Take the Win, Leave Town

Sometimes you have to put the notch in the win column, board the plane and go back to Chicago.  That's what the Bears should do after yesterday's painful victory over the Seattle Seahawks.  Some thoughts...

  • Ron Turner needs to understand, and understand now, that Jay Cutler is the offense's best weapon and stop taking the ball out of his hands in big situations.  (Side note: I'm already taking the guy for granted and it's only been three ballgames.)
  • Why are we asking Robbie Gould to kick fifty-three yarders on an opening drive?  Decisions like that remind me why I don't care for Lovie Smith.
  • If we don't get to the quarterback on a drop back, it's a guaranteed first down.  The replay of Zack Bowman backtracking fifteen yards off Nate "Jerry Rice" Burleson tells that entire story. 
  • That was a lot of talking for 4 catches - 35 yards, Mr. Houshmandzadeh.
  • Is there a more live-by-the-sword-die-by-the-sword player than Peanut Tillman?  He could have prevented a touchdown by simply shoving Julius Jones out of bounds on the Hawk opening drive but went for the strip instead.  Then he strips TJ later in the game in a moment of brilliance.
  • They should show every play of Lance Briggs' performance to kids who want to play linebacker.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - Urlacher is the better athlete but Briggs is the better linebacker.
  • Rod Marinelli has improved the hell out of the pass rush but no player is more improved on the defensive line than Anthony Adams.  Adams struggled to make the active roster throughout 2008 but now has become the anchor of the defensive line.
  • I owe Devin Hester a rather huge apology.  I have been very critical of not only his football acumen but his human intelligence and that's simply not fair.  When we look at the stat sheet come the end of the season, Hester is going to look an awful lot like one of those number one receivers you see on the television set.
  • Sometimes Chris Williams looks like he'll be the Bears starting left tackle for a decade and sometimes he looks like a rookie.  I guess dems da breaks.
  • I know Chicago is in love with Johnny Knox but why isn't Danieal Manning returning kickoffs?  Manning, when healthy, is capable of changing games back there.
  • New rule for the opposition: you can not kick field goals against the Chicago Bears.


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  • First! Ugly Win but still a win! Great game by Cutler though, over 70% completion rate and no ill-advised throws.

  • I waited the whole night at work for this post...I was stoked to watch at least some of the game, thinking for some ungodly reason that FOX would show a late afternoon game in Iowa. Instead I was treated to Old Man River getting damn lucky in the MetroDome.

    As for the statline that I saw on nfl.com, the thing that made me the happiest was the fact that the ball was being spread around so much. I have no problem with a quarterback having a favorite receiver, but if you're just throwing to one guy, then defenses key on that.

    As for what I didn't, the ground game continues to disappoint. I keep thinking about what's missing, and I don't think it's employee #22's fault so much as it is the offensive line. Working this shift gave me a lot of time to look over the stuff said about the Bear's new line, and I can't help but wonder...what was wrong with Josh Beekman? The kid came to play day in and day out, and Matt Forte ran VERY well behind a line that included him.

    Wait, I just figured it out...he's not getting big money from the front office, so he doesn't get to play.

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    I got the game in Iowa, think it was on NBC.

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    Albert, I love reading your posts and feel you could have a blog of your own. I do disagree, though, on the Forte goal line fumble. I thought the refs jumped the gun initially by not ruling him down, and no, I'm not blinded by my loyalty. I say he was down and sea-swallows shoulda been the ones throwin the flag. But pish-posh, I also saw atleast two missed holds on them that surely would've resulted in some lime green-colored turf behind their line of scrimmage.

    The dumb play call that defined this sloppy win was when we cried Wolfe on 3rd and 1(after doing so on 1st and 2nd!)-and in the 4th qtr, what a joke. The only thing that dude should be doing on 3rd down is growing a half a foot so he doesn't get hurdled resulting in more sacks. Can they just give him a really tall helmet for those kinda downs from now on?

    But we won!

    Oh, and sorry, Devin. And sorry Hot-Rod for that matter- more pressure form our d-line in these first few than most of last year.


  • I never really understood all the criticism of Devin's intelligence. He is performing better than we should expect - learning to be a WR *for the first time* at the highest level on the planet should not be assumed a short-term project.

