Urlacher Done

Vaughn McClure is reporting that Brian Urlacher is out for the season with a wrist injury.

Sad.  But not devastating.

Brian Urlacher has been the heart of this defense for a decade but his best years are well in his past.  In the second half last night, against one of the best offenses in football and without Urlacher, the Bears allowed a total of eleven points.

Now I'm not arguing that the Bears defense will be more productive without 54.  They'll miss his ability to get sideline-to-sideline and he still can be a force in coverage.  But Nick Roach and Jamar Williams are good, solid back-ups and linebacker is the deepest position on this roster.  If you're going to lose a star, Brian was the one to lose.

If fans make the choice to throw in the towel and stop watching on Sundays, that's fine.  It ain't my thing.  I think the Bears are going to beat the Steelers on Sunday afternoon.  The coming media and fan write-off of 2009 will be a big reason why.  This team - throughout this era - plays best when they're dragging themselves out of the shit.  And guess what?  They're in it.


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  • I'm having a very hard time maintaining my optimism about this season.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    I am optimistic, sir. Cutler will be in the pro bowl and the Bears in the playoffs. They looked strong in the second half last night. The team that should be worried is the Packers. Winning at home by only 6 when we give up all those picks? Sad. Go Bears!

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    Max, great points. I also can't possibly understand how #54 can't put a club on the hand and move forward. I hope down the line it doesn't come out that he was injured punching a door in the locker-room at halftime, and he was in fact hurt on the field. While I like the idea of Brooks and his knowledge of the defense that Lovie runs, I agree with you that I perfer youth and speed, which we have at the LB position. I hated to see us cut Freeman, and agree that bringing him back to learn what we do could be huge in the long-run. Malast is also a decent option. Pisa being day-to-day is a relief.

    What would make me happiest would be seeing our guys play with the same fire and intensity that we knucklehead die-hards have poured into our comments since the game last night. If we had that kind of raw emotion and effort on the field, we'd be playing in February. BEAR DOWN.

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    Matty - i had wrist surgery and BaM is right about the little bones. I had the pins in there and if there are pins you can't have any covering over it because the pins sometimes have to stick out of the skin and when they get moved or touched you want to pound vicodin and die

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    don't even joke about the punching a door possibility as the reason he got hurt. that would fucking suck.

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    Yay Derrick Brooks! I heard that they are also talking to Simeon Rice and Warren Sapp. Lovie and Rod are getting the band back together!

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    And for once I can't believe it wasn't Charles Tillman getting burned deep. Of course that was probably the reason why he wasn't trusted to cover their #1 WR to begin with!

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    For us fans inspiring to reach the playoffs,You can't throw the towel in yet.I waited 7 months for the season to start an I'm still excited to see where this team goes.
    This season to me is going to be fact finding on the weakness/strengths this team will need/have to make this season an beyond.

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    I'm not giving up on making the playoffs, but I think winning the division just got a lot harder. And to that end I think a trip to Super Bowl is highly unlikely now.

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    the goal is to get to the playoffs baby...anything can happen in the playoffs!!

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    Guys, we had 3 chances in the red zone and couldn't get TD's on any one of those chances. That's a lot of points left on the field. The Pack fucking sucks and we let them have the game. Let me reiterate that we are going to fucking kill teams this year if we play defense like we did in the first half. we may give up some plays but you have to be a little excited about the fact that the Pack was so highly regarded and we fucked them up as much as they picked off Cutty. Rodgers hit the ground so many times he couldn't even throw a pass to wide open recievers. Tillman will get better, Bowman has to step up, Volcano will get better and we had better blitz that fucking pyschopath Manning off the corner. he was like a damn cheetah chasing down Neckbeard II. 11-5 motherfuckers...it's on

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    Dude, you got killed by our defense. You're lucky Cutler didn't have seven picks and our wide open receivers sucked just as badly as your receivers. That won't happen again.

  • In reply to RodgerRodger:

    I think Packers fans will admit quietly that they are scared at the way their team played. Not really indestructible. If Ogunelye beat your shitty tackle that bad guess what other teams are planning for your boy. Just realize that you will go 10-6 this year and will miss the playoffs again. mwa ha ha ha !!

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    Right now was the first time I could physically handle reading this blog. For nearly 24 hours I have had that salty saliva taste in my mouth that lets you know that you are about to vomit. But I took a deep breath, drank some water, and now I can finally take a look at next week.

    I think Briggs will shine next week and the young guns will take advantage of the opportunity. Hillenmeyer played great last night too, which was great to see. His past contributions seem to have been forgotten after the trade for Pisa. Don't get me wrong, we upgraded. But Jeff is right we may have the deepest linebacking corps in the NFL. I think they can prove to be one of the best as well.

    When I reflect on last night within the full context of the season, I don't get sick. If Cutler is going to have a game like that, I'm glad it happened early. His decision making was awful, but I think it was triggered by the atrocious route running.

    All in all, it doesn't tell us much. The offense has changed so much and it was only week one. It just so happened to turn out to be Packer week. Big Ben went down a lot against Tennessee. I wouldn't be surprised if Wale takes 2 or 3 more sacks. Forced fumbles. Oh yeah, NO POLAMALU.

    Everyone who fucked up last night knows it. Cutler has too big of a chip on his shoulder not to fix whatever was broken. We got knocked on our asses after a summer of unprecedented optimism. Jay is our quarterback. Lance is our Mike. Bear the fuck down!

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    Has anyone left a "FIRE RON TURNER" post yet???? That was some of the most god awful play calling I have ever seen in my life. Why is Garrett Wolff ever in on a passing down??!?!?!?! Sure Forte Ounces needs a break but thats what we have AP for. buck seventy Wolf does not stand a snowball chance at blocking a 260lb linebacker!!!!!! There needs to be better play calling on the offensive end and that is something I am not sure that Ron Turner is capable of. If the offense explodes and begins to dominate, it will be in spite of RT, not because of him.

    On the other hand I think that defensively the calls that Lovie made were pretty good but I don't think that Nathan Vasher should step foot on the field again unless there are ungodly amounts of injuries. That includes us re-signing Rod Hood and then him going down, then Nathan Vasher can touch the field. The fact is the man just is not a very good football player anymore. He is passed his peak, which was his rookie year. Where the fuck is corey graham????

    I would still LOOOOOOVVVVEE someone to tell me why we did not sign Brian Dawkins. would he not have been a PERFECT replacement for mike brown? NOt just from his play but from his vocal leadership, which the defense could use quite a bit right now.

    Derrick Brooks........ New Orleans, if he was in that good of playing shape, why did you not sign him???? Not sure if he can play anymore but I would be willing to take a chance still just to see if we can catch lightning in a bottle for one year.

    Why did between Forte/Olsen was there ONE RECEPTION?!?!?!?!?!?! ONE FUCKING RECEPTION!!!! Off the top of my head I dont think they were even thrown to more than 3 times between the both of them. I was under the impression that they were going to be Midway Jays biggest targets. I do not blame JC because I still am putting all my eggs in one basket with him, I rather blame Ron Turner. And no, I have never jumped on the Ron Turner bandwagon I have been calling for him to be hung in red square for years that John Shoop play calling mother fucker. By the way, is John Shoop available? We should have a competition who can fuck up our signal callers career more him or ron turner.

