Lay Off the Damn Kickers

Being an asshole in post-game press conferences is to the NFL what alcoholism and baldness are to the rest of us: genetically inherited traits.  Jim Mora publicly admonished kicker Olindo Mare in the wake of the Seahawk loss, essentially pinning the entire loss on his kicker.  Today he rescinded that criticism (in a too-little-too-late gesture) and Tom Jackson piled on by raving about the lack of work kickers put in during the week. 

You know what?  Shut up.  Everybody. 

If organizations don't need kickers to kick, let one of the other neanderthals do the work.  Until that happens, they're part of your team and part of the game.  And often they'll have a more direct impact on the outcomes of games than players on the bottom half of a roster.  I'd much rather have a great Robbie Gould than a great nickel corner, wouldn't you?  Ask the Patriots how many Super Bowls they won because of their kicker.  Ask the Giants how much Larry Tynes meant to their championship run.  Kickers shouldn't run their mouth or act like morons on the field, I understand that.  But I don't need a head coach who has only won three more games than he's lost running his mouth either.

And really, Jim Mora?  You don't criticize the two defenders who missed tackling Devin Hester on the game-winning touchdown?  You don't blame a ridiculously moronic throw by Seneca Wallace into the arms of Lance Briggs on the game's most important play?  No.  Of course you don't.  Because kickers are the easy target.  Kicking field goals is the only identifiably solitary action in the sport.  It's one man, a ball and a giant yellow thing.  Mora thinks he's being a tough coach but he's really being a counter-productive bully. Comments like his actually add pressure to the act by further isolating the individual from his teammates. 

If you don't want to deal with field goal kickers, score touchdowns.  Simple as that.  Score touchdowns and you'll never need the kicker to kick.  Or is that deficiency the kicker's fault too? 


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  • Kickers are easy targets. That's because most place kickers are kind of wierd guys. Punters are good guys, but kickers have strange habits a lot of times.

    And the fact that they're on the field for about 3% of playing time does make them seem as though they are not really part of the team.

  • Good point, Jeff.

    Mr.Mora Jr. was WAY out of line. What's the matter, Junior, couldn't you find a small child to berate?

    Hey, little Jimmy, your guy kicked FOUR! Including the one that gave you a 4th quarter lead your defense couldn't wait to gack up. Don't you think the ridiculous interception your QB coughed up had a little comething to do with the outcome, little Jimmy? Or how about your $40 millinon dollar receiver, Mr. "Watch me run my mouth all week and then spit up all over myself when it's game time" TJ HushYourMouthUp?
    If kicking is so easy, little Jimmy, let's see you boot one thru.

    Let's take a poll: How many think Jimmy Mora, Jr. is a an NFL head Coach if his DADDY never was?

  • Mora might as well have blamed the loss on the neon green uniforms. I think their marketing department got confused, and instead of designing clothing for the Seattle Seahawks, they designed uniforms for the Seattle Sea Cocks, a future gay bar (not that there's anything wrong with that).

    Under normal or dim (bar?) lighting, the uniforms wouldn't look so bad....but in the bright sunlight on HDTV for 3 hours yesterday, that color caused brain damage to my visual cortex.

    It's like staring at a NEON GREEN SUN for 3 hours.

  • None of that on the field Detroit.

  • Hey Jim, best of luck finding a decent kicker who's willing to work for you. Might not have wanted to burn that bridge quite so quickly. That may have been the logic behind the rescinding today.

  • off topic, but jim mcmahon is my hero.

  • (on a youtube Bears fix....bear with me)

    a vintage film on dick butkus (gave me a woody....can't even lie):

    favorite quote: "[butkus] would take the ball out of the guy's hands [after the play was over] and shake it at the ref's face. the ref would point which way the team was was awesome."

    the guy that said it? a baltimore colts player. wow.

  • OK I wont repost about my rant on Benson's production on another team with a different offensive coordinator and better apparent blocking scheme, as you may know Kentucky I responded to you. I know the diehards go back and read all the posts anyways, or is that just me?

    Anybody find it interesting that maybe its the first time in NFL history that we have seven 3-0 teams and seven 0-3 teams. Paroday is a good thing. Robbie Gould rules and Mora will never be a head coach again, at least not of an NFL team.

    I want to re-iterate that we need a Hot Rod Mar to get improvement out of the offensive line. Who would be considered a guy like him on the offensive side of the ball?

    Any predictions on our next games productivity in front of the home fans?

