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Rick Morrissey Has Become Unreadable
Rick Morrissey wrote, just two weeks ago, that someone needed to tell Jay Cutler to "wise up".  It was an idiotic, knee-jerk response to one ball game and the ensuing press conference.  Now, after two wonderful performances from the future Chicago steakhouse owner, Morrissey isn't saying he was wrong.  He's saying...he was right.  He now believes someone told Cutler to wise up and that is why he's eclipsed the 100 quarterback rating twice and led the Bears on back-to-back game-winning drives.  That's why he's thrown five touchdowns to one interception.  The man who wrote that Cutler's "poor decision-making and the recklessness were nothing new" is now comparing him to Tom Brady.  Rick Morrissey has pulled comparisons to Jay Mariotti but Mariotti - while incorrect and disagreeable often - was never this desperate.

Rod Marinelli...I Like When He Talks
Brad Biggs has a terrific interview with Hot Rod, whose impact on the defensive line has been borderline miraculous.  Brown, Ogunleye and Adams look like forces and Tommie Harris has played better each week.  Best quote:

"It's like I teach them, if you have a sack, let it go. How
many times do you see back-to-back sacks? You don't because the guy is
celebrating and all that, and then you lose that focus for that play.
It's just like a bad play. You have to learn from the experience, learn
how to improve from it and now go. It's hard to do.

"I teach it, I teach it and I teach it. You just have to clean your
mind and go play. As soon as something else is on that mind, you don't
play fast and you don't live fast. I live fast. I don't drag any
baggage with me. My bags are gone. I take them off and go. Drop the
rocks and run. This stuff is too much fun.''

Nothing upsets me more than the rampant celebration that goes on among defenders, especially ours.  Leave that shit to Chad Greenway, Jared Allen and the Vikings - by far the worst perpetrators of this crime in the sport.    


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  • I've never liked Morrissey.

    But, I used to not give a shit. Same with Mariotti. My attitude was that only complete morons would believe such shock jock knee jerk writing and that any real fan would treat it as the tabloid shlock that it is.

    But sadly, and it hurts to say this... but many Bears fans are complete morons. They do believe it, hook, worm, line, bobber, and sinker. + This is true of any major sports team, and it was silly of me to thing we were some sort of exception.

    I think Cutler is enough of a prick (in a good way) to not give a shit and get caught up in it. But, I do think that the Chicago media and their Chicken Little tactics have played a role in some of the legendary busts in this town. I wish that all athletes were strong enough to deal with that level of scrutiny, but sadly, not all talented athletes come equipped. Most of them have been "the man" there entire lives, and then they come here... where it literally takes one bad game for some shitty sportswriter to start trying to convince millions of people that you fucking suck and were a mistake.

    I saw Rex Grossman look like an MVP for the first half of 2006, and then I watched him have a couple bad games, get some bad press, and then look like a scared child with disappointed parents ever since.

    How many other Chicago players fit the profile? Not just football, but think of how many Bulls, Sox, and Cubs have played better in other cities than they did during there time in Chicago (Cedric Benson sure looks good this year ;-)

    I'm depressing myself... I hate Morrissey.

  • In reply to kidronmusic:

    Grossman tanked not because of the media, but because the rest of the NFL realized that he completely lost his cool under heavy blitzing.

    The season that the Bears went to the Super Bowl, his protection was incredible and hardly ever got sacked (partly because opposing defenses were focused on stopping our run game).

    But once the pass rush started, Grossman's face and eyes looked like he had PTSD out there.

  • In reply to kidronmusic:

    I'd be interested in your list of who has performed well outside of Chicago. I've thought about this a lot over the years and speaking as a Bears and Sox fan, that list in my mind is exceedingly small. Wilber Marshall maybe? Ray Durham had a few decent years with the Giants. But by and large, esp with the Bears, guys go elsewhere and do nothing - that's why Benson's resurgence is frankly so surprising. Can't speak for the ex-Cub list though.

  • In reply to tomburg:

    Tom here is a list I can think of off the top of my head: Mike Tomczak, Jim Harbaugh, Doug Flutie, Willie Gault, & Jim McMahon. There have been others too but that is just a quick off the top of my head list/

  • In reply to alott96:

    thanks Al ... but I'd argue that's a list of Bears who left, not a list of Bears who left and did well.

    Enough free time to look this up. Each of those guys - I've added their career best year after leaving Chicago.

    Tomczak - Steelers 1996. As the starter he completed 222 of 401 for 55% with 2767 yards, 15 TDs and 17 INTs. There's not another post-Bears season where you could objectively argue he did well, and the 1996 season was hardly very good.

    Harbaugh - only had one good year post-Chicago, where he was a *this-close* hail mary pass away from taking the Colts to the Super Bowl. He was 200 of 314 in 12 starts for 2,575 yards, 17 TDs and only 5 ints. Not great.