    The season is not over it has just begun. We will beat a Flying Hawaiinless Pitt Sunday with a score of 17-13. (or something like that)

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    Ghost (I know you left that comment about 40 comments aga),

    You hit on the most important fact I have thought about yesterdays game, except I slightly disagree with it. Yes it was too long they tried to get Cutler out of the gate. The question is how long is too long for Ron Turner? For me, it's one three and out, then you go to the running game, if the running game is failing, so what you were going three and out anyways and you were making your QB run for his life and creating the interception scenario due to that fact and the lack of receiver experience, bad routes ect...

    So Ron Turner should have abandoned that after the first drive and then just tried to run some high percentage screens, sweeps, draws to Forte, even an end around or something, just set up some play action stuff for future plays in the game when the offense has settled down.

    Ron Turner set Jay up for failure period! Even after that the D kept them in it for a chance to win and then they seemed to settle for the field goal. I would have loved the fantasy of Jay marching down the field to provide a game winning drive with 1:11 on the clock, but today that wasnt happening.

    December 13th should be nice and cold and our offense should be looking much better by then.

    I just don't want to hear the same crap from them, I think I am going to sequestor myself until the next game.

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    Here's another one for you guys, the Pats are looking like they might lose to Buffalo who played so badly in preseason...

    Do you think the world will be writing them off because they lost to Buffalo?

  • In reply to shonbear:

    they would if they were Bears fans

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Never underestimate Dick Jauron's team to blow a game. Fucking Patriots.

  • In reply to alott96:

    um yea, that's what happens when I speak too soon, I mean arent the refs supposed to do an under two minute review there?

    And that's how it goes for teams like the pats and teams like the Bills and Bears.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    I hear you, Ghost and BDG.

    1)Let's not "rob Peter to pay Paul" on the linebacking crew and just leave Briggs where he's been all-pro.

    2) The concept floated here that losing #54 is not HUGE is seriously flawed. Even if he is past his career zenith.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Flat out this season is gone,done. Without the heart and soul of the D,it's done. Not only that but we have Grossman pt.2 to deal with. This team is soo screwed,and it sucks!!!

  • This is awful news......the loss I can handle these injuries are another story!

  • Start playing taps.... I think this season is now on the brink of being a disaster. They don't have the horses to score 30 every week to win.
    Brian Urlacher is the heart of this defense. He has been a great player for this team through the abyss of the Jauron years, and the disfunction of much of the Smith regime. Thankfully this isn't a leg injury so he should have a chance at a comeback next season.
    The bears have a chance to still be good, but I think the Super Bowl dream is dead. Just devastating..........

  • In reply to alott96:

    Easy guys, it's one game in, and Jeff is right, if there was 1 star to lose, it is Urlacher. He's not even the best LB on the team (Briggs). He will be missed but now there's an opportunity for the younger guys to step up.

  • In reply to Perno:

    We'll see just how good Briggs looks without Urlacher next to him, won't we? Perhaps all of you who wanted to ditch HH before the season started will be singing a different tune now, eh?

  • I don't agree with any of that, Al. But it's sad.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    How can you say that, the run defense suffered immensely in the second half when Brian was not out there. This season is slowly starting to unwind. These guys have to get healthy and quick!

  • In reply to DaCoach:

    The run defense suffered immensely? Are you still talking about the Bears game, or are you referring to a different game?

  • In reply to DaCoach:

    Cutler was scrambling too much in the first half. That's a partial excuse for why he was rushing throws. The coaches made some adjustments in the second half and he settled down a bit. Jason McKie states in his postgame interview that the Packers brought pressure in a way that the offense was not prepared for.

    The Packers clearly keyed up on Greg Olsen. It's a shame it was so clear to them that Olsen was Cutler's favorite target.

    Desmond Clark's performance was troubling.

    DA will be an important part of the receiving core when healthy.

    The defensive line looked significantly better. It was more than just an inexperienced right tackle making Wale look so impressive.

    The poorly conditioned secondary performed pretty well all things considered. Vasher will lose his job and Tillman will be in better game shape. The Packers are argueably the best passing team in the NFL.

    Very few people picked the Bears to win this game. With a -4 turnover ratio they almost did. This team will score lots of points, that won't be a problem. If the defense stays stout we'll be in the playoff picture.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    To say I am absolutely devastated to hear this news would be an understatement. This was supposed to be Brians comeback year, and it might have happened had this injury not occured. Does this not sound like something that you can just put a club on a play it out?? Why is this a season ending injury??

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    This sucks, just dealing with the game last night was tough. Now this on Monday morning....wtf.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Its crazy how much of a difference he makes on that defense, this SUX worse then losing last night.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    And Coach...what second half did you watch? Grant had a 15 yard run on their first play and then basically nothing the rest of the half.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Guys, people talked so much shit about the Pack being ustoppable yet we only lost in the last minute of the game after pissing away 3 opportunities to score. The Bears can win games and will win them this year. Nothing is unwinding. Urlacher is the heart of the defense but Briggs is the best linebacker and he is healthy. Pisa will be back as well and we have Nick Roach and Jamar Williams who will step up not to mention any free agent they bring in. The Bears will make the necessary changes and will adjust.

    It was 1 fucking half of 1 fucking football game that people are freaking out about. He threw the picks, Jolly made a sick interception, Mannelly called the worst play ever, Clark missed a TD catch by 3 inches and one of the picks was returned to the 1. If it hadn't been we would have stopped them like we did all game. We still only lost in the last minute of the game. we could have just as easily won by 14. Realize that. Urlacher is good but fucking Teddy Bruschi could match him in talent at this point in his career. The d-line will step up like they did last night. We will still go 11-5 this year. BEAR DOWN = STOP BEING PUSSIES. That applies to the players AND the fans.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Whoops I didn't read this post before commenting above...but well said (besides Bruschi = Urlacher sarcasm). Hopefully Pisa's injury is nothing serious.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Jeff, I know it's week one. Unfotunately, in a lot of ways it looked like week 1 of pre-season.

    That was a lot MORE that week's worth of CRAP we had to endure last night and this team is not good enough to piss away wins this season anymore than they were last year when they pissed away wins against Atlanta and Tampa and made themselves spectators for the post season. Especially Division wins.

    Frankly, I am most concerned that this coaching staff will just "rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic".

    This season is so important to enjoy and savor because next season looks BLEAK.

    Strike in 2011? I'm concerned about a potential LOCKOUT in 2010.
    The Players Association support of the William's Wall lawsuit only throws gasoline on the grease fire that is the current state of labor negotiations. If I'm an owner and there's going to be a stoppage in 2011, I say "screw that" and lock them out in 2010 and avoid the expense of an uncapped season.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    If they sign Derrick Brooks that would be a godsend. Hunter is not without talent (as many here believe), but he is not the best possible choice. If Tinoisamoa is out for any length of time, I am comfortable with Nick Roach or Jamal Williams, but the loss of Urlacher does hurt very bad.

    That being said, do not despair, people!

    We are all here because we love the game of football. This is football. The game throws a tangent into the best laid plans and the most fervent expectations. Jeff is damn right. If there was a spot on the team I would prefer to lose 2 players to it would be the STACKED Linebacker corps.

    Jay Cutler has kinks he needs to work out. It will happen. It started to happen in the second half. He chilled out, and attacked the Packers. In the first half, I believe the gameplan was flawed. I liked the opening strategy of letting Cutler out of the gate to spread his wings and see what could happen, but that strategy was employed too long by our buddy Ron Turner. Once they settled down into traditional Bears offense, they started to get production.