    Go Bears!

  • I completely agree. Tom Jackson was acting like a dumbass meathead yesterday, which isn't usually like him, in defending Mora's actions because kickers don't put in as much work. Uh, what else are kickers supposed to do at practice? Form tackling? Yeah, the kicker blew two kicks...but your football team also blew a game where you led 13-0 at home against a very flat Bears team, injuries or not. In Mora's defense, I think it has to be hard giving a press conference after a tough loss like that. Emotions are high, and sometimes, coaches probably go a little farther than they want to. Regardless, he better be singing the kicker's praises if he wins a game for them in the near future.

  • I think you guys are missing the point on our run blocking. Everyone's hating on Omi. I believe if you watch our run plays we go right significantly more than we go left (most teams do). Our run blocking has sucked for the last 3 years. What has not changed on our line over that period? Olin Kreutz at center and Roberto Garza at right guard. Those guys are BOTH a liability in run blocking.

    We need Beekman in there, in either position. Kreutz has looked TERRIBLE in the first three games at run blocking - once again he's either on his ass or standing around watching (pass blocking has been pretty good, not great - our QB just does much better than previous ones with "just okay" pass blocking).

    Is Harry Hiestand still running the Oline on this team? Can I get a "Step into my office, you're f'ing fired"? I know that the continuity of the Oline is a well-known sacred cow in the NFL. But can we have Da Coaches watch a little game film and make some needed changes?

    We have one line coach who's doing a Pro Bowl caliber coaching effort and one who needs to be doing something else. Thank God you're here Rod. We love you, you have revitalized our line.

    We survived some pretty bad coaching calls out there on Sunday. Let's hope that's an aberration - I actually have hope in Turner this year, I believe that he will improve and not make those same calls. Lovie, if that 53 yard field goal was your call, shame on you!

    I too apologize to Devin Hester. He has some UNBELIEVABLE hands - they rival young Mr. Knox - picks up balls inches from the turf and feet above his head. LOVE the fact that he was the little voice needling Cutler - "get me the ball, I've got these guys, get me the ball" - now THAT is sounding like a #1 receiver!

    Agree on being perplexed as to why Kellen Davis was not out there after his performance in Game 2.

    Sunday was the perfect example of what happens when you overlook a team. Seneca Wallace was damn good out there - I think he was harder for us to defend than a healthy Hasselback would have been. Very good QB - I'd take him as a backup in a second. They have very good receivers on that team, and Julius Jones is a very good running back. They looked much better in the first half than in the second though, and that's a trend I'm okay with. Defense came on, and turnovers continued - reversing last year's horrible trend.

    Let's not overlook the Lions, okay? Let's treat every single opponent as if they were last year's Super Bowl winner - if we have any aspirations of doing things in the Second Season, it's going to require supreme focus and effort EVERY WEEK.

    Let's make it 3-1!!!
    Bear Down!!!!

  • Regarding erstwhile Dnever O-line coach, Alex Gibbs. It should be noted that during his tenure, the reputation of the Bronoco line was almost universally described as "dirty".

  • I'd rather be know for being a little dirty then a little soft.

  • Great post Jeff. Youre 100% right about that...Mora fails to mention that on back to back plays (the TD and subsequent 2 pt conversion) his corners ran DIRECTLY INTO EACH OTHER. And the kicker made a couple tough Fg's? Like you said, if they are so irrelevant, go for it on 4th downs and every 2 point conversion, like that one asshole friend that everyone has that does that while playing Madden. God, I hate that.

  • Gibbs practically invented the leg whip at coaching stints in Denver(2) Hot-lanta and now Texans. But Bears have Rod M and that favors us. D-Line is improved and getting better because they know Lack is no longer behind them. Let's face it, we're without franchise face for this year so other players have and will continue to step up. Nice to see Nick Roach make the most of his time on field. Kid hits hard and that's 3/4 of the battle in NFL. Think that being in Mora family means you have to say stupid things in order to get Beer commercial down the road after coaching is over. Playoffs?
    Who could not win with Payton Manning at QB? Mora. SeaGull kicker is now toast for rest of year(if he's not cut). Way to go Mora jr. Robbie Gold is All-Pro 1st team. Just use him inside of 50 and Bears will win more games than not. Lions and Bears Oh My! Think Marinelli will be a little pumped up for this one? Prediction 5 sacks minimum...

  • Im gonna start the Nick Roach fan patrol...Im not gonna lie, I think we are a better defense without Hunter.

