New Generation, New Rivalry

Special thanks to BaM for inspiring this post.

Sometimes history stops translating.

While the rivalries between the Red Sox/Yankees, Ohio State/Michigan and Barcelona/Real Madrid seem to only grow stronger with the years, what has happened to the beloved riff between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers? 

Last night, something occurred to me.  I hate the Vikings quarterback far more than Aaron Rodgers.  I hate Adrian Peterson in a way Ryan Grant could only hope to be hated.  If I had to rank the players I hate in the NFC North, we'd be well-into double digits before I reached a Packer.  (I think I already hate Percy Harvin more than Charles Woodson or Al Harris - the two Pack rats I despise.) 

Now maybe it's because of the built-in Packers history of Brett Favre.  Maybe it's because they're the division champions.  But ask yourself this question: if you had to choose one team in the division, outside the Lions, to go 2-0 against and one to go 0-2 against, wouldn't you choose to sweep the Vikings?  And is there any doubt in the world that the Packers would make the same choice, specifically because of #4?

Does that means a century's rivalry has come and gone or is it simply on sabbatical until Favre hangs them up for good?  Whatever the answer may be, there's an unavoidable conclusion for the 2009 season. 

Viking Week will mean a lot more than Packer Week.


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  • First!

    You've just put into writing what I've been thinking for almost 2 years now. I hate purple.

  • I think part of the problem is that rarely have the Bears and Packers been good at the same time...think about it...the last time was probably 2001 when the Packers swept the Bears but had to settle for a wild card birth as the Bears still won the Central. It seems like either both teams suck, or only one of the teams is good almost always.

    Although, seeing that both the Bears and Packers could be good this year...and it would certainly increase the hatred level on the rivalry...yes, I agree that it would feel better to sweep the Vikings. Something about that damn dome, Vikings horn, J Allen, Bobby Wade, Favre, B twice...and even Childress sporting the balding head but face full of beard look. It all annoys me.

    I bet this brings that Dave guy back...

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    Dave... good old dave....

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    Info and updates from cbssports:

    5:21:31 pm DE Israel Idonije (hamstring), LB Jamar Williams (foot), CB Charles Tillman (back) and TE Kellen Davis (lower leg) missed practice. DT Tommie Harris and WR Devin Hester were given the day off to rest.

    5:17:13 pm New CB Rod Hood might also be a suitable replacement if the Bears decide they don't want to keep Nate Vasher as a $28 million backup to Zack Bowman.

    5:15:16 pm The signing of CB Rod Hood leaves questions the Bears' coaches aren't answering right now. For one, does this mean CB Charles Tillman (back) won't be ready for the start of the season? "I

  • Very, very, very confused by this post. Can't imagine anything worse than going 0-2 to the Packers. Vikings are Rival 1B. Choosing between going 0-2 to the Pack or 0-2 to the Vikes? I choose meteor.

  • New rivalry?


    "Let's go hate dem Chick-cago Bears and den ve go to de ice fishin' eh, Oly?"

    "Ya, Sven, I go load up der fishin' shack!"

    I don't know, I think part of what goes into the Bear-Packer rivialry is the Illinois-Wisconsin rivalry. You know, Illinos, "Land of Political Corruption" vs. The "Wisconsin Soviet Socialist Republic".

    However, with recent (obvious) personnel defections, I think will be more likely that the Cheeseheads now hate the Hornheads more than they hate the Bears. Viewing them as accessories to the fraud perpetrated by Narcissus. Being adjacent states you can fuel that rivalry with a Minnesota-Wisconsin thing.

    Speaking of Narcissus, NICE cheap shot on that Houston DB Monday night, Brett. With a little luck, you could have notched a needless-exhibition-game-career-ending-injury on your belt! What a butt-wipe maneuver THAT was!

    Oh, and SPARE us the "I'm playing with maybe a cracked rib".
    What's up with that crap? Establishing an alibi for when Father Time kicks in on your eroded skills again?

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    Way to keep the puns rolling Al!