    Defense was very very good. I was impressed with those guys. The secondary is still very much a work in progress. Payne was good. Afalava wasn't terrible. Whenever Tillman was there he was making a difference. The 2010 offseason MUST focus on the secondary more than any other position.

    There are 19 more games until the Super Bowl.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    johnny_chicago wrote: "We could have just as easily won by 14."

    One-sided counting of busted plays is a foolish undertaking. I counted 7 busted plays by the Packers that should have made them winners by a score of 32-3.

  • In reply to GirthBrooks:

    GirthBrooks: I agree, it seemed the Pack blew a ton of good opportunities.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    The Bears D put pressure on a revamped Packers O line. They played very well, but I doubt the pressure on Pittsburg's QB will be as well. Had it not been for the D-line pressure the Packer's QB would have thrown for 4 TD's. That's what is scary. Pittsburg doesn't have a rookie RT and if Roesiburger (or any pro QB) gets time to pass, it may be a long, long year. I may be a Bears fan, but there was way too many things going on last night that scared me and our D-backs aren't just bad, they are terrible. Thank Heaven our D-line put pressure on Rogers or last night could have turned into a rout. If Rodger's hits one or two of those bombs it would have been ugly. The mistakes we saw in preseason showed up last night. I hope I am wrong.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    News on Derrick Brooks. It sounds like it is not a matter of "if" but "when?"


    The author of that article predicts Brooks as a strong candidate for the weakside and Briggs should be moved to the middle. I disagree. You never put your prized stud in front of a plow. Lance Briggs is one of (if not the) best OLB's in the business. Let him be.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Look...a decent comment from a Packers fan in this article
    "It's a shame that the Bears had those injuries, which could affect their entire season. I was at the game at Lambeau last night (I'm a Packer fan) and I have to tell you....the Packers were very lucky to come away with that victory. The Bears defense was incredible. I hope they can retain the effectiveness of their "D" without Urlacher. I would love to see both teams make it to the playoffs this year."

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    well played johnny.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    The Bears are going to be just fine. Cutler will settle down. They'll get the run game fixed. Vasher will phase out in favor of Bowman. The safeties will pull it together. With everything that went wrong last night, and there was a lot of it, we still almost came away with that one. I think it's only uphill from here, even if Urlacher's done (and yeah, what ever happened to putting on a big club cast and playing through it?)... The only thing that worries me right now is the idea of playing AP twice a year.

  • In reply to czheng:

    Remember that AP has to face a couple of sick defenses including the Pack before we even get to play against him. He may not even be around by week 11.

  • In reply to czheng:

    Coach, I have it on right now. And he gained all his yards on outside cutbacks due to overpursuit. Brian is the most easily blocked superstar linebacker ever

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    That post kinda makes me feel better. It really sucks that Brian is out for the mere fact that these next few seasons make or break his chances for the HOF.
    I did see some good things last night and us still being in the game after #6 threw 4 picks was one of them. Midway Jay will rebound and get past these growing pains. Expect a big week out of him againts a Flying Hawiianless Steelers team.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I think both teams looked like crap on a stick honestly. I have a hard time beleiving a dislocated wrist that wasn't even bad enough to require him not to be on the sidelines with an ACE bandage, will keep BU out for the season. Cast that thing up like Dawkins in pre-season and get out there, I'd rather have a one handed Urlacher than a two-handed Hillenmeyer.
    Cutler's picks were inexcusible. Yes I saw one that probably wasn't his fault and then the Jolly thing was a great play but he threw 3 other balls that should have been picked and weren't; I mean he fn underthrew Bennett into quadruple coverage, that is almost as stupid as Mannely's snap.
    Short story after Sunday is that if Green Bay doesn't get a RT who can play and our QB doesn't pull his head out of his ass and the Viqueens can keep Favre reigned in as a game manager; the queens will run away with this thing.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    He didnt underthrow Bennett. Bennet is supposed to cut the CB off there and come back to the QB not away from him.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    I agree, for this reason: Urlacher 2004 is not Urlacher 2009. Urlacher 2004 was in his prime as a physical freak who could cover up for holes in the defense; this year, we were simply hoping he wouldn't BE a hole in the defense--that is, that he would be a solid player who made spectacular plays, not the guy who is outshined by Briggs.

    So yeah, losing him is a big blow. But depending on who steps in (especially at SAM if Pisa is out for a long time), there is a silver lining--without a speed-freak like 54, the defense will move away from the MIKE playing deep middle (particularly if HH is the long-term replacement). Meaning tougher against the run. Meaning less Tampa-2 and more of a traditional FS in deep middle. Meaning maybe Manning can get in the starting lineup and be a more traditional FS, where his sometimes-questionable instincts will be covered up by a big cushion and HIS crazy speed.

    Plus, you have young guys like Roach and Williams, who I think are good enough to start in the NFL. Let's see what they can do.

    I'm adamantly opposed to Briggs moving to MIKE. He knows the WILL position, and really, in any defense the Bears play (the Tampa-2 or any variation Lovie runs), the WILL is the clean-up hitter, anyway. So moving Briggs to MIKE means putting a less-experienced guy into a position at least as important as the MIKE. I say HH for MIKE, and on passing downs rotate HH out and keep Pisa (or Roach, or Williams, or whoever is playing SAM) in.

    Make Briggs captain in Urlacher's place.

    There is a silver lining here. Honestly, it's better to lose #54 at this point in the season than in the stretch run. He can heal up and be ready for next season right away (it'll be interesting to see if they put him on IR or if they hold him off in hopes of him being ready for the playoffs), and the younger guys get a full season's worth of reps, instead of trying to step into the void in the middle of a playoff run.

    Oh, and Derrick Brooks? Sure, bring him in. Just don't expect him to replace #54 anytime soon, or play on special teams.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Sad AND devastating. Who calls the signals ? Who's the man ? The man's gone. I can't believe this Hunter Hillenmeyer ? Nick Roach ? Please.....

    I cannot believe some of the Homer comments on here ... a la

    "It's only week one guys, like c'mon ..."
    - F**k off. We lost two linebackers, we don't have a 'new improved' OL, in fact WE DON'T HAVE AN OL ! Our TEs are not as good as we thought they were. Olsen cannot catch balls under pressure (ref Carolina last year - 2 TDs dropped). Footsteps. Nuff said.

    "Urlacher wasn't our best linebacker, we've still got Briggs"
    -- yeah, right. Let's see how good ol'Lance is without big brother Brian beside him. Call those keys Lance. Hunter Hillenmeyer weighs 238 lbs. Next

    "Cutler was terrible ... he was scrambling too much."
    - Duh. Was he supposed to stand still and get murdered in the stampede? Our OL = revolving doors. Cutler wasn't that bad. Isn't that bad. No one can perform in the face of a never-ending onslaught. On the few occasions he could actually set his feet, he threw some beautiful passes.