    I suspect that all the talk about Hester not being capable of being a #1 receiver will be done by the end of this season.

  • ALL of us owe Devin an apology. He is making the big plays, the tough plays, the easy plays...all the plays. Those shoe string catches were more imporessive than even the TD catch in my opinion. I hope Skunk can keep it up.
    The OLINE is worrying me big time. It won't be a dominating force, but hopefully, the guys can gel enough to the point where we can sustain some degree of push in the run game and keep Jay alive back there. Might be time to give Beekman a look with Detroit coming into town next week.
    Defense...let's not make the opening drive TD a regular thing. That's two straight weeks now. Hard to watch Bowman backpeddle before the inevitable first down catch when our DLINE gets no pressure...but, that's how the Bears play, so we really just have to accept it by now honestly.
    Agreed on Manning returning kicks. Knox did a nice job, but when you have both Manning and Hester on your team, one of them must be returing kick offs. Also, Robbie will never be a great 50+ yard kicker. And you know what? That's ok. Why not just go for it on fourth down there instead?
    Jay Cutler...what can you say...another great game. He made some very good throws under pressure.

    My last rant...I am starting to hate the replay BS. The Bears benefitted yesterday, but I was hard pressed to see the 'indisputable' evidence that Forte was indeed down. Every week, it seems like a call on the field is overturned even though the evidence is not all that convincing that it should have been. Drives me nuts, but oh well, at least the Bears got the benefit on that one, because it might have been a game killer heading into halftime.

  • Big Dub gentlemen. I know it was not pretty but we needed to get out of there 2-1. We should be going into the bi-week 3-1 but lets not overlook Detroit. Hopefully one victory is all that they needed to go back to sucking donkey balls and that we roll over them and Matt Forte Hands has a big game.

  • No win is ugly. I was impressed with the lack of mistakes made by the Bears with the decibel level in that stadium.

    Charles Tillman (my favorite Bear) can live/die by the sword every week in my opinion. He works hard and brings it every week - and goes largely unnoticed by the press. He continues to impress and make big plays when it counts. Hoosmandooda? Yeah. Four carries. You gotta love Peanut.

    If I see that Fav-re hightlight one more time, I may lose my breakfast.

  • I hope Olin Kreutz suffers a career ending injury very soon. As he falls onto Jason McKie, making him suffer a career ending injury as well.

    Other than that, I'm good. 'cept for the stripping the ball thing. There's this thing called a scouting report. You strip the ball when guys are prone to fumble. You tackle the bastard as hard as you can when they don't.

    Of course, I can't believe Forte has put the ball on the ground this frequently this season. Very strange. Last year he fumbled like 2 or 3 teams all season. Very strange.

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    Seems like that may be the only way that we can get the right personnel out there huh? And I thought the 1st guy wraps up for the tackle and every one else strips the ball.

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    Thanks for the kind words, ben in Norcal.

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    WTF? You want a future hall of famer that's spent his whole career in Chicago to have a career ending injury? Nice...

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    More GODFATHER, eh Jeff?

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    Why are we asking Robbie Gould to kick fifty-three yarders on an opening drive? Decisions like that remind me why I don't care for Lovie Smith.

    FYI, that 51-yarder was into the wind (I was at the game in the "cheap" seats). I think the kickers were a combined 3-3 kicking in the other direction and 1-4 kicking against the wind. It also seemed like Gould's attempt was blocked a little. I didn't have the advantage of a replay, but it looked like someone got a hand on it when I watched live.

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    Uh oh...


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    It was so Lovie to call for that DOA FG attempt.

  • Turner playing Wolfe is a disgrace to all the players that work their tails off each week. I'm sure Olin is not happy when this one dimensional player comes in on 3rd and 1 and gets jacked up behind line of scrimmage. AP should be 2nd back period. But I'll add this. Put Wolfe in SD and they'd find a way to make him very productive. Bears have talent on their team but never seem to understand how/when/why to use it correctly. Put Sproles on Bears and he'd be nothing because Turner has no clue on how to use him.
    Cutler is bringing it every week and we're lucky to have him. 0-3 without him. Where was 6-7 Kellen Davis yesterday? Turner put him his top desk drawer in Halas Hall for safe keeping. Beekman should start over Oh-me-yack against Lions. Did anyone notice how freaking overjoyed Lovester was after game? Looked like he was spared death sentence or something. Dude..act like you've won/been there before. When's his contract up? How bad ass would we be with Samurai or Rex Ryan? That's kick ass football that I'd rather be watching and not bend but don't break garbage. But a Win's a Win.
    Lions next week at home. Smell a lousy 1 point nerve wreaking come from behind win...