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    Well Fuck the Queens and the Pack I still think the lions will beat the Queens in week 2 for there 1st win in 2 seasons also a few Packer fans here in carolina they wont shut the fuck up and stop drinkin this PRE season koo-aid about no punts yet for them well whoopidy shit lets get to sunday night!!!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I've had this conversation over and over again with Packer and Bear fans. The conclusion I always come to is that while I don't like the Packers, I respect the hell out of them. A Bears-Packers game is always going to be high intensity and worth watching. At the end of the game, no one has to wonder if anything was held was all left on the field.

    As for Minnesota, it has always been pure hate. I hate a team that plays in the Arctic, yet REFUSES to take advantage of that in its game play. I hate a team that needs, CRAVES media attention, and whose fans bitch when they don't receive it. I hate a team whose fans would hate a man for 17 years, then embrace him with open arms, thereby selling their soul in hopes for a championship. Minnesota is all about flash and what gets it done now. Chicago and Green Bay take pride in doing it the right way, no matter how long it takes.

    That being said, Packer week will still be more important to me. I'd rather beat someone I respect then someone I despise. Beating Green Bay is always at the forefront of my mind every season. Beating Minnesota is an after thought.

    Plus that asshole with the Viking helmet, painted face, chain mail, and pierced nipple JUST PISSES ME OFF. Fuck that guy.

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    Well said.

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    Good stuff, Shady. Thanks!

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    I have actually been thinking this for a while. Where I live and grew up, I get MN media coverage. And by coverage I mean bandwagon cheerleading. To put it in context according to the media in Minnesota the Vikings have been Super Bowl bound since 1987. I'm serious.
    I could tell stories of made up songs including Will Smith's Miami song rewrote to pay homage to the 98 vikings.
    Not to mention the amount of douche bags that have been collected on that team over the years. I mean Chris Carter, Keith Millard, Moss, Hovan, John Randle, Joey Browner, Jarred Allen, and on and on.
    And yes that damn dome. Or "thunder dome," as they call it. The one where they pipe in fake noise, and can't sell it out. (they still haven't sold out a single game yet this year)
    I hate the Queens more than the packers by far.

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    NO WAY would I rather go 2-0 vs the Vikings then 2-0 vs the Packers...what are you, Erik Kramer?

    -So dissapointed...

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    From the "You knew it had to happen" department...

    Bengals #1 draft choice (#6 overall), Andre Smith, ended his 32 day holdout Sunday. Today he suffered a fracture in his right foot during a NON-CONTACT drill.
    Surgery will not be required but he IS expected to miss several weeks.

    That FLUSHING sound you hear is Andre's Smith's rookie season circling the bowl. If you look in there you'll probably see Marvin Lewis' job going down too.

    This guy, Smith, showed up as an out of shape BLOB before FLEEING the rookie combine like a whipped puppy and STILL a team thought he was worth the 6th overall pick in the NFL draft. OH, those FUNNY Bengals.

    Just ANOTHER reason (along with the Eric Crabtrees of the world) to trade those #1 draft picks for proven commodities until the NFL copies the ONLY SMART THING the NBA does and institutes a rookie wage scale.

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    For me it boils down to the fans. I was in Green Bay years ago for a Bears/FudgePackers exhibition. Everyone got hammered and we had a great time. Ever since then I've always wanted to beat them but don't hate them. BiQueens fans are the most obnoxious douchebags on the planet. They're always the greatest and they tell you that shit non stop. I always hope we destroy the Queens and hate their fan base.

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    The Packers and the Bears are kind of like a player's two exes teaming up to beat up the new girlfriend who think she's all that and a bag of chips. Then after the new girlfriend runs away with her tail between her legs we can get back to kicking each other's a$$es. I have this feeling that Favre is going to be a huge letdown. We have four chances to put that guy on his back. Then putting Favre out is just another bragging point for whichever team is successful.

