Jones Done for Season. Rideau Released.

Brad Biggs seems to have the best sources inside Halas Hall, as he's been on top of each cut as they happen.  Not surprisingly, he's also reporting that Kevin Jones is done for the year. Here is the list of cuts thus far:

G Dan Buenning
C Donovan Raiola
FB Jason Davis
DE Joe Clermond
WR Eric Peterman
CB Rod Hood
WR Brandon Rideau
LB Kevin Malast
LB Darrell McClover
LB Mike Rivera
LB Marcus Freeman
FB Will Ta'ufo'ou
CB Woodny Turenne
CB Rudy Burgess
CB Marcus Hamilton
CB Dahna Deleston

I will update as Biggs and company do.

Update 7:20 PM - So the Bears are keeping 11 defensive backs, 6 linebackers, 3 specials, 2 quarterbacks, 3 running backs, 1 fullback, 6 receivers.  Assuming 4 tight ends is 36.  That leaves 17 spots. 

That leaves room for 8 offensive linemen and 9 defensive linemen.  Is Lance Louis on the team?  Will the Bears keep Matt Toeaina or Henry Melton?      

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  • first?

  • Hmmm. soo much for Hood, nice one game audition. Also feel bad for Rideau... back to the practice squad? Guess DA and Davis make the cut.

  • I have to assume the receivers are Hester, Bennett, DA, Davis, Iglesias, Knox.

    Do they keep Gaines as the fourth tight end? Do they keep Lance Louis? If they keep Louis and Shaffer, are they confident in Beekman as he only backup guard?

  • surprised by hood but pleased. didnt expect McClover either but less pleased. Bummer about Rideau

  • wow. thats a shame, and I think a major loss for this season. If Forte gets banged up are you happy with AP? I'm not.

  • i'm thinking we make a play for another running back and then work the guy in over a couple of games. I don't feel comfortable with GW and AP as the backups. This is the year damnit and we can't let anything get in the way of that.

  • This is what I been waiting on Packer Week started last night at the final buzzer.
    Thank to everybody on here for getting me through the summer with all the posts.
    Well K Jones is done,I really wanted to see him spell Forte this year.

  • Man tough break for Rideau,I thought this was his last best chance to make the team.I don't know what about his play that the Bears don't like.But back to practice squad again has to be tough.

  • Shit. Losing Jones sucks, especially on such an unnecessary play. That's football though and every team has injuries. Might have to consider picking someone up...we'll see.

    Sucks for Rideau...I'm fine with the receivers that are staying, personally.

  • Sorry. We saw the AP / Garrett Wolfe backing up Double-Deuce Show LAST year. I have to believe Jerry Angelo is perusing the wires for a back.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I'm sure Jerry will do his due diligence in the RB market, but I feel as though this makes it easier to keep 4 TEs. Gaines might have won himself a roster spot last night. Lance Louis will probably move to guard and back up Omiyale while Beekman backs up Kreutz and Garza. I'm a bit surprised they decided to keep Louis on the roster while letting Buenning go, maybe the Bears liked what they saw in preseason (mobility and pass blocking ability) and thought he wouldn't last on the PS. But more cuts to come and I'll be rooting for him, big Toe and The big Tofu.

  • I hate to say it, but it's clear Jones is Mr. Glass and we just have to face that his career was done before we ever picked him up. I believe that every bears fan, including myself, was holding on to our memories of him on the lions, because when I really think about it, I can't think of any thing he has clearly done in a bears uniform to warrant the confidence we have placed in him.

  • Narcissus has been fined $10K for his cheap shot Monday night.

    To which I say, "Bull----!" You're lucky, Brett. Commissioner Albert would have suspended his ass for game 1.

    No, not becuase he's Narcissus and we're tired of his act, but because he's a Quarterback.

    The NFL has bent over backwards, no, done a COMPLETE FREAKIN' BACK FLIP to protect the QBs in the league. I applaud the effort. The NFL DOES NOT WORK without capable QBs. We on this blog know that as well as any set of fans in the league.

    "Goonball" defenders (Can you say "Tony Siraguasa"?) are a dime a dozen. Shake a tree and a dozen of them fall out of it but you are lucky if one decent, let alone good, QB falls out. That being said, if the league is going to be what many consider OVERLY protective of their Quaterbacks, then it should be implicit that those QBs can never, EVER... BUT EVER, take the kind of free shot that Brett Favre administered.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    It's kinda funny, I used to hate Favre because he was so great. Now I hate him for who he has become as a person.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Brandon Rideau is the new Mike Hass (who is currently in Seattle by the way).

