Go Dark, Young Man

I watched the entirety of Jay Cutler's postgame press conference, which has apparently drawn the ire of a few former coaches/friends of Lovie Smith.  What I saw was a player terribly disappointed in his poor play but by no means defeated by the experience.  I saw a player who knows enough not to put an entire season's stock in a game one performance.  I didn't see an "immature" individual who "didn't care" about his team's loss.  But then again, I'm not Mike Martz.

Mike Martz is a douchebag but he has a long history of being a firm judge of character.  Oh wait...no he doesn't.  The St. Louis-based website Dump Martz! tracked Martz' unwavering support for Leonard Little throughout his DUI arrest in 2004.  Why is this important?  Because Little killed a woman while driving drunk six years earlier.  So let's summarize.  Mike Martz does not like it if you don't show faux-sadness in a press conference.  He does like it if you're a completely evil fuck. 

Jay Cutler is an easy target for sports writers and television pundits because he's not charming.  He's not easygoing.  Peyton Manning and Brett Favre are what these kinds of guys fall in love with as they project a perfect combination of bullshit coachspeak ("It's about those blah blah blah in the locker room") and Aw Shucksiness.  Don't discount their conservative southern demeanors and family-first lifestyles either.

What should Jay do?  He should cut off the media entirely.  No more press conferences, interviews, sound bites...etc.  Go dark.  Just win ballgames.  These non-stories will continue to be stories if he allows bloated, white men to interpret his body language.  Go dark.  Win ballgames. 

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  • "You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't please the media at anytime." - Abraham in Tucson

  • 1st. and i TOALLY agree. mike martz is the same guy that lost a SB to a team he should've beaten by 30...clown ass dude. now I won't say Leonard Little is an evil dude, but seriously? Mike Martz backs this dude just becase he can move a OG and OT out the way? yea ok...loser ass Martz.

  • damn you al!!!!!

  • Yea fuck Martz. Talk about over rated coaches. The guy cant even hold down a coordinator job anymore.

    Disagree, jay can't go dark. I need the interviews and I don't do twitter.

  • I give a rat'a ass if Cutler goes dark or if he sings like a bird to the media, what he NEEDS to do is quit thowing those freakin pics!

  • I've been drowning in a bottle of my kick ass red since the game Sunday night so i haven't been on this site since. I'm caught up now, and i'm glad Jeff posted that last one. End the mourning, the season has just begun. After one loss, and a close one at that, it would appear that the sky has fallen from reading most comments. The sky has not fallen, the season is young and this bears team is still good. I for one fully expect JC to come out with something to prove and play a great game on sunday. A great man and an excelent dancer once said, have a little patience, and that man was Axel Rose....Bear the fuck down!!

  • this may have gotten looked over, but my analysis on the whole thing:

    Chicago - 11th on offense (tied for 15th in rushing, 10th in passing) and 5th on defense (11th in rushing, 6th in passing).

    Green Bay - 28th on offense (22nd in rushing, 27th in passing) and 22nd in defense (tied for 15th in rushing, 23rd in passing).

    now what does this all mean? Chicago (without a doubt) played one of the shittiest games i've seen in a while and STILL are a force to be reckoned with on all sides of the ball. Jay Cutler had a shitty fuckin' game and still is 10th in the league in passing. Bears went away from the run and is still in the middle of the pack in rushing. GB played a better game on all fronts and what do they have to show for it? A win, but shitty fuckin' numbers. Going forward, I'll take my Bears (oh and we will hear about Hunter Hillenmeyer....dude is a solid solid MLB that is more than capable of doing the job). The whole NFL needs to be on notice right about now....starting with the Steelers.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    I know I'm not helping...but stats mean squat in division rivalries.

  • In reply to RodgerRodger:

    didn't say anything about division rivalries....this was meant more for going forward

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    Y'know what ? Until the Packer's last offensive play, we were in front. If Payne did his job to come over and help Useless, we're whooping it up about our great victory over the Packers. Now all we need to do is sign Ben Grimm to replace Urlacher....

