Simmons on Cutler (and the picks)

I'm not a big Bill Simmons fan.  I prefer sports writers write about sports and keep pop cultural references to a minimum.  He does make a solid point about Jay Cutler in his first picks column:

Chicago fans have been wondering why I dumped them and adopted the Packers as my NFC North team and Super Bowl pick du jour. It came down to one thing: I didn't want to root for Jay Cutler. Has he had a likable moment yet? This year will be his coming-out party as the most despised player in football. Every time they show him on the sidelines, he looks like a pissed-off trust-fund kid who can't believe the valet scratched his Escalade hybrid. And you know what? He makes the league more fun. I like rooting against him the same way I liked rooting against Rick Barry, Bill Laimbeer and the Iron Sheik. We need more Jay Cutlers in sports. Not everyone was meant to be liked.

I absolutely agree with him (for once).  What's great about Cutler is his complete willingness to be disliked.  I'd take honest over nice every day of the week.  Nice is boring.  Nice is Kyle Orton.  Honest is downright noble.

Now my three picks for the week...

Houston -4 over the Jets - Pass rush, plain and simple.  The Jets enter the game with their two best rushers (Calvin Pace and Shaun Ellis) suspended against one of the league's most effective passing attacks.  I think Houston scores early and the Jets fall way behind as they subject a rookie quarterback to Mario Williams.  Houston 34, New York 13

Atlanta - 4 over Miami - I cornered myself here.  I think very highly of the Falcons and I'll lose all that momentum if they lose to a boring, beatable Dolphins team.  Matt Ryan and Michael Turner keep the 'fins off balance all afternoon, leading to an easy victory.  Atlanta 27, Miami 16

Cleveland +4 over Minnesota - Because nothing is going to go right in Minnesota this season, that's why.  Brett Favre, having no chemistry with Bernard Berrian or Greg Lewis, continually dumps the ball off to Shiancoe and Taylor.  It leads to many first downs and few points.  Phil Dawson nails a 51 yarder at the whistle.  Cleveland 19, Minnesota 16



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  • 1st. the asshole QBs are way more fun to watch (Cutty, Phillip Rivers, Peyton Manning (even though half the country is gargling his nuts), etc.) Not everyone can be like Kurt Warner (fuckin' do-gooder)

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Dude, that is the most awesome post in the history of posts, simply for the Manning nut-gargling. I'm stealing the phrase and using it in every situation possible. Sheer brilliance.

    Jeff, this is the first time in a year that I actually disagree with you. I love Bill Simmons, read everything he writes and enjoy the mash-up of pop culture and sports knowledge he puts together. I like his stance on Cutler as well, because sometimes it's good to be the guy in the black hat with the 5 o'clock shadow in the corner of the room sippin' whiskey waiting for someone to start shit. If memory serves me right, most of the country still thinks Jimmy Mac is a dick. He'll tell you to his face that sometimes he is, and that's why I loved him too. Winners just win and don't sweat the small shit.

  • Its been pretty interesting watching the twitter chatter between Forte, Cutler and Olsen. Tonight Cutler is out with Hanie and Olsen celebrating Hanie's 24th birthday

  • Caleb stole my gosh-darned hat!
    With less than 48 hours to go, I'm going absolutely stir-crazy. I need to invest in the complete 1985 bears DVD set to while away the hours Fridays and Saturdays this year.

  • Nice! That is a Bears fan.

  • BDG, that's damn close to being an American Express commercial.

  • Cutler reminds me a lot of Jimmy Mac. F-you demeanour, complete confidence in their abilities, crappy haircuts, totally prepared to throw the gameplan-that-sucks into the toilet, winning mentality, every fan outisde your organization thinks you're a prick. That's why I loved Mac and that's why I love JC. If Cuts gets anywhere close to Mac's win record as a starter for the Bears we have no worries. There will be a guaranteed bust-up between Turner and Cutler this year when Cutler decides he'd rather win than throw another WR screen or run a draw play on 3rd and 23. All-out war on the sidelines rather than downbeat post-game interviews saying "I'm disappointed with the way I played, I need to get back to the drawing board and just get better .." Better to hear "y'know ... the play came in ... and uh y'know ... it sucked ...I changed it ... and y'know ... we got the touchdown."

  • You know its interesting that the "EXPERTS", for the majority, only have two away teams winning this weekend. Realy, they don't think that the first weekend will have more surprizes than that. please.

  • I thought your "15-1"' call was over the top, Irish but I think you're on right the mark with the Cutler-McMahon comparison with the pleasant exception that Cutler actually HAS the kind of rifle-for-an-arm that Mac only THOUGHT he posessed.

    Shonbear. "Experts" is a title that is so loosely thrown about these days as to be comical. Much like "Genius" and, the worst of the bunch, "SUPERSTAR".

    Einstein was a genius. Bill Walsh was an a true innovator who LOOKED like a genius because those freakin' DeBartolos and Carmen Policy (who never should been allowed to take another NFL position after the 49ers) were circumventing the salary cap from the get-go.
    I submit that virtually NOBODY on a national level is as informed about any specific team than any serious fan of that team.

    These guys who claim to know EVERYTHING about EVERY team fall under the heading of "Jack-of-All-Trades / Master-of-None" .

    What can the ESPN drones tell THIS blog about the Chicago Bears?
    I say virtually ZERO. ZIP. And as we say here in the Southwest, "Nada".

    The "Experts" have New England as a Super Bowl favorite despite the fact that SIX (yes, more than half ) starters from last year's defense are gone including acknowledged team leaders like Teddy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison (who so far strikes me as pretty darn good as an NFL analyst) and Mike Vrabel.

    A paycheck from ESPN doesn't necessarily convey expertise.

    The 4-Letter network's complete WHIFF on the Favre, er Narcissus saga says it all about the self-proclaimed "World Wide Leader".

  • After what Cutler did on 98 yard drive in Denver, he can pretty much say or do anything and I'm going to still love his game. QB problem has always been Bears weakness. No more. Who would you want slinging it up in GB? Cutler or Orton? Case closed. Bears 31 Packers 13. Cutler even wears his helmet like a badass..pulled down to eye level like a NJ Trooper. Our Man has arrived!

  • it can be hard to take the experts seriously when i can list off all 53 players from memory and they have to look that shit up

  • Jay Cutler does incredible work with diabetic children. Read this and tell me he isn't a great person:

    Just because he's a jerk on the field doesn't mean he's a jerk.

  • In reply to TheConsummator:

    classic screen name

  • In reply to TheConsummator:

    I love it, Shonbear. Wish that had been on the Ed Sullivan Show.

  • In reply to TheConsummator:

    I don

  • In reply to TheConsummator:

    I love Bill Simmons so I disagree with you there. I agree with the post that talked about his reputation being different on the field than off....I have heard he has done quite a bit for diabetic children also. I am going ape shit right 24 hours I might be passed out.....I am not kidding. BEAR DOWN DA BEARS BLOG BLOGGERS!

  • al is right, the writers usually know much less than the real fans

  • come on, nobody liked this...

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