  • That's a good point about Cutler making it easier on the RBs. It's time to let Wolfe prove he was worth a 3rd rd. pick and let Adrian Peterson punish defenses for every yard late in the game.

  • In reply to Shady:

    How ridiculous. Does no one remember the 2007 disaster when Benson went down and Peterson was our full time "back"? He sucked to the tune of something like 2.7 YPC. Peterson is a special teams player that happens to be a third RB. We are in serious trouble if Forte goes down.

  • In reply to illinikc33:

    Do you remember the disaster in 2007 when we had no QB and no offensive line?

  • In reply to Shady:

    Dude . . . last year = 2007. Look what a real RB did. The slathering over Peterson is completely undeserving---if he was any good, we wouldn't have gone out and gotten Jones in the first place.

  • In reply to illinikc33:

    Last year does NOT equal 2007. Last year AP averaged 5 YPC my friend. I'm not proclaiming AP to be one of the best backups in the NFL, but why add another RB when you could use that spot for a position you might actually need more depth in, like the secondary. Now yes, if Forte were to go down to injury (God forbid) the Bears could seriously consider adding another RB.

  • In reply to illinikc33:

    Jamaal Lewis, Warrick Dunn, TJ Duckett, maybe Rudi Johnson--I'd feel better with any of these guys backing up #22. AP's YPC stats from last year are deceptive because of a few long runs. Neither he nor Wolfe are guys who can sub for Forte for a series and still allow the offense to function at a high level. At least with one of those veterans, defenses won't be able to discount the run.

    Getting Garcia might be a good move, though honestly, if Cutler goes down, so does the season. I like Hanie, and think he could probably mature into a good QB, but for better or for worse, the championship hopes of this team ride on #6. Garcia won't change that.

    Any veteran safety help would be great. FS is a big problem right now--not from a talent perspective, but from a know-how perspective. So adding a veteran safety like Francisco could stabilize the DB corps--important, given how up-in-the-air it's been.

    Lance Louis isn't going to be back-doored to the practice squad. Too many teams have noticed that he was a draft steal, and he wouldn't last on the waiver wire. Gaines will.

    Take a look at what Jax did to Cleveland, stealing a draft pick from them, and you'll see that teams are very interested in picking off diamonds in the rough.

  • Well, that tears it. I was a big supporter of Kevin Jones, but I think they should cut him, because he has not only taken up residence on Mike Brown Blvd., but has become one of the neighborhood developers. A glance at the current free agent market reveals Rudi Johnson and Warrick Dunn. Neither are thrilling, but we have got to get Forte off the field and have positive run plays at the same time and I doubt whether backups with nicknames like "The Other" and "Hungry like a" can get that done.

    Anybody know what was up with Rod Hood?

  • Bears to keep 11 defensive backs on 53. Josh Bullocks, Trumaine McBride are safe. Close call with Craig Steltz.

    Keeping the updates above.

  • FB Will Ta'ufo'ou -(I was kind of hoping to see McKie here instead)
    CB Woodny Turenne - Not surprising
    CB Rudy Burgess - Not surprising
    CB Marcus Hamilton - Should have happened last year after the ATL game.
    CB Dahna Deleston - Who?

  • What about T.J Duckett to replace KJ? He's a free agent, gives the Bears something they don't have right now (goal-line back), and has been well above average in his time in the league.

  • Five more guys have to go. Basanez is one. No announcements yet made about defensive linemen.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I'll guess:

    Asiata, Johan * 62 G 6-4 300 UNLV R 23

    Basanez, Brett 14 QB 6-1 208 Northwestern 2 26

    Balogh, Cody 79 T 6-6 303 Montana 1 23

    Baldwin, Ervin 99 DE 6-2 260 Michigan State 2 23


    Louis, Lance * 60 G 6-3 305 San Diego State R 24

  • No. Simply put, I believe Angelo didn't (and still doesn't) want to admit that he made a huge mistake wasting a 3rd round pick on Wolfe, who is nothing more than a glorified special teams player, like Peterson. In my opinion, AP should be our 3rd running back option, and Wolfe should be cut; there is simply no place for him on this (or any) NFL team. Now that Jones is gone, I really believe we have a problem at RB.

  • Buffalo just released Dominic Rhodes.

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