    I thought we were going to the Super Bowl this year, didn't see anyone in the NFC to stop us. I've been smiling since April 2. And now this. An O-line who are who we thought they were - Sunday night saw the Return Of The Line. A receiving corps who are worse than I had estimated - and that includes both of our TEs. Greg Olsen appears to be who he was against the Panthers last year. Mr. Butterfingers. Ron Turner needs to be shot. Now. On the sideline Lovie looks like a learning disabled kid trying to add up two numbers in his head. This is our lot as Bears fans ... get those hopes built up ... and then week one comes ... not so fast there fans - this is the Bears !! Give me a f**king break. And that excuse "we were trying to catch an extra player on the field" BS!! So snap the frakkin ball ! Why does it have to go to the RB? By the way, in case no one has realised - our backup RB is a midget. He 'threw a block' on Sunday ... and the guy stepped over him like he was a crack in the pavement. Jeez. Okay, it's 4th and 11, you are deep in your own half, your defense has been playing well ... Do you ?... (A) Punt the ball ....

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Actually, Hester looked like a receiver last night, in fairness. And Bennett has his moments. We need to get Brandon Rideau back. Knox should only be sent route one as he is not a route runner yet, and has no idea what a QB like Cutler is thinking when things break down. Greg Olsen, you'd better man up and grow a pair real quick. This is football. You're going to get hit. That's why they pay you all that green, you pussy. Dez Clarke, man you're a vet, run your route. Damn.

    Bright spots ? Wale, way to do it my man, nice. Good, effective blitzing, generally good calling by Lovie except for the last TD. Obvious. Jay Cutler and Matt Forte are not currently on IR. If we can find four replacements for the guys playing to the left of Chris Williams, we might have a future.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Man this sucks ass. A good test for how much this affects our D comes this Sunday. A balanced Pitt should let us know how much Urlacher meant to the middle. In my estimate, it will hurt a lot. Much more than just individual skill. It will hurt because of lost trust, I never saw Briggs even hesitate to give himself up and take out a blocker with blind faith that 54 would then be able to make the tackle; will he be so trusting in 92. How will Briggs handle being keyed on now that there isn't a fast giant MLB to worry about. Moving Briggs to MLB is a really dumb idea, like really really dumb. So you lose a pro bowl Mike and you voluntarilly lose a perennial pro bowl Will to have average players at both spots. Gosh I guess I'll go with no. If Olsen goes down do we shift Forte to TE, how much sense does that make? And that's not even mentioning that Briggs isn't really big enough to play ILB in a 3-4 much less be the Mike in our 4-3. On top of all of that look down the middle of our field now... Anthony Adams, Hillenmeyer, and Manning.... I am scared.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    briggs is bigger than jon beason and the same size as patrick willis why would he be too small to play middle linebacker. besides 3-4 linebackers are bigger than 4-3 ones anyways

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    It's not the way we'd like to see this happen (duh!), but Briggs moving to MLB is the natural progression of things. The key now is for Pisa to come back healthy by the end of the first quarter of the season. Maybe Lach comes back as LOLB next year and Briggs stays put. We'll have to see, but I by no means think the season is "over" - the D didn't fall apart in the second half; the turnovers just put GB in positions where they couldn't help but put points on the board. Hell, it's a testament to our D that they didn't absolutely bury us with the field position that we were giving up on O and the ST blunder.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I am not throwing in the towel on this season but two things.

    1. If you watched that second half and could not see how much easier it was for Grant to gain rushing yards watch it again.

    2. Comparing Teddy Bruschi to Urlacher at any point in his career is ridiculous, Urlacher did and always will run circles around that guy.

    I am hoping/praying the coaching staff comes up with some solution and fast, champs are in next week and 0-2 is one hole they cannot afford to climb out of in this division.

  • In reply to DaCoach:

    Coach - i only made that comparison to illustrate that our best linebacker did not get hurt last night. Urlacher 09 hurt is a lot less devastating than the younger, more dominant version of 54. Pisa getting hurt in the same game makes it a little worse though i will admit. Long season with many more chances for the boys.

  • In reply to DaCoach:

    As a Packer fan I'm looking forward to you guys playing Pittsburgh next Sunday

  • In reply to RexCutlerman:

    I love how packer fans only come out when the sun shines on their team...where were you on that 26-0 defeat?

    Oh forgot...Don't feed the trolls :P .

  • In reply to RexCutlerman:

    Sorry, I just felt the need to vent these thoughts again that I posted in "Listen, it's week one."

    As well as the defense played for the most part, and it was nice to see Rogers rattled by our "RUSHMEN" (There, I said it. Nice work Rod Marinelli), the Packers DID NOT turn the ball over.

    Whatever good I saw last night (pass rush, Hester) is being SMOTHERED in the light of day.

    In no particular order:

    1) The offensive line has to BE BETTER.

    2)What part of "Don't stop running your routes" do our receivers not understand?

    3)What part of "Stop rolling right and throwing late back across the middle doesn't Jay Cutler seem to grasp? That is a precription for disaster even if your receivers keep running.

    4)Johnny Knox, you're the fastest guy on the field, DON'T catch the ball and then swerve to the sidleine and step out of bounds! That should have been 6! Also, go re-read point #2, son.

    5) FOURTEEN passes at Earl Bennett and barely a look at Greg Olsen!? Jay, 82 in white PLAYS FOR US!

    6) 4 Turnovers? Technically it was FIVE when you include TURNING IT OVER ON DOWNS with Pat Manelly's Hall-Of-Shame brain cramp.

    Want some MORE good news?

    Uhrlacher done? I was HOPING he'd just have to put the wrist in a club, er, I mean cast and play on but I can't pretend losing him is anything but bad. Terrible.!

    How bad is Tiso's knee? His face on the sideline didn't look like a guy who was coming back anytime soon. Sprained PCL? 4-5 weeks at least, no?

    Well, we all wanted to cut Trumaine McBride anyway.

    Oh, and before anybody gets too giddy over the fact that the Steelers come into this week minus Troy Polamalu, be advised he's missed 8 games in his career and the Steelers are 6-2 without him.
    And THEY aren't just learning the 3-4.

    Look, I already posted that we shouldn't panic if we go 0-2 but I didn't mean we could go 0-2 and come away looking like team TEAM RED CROSS.

    The Bears came away a lot worse off than just 0-1 on the season, in the conference and in the division.

    The offense better get on the same page as a unit AND FAST because they now have to protect the severely wounded defense.

    PESSIMIST or REALIST? I say the glass is half-empty and
    if you aren't worried this morning, you should be.

  • In reply to RexCutlerman:

    Albert, it's week one.

  • In reply to RexCutlerman:

    i think the Pack is in for a little tougher of a season than you think. I'm predicting 9-7 or 10-6 and some heartbreak to boot. And if Rodgers hits the ground in many more games like he did last night he will be a little punchy.

  • In reply to RexCutlerman:

    gotta make a move on DB. We need a vocal leading in the group immediately.

  • In reply to RexCutlerman:

    The Lance Briggs era is about to begin boys. We all knew it was coming and now it just got here without hurting Brian's feelings and causing controversy.

  • In reply to RexCutlerman:

    I feel a bit better if the ridiculous fake punt was NOT a call by our coaching staff and instead just the snapper going FULL RETARD.

    Cutler's long TD pass was awesome.

    ...but the best part of having a QB with a rocket arm when down very late in the 4th quarter is SUPPOSED to be working the sidelines, not a BAD-FAVRE/REX-like interception over the middle.

    Olsen dropped an easy pass, but forgetting about that, why the hell wasn't CUTLER-TO-OLSEN or CUTLER-TO-FORTE a key component of our offense? Throwing to the tightend could have relieved some pressure off Cutler. (I think I do remember one good pass to McKie).

