Sunday A Must-Win

If the 2009 Chicago Bears have their eyes on the third division title of the Lovie Smith era, they must beat the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.  No question about it.  You can't fancy yourselves a contender and lose a road game you're favored to win against a team sans their starting quarterback and best defensive player.  It's not allowed.

It's about more than Hawk health, however.  The Bears have a lot to prove.  The 2008 Bears only won three consecutive games once all season - in December.  A win Sunday would give them the opportunity to achieve that goal next week, at home, against the Lions.  Outside of December, they never won back-to-back games that did not involve the Detroit.  A successful NFL season is about consistency and improvement.  The '09 Bears should improve steadily.  But will they be consistent?

As Zach Zaidman points out, they're also 3-9 away from home over their last twelve.  Aside from humiliating losses at Atlanta, Green Bay and Minnesota last season, the Bears also refused to show up defensively with their playoff aspirations on the line in Houston.  They're only impressive road victory all season came in Indianapolis on opening night.  They tend to suffer meltdowns late and commit a load of pre-snap penalties.  Depleted or not, they can't afford to face long yardage on offense or give a terrific receiving corps extra opportunities to make plays.

Must-wins come in different shades.  The Tennessee Titans must beat the New York Jets to rescue a drowning season.  The Green Bay Packers must beat the St. Louis Rams because they're the St. Louis Rams and the Pack is under tremendous scrutiny.  The Carolina Panthers must beat the Dallas Cowboys or last season's conference #2 seed will be competing for the #2 pick in the draft.  The Bears don't face such dire straits.  They could salvage starting 1-2 but salvage what? 

Probably 8-8.


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  • 1ST!!!!!

  • Jeff, for the first time, we disagree. Not only are we gonna win, but we're gonna DEMOLISH the 'Hawks. Here are the reasons:

    1) their starting QB (who isn't a good one mind you) is out. Seneca Wallace (although a very capable back-up) hasn't seen our improving front 4 (including a tough SOB called Alex Brown). I predict 3 sacks for the game
    2) TJ Houzyourdaddy is talkin' a bunch of shit about JA, saying he should've been picked up. He will get exposed in less than 2 days
    3) Their starting MLB is out (would spell his name, but I'm a lil' less than sober right now). That will give way to Forte DOMINATING their defense.

    right now, that 8-8 shit is out. we're going AT LEAST 11-5 (hell right now we should be 2-0 even with the 4 Cutler picks). Like I've told my friends, the defense needs chemistry & continuity. It starts with this game here. BEAR DOWN CHICAGO BEARS!!!!!

  • Did I say we weren't going to win? I just said we have to.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    blame it on the alcohol & burgers fearless leader

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  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    We've all sat thru enough games without our starting QB, or Mike Brown, or Tommie Harris, or Peanut, or Vasher (when he was a stud) and now Urlacher so I make no apologies for exploiting the Steelers lack of Troy Polamalu or have any qualms about going into Seattle and capitalizing on the opportunity a depleted Seahawks roster presents. And capitalize we must!

    Fearless leader is right. If we expect to contend, this is an opportunity that has to be seized!

    In other news...
    The game will NOT be on local TV here in Tucson as the foolish Fox program director here chose to show the 49ers @ Vikings early game (10am) on a Sunday that Fox does not have a doubleheader. Tucson bar owners all say "THANK YOU, KMSB"! Silly rabbit. You would do a lot better rating number with the Bears in the afternoon.

    Tucson and Phoenix are both teeming with transplanted Chicagoans who were only too happy to bid old man winter adieu! The Cardinals realize this, much to their chagrine, every time the Bears come to Phoenix and it sounds like Soldier Field.

    Did someone say its "Fall"? HAH! 100 degress predicted here for tomorrow.

    That's right, NFL games start a 10am here until standard time returns. Then it's 11. Too early you say? Nope. We LOVE it!

    No waiting aroung. Wake up and have breakfast. Walk the dogs. Get a newspaper and BAM! FOOTBALL! The 2 minute warning is the perfect time to order lunch.

    So, Sunday I will get to go on what I refer to as a BEAR HUNT! The Stadium Grill is right down the street and will be PACKED with Bear fans, including this one. If you think I'm opinionated here, you should hear me mouth off during a game! My dogs will be relieved.

    We owe Seattle for our last trip in there. Let's pay 'em off!

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    when i find what channel the game's on, i'll let the blog know

  • naw....was drunk on a combo of natty ice, miller lite, bud, and bud light

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