    Doug Flutie - kind of an outlier, because there was no way he was going to go on and have any success post-Bears. He needed that time in the CFL for his confidence. I was at the Redskin/Bear playoff game he started, 1st round in the 1987 playoffs, and he was God-awful.

    Willie Gault had only one year post-Bears that could be called anything but lousy. 50 catches for 985 yards and 3 TDs. WRs with stats like those grew on trees, and no reason to pay top dollar for them.

    McMahon - had several undistinguished seasons with several teams. 4 seasons vie for his best post-Bears, but they're all totally unmemorable.

    So out of that list, I'd argue that you have exactly one decent season from an ex-Bear, offensively anyway.

  • In reply to tomburg:

    Jeff. I stand guilty of allow politics on to Da Bears blog. Major mistake. No more of that I promise. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Bears.

  • In reply to tomburg:

    allowing. Proof read much? da beeaarrrs.

  • In reply to tomburg:

    Did somebody say "Restaurant"?

    The best football-player-turned restaunteur refernce I can recall comes from the best football movie ever made, NORTH DALLAS FORTY.

    Dim bulb, short-tempered, offensive lineman, Joe Bob Priddy
    Bo Svensen), discusses his plans to open a restaurant when he retires with teammate,wise-ass receiver Phil Elliot (Nick Nolte).

    Joe Bob: (Proudly) "I'm gonna call it 'JOE BOB'S FINE FOOD'.

    Phil: (Providing a sub-title) "Eat here or I'll kill ya".

    Whereupon Joe Bob has to be restrained from choking Phil.

  • In reply to tomburg:

    Where's my locker?(Joe Bob Priddy line from ND40 to John Matuszak aka O. W. Shaddock) "Delmer won't take the shot..he don't like needles"(B. A. Strothers)). Great film that stands the test of time. Nolte's face in ND40 vs his face in Tropic Thunder..."Name's 4 Leaf Tayback, I wrote the book"! That face has way too many hard miles on it now.

  • In reply to tomburg:

    I'll grant that Lupica has some talent as a writer, but he sure came across as "holier than thou" a LOT of times when I used to bother to watch THE SPORTS REPORTERS.

    Jay Marriotti's a LOT of things. One of them is a coward.

    When he hosted a radio show, with Sporting News Radio I believe,
    he used to regularly trash Arizona Basketball Coach, Lute Olsen. BTW, Olsen's credits include MULTIPLE Final Fours with Arizona and another while at IOWA and the 1997 NCAA Championship. That is AMAZING being based in Tucson, Arizona, the equivalent of NOWHERESVILLE on the college basketball landscape. So,when Mariotti finally interviews Olsen directly, that little twerp Jay treats him like his long lost Uncle. What happen to all your criticism, Jay, you little chicken.

    Remember all that nonsense about him being afraid to go into one of the lockker rooms in Chicago because of some of the crap he wrote?

    Mariotti was even disliked by his peers and co-workers at the Sun-Times! He and Rick Telander butted heads and renowned film critic, Roger Ebert, wrote a SCATHING column on the occassion of
    Mariotti's resignation from the Times that basically said
    "Don't the the door hit you in the ass on your way out, Jay."

  • In reply to tomburg:

    ER,"Don't LET the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Jay".

  • In reply to kidronmusic:

    For a while, I would read Morrisey simply to see him backp pedl on his ridiculous statements. I just got a kick out of how a professional (cough!) writer could get away with writing something, being completely wrong, then writing another column as if he had never written the previous one. At this point, I am actually boycotting reading at all. Its gotten to the point where I am now insulted by the quality he puts out. As a MAJOR MARKET, we deserve better. The only way to force their hand is to decrease readership. I do appreciate you calling him out, Jeff...and good stuff about can you not like him...he's old school, and we love that mindset here in Chicago.

  • In reply to kidronmusic:

    sorry about the typo...

  • In reply to kidronmusic:

    agree about the sack dances but i do love the simplicity of the Alex Brown Gator Chomp.

  • Let's come up with some names for the Cutler Stek house.

    Firts the meaning:

    The word cutler derives from the Middle English word 'cuteler' and this in turn derives from Old French 'coutelier' which comes from 'coutel'; meaning knife.

    - J-Cut Steak House (too simple?)
    - Cut in Cut out
    - Cutler's
    - Jay's Place (or J's Place)
    - Laser Jay's Fine Cutler House
    - JC's House of Meat
    - The Ultimate Signal Caller
    - General Jay's (where you can order General Jay's Chicken)
    - Jay's Way Fine Cuisine
    - 6 Rules
    - Da Fine Cut House
    - Da Jay Way Inn

    I know I am blithering, just thought I would see if you guyse could come up with something interesting.

    Jeff, being a playwrite and all, you should have some good ideas.

    Go Bears, take down those Lions and here's to hoping that Green Bay wins 3 nothing vs the Vikes in a lame game that they both suck in!!!

  • In reply to shonbear:

    shonbear, I think you already nailed it with "JC's House of Meat".

