass.

    Lovie knows the Bears phoned it in on Sunday,lets see what happens the next 3 weeks or so.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    during preseason i told our bear crowd down here in florida we would be no better than 9-7 and so far i have not seen any reason to change my prediction(and that was with brian&pisa).until we get rid of the cover 2 and lovie and this idiot offensive coordinator ,turner,revamp the offensive line including kreutz(keep williams only),get some defensive linemen who know what a backfield is and a whole new secondary my 9-7 prediction won't even be equaled,not this year,next year,ever.no o-line,no go cutler or forte.no d-line,no backfield disruption and finally,bring in shanahan,H.C.and wade(who will be fired in dallas)philips as D.C.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    We are all overlooking Angelo in this blame game, look at what he did with the earliest draft picks he did have, Iglesias and Gilbert, Moore and Melton um.. none of them are playing and one had to be sent to the fake inury list to even make the squad. Then we get hit hard at LB so we go trade away our highest pick in the 2010 pick to shore up... DE... and a not very good DE. WTF?!

    The Pace signing is starting to look like it is doing more harm than good, I'd rather have Williams and Schaefer in at this point trying to get some consistency. Omiyale looks like a flop and the Maranelli factor is starting to look like a bunch of guff after the last two games. And with no first day draft picks and a lot of holes to fill it may be an even longer 2010 than 2009 season.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    I think Gilbert is going to be absolutely critical to the future of this defense. I'm convinced Tommie is pretty much done. I'm actually surprised no one has mentioned that Lovie essentially benched him this past game...it appears that the Bears think he should be practicing more during the week, but Tommie disagrees. Anyways, I'm praying that Rod can turn Gilbert into something substantial at DTackle in a couple of years. We have missed a real pass rush up the middle since Tommie's hamstring blew up in '06.

    As for Adams...that guy barely fills out his jersey. I watched him a lot in the 2nd half, but didn't see him do much of anything. Not surprising in his first start, but I was hoping to see a glimpse of something at least.

    And yes, the Bears have no draft picks. However, I think next season is an uncapped year, no? If the Bears want to protect their biggest investment (Cutler) they would be wise to break the bank a bit and bring in some actual offensive linemen.

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    Lovie benched Tommie's ass, period. They hoped that Tommie could still be great on Sundays if he didn't practice during the week. That didn't work so Lovie said if you can't practice you can't play. I don't disagree with the move. Time to turn a new leaf at DT unless Harris can show us he still has something left in the tank. You're not a pro-bowler anymore, your not the best 3 technique tackle in the game, go out there and practice if you want to play. It's sad, because Tommie is one of the best personalities on the team when things were going well.

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    I've never had such a lack of faith in Lovie Smith than right now. I have questioned him many many times in the past, but have always backed him. I usually watch post-game shows after the game which is sometimes longer than the actual game. I even watch it during most losses. But, I was so disgusted with the last game that I didn't watch any of it. However, yesterday I watched the Lovie press conference. I thought that maybe he would take some accountability finally. Not "we" accountability but "I" accountability. I thought after the worst loss of his tenure that he would take a bullet for the team. Instead of we messed up, he should have said I messed up for the first time. But, he didn't. A lot of ums, we will work on it, we will learn from our mistakes and move on. He took no individual responsibility. For once, I would have liked to known what the head coach personally would have done differently, and how the head coach could have done better himself. I would have respected Smith a lot more if he put himself out on the line on Sunday for once, but he didn't do that.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Yes, last Sunday was a complete debacle.

    Yes, the coaches should be held responsible for not having the players properly prepared.

    But. Lovie Smith is not a terrible coach. He

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Quick O-Line Fix:
    1.Start Beekman
    2.Start Willliams at LT(who gives a shit what you promised Pace to sign him)
    3.Start Pace at RT(who gives a shit what you promised to sign him)
    4.If Pace don't work at RT start Omiyale(That's why we originally signed him)
    5.Do what ever it takes to keep Cutler off his back and off his back foot.

