Roach's Turn

The Chicago media's love affair with Johnny Knox was doomed from the start, though his seven-yard touchdown catch on Sunday illustrated the combination of speed and toughness that are quickly becoming his trademarks.  This week's cover girl is linebacker Nick Roach, whom Dan Pompei has fallen for in the Trib.  Lovie Smith added his impression:

Nick has a lot of quickness. He can get off blocks and get off them
well. He's a good rusher, and he's good at pass coverage. All the
things we ask our linebackers to do, Nick does a good job of.

With Hunter Hillenmeyer almost certainly out this week against Detroit, Roach will make a start at the most celebrated position in the history of one of the sport's most celebrated franchises.  He'll do so at Soldier Field, in front of 61,500 folks more-than-willing to change the 4 on the back of their jerseys to a 3.

That is what's at stake for Nick Roach this Sunday and moving forward.  The Bears know that while Hunter Hillenmeyer provides veteran stability in the middle, he lacks explosiveness.  Roach lacks for nothing, physically, and we can assume the Northwestern degree denotes a working machine between the ears.  There's no reason to debate his ability to produce.  He has the chance now, starting against the Detroit Lions.  If he wants the job, it's his.  And he only need to watch this video to know what this rivalry meant to the greatest who ever played the position.

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  • 1st. (i've been 1st a lot of times....perhaps i look at this site way too much lol)

  • Is it just me or is this a "no-brainer"?
    The Bears are BYE next week. Is it not silly to not play Roach, especially in light of his performance in Seattle, and give Hillenmeyer an additional week to heal?

    Listened to parts of the SEATTLE radio broadcast of Sunday's game.
    Their guys in the booth were ALL OVER the 4th and 1 goal line play before it happened saying expect Cutler to throw and look out for Greg Olsen. Glad they were in the booth and not on the sideline.

  • Im fired up just reading this post...
    Is it Sunday yet.....stupid weekdays.

    Hey Albert, I think him starting this week is a no-brainer, but if he comes out and has another good you look at starting him moving forward...

  • Yah.. I think the kid is a good fill-in. I think he better fits the athlete mold of Mike better than Hunter ever could. That being said he is very very green there. He let a receiver come wide open in front of him on 3rd and long; he should have been playing the sticks and he missed a tackle. But he didn't do anything real ugly and he was in the area when Wallace overthrew Jones on their final play so we will say he broke that pass up. But physically, he will not grow 2 or 3 inches and can he gain 20 lbs of muscle and lose no speed or agility doing it? So I am not too sure about the moving forward comment unless you simply meant the rest of this season. I for one would rather get through a couple more season with Brian so that we can intentionally draft and groom a real MLB to supplant him.

    But as of this season unless Pisa has some XP there.. I would rather see Roach at Mike.

  • Oh no question, Urlacher, I meant this season only.

  • or umm Tampa Bay, yah it would take swallowing your pride as an organization but now that the Lefty experiment is officialy a failure and their rook isn't ready yet, Garcia is a perfect fit and already knows the playbook, how can they not sign him.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Poor Garcia, the more I think about it, yah he doesn't have a rocket arm but damn all he does is lead teams to the playoffs and yet he gets cut in favor of douchbags like Leftwich and whatever that clown in Oakland's name is that won the heisman.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    McClover is signed and expect him to be in uniform Sunday. They'll line up Briggs, Roach and Jamar as starters - I assume. McClover needs to be in uniform.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    That Butkus video is where I captured this picture.

    We share Lithuanian Heritage.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    funny interview by cutty supplied by the 4-letter network:

  • In reply to dutsami:

    3-1 (and one big play from 4-0) going into the bye week would be huge. Looking at the rest of the first half... tough games at atlanta and cincy. Hopefully we can split those. could be 6-2 in the first half.

    The second half looks a lot more challenging. At 49er, vs eagles, at queens, then some relief vs rams... then vs GB, AT RAVENS, vs queens and ending at detroit. wow. thats six huge games, say we go 3-3 plus add a win against the rams and detroit and endup 5-3.

    that should be good for 10-11 wins! Sweet. Hopefully it works out like that, or better.

  • In reply to JimmyNewport:

    don't like the idea of playing 49ers or ravens on the road...

  • In reply to JimmyNewport:

    Re: McClover
    The bears must lead the league in roster spots devoted to special teams only players. It's hard to argue with the production since Smith arrived on SP but thus far except for Gould/Maynard they haven't played up to their standards. Time to make a statement versus Det!

  • Let's see. Ya Think Nick Roach will be slightly PUMPED UP when emerging from tunnel to screaming Bears fans on Sunday? Not many players get an opportunity like this. Mike Man on Da Bears. Big up's Jeff for clip on Richard Marvin Butkus. Never tire of seeing No 51. Visited Soldier Field for my first time last season. Seats were on 40 yard line sun side 9 rows from field. Titans won game but I had a major "Get"on bucket list completed. Took my younger brother as well as my son to Chicago and had a blast. Ditka's Cheeseburgers a religious experience! Game had lots of cracking good hits which is what I pay to see. Felt the Ghosts of Halas, Gibron,Piccolo,George,Sprinkle and Luckman. Hope to go back sooner rather than later. Bear Down.

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