Three Quick Thoughts

I don't think I've ever been this juiced for the start of a Chicago Bears season.  After taking a day sabbatical from the sports world, I am back with a couple thoughts.

(1) I fully expect Charles Tillman to start Sunday night and so does Lovie Smith.  Tillman is the team's most reliable corner and the Bears need his tackling on the outside.  As crazy as it is to consider, division games mean the world come season-ending tiebreakers and the Bears should risk losing Tillman for the rest of September to beat the Packers.

(2) If Danieal Manning isn't healthy enough to start on Sunday, I assume he won't be returning kicks.  If I'm the Bears - and I'm not - I'm either activating Jackass or allowing Devin Hester to return kickoffs.  Garrett Wolfe reminds me of Autry Denson back there and Denson's fumble in the 2001 playoffs is one of my saddest moments as a Bears fan.

(3) Bob LeGere wonders if the Bears will seek vengeance for last season's debacle at Lambeau Field.  I've been wondering the same thing for a couple days.  They were routinely embarrassed by Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Grant and mailed the game in offensively.  I think winning/losing can be directly tied to one statistic: sacks.  If the Bears get Rodgers down three times, they win.    


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  • I hope they put Jackass in for KO returns as well, and possibly use him in a pass play or two. He continues to get separation on his routes and I think they would be crazy not to use him in certain situations. JCut has already handled two 3/4 defenses so this should be a lot easier for him.

  • I am juiced about this game as well. I really tought last night's game would tide me over a bit and get me through to Sunday but man it was awful. That was Pitt and Tenn? If those are the AFC powerhouses it is going to be a complete toss up for who goes to the playoffs on the other side of the NFL. The only reason someone won was because well, one of them had too. Bironas misses 2 FGs inside the 40, Rothlessberger was like 1TD and 2INT while taking 5 or 6 sacks, Hines Ward handed the game back to the Titans with less than a minute left and the Tennessee D looked like ours from last year; not getting pressure and letting Ben pick em apart. Pitt is just lucky they won the coin toss for who wins the game in OT. If they won't change the sudden death part that's fine but there should at least be no FGs allowed in OT imho and maybe no punts either. Just, four down-shove it down each other's throat-until someone scores a TD-smash mouth football. That sounds fun to watch.

  • I'm torn on Peanut. Would love to see him out there (obviously), but it would be a shame if we lose him for an extended period of time...especially considering you can't expect him to be 100% on top of his game Sunday with such little preparation. I guess we will just have to hope for the best regardless.

    Hester should be returning kickoffs. Period.

    I'm not sure I buy into the vengeance angle...let's just hope they play about 100 times better than the last time we traveled up to Lambeau. Sacks are always a plus...I'm hoping for more consistent pressure on Rodgers from the front four so we don't have to blitz and watch him pick us apart all night. Please 'Rushmen', remind me what a pass rush looks like. Channel your 2005 regular season performance against the Panthers and we will all have a wonderfull night!

  • solid post.

    Every game counts in this league because of how teams get into the playoffs. I don't think he is ready but Peanut at 70% is better than Tru at 100%. I don't want him to get hurt either so it should be up to whether he was able to perform in practice. If he couldn't go hard he shouldn't go against the pack becuase they are going to pick on him all night. slant after fucking slant.

    Knox should return kicks on Sunday and if DA can't go i would expect to see him out there anyway. I don't care about Manning on defense. I care about a healthy Manning running back kickoffs like a damn maniac later in the season. We can't get him hurt in the first game. For all of the knocks on Manning, going balls out is not one of them. if he is in he will not be thinking about the hammy.

    Rodgers must taste turf or else we are in for a bloodbath. We have to get pressure up the middle so he can't step up in the pocket and pick us apart. Brown and Gune have to make him think about possibly getting sacked.

    Bear Down boys. It's going to be a great season.

  • Our boys came out the gate strong last year against Mongoloid face Manning and the colt, and I expect nothing less this year. This Bears crew always plays best when they have a chip on their shoulder, and after two years of kind of sucking they should have that chip firmly in place.

    The D-line will come out fired up and it appears Marinelli's provided the kick in the nuts this unit needed. The D Line will mask our inexperience in the secondary, so will our much improved linebacking core.

    I think the Packers are totally over rated. SI rated them 3rd in the whole damn league...3rd! this team was 7-9 last year. I've never seen one preseason effect peoples perception of a team this much, ever. Oh, and that big lump of shit Raji is probably going to miss this game. Its not going to be close.

    Bear fucking Down!

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    6-10 was the record. As I recall another Cali boy has that record his first year...

  • In reply to RodgerRodger:

    and then he won the SB the next year. So the 6-10 could be the calm before the storm. Plus, I believe SI had Chicago going to the SB? So don't're getting your undeserved share of the limelight as well.

  • In reply to RodgerRodger:

    Not sure I like refering to Johnny Knox as Jackass. Bobby Wade as Jackass, no problem. Knox should be hurled into action early so we can see if he has some freak in him. Hester=Freak Manning=Freak.
    These cats can fly and speed kills in NFL. Hammer Packers.
    Butkus Rules.

  • In reply to RodgerRodger:

    Green Bay remain a 6-10 pile of steaming cheese until they prove otherwise and top the division. Why are they the media darlings ? Sweetness doesn't buy it. Sacks, no sacks, Cutler wins it for us no matter what the defense do or do not do.

    There is nothing wrong with Charles Tillman. These are mind games. Trust me, if Peanut has been running around a field in pads this week ... there is f**k all wrong with his back. If there is something wrong with your back YOU CAN'T WALK !! Tillman and Bowman play. This is the Packers. We win.

    Hester should be returning ALL kicks. Period. This is the Packers. Garret Wolfe should not be allowed out on that field without parental supervision. It's not right to allow toddlers field kickoffs in a grownups game. He could run straight into someone's kneecap and seriously injury himself.

    Bob LeGere wonders if the Bears will seek vengeance for last year ? Nah .....

    Can't wait to bury Worthlessberger and his pathetic offense in our offense. No Polamalu. Bring em on. 2-0 to start the season. F**k yeah!

  • In reply to RodgerRodger:

    Is anyone else getting tired of all this Peanut drama? Be a GD Chicago Bear and play the game! Bears 31 CheeseDoodles 17.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    I'd also like to take the time to thank the Bears for getting Cutler. Only because if we weren't talking Rodgers-Cutler, we'd always be talking Rodgers-Favre 24-7. None of us on this blog would have wanted that, I gather.

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