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    ....u never go full retard...

    for those who don't get the reference....

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    "Full Retard"......classic. Retard is my favorite slight, but I can't use it anymore because my best friend's brother in law has a son with autism(sp?). I try to be PC, but fail miserably. Thanks for the laugh, Tropic Thunder rocked.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    "sweet refreshing lance briggs lemonade" -HAHA good shit.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Duff, the joke in Carolina is that they gave Jake a new deal after his stink-o performance in the playoffs last season.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Fans act like the season came to an end after game one. Cutler will get in sync with his recievers as the year goes on. If fans were listening during the game Chris Collinsworth mentioned numerous times how the game was worth a lot more for the Packers since they were at home and they needed to at least hold serve against a division rival. As far as Urlacher being out for the year it is a dissapointment but Linebacker is the deepest position on the team and if you take in account Urlacher had a down year last year we aren't losing all that much. Bottom line if Cutler rebounds, Marinelli continues to motivate the Defensive line and Nathan Vasher remembers how to put one foot in front of the other and plays a half way decent corner this team can win the division and will at least make the playoffs.

  • In reply to RyanRonayne:

    i agree... it's the first ROAD game! the packers barely got by and they were spotted 3 turnovers!!!! they should have been up by 30 at least. bears outgained and out-possessed the packers.

  • In reply to RexCutlerman:

    All this [bullshit] talk all summer about Jay "Franchise" Cutler and he comes out and shits the bed. Now, I'm not saying he can't get his shit together, because he will. But that was really fucking lousy. We lose our REAL Franchise player for the season and you write some horse shit like "If you're going to lose a star, Brian was the one to lose." That has got to be one of the most dumb fuck comments that I can remember someone saying in a long while. I think about all the fluff that you write about unproven new additions to the Bears roster and you don

  • In reply to RexCutlerman:

    Matt,you're not alone. A lot of people have believed Urlacher is better player than he actually is for a long time. Why? Because he was a great player during an awful time. Calling him the "semblance of a backbone" on a defense that has A BETTER LINEBACKER is just the kind of thing Urlacher lovers always say. Over these last two seasons you're discussing, he was the third best defensive player.

    Did I want him to get hurt? No. But spare me what he means to the franchise. Why? Because he does interviews and sells jerseys? He meant no more to that defense over the last decade than Mike Brown and I was yelled at for saying the Bears should bring him back. The locker room will be just fine. And if it's not, then the team doesn't deserve to win games. If they're reliant on Brian Urlacher to get motivated, what's the point?

    As for Pat Mannelly. He's a long snapper. Being a stellar long snapper ranks about as high as being a magnificent holder on extra points. Who gives a shit?

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Saying he means just as much as Brown did, that I agree with. That is why I made the comment about him being the only "semblance of a backbone" left on this team. The backbone or corner stone of a defense is not always the best athlete. Briggs may be a better athlete at this point in time. However, he is not the middle linebacker and probably will not be moving. Nor does he possess or display the leadership that Urlacher does. He is a great athlete. Not a leader. Its not about selling jerseys homie. You can write off this loss like its not that big of an issue. I just don't agree. HH, Roach and williams simply don't fill that void. It's not about them being "reliant on him to get motivated." It's about losing one of your top performers who you know you can count on to take care of his responsibilities as well as holding others accountable for theirs.

    The Mannelly comment was more of a joke on my part. Yet again, you are incorrect about the comparison of a specialist like Mannelly to a place holder.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Urlacher is still a big player to lose. I can't actually believe he will be out the rest of the season. Cutler better get his head out of his ass. He also better realize there are more guys on the team than his college buddy bennett

  • In reply to siberian7:

    I'll take 7 catches and 70 yards from our starting receiver any day of the week. That is a 1000 yard season my friend. I believe Cutty forced his passes to Knox and Clark not Bennett. Bennet had some great catches on some great balls by Cutler.

  • In reply to siberian7:

    ....at least we didn't trade for Delhomme...

  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    good one!

  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    If they go Hunter in the middle it will be because of his IQ differential first and ability to pass cover second. Hunter is the smartest LB we have, injured or un-, and he's a pass covering LB which is why he normally plays strong side. He will do better than you think he would.

    Can they run two TE sets with Olsen and K Davis? I would love to see that. Don't forget Gaines is out there too.

    I wonder if Omi loses his starting job next week. That was a little too obvious, how much he was sucking against that lineman. Maybe they give him one more shot - but the Bears have the past have been very inflexible once they give an offensive lineman a starting job.

    Johnny Chicago, loved your early post!

  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    I bring some rare good news...Pisa may not be out for more than one game, if that. Let's hope this is the case...


  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    The fact is that the Packers just got by the Bears and w/ 3 turnovers to work with. The Bears out-gained and had the time possesion advantage. This game was in green bay. For a first game and one the road, we should be happy with what we saw. GO BEARS!!!!!

  • In reply to deeetkaaa:

    correction...four turnovers

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    when life gives you lemons you have to make lemonade, sweet refreshing lance briggs lemonade.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Didn't Clark take a hard hit in the back early on? Let's face it their defensive backfield did a great job covering not just Olsen but everyone else, save for that long Knox reception and Hester's TD.

    I agree with MattIMForte to a degree, losing Urlacher is a big blow to team morale, but any good team would adapt and overcome the loss. It's gut check time for the defense even more so than before the season started. I say move Briggs to the middle and let him do his thing and send the good back ups to the outside.

    One more thing. We can't rely on our fronot 4 for our pass pressure. We have to blitz more on 3rd and long if we think our CBs and safeties can't handle the coverage.

    I was there at last years opner in Indie. That defense was blitzing like fools and shaking up Mannings so bad we beat the hell out of them. I want to see that defense again...even without Urlacher.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    lance briggs needs to be manning the middle as soon as possible and id like to see jamar williams in his old spot. bob babich can start making up for two years of ineptitude in a big way if the transition goes smoothly

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Wow, good point on Babich!

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Im going to leave last night alone and say, very simply, that Sunday's game is going to show you what type of QB Jay Cutler is. He is not the type of QB that is going to let WEEK 1 get his confidence down. I think we are all going to be impressed with how he brings it against Pit (who, for those of us who watched their week 1 game, looks pedestrian at best.)

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Are we having fun yet!

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I'm with you Jeff, but I'll bet there are a bunch of Cowboy's fans that think a good solid holder on FG's and XP's is crucial. (I live in Dallas, can't stand 'em, these fans are delusional) I rock a 54 jersey, and love watching Brian play. Today's news hurt, but in half an hour I'd done enough thinking to see how this could actually work in our favor. Briggs wanted to be the man, well here it is big boy. Time to bring the noise and the funk. I like what I've seen athletically from Williams and Roach. I strongly believe that the faster your LB's are, the better chance you have to make plays. Urlacher and Brown were always 2 of my favorites, and always will be. The game moves fast and we have to keep pace. I think we get the W this week vs. Pitt. I'm done worrying, BEAR DOWN!

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Chicagobears.com is saying they are going to fill Urlachers spot with Hillenmeyer. Not a good fit IMHO. Briggs would be a much better choice to fill the middle and stuff runs.

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    I disagree. Briggs need to be near the line of scrimmage and not asked to cover the middle in the cover 2 like Urlacher usually does so well.