  • I grew up in Chicago during the '86 Superbowl. I moved to Green bay and lived near Lambeau Field and couldn't help becoming a Packer fan during their Superbowl years. I find myself now completely mixed up and loving both teams. But who cares. My experience is having close interactions with the fans of both teams. It has shown me that the hatred has often been one-sided. Wisconsinites are far more hating towards everything Illinois than the other way around. That always made me shiver and bitter towards the unnecessary cruelty of Wisconsinites. But things have definitely changed, starting last year when the Vikings became NFC champs. True, Wisconsinites always hated the Vikings too, but things boiled a little last year. This year, the hatred is off the charts. Key word, as correctly pointed out in the above blog: Brett Favre. It's almost as if Chicago is off the radar now. In reality, it's a close 3-way race for the division between 3 really strong teams, but the rivalry is undoubtedly lop-sided against Vikings. Maybe it's something to do with their fans, which I find are far more cocky about their team's prospects than Packers or Bears fans ever are. I don't see the Prairie Home Companion humbleness in Minnesota Vikings fans that Minnesotans are traditionally cherished for.

  • In reply to cmvortex:

    Wish I could edit: I mean NFC-North Champs, not NFC champs in reference to last year's Vikings.

  • In reply to cmvortex:

    I've always hated the Vikings more than the Packers. I hope the pussy-dome they play in is smeared with purple and yellow after the Bears are done with them. I want Urlacher and Briggs to demolish Peterson. I want Brown and Harris to flatten Favre. I want Hester to burn a zig-zag through the astro-shit they play on. I want their fans to be silenced by the punishment the Bears lay down.

    As for the Packers, well, ditto. But they play outdoors so they get the edge.

    Purple . . . give me a break. Only a four year old girl would think of wearing that uniform in public.

    A dome . . . no wind, no rain, no snow, no sun. No weather means no balls. There's no toughness in that. There's no fun. There's no story. It's a Viking fart-sauna.

  • In reply to cmvortex:

    I've lived in WI for the last 5 years and I can honestly say that Milwaukee has the highest "WI-asshole" index by far...they're the only ones really anti-Illinois and anti-Bear.

    Also, the packers fans view Packer-Bear games as friendly rivalry, while (starting a few years ago when the Viks spiked their chances to go to the post season) they view the Packer-Viking game as WAR. It's all about respect...they respect the Bears and their fans, and think Viking Fans are all assholes and the team i s a bunch of degenerates.

    Hope that helps.

  • In reply to cmvortex:

    Jeff, man. The rivalry is still there. It's just that the Bears have been battling the Packers for 88 years. We both have respect for the other, a child of nearly a century of playing constantly and being of close proximity to one another.

    It's not a rivalry with Vikings. I just plain fucking hate that franchise. Over the years I have come to loath three teams and Minnesota has become one of those that I just plain hate...all the way to the pit of my stomach. They're cocky for no reason. They're assholes. They are media darlings (if I hear another color commentator say, "You just have to admire how Jared Allen's motor never stops running," I'm going to flip shit. Fuck Jared Allen, he's a dirty player). They have a good (not the best) Running Back in football. They seduced Bernard Berrian.

    And now they have Narcissus the Terrible under center. We shouldn't lower ourselves to consider this type a rival. They are an enemy.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:


  • In reply to cmvortex:

    Max, you fool! Berrian didn't go to Minnesota for the money. He went there because he was tired of Chicago's QB carousel. Ha!

    And you're not a fool, Max.

  • In reply to cmvortex:

    Has anybody else noticed how many roughing the passer calls there have been this preseason? Im suprised it is not 2 hand touch on the quarterbacks now.

  • In reply to cmvortex:

    Sorry Guy's, I'll be happy if either the Bears(1st) and if not us then the Packers win the SB. Screw the rest of the teams in the NFL, especially the Vi-Queens. NFC North rules!!

  • In reply to cmvortex:

    I hate both teams equally, but the Vikings have more douchebag players. Jarred Allen tops the list for me. I can't stand that fucking guy. Maybe its because he's really good, or maybe its the stupid the ass hillbilly jibberish that comes out of his mouth, or the dumb look on his face or his flowing mullet, but I wish he would just fuck off. Rodgers, Jennings, Kampman, they all seem like decent dudes, just happened to be drafted by the wrong team.

  • In reply to cmvortex:

    And i'm exremely jelous they got Peterson. Best back in the league hands down. He reminds me of Payton only with breakaway speed and more power. If he remains relatively injury free he can break every rushing record. And it pisses me off he's wearing purple. I would love the guy if he was on any other team.

  • Yarrr matey!

  • "Narcissus The Terrible", Ghost? LOL. I love it!

    Sox,Cubs 2009: R.I.P.

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