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    Wolfe was brought in on first down actually. He had 9 yards on first two carries. They 3rd and 1 play call was stupidity. We can't run the ball on short yardage, don't care who made that carry. Why do you think we threw on 4th and goal at the 1?

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    With you all the way Jerseyflyer, although Samurai Mike has got to be the most conservative coach in the NFL. No way the Vikes should have beaten the Niners. The Vikes have no secondary and a top run defense, but the Niners kept trying to pound it. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Buddy Ryan's nickname for Mike was 'Stupid', remember.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Excellent points Albert, and actually, the OL looks worse than it did last year. And I too would like an answer to the magic fairy ring in the secondary, Joseph. Bear defenders appear they will be spirited away by the fairies who sex it up in that area of the field. We miss you Brian.

  • Cutler changes everything. rinse. repeat

    Oh, and another thing, the only thing Wolfe and Sproles have in common his they're both short. Other than that, there is no comparison.

  • Other than "Opportunity" Knox taking the opening kick-off ALL the way back, you couldn't ask for a much better start.

    But then, we cap the inability to move the ball (read: RUN) with a MIND-NUMBINGLY BAD decision to attempt a 53-yard field gold INTO WIND!?!? Especially when you have the NFL's BEST at punting the ball inside the 20. What part of "THEY GET THE BALL AT THE SPOT OF THE KICK IF YOU MISS" do you not understand, Lovie? Kicking left to right, Mare is putting 8 it yards deep. Right to left, it's comming down outside the 10. Were you not paying attention in pre-game, Bears? Robbie, why didn't you just tell Toub & Lovie "Are you out of your minds"?

    Stat of the game for me: Matt Forte - 21 carries, 66 yards.
    No, I don't think this is a Forte issue.
    That offensive line is NOT getting better, at least on the left side. Frank Gore gashed the Seahawks for 200 yards a week ago and they lost their version of Urlacher, Lofa Tatupu in the bargain. Chris Williams, nice recovery of the Cutler fumble but you LOSE the brownie points because the guy you failed to block caused it.

    Run blocking sucks and pass protection is marginal. I don't know that they can keep Jay healthy for 16 games if play continues as is.

    That Don Carey zebra crew is LAME, as evidenced by how long it took to figure out the fouls on Maynard's shanked punt.

    I mention that because sorry, folks,I thought it was a fumble at the goal line and I didn't see how they overturned it on that replay. If a call like that had gone AGAINST us I would have gone ballistic. That said, we've been screwed by replay more often than not so I am not giving it back, Seattle. Hope you learned you lesson on ball security at the goal line, Matt.

    Good pressure, defense. Nice pic, Lance but...

    3rd and 19 on the Seahawks opening drive, you guys are EXPECTING a screen pass and you still let Julius Jones prance through you, not just for first down, but for a TD!?!?!


    Peanut, Hunter, COME ON already.

    Oh, and 81 in in the ugly Jersey plays for THEM. Anytime you want to cover him, fine by me.

    Jay Cutler: Nice job. You were the differnce again, offensively, but too much whining to the referee. It makes you look like a weenie. Stop this. Tell your line to block better.

    Seahawks: Way to have the subs step up and compete. Wise decision not to play Hasselbeck. He doesn't avoid the sacks that Wallace did. TJ "HushYouMouthUp", way to follow up the trash talk / whining by getting your bell rung and coughing up a key turnover. You owe Jerry Angelo an apology. Seattle, please, those uniforms are HIDEOUS. Did you all have pre-game CROSSING GUARD duty or Were you doing ROAD WORK before the game? You guys play Houston shortly and if you wear those things and the Texans wear that ridiculous all-red getup they sported yesterday, the telecast of that game will be triggering epileptic seizures!

    Bottom line: Ugly or not, a win is a win. Style points are not awarded so we'll take it.

    In other news...

    Thank you, Redskins, for taking that monkey off the Lions back.
    Don't see how Detroit avoids an emotional letdown next week.

