Listen, It's Week One

I would love to spend the entire day chewing out Jay Cutler for throwing mindless interceptions.  Or Ron Turner for abandoning the run game in a hostile road environment.  Or the offensive line for not blocking.  Or Pat Mannelly for the single stupidest thing I've ever seen done on a football field in a non-motion picture.  But I won't.  Because it's first game of the season.

Were there awful moments last night?  Absolutely.  But they are - with the exception of injuries - fixable.  There were also some terrific moments.  Adewale Ogunleye delivered a performance for the ages.  Devin Hester and Earl Bennett looked like they might develop into a pretty good starting receiving corps.  Kevin Payne and Danieal Manning held the secondary together. 

And that's where the focus should be.  The Bears have six days until the champs come to town and there's no time to dwell on a missed opportunity to win a division road game.  Some games are best moved on from.  Last night was one of them.


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  • Well said. As disappointing as the loss was, I'm not sure I would ever watch the Bears play a game where they were -4 in turnovers but should have won the game.

  • Lets face it guys, Cutler is human. He went into a hostile environment in a primetime game for his first game and stunk it up. This however should not equal panic. It is one game and the guy was obviously nervous. If this becomes a trend then start to worry but at least for the next 2 weeks or so this offensive unit needs to gel. I know it's not what anyone wants to hear because by that time the season could be out of hand but Cutler is going to be great. Mark my words, write it down and rub it in my face if I'm wrong. I'm taking bets Cutler goes for 300+ and 2-3 touchdowns. The promising thing about last night besides Vasher was the defense. I expected the Packers to put up 30+ and march up and down the field. This unit has much improved and I expect good things from them this year. I guess the bottom line is even playing as bad as they did they still found a way to stay in the game and that to me is very encouraging.

  • Just a couple of comments, first i guess that Lovie was right about Marinelli and the oline, It does make the secondary better. Second, we forced no take aways which is totally uncharacteristic of the bears. Third Cutler needs to practice checking the ball down to Forte. Fourth urlacher is going under the knife today to have his wrist surgically repaired today... hopefully he'll be back soon.

  • Jeff, liked your post. sad scenario on the injury front. I do have to disagree about complaining about Ron Turner, I must. I say it every time, when you reqatch the game over and over again, note how much passing verses running. Not extablishing the run so that the play action pass will be respected. Ron's only strategy method is to attempt to get a quick lead on big plays via the pass so then they can run the ball.

    The D failed when it mattered, Vasher, specifically. He had not been having a bad game until that game deciding bad play.

    The receivers were at least half the problem during the int's, making wrong routes, drops etc..., but Jay doesnt want to do dump offs or throw the ball away (hope that's just now)

    Im tired of the excuses, we see this year in and year out. we start every season on the road and rarely break through. Last years story was that how many of these types of games we gave away, 3-4 at my count, 5 if you include the final one that would have put us in the playoffs.


    This was just so disappointing, I had to just go home and leave work after the game and lay down, this is an all too familiar feeling.

    It just makes it more frustrating knowing that we have the talent and between the talent and the coaching it seems to slip away, over and over.

    We are now tied with Detroit and they scored more than we did, almost double.

    Im not giving up hope, this roller coaster always provides some thrills, next week we beat the champs, everybody gets their faith renewed until the next let down of a game that should have been ours. this is how they do it. I love this team, anything you love must always break your heart right.

  • Second repost. The first went into the ether with Jeff's "speechless" thread.

    I felt like there were a lot of positives out there.

    The first is macro - it was obvious from that game that we belonged out there, despite people picking either the Vikings (most) or the Packers (the rest) to win the division, I thought we outplayed them last night despite being in their raucous crib. And despite the opening night jitters of our new franchise QB.

    Before the game started, I turned to my diehard fan son and said, remember, Cutler throws picks. I certainly didn't imagine he'd throw as many as he did, or look as rattled as he did the first half.

    But the second half was MUCH more important than the first - he generally played great in the second half, played like the guy we thought we were getting - until the last drive. And I honestly had not much real hope that he would get it done in the last drive - that's fairy tale stuff, at least considering the obvious work-in-progress we're dealing with in terms of Cutler + inexperienced receivers + new line + no timeouts.

    I thought everyone fought like dogs out there - was especially impressed with GB's ferocity on D - but I was equally impressed with our D! That team was supposed to be an offensive juggernaut - and we SHUT THEM DOWN. That was impressive, and the early returns on the coaching change to Marinelli + Lovie is extremely positive, boding well for the rest of the season - IF bodies hold up, and judging from last night's game, that's a big if.

    The game last night didn't necessarily turn on Cutler's 4 interceptionts - it was a few single individual breakdowns. Mannelly's once-in-a-lifetime game-changing brain cramp - which we will never again see happen on the Bears in our lifetime - Vasher, obviously (and I give credit to most of you on here who noted how bad he's actually become, I was a holdout in believing in him, that's DONE) - change two plays there and it's a different outcome. Frank Omiyale getting schooled ALL GAME LONG. That was ugly, and disappointing. Maybe they go back to Beekman/Garza after that.

    Of greater concern to me was how horrible our receivers were, I saw more drops in one game, SPREAD ALL AROUND, than I remember in any single game. Bennett fixed his deal, played much better in the second half. The tight ends were horrible, mostly Dez Clark. Never seen a worse game by him. Tight ends are supposed to be our strength, the good news is we can pull Dez and have TWO guys to go to. Johnny Knox is exciting, and I'm thrilled that he was out there making plays immediately.

