More Thoughts on Last Night

  • The fake punt is arguably the dumbest moment in sports history.  Why? Even if Pat Mannelly thought there were twelve men on the field, the penalty only makes it 4th and 6.  You're still punting.  And I don't understand why he snaps it to Wolfe.  The play starts on the snap.  Send it to the damn punter.  (Side note: why have coaches at all if the long snapper has the ability to do this?  He's on the field 6 times a game!)
  • Jay Cutler and these receivers need to figure something out fast.  Outside of the brilliant play by Jolly, the interceptions involved a quarterback and receiver moving in opposite directions.  The Jackass route at the end of the game was pathetic.  Fix it.  Today.
  • Is everybody still worried about Devin Hester?  Because I'm not.
  • Nathan Vasher didn't fail to cover Greg Jennings on the touchdown.  Nathan Vasher CAN'T cover Greg Jennings.  But while the world kills Vash's work on the play, I ask "where the hell was the safety?"  Lovie can worship at the altar of the Cover 2 all he wants but what good is it if you've got Nathan Vasher man-to-man with an elite receiver with the game on the line?
  • If you've been following this club, the final two minutes were not surprising.  What beat the Bears?  Poor secondary play and inexperience at wide receiver.    


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  • first.... more to come...

  • Short and sweet:

    3 picks and roughly 3 scoring opportunities squandered by picks and we still only lost to Green Bay in the last 1 minute of the game. I'm not worried about the 1st half of the first game, the real Cutler came out in the 2nd and threw passes that Rex and Kyle could never throw.

    Injuries were the back breaker. Oh, and besides Philly, we have THE WORST FANS IN THE LEAGUE. What a bunch of whiney pussies.

  • Terrible news...670 the score in Chicago just reported that Urlacher is likely out for the season. Just fucking spectacular!

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    Out for the year?? I had heard surgery, but not out for the year. Oh my God. It's over if that's true.....

  • In reply to alott96:

    over? over? Nothing is over.(Rambo)

    Just move Briggs over. Roach, HH and Jamar at the outside and bring in Derrick Brooks as a backup. Pisa back in a couple of weeks and we'll be good.

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    I think losing Urlacher is not that big a deal. I just think his best football is way behind him.

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    Boys, the offense will get better. Cutler will bounce back and will show us the goods like he did in the 2nd half. Bennett and Hester will be good receivers and Knox will be a threat to other teams. Must get the ball to Olsen and must run that damn ball!

    Even with Urlacher out we still have good options at LB. Pisa shouldn't be out more than a couple of games as well.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I cannot remember a game where inexperience at WR was so evident. All summer I had been preaching that there are 5-10 elite WRs, and that the rest of them, throughout the league, were a-dime-a-dozen.

    I was wrong....

    ...these guys gotta get on the same page, and quick. Stopping, quitting, and/or giving up on routes is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE! This bullshit happens next week, and JA needs to swallow his pride, and bring in a FA...

    That Mannelly play was god awful. BTW Jeff, he was thinking that if he could catch that 12th man, he could snap it to Garrett, and if by some chance he gets the 1st, they simply wont call the 12th man challenge. It was actually a pretty heads-up idea. He just fucked it up. Big time. In a big time spot of a big time game....

    I'm not sold on our pass rush. Better? Yes, but... GB's RT may be the worst RT i have ever seen play. Wale abused that kid... Lets see how much we get against Pitt...

    as far as the secondary is concerned....

    CORY FUCKING GRAHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What the fuck is Vash doing in that situation!?!?!?!

    ...and why is it that ppl prove themselves on this team (see: Rideau, Graham, Beekman), and get punished..... or cut!!??

    I'm not throwing this team under the bus, but there is A LOT of work to do with the secondary, pass rush, and of course, WRs...

    ...I felt terrible for Jay throughout this game. I'm surprised he didnt lose his composure with our WRs.... Maybe because he was on national TV... but I guarentee that no one, whos job entails catching footballs sat next to him on the way home....

    The Packers are a beatable team. All these analysts can take their piss and puke Kool-Aid, and Rodgers cock out of their mouths...

    They didnt win the game. WE LOST IT.....

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    Last night did not look good, Jeff. I didn't see the earlier picks but the game-clincher was a bad one. Blame the receiver all you want, but I think Cutler should have had the presence of mind to abort the play and look elsewhere. Al Harris was ON TOP that play. Even if the receiver had cut harder and returned toward the ball, I think Harris still would have picked it off. Hell, Harris was IN FRONT of the receiver before the ball was even released! Just a dumb, risky move by Cutler if you ask me.

    Cutler had great protection in Denver. He was second in the entire league in pass attempts and near the bottom in times sacked (11 times all season). He had excellent play-making receivers. He had the green light to throw the ball up 40 times per game.

    Now he doesn't have that line (sacked twice yesterday by a team that finished near the bottom last year in sacks). He doesn't have the receivers. He has a young, promising running back who is often going to be the focal point of the offense. This is all going to require Cutler to be a better manager. He has to play more conservatively, smarter, and execute when necessary. The days of throwing it up Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Javon Walker, Brandon Stokely and Tony Scheffler are gone.

    Yes, yesterday was just one game. Yes, it was the first game of the season. But I saw something in Cutler, and the Bears, yesterday that makes me think, "hmm, this may not work out as well as I initially thought."

    The Packers are a solid team, but not great by any stretch of the imagination. Next week, the Bears face the Steelers at Soldier Field. Forte will have a much harder time running the ball. Cutler needs to be mistake-free in order for them to win the game.

    The big question that needs answering is: Is Jay Cutler a quarterback who can play mistake-free football? Or does he need to be in a high-risk, high-reward gunslinging situation in order to excel?