  • MikeBdot, for the record, Forte layed it down exactly ONCE That was in over 300 touches all last seseason.

  • jdawg. Think you may have missed my point. Word up, they both are short. Understand that. Turner does not know what to do with alot of the players he keeps on offense. Sporles is a much better player but if Wolfe was in SD I think he'd be shinning. Might be a reach on my part but Turner is the direction of my ire. Where was Kellen Davis yesterday? Look it up in the box score. Nothing for Davis. After what he did against Steelers? What, did he get lost at Sea-Tac Airport? Wolfe is limited to special teams and that's a luxury we can't afford at this point. Remember what Wolfe did against NCAA comp? Wolfe started the 2006 season on a productive note by accumulating 285 total yards (171 rushing, 114 receiving) against the Ohio State Buckeyes, who were at the time the nation's top ranked team. He finished the season with an NCAA-high 1,928 rushing yards while averaging 157 yards per game. Darren Sproles played college football at Kansas State University from 2001 to 2004, starting all games in his last two seasons and setting 23 school records. He finished 11th on the all-time college rushing yards list, with the 6th most all-purpose yards in NCAA history. He led all FBS teams in rushing yards in 2003 with 1,986. To sum up, both these players are similar(see yards gained)but SD knows how to use Sporles and we have no idea what to do with Wolfe. And apparently Kellen Davis too. Wake Up Turner you Dunce...

  • In reply to tkfay:

    If college stats meant anything Heath Shuler would still be playing.

    Wolf is small, shifty, light and doesn't have breakaway speed. He's a 3rd down back at best. I don't think we'd be talking about this if Turner didn't try and run him up the middle on 3rd and 1.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Fort Knox is making the very most of his time on the field. 2 TD's in 2 weeks for a rook is pretty decent. What a bonus when a 5th round draft choice joins pro team in training camp, makes team and actually remains as productive as he did in last year of college. Knox has a nack for paydirt(17 TD's 07). Has the potential to be a special player for the remainder of year. Suggest he hit weight room as he appears pretty light. Keep head on a swivel and watch those headhunters. Bear Down.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    That "chop block" call on Cutler was absolutely LAME. He hit the guy ABOVE THE WAIST Referee,Don Carey. I hereby revoke your license to officiate Bear games. You need to take some pointers from a ref I actually respect, namely your younger brother, Mike.

    Credit where credit is due. You've all heard me rail against Mark Anderson on this blog so I was absolutely STUNNED to discover that when the Bears stuffed that attempted Seahawks (have they changed their name to the PATROL BOYS yet?)reverse it was none other than Mark Anderson who "stayed home", blew up the play and allowed the reinforcements arrive and bury the runner for huge loss. Kudos. Mark, and It's about time!

  • I think what dissapoints me the most is that we finally have the quarterback to take us to the promise land but the rest of the team has fallen apart. Without Cutler this team is 0-3 and falling apart. The defense was shredded by a wide reciever playing quarterback, and the running game has gone the way of the sophmore slump.
    They can still develope but right now this looks like a wild card team.
    Matt Forte must be injured. He has to be because right now he's going down easy with ankle tackles and even running Ced Benson's great play during his tenure with Chicago. The old run up to the line of scrimage and run into the back of your lineman and fall down. Go back and watch the draw at the end of the first half. Yuck.
    WGN's Dan Rowan had the quote of the day "Culter was brilliant despite being hamstrung by some bizarre play calling."
    The play calling after the interception was atrocious. A dive play and then a 2 yard pass to Olsen. What the fuck? Not to mention the Wolf toss play on third and one.
    The defense was gashed up the middle agian, that's two weeks in a row. It's time to bring in Derrick Brooks to play MLB or at least backup Roach. Hunter lost his job on the outside because he started getting hurt all the time. Well he's hurt again, and I don't want to rely on him. Not to mention that he's pretty easy to dump truck on running plays.
    Overall the defense game up 5 scoring drives and if the kicker makes all his attemps they would have allowed 7 scoring drives. Bad. Very bad.
    But hey, we did win!