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    Any more updates on this Derrick Brooks deal??

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Shamless plug:

    I geared up for game one by watching THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE CHICAGO BEARS DVD. If you don't have it, you need it! At $10.99 on Amazon it's a steal. Great interviews, highlights, & player feature. Abe Gibron Mic'd for a game is an absolute hoot.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    You're totally wrong on Urlacher, Jeff. You just are.

  • In reply to RexCutlerman:

    D was pretty damn good, even with the lack of takeaways. A lot of pressure on the opposing QB.

    Is it just me, or does Cutler seem like some kind of robot/computer program when he plays out there? Maybe he or the receivers just had a bad game...but it seems like he has problems adjusting on the fly when the first option (the called play)is covered.

    It's like he's not REACTING to a live, constantly changing situation out there, and instead sticking to the program for long as humanly possible...AND he resents the fact that the live situation does not fit the program for the first option.

  • In reply to RexCutlerman:

    I thought Cutler looked lost last night was the problem and I think it's because he and his receivers were in different worlds. They didn't know where he was going and he didn't know where they were going.

  • In reply to DaCoach:

    Gotta agree with Diggler. GB didn't win the game, we lost it.

    And to Rex Cutlerman... despite all of mistakes, miscues, and plain ineptitude, the Bears still stuck it to you guys in YOUR house.

    Enjoy the gimme for this week because I bet even the Bungals give you guys a run for your money next week.

  • In reply to Sarcastiholic:

    Well you do have to admit that the Bears had 12 men on the field....even the announcers couldn't believe the flawed calls of "holding" and "illegal contact" when it was the Bears who were lined-up in an illegal formation...and got away with it (unless you're counting Arena football rules)...in any event a win is a win

  • In reply to Sarcastiholic:

    Got to disagree with you. The Bears really are lucky they didn't lose by more points. GB's receivers were also wide open and dropped some passes. Cutler was lucky he didn't get seven picks. C'mon...you can't just count all the missed plays that would benefit you and ignore all the missed opportunities on the opposite team.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Not about to make predictions... typical packers week, even if you win you lose. D looked good last nite, but no 54 changes the next 15 games. Maybe Roach or Williams steps up big time? hard to be optimistic, honestly.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I've typed and re-typed a comment about five times. Not sure what to think...

    A lot of holes in the team's play, and coaching but I saw some definite positives that I'm trying to stay optimistic about.

    Loss of Urlacher and Pisa in game 1 blows. Pisa will be back, but 54 gone for the season. I think they can overcome that loss though.

    Who has thoughts on the clamoring for the signing of Derrick Brooks by some of the talking heads?

  • In reply to Sarcastiholic:

    I for one have been talking about the need to sign Derrick Brooks for months now. It's a must at this point with the loss of #54. I know Brooks isn't the backer he once was, but while he might have lost a step, his in-game intelligence, experience, leadership, preparation, and the fact that he is the one player in the NFL right now that knows this defense the best means we need him on board. He makes all the defenders around him better. I'm not sure yet if we should move Briggs. At this point, I'd like to see Briggs and Brooks on the outside with HH or Williams in the Mike. Still not sure how long Pisa is gone, but that's a huge factor. Bottom line, fill #54's roster spot with Derrick Brooks now.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I with you Johnny we still got 21 weeks of Bears football.An I haven't thrown in towel yet.No one has been eliminated from the post season in week one yet in the history of football.We still got a chance.

  • In reply to DecaturStaleys7:


  • In reply to DecaturStaleys7:

    I cannot remember a game where inexperience at WR was so evident. All summer I had been preaching that there are 5-10 elite WRs, and that the rest of them, throughout the league, were a-dime-a-dozen.

    I was wrong....

    ...these guys gotta get on the same page, and quick. Stopping, quitting, and/or giving up on routes is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE! This bullshit happens next week, and JA needs to swallow his pride, and bring in a FA...

    That Mannelly play was god awful. BTW Jeff, he was thinking that if he could catch that 12th man, he could snap it to Garrett, and if by some chance he gets the 1st, they simply wont call the 12th man challenge. It was actually a pretty heads-up idea. He just fucked it up. Big time. In a big time spot of a big time game....

    I'm not sold on our pass rush. Better? Yes, but... GB's RT may be the worst RT i have ever seen play. Wale abused that kid... Lets see how much we get against Pitt...

    as far as the secondary is concerned....

    CORY FUCKING GRAHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What the fuck is Vash doing in that situation!?!?!?!

    ...and why is it that ppl prove themselves on this team (see: Rideau, Graham, Beekman), and get punished..... or cut!!??

    I'm not throwing this team under the bus, but there is A LOT of work to do with the secondary, pass rush, and of course, WRs...

    ...I felt terrible for Jay throughout this game. I'm surprised he didnt lose his composure with our WRs.... Maybe because he was on national TV... but I guarentee that no one, whos job entails catching footballs sat next to him on the way home....

    The Packers are a beatable team. All these analysts can take their piss and puke Kool-Aid, and Rodgers cock out of their mouths...

    They didnt win the game. WE LOST IT.....

  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    I agree with you. Beekman should be starting over Omiyale. Cutler got pressured alot because Frank was getting beat all game long. I just hope it don't take long for the coaches to see that and make the change.

  • In reply to JWilson:

    Agree here entirely. If an one person hurt us, it was Omiyale. Just awful.

  • We will find a lot about this team against the Steelers on Sunday. If Culter steps up the season will be fine but the winning needs to start soon because the Packers and Vikings are about to get on a major roll and will probably both be 3 and 0 when they play each other. We pay Urlacher and Tommie Harris an awful lot of money.

  • Where did you read the bears are in "Heavy talks with Brooks"????

  • Wow. Where do I start. What freaks me out each and every Bear game I watch is that I call the play before it even takes place. Called the picks(all 4 which should have been 6 total )Knew we'd fail in red zone. Bears beefed up line but Pace is just filling a uniform. Note to Bears: Pick up Brooks and call in Kevin Malast. Cut Vasher NOW. Play calling sucks. Lack gone for season. Nice lick on Rodgers in 1st half.Time to Bear Down. There's a huge CHIP on Bears shoulders right now. Let's clean up the problems and get back after em. Beat Pitt...

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Move #1 - Fire Ron Turner

  • Sign Derek Brooks!! I think we need him as much for his leadership as his play on the field. Remember we've lost two captains now with BU and Mike Brown. If Brown was still here I'd feel a little better about this situation. Leadership is what we'll miss most.
    BTW, I think the seat got a little hotter last night for 'Ole Lovie Smith....

  • Also Duff, excellent post! Especially with regards to Rideau and Grahm.

  • ...and Tommie Harris is still 89.5%

    But last night I think he looked better than that.

  • fuck... I hope Green Bay enjoyed Christmas in September last night.

    Luckily, last night is probably going to be the worst performance we'll ever see from 6.

    Let the cartoons begin!

  • Let's not get down on Cutler. Expectations were too high. He has not won at any level since high school, even in Denver with more talent. All you people who are dumping on him because he did not win need to remember that.

    Second, his game was not too bad. His throws were strong, even his interceptions; we have not had a quarterback with this kind of arm since Bobby Douglas. Give Cutler a break. He will be a winner. Go Jay!!!!

  • Anyone else wish we played the Lions this week? I kid, I kid.