    I'd eat there.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Not to go "evangelical' or anything but,
    Marinelli gives new meaning to the biblical phrase

    "Thy ROD and thy staff, they comfort me".

    Keep teaching, Coach Rod, because I absolute DETEST "sack dances".

    If the league had dropped a house on Mark Gastineau years ago when he started that crap we'd ALL be better off. It's poor sportsmanship. Period.

    Can you imagine the deadliest pass-rusher in history, Deacon Jones, pulling that garbage? Or Doug Atkins?

    Respect the game!
    Respect your opponent!
    Respect YOURSELF for Crisssake!

    The Vikings were "gifted" a first down Sunday when one of their DBs was flagged for taunting after he broke up a pass. The perceived "taunt" was that he waved his forearm from his chest out, like the signal for illegal motion and he didn't even do it over / at the receiver.

    Well, if THAT'S taunting then let's put Jared Allen's ridiculous 'rodeo sack routine' in the barn for good because THAT is absolute TRASH.

    On a related issue, I'm no fan of TD celebrations either.
    Excuse me, Prnacer, but you only got into the endzone because 10 other guys did THEIR job too!

    I espouse the philosophy of that true NFL Legend, Paul Brown:

    "Act like you've been there before."

    To which I would add "...and act like you'll be there AGAIN."

    Regarding the clueless, Rick Morrisey, Jeff, I think it's time to drop a GODFATHER reference.

    Hyman Roth from GODFATHER II: "He's small potatoes".

  • In reply to shonbear:

    I decided on Prime Cutler's

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    So close Jeff, but the answer is:

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Hester's brief little groove after his TD against the Hags was cute.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Hot Rod from "Dit Riot" Michigan is old school. Never liked sack dance garbage because it screams "Look at Me" BS. Football is a team effort and there's no I in team. Really hope Cutler is in discussions to eventually open Cutler's Prime Steak House away from "Ditka's". 10 years down the road is where Cutler should be thinking if he keeps up current talent display. Wished that Richard Marvin had a Steak joint but he made more greenbacks in Hollywood/TV commercials than he ever made jacking people up. Impressed that Iron Mike has Butkus picture (same size) right next to his picture at his restaurant. Respect! I used to trade email jabs/insult's with Mariotti when he had newspaper jobbie job. He's the Midwestern version of Little Mikey Lupica from NY Daily News. These punks never made any athletic teams during their school years. Team managers maybe but both are weak and worthless(drop and give me 20)Crush the life out of Lions...

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Jersey, I can't agree with the Lupica/Mariotti comparison. Mike Lupica is stylistically one of the best sports writers ever and his ability to encapsulate the tiny moments in a ballgame is pretty terrific. He can be snarky but he's never mean-spirited. He's one of the reasons I became a writer.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    I'm not sure which was more funny to read:

    Marinelli's "drop the rocks and run."


    Shonbear's "JC's house of meat."

    Morrissey? I don't think the columns were THAT ridiculous. Sure the whole post game body language critique is blown way out of proportion, but he makes some good points about Cutler the game manager vs. Cutler the gun-slinger. Obviously Cutler has performed better here as a game manger knowing when to pick his spots to attack a defense, but the question whether he will have the patience to continue to be less agressive and keep his team in games or if he'll revert to the 'ol gun slinging QB he's accustomed to is a good one.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    BDG, did you read that story? It originated from a fan in a parking lot. I can't imagine a scenario that brings Marvin to Chicago.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Mike Lupica is 5foot1 on stilts. Total Geekster who can write. True dat. But he's now branched out to politics which he's clueless about. Mikey. Stick to jock straps bra... Obama asked if Mike would like to caddie for him and Mikey said "yes sir"! Oh, check that, he's 4ft 11. and Barrack Hussien's bag is taller than him so he'll have to ride along in the ball pocket. Bear Down..

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Yeah I don't read any political commentary anymore. He's a damn good sportswriter.

  • I think I am going to start proofing my stuff before my posts.

  • Hatred isn't a good thing to harbor. But I do hate Morrissey. It gets so bad that I have to post comments after his articles. Why ? Why do I read them ? He's like a horrific car accident - you know you shouldn't look but ....

    Totally agree with Marinelli. I can't stand players who run around like children after doing something they're paid to do. Guy makes a tackle for loss. Ructions. Guy sacks the QB. Ecstatic dance. DB bats a ball away. Orgasm. You get PAID to do that ! You should be doing it on every play or thereabouts! Much cooler to pretend like nothing happened. Stroll it in like Walter, chuck the ball to a black'n'white like it ain't no thang.

  • Sports writers write even when they know nothing at all to meet a deadline. I remember when the Bulls drafted Jamal Crawford, one of the major writers for the Trib or Sun-Times wrote a whole piece on how his talent and tools were better than that of MICHAEL JORDAN. (Mariotti maybe, I forget?)

    It's hard to hate any Chicago writer more than Mariotti. And that asshole's ugly mug and voice is on ESPN regularly now. I don't think any sportscaster's face makes me cringe more than seeing Jay.

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