Why I'm Awake

Listen, life is tricky for everybody.  Some folks have parents to take care of, entering those complicated years of their lives that Shakespeare called "second childishness and mere oblivion."  Some folks have banks bearing down for the mortgage, universities sending tuition letters and not enough coming in to cover what's going out.  Some people are losing love.  Some don't know why they can't find it.  Some people can't seem to find the right job, get the right grade, kill the right pimple.  Some people can't figure out the dramatic impetus for a character to sing in a particular scene (okay, that's just me).  We all have things, the banalities, the minutiae, the annoyances in life.  It's what Mel Brooks was thinking about when he called the movie "Life Stinks". 

Then we have this thing.  This little thing.  This football team called the Chicago Bears.  We're given sixteen times a year to sit and let the world be about fifty-three men most of us have never met.  We let our emotions be swayed and our lives be altered, even in the slightest way, by a group of men that represent us on the gridiron.  For some of you, that representation is about geography.  I've always been jealous of that but one day I'll be in Chicago more than I am now.  For others, like myself, that representation is about how we live.  The Bears aren't a football team.  The Bears are get down to it and do your fucking work.  That's Halas.  That's Ditka.  That was Payton - though I'm not sure he cursed.  

Why am I awake?  Because I know today could be the first day of THAT year.  And I can't wait till twenty years from now when I remember writing this post at 5 AM.  Having the first ever breakfast burrito at Josie Woods.  Pacing around the pool table while the rest of the league takes care of its business.  Hugging Brian and Noah and Stephanie at 11:59 PM and knowing we've got something special.  This can be one of those days.

I love this feeling.  I love this team.  And some folks might find that insane but believe me...I've been called worse.  Kurt Vonnegut (two literary quotes in one post?) said, "The insane, on occasion, are not without their charms."  Wherever you are tonight, charm the shit out of everybody around you.  Charm them with your insanity. 

And while you're at it...bear down. 


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  • wish i was with you at josies today. but damn glad im not in your apartment when you begin your 530am, pace around the coffee table while watching sportscenter opening day ritual. its just too nerve wracking.

    though you thought the 8pm gametime was tough? Itll be 2am here. Its gonna be a rough evening

  • less room to pace,unfortunately. watching tom waits videos on youtube and trying to actually use the awake time to write.

    kinda just wanna watch fucking bears football.

  • Hell yeah Jeff and well said. This should be the best day of the year if these Bears are what I think they are. Here's to hoping that the best day of next year is ...

  • Nice avatar Rancid. I'm not a big fan of the opening day late game. Like you Jeff, I am up early, readying the environment to strap in for the big game. I've decided to save a couple of weeks' worth of house projects to occupy my time today. Otherwise I run the risk of turning on the Vikings-Browns game to see if Brett Fart gets creamed, enjoying some adult beverages in the process, run out of beer before the game and in no condition to go and get more.

    Enjoy the game everybody.

  • UP at 500 am not into the espn pregame or nfl network play book 2 guys other than us bears fans pick us 2 win so like bobby buche said in the waterboy "lovie use this shit as TACKLING FUEL"


  • It has seemed like Packer Week since March. Not many people outside of our fan base believe the boys in navy and burnt can pull this one off.

    Shock the world! Bear Down!

  • Its a crazy thing that is hard to explain to anyone that is not passionate about a sports team. I experience the highest of highs and lowest of lows and it all hinges on whether we win or lose. I find myself trying to prepare for a letdown before we even start the game but I can't tonight I am all in. They better damn well win since I don't want to feel like shit tonight and tomorrow...and the week to come!

  • Christmas in September is finally here!! The 54 jersey is out of the closet and I AM READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!! BEAR DOWN, CHICAGO!

  • Same old Lions. The Saints made them the first defense scored on so far this season (excluding Thursday night's game, which I do).

  • Longest day of my life.

    Nice post by the way Jefe.

  • Cleveland somehow hanging in there against the Vikes. No thanks to the Browns' Shoop-esque playcalling.

  • Vikes are running away with it in Cleveland.

    Detroit is actually hanging on against New Orleans, despite offensive brilliance in the first quarter by the Aints. Right now Matty Stafford is 10/24, 140 yds, and INT.

    Indy isn't doing too hot against what should be a push-over Jaguars team. Jets are kicking some Texan tail, which is a big surprise to me, and Sanchez is doing pretty decent.

    Former Bears Kyle Orton and Cedric Benson facing off at Paul Brown Stadium. Cedric the Entertainer has a long of 8 for the day with an average of 3.2 YPC.

    Very exciting opening day. But if I may paraphrase Faith Hill, I'm waiting all day for Sunday night!

  • Well that was shortlived for Clevland. Damn!

  • Good for Kyle Orton, that guy might not have the strongest QB skill set - but the guy is tough as nails. Nice to see him finally catch a break on a play that will probably be tops for week 1. Unbelievable ending to that game in Cincy.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Adrian Peterson looks great, I dont see the Vikings losing more than 5 games this season considering their cupcake schedule. C'mon Bears secondary, hang in there tonight and deliver victory

  • In reply to Shady:

    Nice Browns-Vikings prediction. Yup, nothing is going right in Minny.

  • nicole, there in spirit with you from Columbia, SC

  • Jeff, that was quite a post. Seriously.

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