    I'm trying to get over all the negatives and move to some positives from yesterday. Anyone care to join me?

    Devin Hester...he looked fantastic yesterday. The first catch on the sideline was A quality, the bomb for the TD was a beauty, and two nice quick outs (including one with a nice stiff arm down the sideline). Let's hope he keeps this up and the rest of the receivers and tight ends care to join him.

    Afalava...first off, what was up with the random number change? Personally, I think 46 looks better than 24 on a safety, but I digress. I thought he played well yesterday. Granted, both him and Payne had trouble on some deeps balls, but were bailed out by the dline getting in Rodgers face to force bad throws. Still, he seems to have a nose for the ball, which is what you want with a strong safety.

  • Cutler will be a dominant quarterback. His decision-making is sound. Our receivers simply did not run to where he was throwing the ball. That is their fault. We need to replace Hester, et. al. immediately. Anybody know who is avaialble on the wire?

  • Who the F is Tim Shaw? If we have interest in this guy now, why didn't we take a look at him during camp? I don't get it, personally.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    Because he meets two needs: depth at linebacker and replacement for Trumaine McBride on special teams.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    Who here thought in week 1 last year that Arizona was going to the Super Bowl? Who thought a year before that that it was going to be the Giants who'd win it all? They were GARBAGE for the first four weeks of that season. Let's calm down and see how it goes. I want to peak in four or five months, not now.

    And remember, sometimes stars are born in situations like this.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    Yeah these fucking recievers need to get their heads out of their asses and play right.. run the routs like u own it, go get the damn ball when it is in the air. Turner did not prepair these pussies for a real fight... so they had to learn the hard way.. so know they know most defenses in this league will beat u to a spot and know your routs better than u do most of the time .. dig in and get the damn ball.. yeah i know Culter looked like a crack head in the first half ........ because he had to make up for the last play when the reciever stopped running or did not get to the spot.. not to mention the offensive line looked like a starting gate at a horse race. Culter cannot pass the ball and catch it to .. dipshit choaches

  • In reply to jhottes:

    The defense looked strong .. the offense looked like it could not complete a pass against the illini.. I was very proud of the defense.. the offense played for a field goal on their last real drive.. I knew they would do that .. oh yeah we got the lead big fucking deal.. Hello offense ... you play to win the game a touchdown does it .. fieldgoal does not .. feaking tards!!! I hope they learned their lessons

  • In reply to jhottes:

    i wonder if Tillman can play wideout? I know he can do better than the clowns we trotted out there sunday night!

  • In reply to jhottes:

    a comedy of errors on offense and special teams.. a years worth of bloopers in one game .. and yet we damn near won the game.. look out league here we come!

  • In reply to jhottes:

    i remember one of if not the first game farve in the dave wannstedt era played in chicago... he got beat to hell threw many ints and just looked pathetic..

  • In reply to jhottes:

    i think we know how that story ended

  • In reply to jhottes:

    Did anyone see the "play" that Urlacher dislocated his wrist? I must have missed it. When did it take place on the field...or did it take place on the field?

  • In reply to jhottes:

    Apparently it was in the first quarter while tackling Grant. Hmmm. didn't see that one.

  • In reply to jhottes:

    What was the term used by Greenspan? Irrational exhuberence? I think that applies to Jay Cutler fans. He is going to blow some games,much like Farve early on.

    This game was a comedy of errors,everyone on the offensive side of the ball did something wrong.

    I dont think Urlacher being out is going to hurt as much as everyone thinks,he is no longer the player he was.

    If Cutler and the recievers get their act together,and our line does the same we will be alright.

    I hate losing to those bastards from Green Bay,but all is not lost

  • In reply to jhottes:

    Even a Ron Turner coached Illini!

  • In reply to jhottes:

    Who the fuck is Tim Shaw and why havent we signed Brooks yet? DB can stop the bleeding and move HH on the outside while Pisa heals up. The D played well without 54 and im confident that trend will continue however Lovie and Jerry should bring in help.

    Now, as for all you negative thinkers out there....SUCK IT UP! I live 2000 miles from Chicago but love this team more than my own kids (if I had any). Nothing affects me more than how the Bears are doing and it sickens me to read all the bullshit these half ass fans are posting. Point is....this stuff with the Bears affects my life almost as if im directly involved with the team. Im still supremely optimistic about this season,JC, the wr's, and the oline. Now, if you motherfuckers cant get behind us, get the fuck out of the way!!!!!!!

  • In reply to smooks11:

    You should have been here last year for the Orton vs. Grossman drama. I couldn't believe some of the 'fans' on here rooting for the TEAM to fail to benefit an INDIVIDUAL. Pathetic.

  • In reply to jhottes:

    Briggs will bring it at MLB. Brooks needs to be signed tonight. McCaskeys are most likely holding out to get him on the cheap(as usual). Tommy Harris. "Son, Ya all got to do better than this"(Little LT there for ya) Step up Tommy Boy and show us what ya got. Wale was very good last night. Can Richard Marvin Butkus suit up? Bear Down Boys. Pitt is coming to town and they'll be cracking good. Button up and lay some wood on these guys.

  • This kind of injury can leave you without the use of your fingers and thumb. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-urlacherinjury-gfx,0,180731.graphic

  • Great comment.

  • People, people, people...everyone needs to take a deep breath. It's week one and we lost our MLB. Sucks but not the end of the world. Pats went 11-5 with Tom Brady on the bench last year so, clearly, a good, balanced, well-coached team can overcome the loss of a star (and before anyone gets all breathless about how much better Brady is than Urlacher I'm not comparing the two, I'm just sayin'). Cutler was both awesome and terrible last night and we still almost won. Cutler threw FOUR FUCKING INTERCEPTIONS and we still almost won. We lost our MLB for basically the whole game and we still almost won. The game was, in general, a colossal disaster and we STILL ALMOST WON! We'll all find out if the team is as balanced and well-coached as we hope they are. Reinforcements will be brought in and lest we forget, injuries do happen in football. Chin up, everyone. It's only one loss.

  • In reply to MikePhipps:

    great post mike. feel exactly the same way.

    I think the O stepping up can help cover-up any falloff in the D as a result of Urlacher. They had 2 good drives. One ended in a interception on that screen play, and one with the FG. Make those TD's and its a big win for us.

  • Per the 4-Letter's Adam Schefter: No Derek Brooks signing...at least for now.

    Bears did sign former Panther and Jaguar, Tim Shaw.
    A 5th round pick by Carolina in '07.

  • A very interesting notion. Problem is what do with Harris' contract? Harrison would be Adams' backup, and $10M/yr for a practice squad guy is expensive :)

  • Point #3 is perfect, Max. Vasher was in a no-win scenario.

  • Sadly, he's on the IR. So he can't play this season no matter what. Lets hope he comes back strong next year. dangit.

  • We are the CHICAGO BEARS. yea the game was a tuff loss but hey we have a great football team and lets get ready for the steelers. think of this way people. the packers didnt beat us we beat ourselves. we had so many chances to win the game but we couldnt pull the trigger. we are a way better team than green bay. BEARDOWN cause we got 15 more games left...........

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    How convenient...the Packers must not have the more talented receivers who also had a sucky night and missed some passes they should have caught. Cutler was lucky he didn't get picked off seven times. I give your defense credit for what they did...now return the favor...and don't pretend that the only team with missed opportunities to but the game away was the Bears.