  • In reply to alott96:

    Cutler essentially single-handedly lost the GB game with a minor assist from Mannelly, 1-2 I would give you but not 0-3.
    Cutler is in on most of the play calls, if they are a pass he is given options, and the wolfe 3rd and 1 the entire D line was in the backfield.. u think that was the play call, okay Garza and Omiyale you guys are totally gonna whiff and... yah.

    I don't get the obsession with a 36 yr old retired broadcater that didn't even play the Mike. We need help at DE so maybe we should call Strahan up or hey Rod Woodson is still alive for a good FS, oh and while we're at it what is Emmitt up to? We could use some experience at RB. Jesus, we have a strong LB core who have been in this exact system for several seasons, let them play.

    And let's not start the if thing up please, I'm of the "if your aunt had a dick she'd be your uncle" mentality there. A win is a win just ask Minnesota.

  • In reply to dutsami:


    Brooks is more washed up than prison bed sheets. Stop pining for him. Roach adds speed and he's a 3 yr vet and knows the signals. Hunter the 12 year old manboy can go back to riding the bench and banging newscasters.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    On the Forte fumble, it looked more like a strip. He was trying to get the ball over the goal line. Look to me like he was trying to reach up with the ball and the third tackler just reached in and flipped it out. We were lucky on that review cause it looked to me that the ball had already started coming out before his knee was on the ground. But I'll take the call that was given.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    he is considered down by contact as soon as the ankle/shin area hits, which the way he fell hits before the knee and before the ball comes out; thats why he was ruled correctly down by contact.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    Albert. Almost fell out of my chair when Anderson stayed home on that reverse. Did someone say Marinelli coaching paying off? D-Line of his seems to be holding up and making plays at the end of games. Tommy Harris stayed in longer and states he's coming along. He's such a key to this entire unit that if he continues to progress, we'll be fine. Double A is high motor intense and gives fits to centers and guards with his speed and power. Plus, he takes his "dirt" outside as to not get fined. What's not to like?

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    Jersey, I swear that's the first time I ever saw Anderson do that.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    The announcers missed out of giving Tillman his "props" for punching that ball out. What a great play. TJ can stop talking now...

    Also, If Wolfe gets the ball on a 3rd and short again this season, everyone should be fired.

    Jay saved the day again...Big Win...I think that was the toughest 3 game stretch in our schedule this year...

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    ps. does anyone else think the Defense is considerably better with Jamar, Roach and Briggs? I think they looked a lot better without Hunter in the middle...I would keep Roach there.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    Conversely, does the offensive line look any better than it did a year ago?

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    Did anyone else notice how much the Bears came after Seneca yesterday? It seemed like every down there was pressure from somewhere. Lance literally launches himself at full speed into the center/guard while a LB, CB or S comes flying in to get after the QB. The problem occurs when the blitz gets picked up and the d-lineman can't get to the QB in time before there's an easy completion in the hole in the coverage. Fortunately, that hole has seemed to shrink dramatically around the Bears 30 yard line resulting in a number of (missed) field goal attempts for the opposition.

    Mark Anderson? I guess he played alright, but he definitely hasn't come close to the player he was in 2006. In '06, he was an absolute monster recording 12 sacks as a 5th round rookie. Since then he has disappointed. You knew Anderson was going to see a bit more time with AB and his ankle yesterday, and I think he looked just OK, better than he did in '07 and '08, but certainly not the player I remember his rookie year. With this season being contract years for both Anderson and Wale, I have lofty expectations for both to come through with productive seasons, especially when you add Marinelli to the mix.


    Jay Cutler is our quarterback.

    Jay Cutler is fucking clutch.

    Jay Cutler is our quarterback.

    Johnny "O" is lightning in a bottle.

    Hester is showing the confidence to go over the middle and make a big play.

    The Volcano (Al Afalava) erupting.


    3rd/4th and short runs with Garret Wolfe.

    Peanut and Danieal not knowing when to strip the ball and when to put a guy on the ground.

    Don Carey.

    Cutler taking as many hits as he has passing the ball. At some point this season, the Bears are going to need to get ahead early and let Matt Forte do his thing.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    Ugly win? I hate when people say "well, it was an ugly win." That is a sure sign that the individual has a room temperature football IQ. I do not believe in ugly wins. Wins are wins. Did you honestly expect your team to come in and stomp the opponent into the turf? A flawless performance? That the opposition would roll over? Please. You people said that after the Pittsburgh win too. I said then and say now, get over it. I think it was a beautiful win.

