Three Guys I Want On the Roster

As simple as I can say it, I shall.  Here are three guys I want on the Bears roster.

Johnny Knox
A rare species of wide receiver who reminds me a lot of a raw Santana Moss.  Knox's athletic ability, specifically in the return game, can be an asset from day one.

Matt Toeaina
I know that Jarron Gilbert and Henry Melton are the kinds of players Lovie will try to mold into a prototypical cover-2 linemen but I don't care.  Toeaina plays with guts and heart and keeps blockers off the elite linebacking corps.

Devin Aromashodu
I am ready to err on the side of Jay Cutler when it comes to every single decision made on offense.  Aromashodu clearly has a solid relationship with Franchise and I'd like to see it develop when the score matters.


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  • First! I agree completely, Knox showed a lot of potential tonight and he just looked faster than everyone around him.

  • BTW you are missing two people, you said "five guys"

  • it was gonna be five and i reduced to three. fixed. only preseason.

  • Knox impressed me with his speed and courage
    Big Toe belongs on the team and we need the depth
    DA, with the help of Cutler will be a solid WR. can we please keep Rideau too?

  • A couple guys that didn't impress me tonight were:

    Rod Hood - it was his first game with us though so i'm willing to give him a chance as a backup this year.

    Marcus Freeman - he looked tentative and didn't show the aggressiveness that we come to expect out of guys like Briggs, Pisa and Urlacher

    Lovie Smith - his decision to play Kevin Jones fucking baffles me. Also keeping Kevin Payne in that long and having him come off injured really pisses me off considering the Bears ignored their safety issues in the offseason.

  • No arguments with those guys, in fact I'd keep Melton as the fullback in order to keep MT ! But if either D.A or Rideau is cut to keep Angelo's ego in place I will spontaneously explode. I would happily bid Iglesias adieu ...

    And why Cutler was on that field in order to hand off the ball 6 times is anyone's guess. He could have tripped over and done an ankle. The guy should have been under armed guard in the locker room being fed grapes from prostitutes as he slept on fairy sheets with a big marshmallow for a pillow.

  • Turner says that Cutler would have thrown the ball but the third down situations were third and short so they didnt take the chance.

  • I guess I watched a different game. To me the two standout wideouts were Knox and Iglesias. Knox can use his speed at WR in ways Devin can't figure out yet and he's just plain fun to watch. Iglesias created space and got off jams all game, and then turned up field and got YAC; we dont have a receiver like this - well Rasheid Davis but he can't do the catching the ball thing. Plus he had a key block on Knox's big punt return. If we cut anyone but Rasheeeed Davis at WR it will bite us in the ass.

    Big Toe did well late but he was struggling at first, I dunno if it was lack of practice or if he just came on against the scrubs but he was getting pushed back in the first quarter and failing to get down and take up space against the double team. I was even thinking he was playing more like pinky Toe until the second half.

    Rod Hood was give and take, he made 2 nice plays and got beat once and missed a tackle. He is still better than McBride and Hamilton and at this point you just need to not be last. Moore looked pretty rough too, he made the one nice play after the muffed punt but he seemed more like a tackle after the catch corner instead of a cover corner and at 5'8" I don't think that's the plan.

    Overall, I am left with hoping that:
    1. KJ gets back on the field soon.
    2. Rasheed gets cut.
    3. Bullocks gets cut.
    4. Basanez makes it to the practice squad.
    5. TuOfoau is kept on the practice squad instead of Davis.
    and praying that Cutler and Matty stay healthy; then we will be fine.

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