    My 2 cents. I'm done

  • In reply to dutsami:

    I ran these numbers just to see how the vaunted Cutler deal is paying off for both teams. And to see if it really is all about the QB and Orton simply isn't a starting quality NFL QB as many proposed after last season. I have always been a supporter of the "Team" concept and not any one player can make the team.

    2009 after 6
    8 Orton, Kyle TDS 09 INT 01 YDS 1,465 RTG 100.1 W-L 6-0
    6 Cutler, Jay TDS 11 INT 10 YDS 1,452 RTG 82.9 W-L 3-3

    2008 after 6
    8 Orton, Kyle TDS 08 INT 04 YDS 1,388 RTG 86.3 W-L 3-3
    6 Cutler, Jay TDS 11 INT 05 YDS 1,694 RTG 93.9 W-L 4-2

    So Cutler came here and got a better LT and as good or better a receiving corps as KO had to deal with and while he has thrown 3 more TDs and for 80 more yards he has 6 more picks and a slightly lower QB rating than KO had with us. There was also this flawed logic that Denver's Oline wasn't all that but that Cutler's mobility alone was why he was only sacked every 50 dropbacks, her he is sacked every 17, so it turns out he isn't Nightcrawler afterall. And KO goes into Denver who is pissed off cuz they read about this backup QB they are getting who after 6 games with the same offensive threats and line Cutler had has put up less ints, nearly as many TDs, a higher QB rating, and led them to a better record than Cutler did.

    So while I still like the trade and I know that Cutler can make every throw in the book while KO can't; these numbers do show that it is not all about the QB, that the playmakers around them contribute just as much to the success of the team. And they tend to lean toward the fact that Angelo/Smith/Turner can't use the talent of the players they have and can't even allow it to blossom when it is handed to them.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    yup,JW your season is not over.you do have 10 games left,now let's see-vikes twice(losses) G.B.once(lose)Cards,S.F.,ravens,(losses)hummmm thats 9 losses 7 wins and they will NOT prove me wrong with this roster & coaches PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Ron Turner. Is he great? No. Is he bad? I don

  • In reply to dutsami:

    I never played Offensive tackle at any level, JWilson, but it IS my understanding that switching from LT to RT, or vice-versa, isn't nearly as simple as "OK, today you lineup THERE and you lineup over HERE" and could put "The Franchise" in even more jeopardy in the short term.

    On the other hand, Why they stubbornly refuse to give Beekman a start, either at guard OR center reminds me of hearing Pete Seeger singing on THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS COMEDY HOUR

    "We were waist deep in the big muddy and the big fool said to push on.".

    Didn't somebody define stupidy as

    "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."


  • In reply to dutsami:

    I am going back on my 10-6 prediction a couple of days ago. I am going with 11-5 and the playoffs. Why??? I will simply say this. The NFL works in mysterious ways. The fucking Cardinals went to the Super Bowl last year. The Titans had the best record in football last year and don't have a victory yet. LITERALLY ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. The boys will pull it together. A leader will emerge despite the shitty coaching. Someone is going to put this team on their shoulders. As a Bears fan I am going to take the first gulp of kool aid and if there is none left when i'm done then too fucking bad because it's grape and it's delicious. There is going to be one insane 31yr old white male running around the lakefront drilling Tecate's and tiny flasks of SOCO, tackling fucking tourists in Browns jerseys or whatever other shitty team is coming to town like i did in the season of destiny 2001 emulating Traylor, Washington, Holdman, Urlacher, Rosie and Brownie. I will attend every holiday party and party like Benson and sometimes a little like Fred Smoot on a pontoon boat. We are going to the fucking playoffs and that is that. Don't fucking tell me otherwise. Screw the stats, fuck the media, naysayers can pound sand, fuck Lovie, screw Turner and holster that negativity boys because this is my rallying cry. It's about to get interesting.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    YES! We need a recommended/like button on this blog!