    The Bears are starting to get a feel for one another. The defense is beginning to show a little fire; fire which had fizzled out Week 1 of 2007 and about Week 3 of 2008. That game showed me that the Bears are capable of great things this year...down 13 points and coming back 17 unanswered points in one of the NFL's most hostile environments is NO SMALL FEAT.

    The run game stinks. I don't think it's Forte because he seems to still have moves and yes, opposing defenses stack the box against him, but can the Offensive Line do anything? Those guys get paid millions to take up space...well, take up space! Block! Shove! Be mean! Do something! Chris Williams is promising, but Orlando Pace looks exceptionally disappointing. Can we get Josh Beekman starting again? I'm not an Omiyale fan.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    Most disappointing thing of the week:


    76 on 21 carries 3.6 average
    141 on 29 carries 4.9 average
    76 on 16 carries 4.8 average

    2 TD's


    55 on 25 for 2.2
    29 on 13 for 2.2
    66 on 21 for 3.1

    No TD's

    Cincy has Palmer, we have Cutler are you really telling me that it is primarily the offensive line that is causing this problem, sure they are a contributor, but also a major contributor has to be Ron Turner. Last year our problem was we were worried about a QB competition and stating that it wouldnt matter what QB came in because the Oline wasnt going to keep them from being under pressure, not to mention that we were also reeling about the release of Thomas Jones. We were all surprised when the Oline performed better than expected, but remember we still had Tait and our left side outplayed himself (he deserved a medal, he deserved to be re-signed). So what is the solution to this lame run game. I refuse to accept that Cedric Benson is suddenly good now.

    Also I want to see Knox be spectacular, but expect him to hold out next season if he does. It is the usual trend...

    This win was a good win, gut I am still looking for my well oiled machine and I saw it on that 60 yard drive that ended in the interception because of a little bit of a bad throw and a little bit of a lackidazical attempt from Knox. Anyways, I am more upset about the Vikings and Faverah stealing one from the Samauri (not to mention it was on easily defendable pass too).

    Now next week I think we need to root for the Packers, I want to see this silly train put to a stop. Not to mention that it will make the division even more interesting the three of us all being 3-1 right?

    My solution to the offensive line is to go into bizzaro world and kidnap Rob M to get our line to improve the way the D line has.

    Is there such a thing as an Oline Rod M guru out there? I am tired of watching our QB's running for their lives, sure JC gets away with it because of his skill, but it shouldnt be the normal routine. I would reather see it done by design than as a survival technique.

    Go Bears, time to remind Detroit that they have some talent, but they really played a bad team. Here's to hoping that the Bears don't "play down" to the competition as the are oft to do. They need to give another show to the fans and demonstrate some domination and as I like to say "lubrication" to the machine (lol)

    Go Bears!!!

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    My problem with the Ced and Fort thing is that 2 of the 3 teams each of us have played are the same 217 yds vs 84 yds is an extreme disappointment. Especially when I know that Forte is better than that scrub. My inclination is that it's RT not using his talent properly with his packages and play calling. I know that there are those that disagree, but why do we keep seeing this type of thing over and over. Use your players to their strengths, set them up for success. Just a feeling, I am not "expert" enough to really know what I am talking about, but of course this is the forum for us armchair guys.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Benson bulked up too much as Bear (in my opinion) which made him slower and his lack of vision even worse. He seems slimmer as a Bengal, and hence, faster. After almost getting shitcanned out of the NFL, maybe he finally has his head on straight. He's not the same player he was as a Bear.

    Forte gained more than 100+ total yards last game if you count his receiving yards. Now that the Bears have more options with Cutler and his receivers, Forte doesn't have to have consistently the 150+ total yard games like last year for the Bears to win.

    The running game is definitely a concern...but the Bears have definitely shifted to a pass oriented offense. I'm not that concerned...yet.

  • In reply to shonbear:


    Lovie Smith's little red hankie.

    Jay Cutler is God. He is who we thought he was. As predicted. The Messiah has cometh again. He rocketh in the extreme. All hail Jay Cutler.

    Afalava : Way to go rookie.

    Devin Hester has indeed grown into a receiver. Top notch. No questions about that guy any more. Amazing catches on Sunday.