    I didnt succesfully lobby for Corey Graham, so Im shifting my focus to Roach instead of Hunter.. Am I way off on this?

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I think you're off on this. We will need Hunter AND Nick before the season is over.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    DM. Lovie's approach is that if you win job in training camp, injury won't lose it for you. Vets play into this philosophy around the NFL."Not For Long" motto though should also apply. Games are where coaches find out if a player has "It". Roach has it over HH for me because hit seeks big hits and is cat quick. HH is, how should I put this, a smart player. Mike position on Bears requires intelligence, speed and muscle to be successful. Nick Roach shows up on camera because he be has these skills. But watch out. Kellen Davis showed up on camera against Steelers and Turner lost him at Sea-Tac airport for SeaGulls game. HH and everybody else on this squad will need to step up when their number is called. Injuries happen every week in NFL and so far Bears are doing better than (dare I say it) The Steelers with replacements. Oh, how bout the 40 inch vert HotLava used to break up pass down sideline on Wallace toss. Loved Mikey Brown put Lava is bringing it so far. Bear Down..

  • In reply to Dmband:

    My sentence structure. Has been poor, recently. Bear with me ok thanks.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    It's a song I have sung before, but Lovie's personnel decisions have and often mystified and annoyed me and still do.

    Best example (And one I know Jeff has cited): All the time Alex Brown spent on the bench last season. THAT move DEFIES explanation.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    On a lighter note..

    Guess who is taking heat for loafing on a pass route? None other than good old Muhsin Muhammed!

    The Monday night crew was on him for making little or no effort to break up a pass that wound up an INT and the criticism continues today on the talk shows.

    Yeah, we sure miss you in Chicago, Moose.

  • In reply to Dmband:


    I can understand the unspoken rule of "not losing your job to injury"...but mine was more of a question of shouldnt it have been Roach's job in the first place. Obviously, Roach will have to have sustained success in this league before a decision is made but I'd like to see him get another shot this week. And yes, the Bears have done a great job thus far of overcoming injury...

    It has been interesting to see the rest of the world (non Bears fans) catch up on Briggs. Everyone else is finally seeing what we've all known for the last few years. He is one hell of a player. He has also put to bed the "Pippen-esque" comparison's that were unfairly dropped in his lap...

  • In reply to Dmband:

    DM. Agree totally.

  • Z, the Denver line was /is known for being dirty.
    Not "a little dirty".
    Just dirty.
    I would say it's akin to being "a little prgenant"
    or "a little dishonest".

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Touche Albert.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Think we're wearing our neon orange for Browns game Nov 1. Cleveland uni's are the most boring in the NFL. Having worked with NFL licensing department, I know all too well about moving as many colors as a team can for the almighty greenback. Always preferred our darker color blue over any other color. It was almost black to naked eye. Orange does not fit franchise scheme. Won't be purchasing any Bears stuff with that color. Yuck...

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    You are truly a breath of fresh air Jeff. Enough of the regurgitated dribble. Great point and great blog.

  • Dmband, The Trib's Dan Pompeii has your back...,0,3110406.column

  • Hey alright Pompeii...thats what Im saying...

    He's just faster, and more of a pure athlete. My guess is Lovie and company use the "lets not rush him back" philosophy to give Roach a chance to really make some waves this week...

  • dmband, there's no question about it. the linebacking corps is strongest with nick roach in the middle.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    agreed Dmband and Jeff, no way HH makes that play at the end of the game on Julius or on Seneca in the endzone. I love HH's heart but I like Roach at the Mike, Jamar and Briggs on the outside and Pisa suited up but resting that knee against Detroit.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:


    I guess that begs the question, why did Hunter get the nod in the first place...I understand that MLB is the "quarterback" of the defense...did they just feel more comfortable with Hunter b/c he has had considerably more tick than Roach? My take is, put your 3 best linebackers out there....

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Dickerson too.

    I just hope that Lovie saw what everyone else has seen.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    If you look at the recent history, they are not going to give roach the starting job for one good game. HH will have to lose his starting job first, and its not gonna happen.Unless he is hurt for at least a few games.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    See thats frustrating to me. Im not saying Hunter is not decent, but I think this is a situation where you clearly have a better, younger, faster player. Why does an average veteran have to lose his job (in the process, could potentially cost us a game, big play, whatever). This isnt about hurting feelings, its about winning games. I think you are right, that has been the case in the past though.

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