  • In reply to Shady:

    For the STATISTICS ARE FOR LOSERS department...
    I give you the "Crap On A Cracker" statistic of the Week:
    Benson and Thomas Jones combined to rush for over 300 yards yesterday.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Some Zach Zaidman tweets

    "I think we all need to look in the mirror," said A. Adams. "Sometimes you need a little bit of humble pie."
    21 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    Has Lovie Smith ever been as angry? "No," said Marcus Harrison. "Never seen Lovie like that."
    27 minutes ago from web

    "We'll see how we respond," Kreutz said, "If we come out & get a win next week & a win the week after that this game will be forgotten."
    28 minutes ago from web

    Kreutz on the offensive line: "We haven't performed well," he said. "We are working extremely hard on it."
    31 minutes ago from web

    "We'll take all the criticism that comes our way," said Kreutz. "And we're gonna show up next Sunday and try to put that to rest."
    33 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    "By no means do I think anybody quit," said Kreutz. "But after a game like that, any way that you are assessed, you're fair game."
    34 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    "I don't think anything has to be said after a game like that," said captain Olin Kreutz

  • In reply to Shady:

    Brad Biggs tweets

    Nathan Vasher will continue to get some reps at free safety.
    less than 10 seconds ago from web

    Lovie: "Tommie is fine where he needs to be emotionally."
    half a minute ago from web

    Lovie: "Could tommie have played if I wanted him to yes, but I thought we could get a better tommie if we let him rest (last) week."
    less than a minute ago from web

    Lovie: "There isn't anything wrong with Tommie. It was more a coach's decision as much as anything. I thought we had better options."
    1 minute ago from web

    Lovie: "As a head football coach, I did not have our team ready to go."
    5 minutes ago from web

    Lovie: "We're a better football team than we displayed yesterday. Tommie Harris should be ready to go this week."
    6 minutes ago from web

  • In reply to Shady:

    still no Corey Graham reps huh? I mean, it cant get any worse?!?!?!

  • In reply to Shady:

    Clarification, please.The Bears play "Cover 2", NOT "Cover Who?"

  • In reply to Shady:

    I've seen teams go in the tank. Quit. Give up. Sunday was a disgrace. It's simple Bears Brothers and Sisters, Lovie has lost this team. They're in the tank. Why? Because he babies certain Lovie(think Manning) guys and comes down hard on those that don't buy in on his coaching style(smile and act like you're everyone's Father). Zero in on the Tommie situation and look closely at TH post game comments. He is on his way out in ChiTown. Bet on it. What he'll do is force a cut and hook up with another NFL squad. Then come back and kick our ass like Ced did. Escalator clauses are in many NFL Contracts. Bet that Tommie missed out on escalator cash Sunday. Tommie's a cancer that went terminal in Cincy. Still can't fathom why Ced was allowed to trash talk our bench all game. Hell, I'd of Turkey Jones'd his ass real quick even if NFL hit me with a major fine. Take one for the team somebody/anybody. Briggsy..What the frick? Where's the pride? Bite a finger, snap a leg, rip a neck....something. My Butkus jersey now back in mothballs...Embarrassed....again!!!!

    Al. Great Bullfrog line.I almost put the Jeremiah line in yesterday. Abe Gibron. The BAD OLD DAYS. Kill the kicker! Jolly Fat Old Abe must be chortling up in Bear Heaven after watching the Bangles film.....

  • In reply to Shady:

    Yes,it appears, Tommy was indeed not injured but benched yesterday. I just hope they can explain to Tommy that typcially you do need to practice at some point during the week. If you dont practice, dont expect to play.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Couple other thoughts. Ghost, I respect you as much as anyone on here, but you're going overboard on Lovie as a "great coach." Comparing him to even worse ones was very similar to our years-ago arguments when Rex supporters were comparing him to the long litany of crapadoodle that we've had to endure at the QB position - just because he's better than other bad ones doesn't mean he's good enough for our team or even good. I agree with those that say Lovie's brand of D was good when we had more dominant players and when that D was a little bit back on the product life cycle curve. I'll also point out the curiosity that the D fell off its dominance the second Ron Rivera left town. I've never given Ron that much credit, but I think the facts are pretty strong in his favor.

    Lovie brought a team with a dominant D and otherworldly special teams and a great running back tandem to a Super Bowl. He deserves credit for getting us there. Since then he has been, I believe, a terrible coach.