  • In reply to Grizzly559:


  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    A little objective feedback from a Packer fan - it is too bad about Urlacher - the whole league loses when a great player is injured. The game was kept unnaturally close by poor officiating - two critical 3rd down stops were reversed by calls so blatantly bad that even the announcers commented on them - a non-existant hold and the Bears wide-out lining-up in an illegal formation (with 2 wide-outs being in back of the line of scrimmage the Bears only had 6 on the line....must have at least 7.) but the Pack eneded-up getting called for illegal contact. Of course these can happen in any game and you have to take the good and bad calls - but this cost the Pack a total of 10 points. But your defense did play tough and it was a typical divisional match-up - lots of emotion and not too pretty. But seriously, where outside of Pee-Wee football do you get picked 4 times and say it was anything but a bust?

  • In reply to RexCutlerman:

    Jay Cutler a bust? It's been one game son. did packer fans stop going to games last year when the pack was pissing the season away? were they a bust? no, they kept going because:

    A. I've been to Green Bay and there is literally nothing to do.
    B. True fans with intelligence know real players and teams.

    the ramblings of a rookie blogger. isn't it past your bed time rexy? don't you have Frosh geometry at 8am tomorrow?

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    In fairness, he did say "it" was a bust (i.e. the game) not "he" was a bust (i.e. Cutler).

    Also in fairness, there were calls that went the Packers' way too.

  • In reply to RexCutlerman:

    by the way this is a Bears blog. shouldn't you be on another site?

  • Agree 100%, Max. I sure hope we see Beekman next week.

  • I would think it aint gonna take long to figure out just where the Bears are this season come Sunday. The Steelers, the champs coming to town. The last time we played them at Pittsburgh,they pimp-slapped us all over the field.

    Our team is going to have to grow-up fast.It is gonna take a total team effort to hang with Pittsburgh.

    Can the Bears offense play worse than they did Sunday night? I hope not.

    I am gonna be scared if the score Sunday is 30-3 Pittsburgh. If we can hang with them or pull out a win things are gonna be alright.

  • In reply to Hoosierdaddy:

    If we end up 0-2 after Sunday, "Ghost" gets an "attaboy" for calling it right. Gee, then that only leaves us with 14 other games to win. Right Ghost? I can live with 12 and 4 for the season.

  • Officially retiring from blogging. I can't spend all of my time trying to convince alot of you not to cry, piss and moan about the fact that we may not win the super bowl this year. There is just too much rookie whining going on here. We took some major steps this year and will continue to add pieces to the puzzle while we build a perennial contender.

    To Jeff, Ghost, Al, Max, Shonbear, Shady, Phil and the rest of the guys that actually present valid arguments...It was a pleasure discussing Da Bears with you.

    To the guys that spent their time here bitching and moaning...I hope your perfect team with no weaknesses that you built in Madden 10 works out for you.

    To those that still believe in the Bears...I will see you in the playoffs. And if it is not this year it will be next year. Long live Cutty!


  • In reply to hollywood1:

    So you are quitting this blog because of crying and whining.. and then you go on to piss and moan for 2 paragraphs and crying and whining? Ok then.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    This is the first chance I have had to weigh in since the game, but I am shocked at all the ledge jumpers here. Personally, I think this is a big loss, obviously, but not to the extent everyone is making it. What I took from that game is Cutler was nervous and rushing his throws in a huge opening game with a new offense and all new receivers (that are very inexperienced). They WILL play better.

    We have some depth at LB, Roach and Jamar need to see some more time than Hunter and Graham needs to be playing over Vasher if Tillman or Bowman cant go at 100%.

    This is not the end of the world...this team will respond.

    Keep in mind we almost won that game against everyone's trendy pick to go to the Superbowl...

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Sad to see ya go Johnny. I enjoy your enthusium in you posts, and the keeping of the faith. I was certainly unhappy of the outcome of Sunday, but they'll just have to get their act together and regroup. They have a lot of young talent and I'm sure when every get's on the same page thing will start clicking again.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    it's more like a Brett Farve retirement. you know i will be back but i loved blogging so much that it actually affected my work, which is funny as hell but a little sad. I love hearing myself talk so much that you know i can't stay away for long. Just long enough to get some additional paychecks in the bank.
    FTW - i saw no bitching in my recent post just an observation of too much pussy behavior that i would expect from girls on Facebook and their views on the team.
    Who's kidding who. i can't stop blogging but must cut down my all day checking of the site. Hi, I'm Johnny Chicago, and I'm an addict.
    Retirement over...

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Johnny Farve? Can u say WAFFELLLLLLLLLL. lol

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I'm sure it's hard for everybody(as it is for me)to consider the positives and strengths of this team after Sunday night. I feel that we are vastly improved this year, and possess a stronger core group of players than we have in a decade. I'm impressed with the things I'm seeing from Bennett, Hester and Knox. I think they will continue to improve during the season. I like Payne, Afalava and Manning in the secondary and hope Lovie brings more safety blitzes. The D-line is solid, but I hope to see more out of Adams and Tommy(as his knee improves). If Turner can't put together a coherent game plan offensively, hopefully Jay can improvise as he gets more comfortable with his weapons. Olsen has to play tougher, and we have to exploit the defenses that double him and take him away with double moves and pump fakes. Our speed on the outside with Hester and Knox is unrivaled in the league, we just need to see Jay utilize it. I'm pumped, and looking forward to punching the Steelers in the mouth.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I think Sun nite was a good lesson for everyone. It proves what Jay has been saying all along "We've still got a lot of work to do", so I'm gonna give them 4 games to get everyone on the same page, and then I'll start to get worried.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    I now know how much a of a pussy Brett Favre feels like. i couldn't even stop blogging and made myself look silly in the process like an attention grabbing media whore...a Brett Favre if you will. I'm going to go on a stealth mission to some GB and Minny blogs to insult and chastise them...

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    I will stay true to my colors and predict that our D will do fine on Sunday. Hunter is a smart dude - no Urlacher, but plays within himself and doesn't make lots of mistakes. Roach is very athletic and speedier than his replacement. Not any slam against 54 but I agree with Jeff when I say he's several seasons down the road from him at his best. Briggs IS at his best, Roach is an up-and-comer and Hunter is a smart player with experience at this position who is also in his prime. Coupled with starting Tillman and Bowman (which I hope we can do), the D line which no doubt is playing much better than last year, and Payne (I love) and Manning (I like better than what Brownie was able to bring last year) - we're going to be okay.

    I'm also going out on a limb with an early prediction -

    Bears 24
    Steelers 15

    Bears are 1-1 going into the (improved) Seahawks game.

    But that's just me!

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Johnny, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    Stick aroound bud. We need you.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Look I don't think the season is in the toilet, I just really find it hard to believe that expectations for how many games you will win as a team don't change with the loss of the only Defender we have in the middle of the the field who will probably be in the pro bowl.
    Can they make the playoffs, sure. Will they have to score some more points to get there, probably. Can Cutler deliver, my bet is yes. The problem is that if the Defense slips at all against Pitt, it could very easily get in those guys head that they can't do it without 54, or at least that's an acceptable excuse; we're just a different Defense. If that begins to happen then the wheels could come off. I am really hoping they come out and play very well againt Pitt and get us to 1-1 but I am not sure about 12-4 anymore, I think 10 or 11 wins is going to have to get us in now.

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