  • In reply to QueensKid:

    *Absolutely correct*. Blaming the rookie Knox for "Pro Bowl QB" Cutler making the wrong throw is just plain stupid. I'm certainly not in a panic about Cutler, but EVERY SINGLE INT was *his* fault, and he should have had six of them, not four.

    I'm assuming we'll see a better QB next game. In fact, I'm betting on it.

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    I said this before with Rex (and was proven wrong), but you don't expect a guy to throw 3+ picks in a game very often. Let Cutler get his crappiest game behind him now. And honestly, if he throws "only" 3 picks, the Bears still have a good chance of winning the game. So for as bad as it looks to have 4 picks, and as bad as the rapport between QB & WR was, it wasn't as horrible as Rex-Neckbeard-Krenzel-Quinn-Burris-Moreno-Hutchinson... those guys throw 4 picks, you get the feeling they haven't bottomed out. Cutler isn't going to get worse than this.

    And again, honestly, if a guy throws 3+ picks in a game and isn't wearing his emotions on his sleeve, there's something wrong. Farve throws pick after pick and does that "goldang shucks!" face, and everyone just talks about the gunslinger mentality, and what a wily warrior he is. Give Cutler some slack--we demand instant gratification because we've been bereft of a good QB since Kramer, but we have to remember that including Sunday night, he's gotten all of what, maybe 10 quarters of game-speed reps with this offense? And 6 quarters of that was in a "don't show your cards" format in preseason.

    Vasher needs to sit. Whatever the problem with Bowman's hamstring (or Graham) is, the alternative to Vasher can't be worse. Whether Vasher was just a short-term flash, or if his injuries have affected his confidence, he's not getting the job done.

    The big silver lining is absolutely Hester, though. I still think he needs to be returning every punt, and most kickoffs, but the kid's getting better. If I were JA, I'd be looking for a good veteran wideout who I could add to the roster to mentor Hester and speed his development.

    Final note: the fake punt makes no sense. Why do you give that control to Mannelly, even if he is a seasoned vet & special teams captain? He sees too many guys on the field, it takes him a second or two to put his head down and snap the ball--so the extra guy has time to get off the field. Why do a fake, anyway? If the idea is to catch the extra guy and get the penalty, snap it to the punter! You'll get the punt back (and if the return team is in disarray because of the extra man trying to get off the field, maybe Buford booms it and you don't need the penalty. That play was awful.

    The long interception return, the long GB TD pass at the end, the fake punt, and the last interception... take away any of those 4 plays and the Bears probably win. Take away any 2 of those, and the Bears do win.

    So yeah, it sucks to lose to the Cheez-its, and it really sucks to lose 54 for the season, but let's not give up the ship.

  • In reply to IBNO:

    Oh, and before anyone skewers me, I'm overseas and had to get up at 3 am and listen to the game on WBBM streaming audio, so not only am I behind on my normal encyclopedic knowledge of the Bears' roster (i.e., I don't know why Bowman or Graham aren't starting instead of Vasher), but I'm basing a lot of my opinions about the game on what I heard and what I've read--not what I've seen (sadly). I get back to the States 24 hours after the Steelers game, so hopefully I'll come home to a Bears team that's 1-1... which in most people's books, is a pretty good start given the way this year's schedule fell out.

  • In reply to IBNO:

    Agree with all your points there Jeff. Somebody is telling porcupines relating to the brain freeze on 4th and 11, that BS answer just doesn't add up. Yes, Hester looked like a bona fide NFL receiver last night. Cutler is taking too much heat - not just from opposing defenses, but commentators and fans. I'd like to know how many routes were pulled/blown last night and how many dropped balls there were. Cutler had a QB rating of 153 in the 3rd QTR Sunday. Bad QBs don't get QB ratings of 153. Ever. Give the man time and he will turn water into wine. Unfortunately we do not have a line to offer him that time, and mini-me Garret Wolfe who cuts daisies with his 'blocks' is not going to help matters any. Blocking schemes. Protection .... MR. TURNER !! HELLOOOOOOO !!! Now we know why Orlando Pace was really cut.....

    Also not surprised by the last two minutes of the game, in fact I predicted the long TD pass on 3rd and 1 .... because I'm a Bears fan. Sniff.

    Marinelli is definitely as good as advertised. Tommie Harris is finished. Sorry. He is a fat limping waste of space who cannot beat a single blocker.

    I don't see how we beat the Steelers now. Last week, maybe. Now ... no. Polamalu going down gave us a chance, but Cutler will face another stampede next week, and it's tough to run against them. Our tight ends suddenly look lost. It will be a case of shutting their run game down (not too hard - their line is nearly as bad as ours) and leaving Fat Ben Worthlessberger to put up his bricks. At least we're at home, hopefully our replacement 'backers will display some pride and grit.

    When do we ice the Off-Coordinator ? I thought we got off the bus running ? Ron Turner didn't get the memo apparently. Can we do Angelo with the same bullet ? Go Bears.

  • In reply to IBNO:

    By the bye, Green Bay have a great defense this year, that shouldn't be forgotten. Those guys were pretty good. We're in a helluva division that will be tough to get out of.

    But I'm sorry, losing Brian IS bad. There are no upsides. You want a look at the backups, check out pre-season ....

  • In reply to IBNO:

    Your post is just plain dumb talking about taking away one play. Do the Packers get to take away one play too? Maybe they take away the long TD pass to Devin Hester. In that event, the Packers still win.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Nathan Vasher stumbles getting off the bus. It's hard to remember the last time he was any good. Now, one could point out that his decline coincided with his getting a new contract. But I think that is unfair in light of the litany of injuries he's suffered. In any event, with the game on the line there, we need someone else (Bowman?) playing one-on-one with Jennings.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Wrong. Losing Urlacher is a big deal.

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