    Here's the really troubling news - remember that window of opportunity we all kept talking about? The window of opportunity of D greatness? How we have to win now because eventually that window will close?

    That was based on Brian U being great, Lance Briggs being great, Tommie Harris being great, Wale and Alex Brown, Peanut and Vasher, and Mike Brown. Well look where we are now, Bear fans. Brian U possibly done. Vasher benched for poor play. Mike Brown a memory. Wale in the last year of his contract. We still have Alex Brown and Briggs (who is the only bonafide superstar left on D but STILL had a crap game yesterday) and Peanut. Our safeties are only okay, we have one good corner when we need three and our linebacking corps is practically an embarassment compared with what we once had. And our line? Apparently undersized and not good enough.

    No picks in day one next year. How are we going to reload? With this coaching staff we're better off getting free agents anyway, so McCaskeys get ready to spend some money. Just when we learned we were 2-3 years behind on building the offense (which we are, given our wide receiver, offensive line, 2nd running back and 1st fullback needs) - the D reminds us that we have that many needs and more on D.


    I'd really like to know what has happened to our special teams the last two weeks. Can Adrian Peterson be that important to us? While we covered better yesterday, we did not break ONE KICKOFF RETURN and boys and girls, WE HAD PLENTY OF CHANCES (like SEVEN of them!!!!) If we continue to have aspirations to be best special teams in the league, having a long of 28 yards in seven tries surely ain't cutting it. What happened????

  • In reply to Shady:


    Great points. What happened with the special teams is they decided to take the game's best kick returner (possibly of all time) and turn him into a slightly above average WR. Only the bears...

  • In reply to Shady:

    I drove 5.5 hours and paid $500.00 for two tickets to listen to the Bengals fans cheer and jeer Sunday. I sat there and couldn't stop shaking my head.

    I love the Bears, I always have and I always will. I grew up in Chi-town and I know many years of Bears losses, but Sunday I did something I have NEVER done as a fan. I left the game early. I left right after the Jay's interception in the 2nd half. I'm not embarrassed to say I'm glad I did to get a head start on the long drive home. I have never like Lovie Smith and I think people here know I HATE Ron turner.

    The time for change has come...I hope it's sooner than later.

  • In reply to PhilinNYC:

    The sad part is I know how the next week is going to go. Green Bay is goin to beat Minnesota. We're going to beat Cleveland.

    The division?
    Minnie 6-2
    GB 5-2
    Bears 4-3

    And they'll make me think that one game out is really one game out.

  • In reply to PhilinNYC:

    The Bears knew that the Vikes lost and that GB won.Instead of playing with some sense of urgency they completely turned into Care Bears.

    Ochocinco flattering them through Twitter,picking up Benson when they tackled him after 10+ yard gains.

    The players have taken the personality of their coach...Lovable...the C on the helmet stands for Care.

    I did not see a team playing for a division and it all comes down to the coaches and the players.

    THESE GUYS DON'T WANT TO WIN..or should I put it better can't put the maximum effort to get a win.

    Angelo should snap out of it and make changes this offseason.I know it's very difficult to make a change in midseason but I'm afraid we've got the Love boat for another 26 games.

    Nobody has been held accountable and I remember my late father telling me during the SuperBowl that Lovie had no business coaching in such a very important game.I argued with him but it turns out Lovie is too stubborn and arrogant to make changes.

    The Tampa 2 is dead

  • In reply to PhilinNYC:

    We are confusing calm and collected with lost and aloof. The former do not necessarily equate into bad head coaching, but the latter do. There seemed to be no real game plan after the Bears went down 21-0. Lovie didn't see it coming and wasn't prepared for it. I like my head coaches to be ready for any possible situation. Emotion in a head coach may be overrated, but I sure as hell am ready to see some fire from someone! I like the passion the young coach in Denver is showing right now. We need some of that!

  • Not all you Max. I started Ochocinco (had Cutler and Forte in my lineup as well tho).

    And I'm sorry too.

  • I like that one.

    Me so awwwnry. On the front side of the T-shirt.
    Me no Lovie long time. On the back.

    Have all the women wear it to the game. Good one Nicole.

  • And I had Palmer...sorry guys.

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