    One game, one loss that was in no way an assured win going in, next game's going to be tough but let's spend the week with Cutler continuing to get in sync with his receivers, especially in teaching them what to do when protection breaks down. Insert Vash's replacement. Get Briggs up and running at mike. Explain to Mannelly that he's an old horse, and could get taken out back and shot, no one would lose any sleep. Get Michael Gaines and Kellen Davis up and running.

    Somebody better wake Matt Forte up and remind him that the season's begun. That's the first bad thing I ever said about him, but he did not look like the MF of last year, or of the preseason. Like he was running in molasses. I understand that the combo of Omi and Kreutz was allowing defenders right up in his grill, but it certainly was strange to see 25 come in there and represent an improvement. I remember no passes to Forte either.

    LOVE the one step drop hitch plays, they worked every time, and in a big way. Didn't really have a big problem with Turner, Cutler was improvising much of the game anyway, way too skittish in the first half but he calmed down.

    I know they are pissed at themselves for losing this one. Come out with the same fire next week and we'll be 1-1.

    BEAR DOWN!!!!

  • Any idea on what play Urlacher hurt his wrist? I'm thinking he broke it in the locker room by punching a wall or something. I don't know why I feel that way it's just weird.

    Anyway, our Oline played better the second half, What changed? Jay seemed a bit more under control as well. I think Jay is going to shine this season and we'll put last night behind us. Jay just tried to damn hard and sometimes you do that you make mistakes.

    The biggest thing that hurt us last night in regards to the season is the injuries. 2 of our 3 starting LBs down. NOT good, but the Bears will step up next weekend. I don't care if they're the champs. NOT IN OUR HOUSE! BEAR DOWN!

  • "Listen, it's week one." ????

    Well, THAT'S a rosy assessment.

    How about "Uh-oh, and it's only week one".

    "Should have won the game" Bear Down?
    Get real: "If 'wishes' and 'buts' were candy and nuts what a wonderful Christmas we'd have". They DID have 4 turnovers and they DID lose BECAUSE of the 4 turnovers and it should be FIVE turnovers because with that ludicrous bonehead brain cramp by Pat Mannelly they TURNED IT OVER on downs.

    As well as the defense played for the most part, and it was nice to see Rogers rattled by our "RUSHMEN" (There, I said it. Nice work Rod Marinelli), the Packers DID NOT turn the ball over.

    Whatever good I saw last night (pass rush, Hester) is being SMOTHERED in the light of day.

    In no particular order:

    1) The offensive line has to BE BETTER.

    2)What part of "Don't stop running your routes" do our receivers not understand?

    3)What part of "Stop rolling right and throwing late back across the middle doesn't Jay Cutler seem to grasp? That is a precription for disaster even if your receivers keep running.

    4)Johnny Knox, you're the fastest guy on the field, DON'T catch the ball and then swerve to the sidleine and step out of bounds! That should have been 6! Also, go re-read point #2, son.

    5) FOURTEEN passes at Earl Bennett and barely a look at Greg Olsen!? Jay, 82 in white PLAYS FOR US!

    Want some MORE good news?

    How long is Uhrlacher out for? I was hoping he'd just have to put the wrist in a club, er, I mean cast and play on butPeter King says he faces possible SURGERY on that wrist and could miss HALF THE SEASON!

    How bad is Tiso's knee? His face on the sideline didn't look like a guy who was coming back anytime soon.

    Well, we all wanted to cut Trumaine McBride anyway...

    Oh, and before anybody gets too giddy over the fact that the Steelers come into this week minus Troy Polamalu, be advised he's missed 8 games in his career and the Steelers are 6-2 without him.
    And THEY aren't just learning the 3-4.

    Look, I already posted that we shouldn't panic if we go 0-2 but I didn't mean we could go 0-2 and come away looking like team TEAM RED CROSS.

    The Bears came away a lot worse off than just 0-1 on the season, in the conference and in the division.

    The offense better get on the same page as a unit AND FAST because they now have to protect the severely wounded defense.

    If you aren't worried this morning, you should be.

  • Jay Cutler has not had a winning season since high school. He is a loser until he proves otherwise and I hope he starts turning it completely around against the Steelers.

  • I don't remember anyone saying Green Bay was a must win. The reason they didn't say that is because it would have been a foolish statement. Now having been beaten by Green Bay, it's also not a season-dooming loss. Losing two LB's including BU, that's big. But I for one felt much better seeing Hunter H trot in there when Tino went down, and Hunter played very well. A linebacking crew of Briggs, Hunter and Nick Roach should do fine - we will, net-net, lose experience but gain some speed.

    We did look like we were not prepared for the 3-4. Hopefully we will be better prepared for next week. Say what you want about all the doom and gloom, we were ahead with a couple minutes to go and still had a chance to win with a minute to go. The Packers are a very good team and despite all the changes we have undergone on our team, we were right there. It's going to take a little bit to get this whole package together - maybe it's going to take the whole season, who knows. But I think it's absolutely ridiculous to decide that Cutler sucks after one sucky performance. Morrisey, are you kidding me? "Good luck with that" he says, referring to Cutler. Moronic.

    Cutler will play better. Whether our receivers can up their play quickly, we'll see. I have high hopes in all three of those starters, and was particularly impressed with Hester in that game.

    Good pointing out on the 14 passes to Bennett deal vs. 1 (or so) to Greg. TE play, now that the perhaps-past-his-prime Dez is out, will be critical to go to. Also, how about some passes to Forte? That worked pretty well last year.

  • there are week 1 games. And then there are week 1 divison games.

    This being a division game its value is much greater then most other games played. To just sweep this under the rug, is to wrongly minimze this games importance

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