    Matt Forte is very handsome. That's the best I can say for the running game.

    Bears D-line : Good. But where's the $40 million dollar man ?

    Johnny Knox ? Promising. No more. Just promising. Yet to prove toughness and reliability. Drops too many maybe ?

    Dislikes :

    Asking Robbie Gould to kick 53 yard field goals for no good reason. Making the man miss a field goal will stick in his mind and is unnecessary negativity that doesn't need to be there.

    The Bears defense (save for Afalava maybe) cannot tackle for nuts, and that includes Lance Briggs.

    The Bears offensive line (save for Roberto Garza) is pathetic.

    Greg Olsen is a waste of space. He lacks toughness, falls over, hears footsteps, drops the ball too much and cannot block. Dez Clarke and Kellen Davis please.

    Earl Bennett lacks toughness and is an insult to the spirit of Walter Payton. He catches the ball (when he's not busy dropping it) and heads straight for the sideline. His fear of contact is palpable. We cut Brandon Rideau (6'3, tough, good hands, veteran) to keep guys like this .... and Juaquin Iglesias ... on the team. Juaquin who ? He's the guy that ...emm ... uhh ... I don't know.

    Garret Wolfe : Somebody explain Garret Wolfe to me like I'm a three year old. 3rd and 1 ? Child, please. Was AP's leg broken ? Can't have it, running the football is a man's/lesbian's game. No children allowed.

    Ron Turner : No explanation needed.

    Hunter Hillenmeyer (any MLB) : He's not Brian Urlacher. Where the hell is Brooks and why hasn't he been called, even if he's not a MLB ? He's got ten pro bowls. HH doesn't.

  • In reply to shonbear:


    I agree somewhat, I'm not looking for 150 games, just want to see the average go above 3.5 per carry. I don't mind if we are pass oriented, but I don't like this coming from behind stuff all the time, I want to breathe easy. I think there might be something to the blocking schemes for the running game. I find it hard to believe that the production vs Green Bay and Pittsburgh would be so lopsided comparitively for the Bengals in that their O-line is really that much better than ours when executing a blocking scheme.

    I think that it still comes back to a lack of commitment to the running game. As long as we are winning this really doesnt matter to me, I am just concerned that it might bite us later in the season.

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    I appreciate the support there, Doc.
    I love the play-on-words angle that Knox/knocks affords.

    Was that ever a SWEET move for him to take that ball in for 6!
    I could swear I spotted at least 2 "ugly green" jockstraps at about the 5 yard line right after that play.

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    Sorry, folks, but I think comparions of our "Not so big bad" Wolfe to Darren Sproules are just wishful thinking.

  • As far as Wolfe vs Sproles, both are similar in they need an initial hole/push to get going before they are dangerous. Our Oline simply can't do that, has little to do with Turner not knowing how to use him the line just can't make any daylight. Did you see when SDs line was playing bad in Baltimore, Sproles got blown up in the backfield by the first tackler, just like Wolfe; a different gameplan isn't going to make them into Brandon Jacobs.

    As far as the game, it wasn't all that ugly. A little disappointed with the lack of run production given the history and Tatupu being out but again when pressed we were able to take what we were given. But we really haven't been in high run producing situations... we are always behind with less than 4 minutes in the game. When we get to a point we are ahead by 9 or more and have the ball, then lets see if we crank out some yards.

    Good things to take away:
    1.) Roach at Mike looked better and made more plays in two periods than Hunter has in two games.
    2.) Manning is starting to look like a FS who plays some corner rather than a corner standing where the FS usually does.
    3.) Holy crap Devin Hester is officially in my mind a WR who is really good at punt returns. He is looking great out there.
    4.) Rasheid Davis, not a fan of his hands, but the guy can flat out play ST and has a nose for the football.
    Things to work on:
    1.) Oline - um, if you can even make a hole once a series it will make pass blocking easier. And someone hasn't told these guys that running is when they get even with the D for coming up field on them, someone needs to piss these guys off.
    2.) Penalties have to stop -- really. 2 15 yard 1st downs on one possesion, STOP GRABBING THE FNG FACEMASK.
    3.) Of all the things with Matty I never questioned ball security... let's not even go down this road.
    4.) I am starting to think Bowman is taking advice from Vasher!

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