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    I know this thread is a bit stale, but things happen that make you understand why the players like Lovie so much. From "Smith responds to Cutler's critics" section of http://www.chicagobears.com/news/NewsStory.asp?story_id=6113

    "I looked at Jay

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    I am dismayed at all the coaches and media with their criticisms. It is clear that jay cutler is the story of the NFL off season, since fagre went to Minnesota, johnny come lately and that story was played out when he weent to the jets last year. jay is the new story or contraversy that everybod wants to bring up. If he plays bad they are looking for funny faces and read between the line invisible comments, if he plays well then they just brush over it and move onto the vikings, patriots,dallas or colts stories. These guys are nothing but shock jocks trying to be contraversial and get ratings through their negativity. Jay didnt do anything that wrong wanting to leave a coach that he couldnt trust and he has been nothing less than spectacular with interviews and comments. a fopaw here and there is nothing. I think this guy is awesome, my hope is that the constant need for the media to use him as their scapegoat for their blitherings to get attention will do nothing but motivate him to prove them wrong. you sure as hell didnt see this kind of attention going on the manning name when he refused to go to san diego, because that was manning, father included. the media all just wanted to suck his member and keep the watch for him to become potentially better than his brother, won't happen. they were majorly reluctant to put any pressure on him when he was sucking as bad as Rex, so he suddenly goes on a road winning streak that carries them into a super bowl victory mosly on defense, one good drive, one lucky catch and that guy doesnt even play for the team anymore.

    My point is, the way he handles this scrutiny may be a determining factor. I personally don't think he will crumble, I hope he flips them the bird with his success.

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    Couldn't agree more. Jimmy Mac looked like a dick with the attitude he presented, but I was young and I lapped it up. I knew the team came first with Mac. I couldn't give a f**k who he offended or what he said as long as threw a quick three TDs to get my team back from a deficit ran off the field and climbed Mt. Everest. Cutler, Ditto. He had a rough initiation to his Bear's career. He cares. Of course he cares. What kind of robot wouldn't care about losing in the oldest rivalry in football ? Something tells me (after next) week, we won't see that from Cutler again. Once his receivers get their fingers out of their jaxies and give him some kind of chance - where were the hot routes ? - once the line gives him some kind of protection he'll prove that he was a victim of circumstance on Sunday night.

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    What Martz giveth he taketh away. I saw a clip on NFL.com where Martz pointed out that 3 of the 4 ints were the fault of the receivers. I guess that was before he reviewed his press conference.

    Its also amusing to see Mora rip somebody for a bad press conference.

    I don't think Jay should go dark, I think he should, from here on out, do his best Lovie impersonation.

    I want to here answers like:

    "We all need to step it up. And we'll go from there..."

    "Devin's a good receiver. Earl's a good receiver. Johnny's a good receiver. We'll go from there"

    That would drive the Chicago press bat shit insane.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    I think the pics were more Jay's fault as well, especially the last one, so sick of hearing people blame Knox. Ask yourself this, why with 1:10 left in the game and 0 timeouts would you have done anything but try to get toward a sideline or deep down the field as a WR even in a hot situation, what good is 4 yards in the middle of the field gonna do at that point but burn 10 - 15 seconds off the clock and put you in second down maybe third if you apike it, if Jay read hot he should have just thrown it too deep for anyone but maybe Knox to throw it away and have take 2; no reason in that scenario to waste valuable time for a 4 yard slant.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    It seems as though Mike Martz and Co. are actually criticizing this kid for not balling and declaring that the season is over and that he should be replaced by Caleb Hanie.

    Are you serious? Surely the football media community is playing a extensive practical joke.

    The post-game Jay Cutler I saw was just Jay Cutler. The man. The guy who just lost the Chicago Bears their Week 1 opener agains their arch-rival. He wasn't going to bullshit us. He wasn't going to shift blame, accept blame, or apologize. He said very matter-of-factly that "we" [the offense] made mistakes that need to be corrected and they will be corrected. The media constantly criticizes him because he does not abound in soundbites.

    Take Jim Mora for example. He is worshipped at the NFL Network. Why? He is famous for two and only two things: drafting Peyton Manning and "Playoffs? Playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs?" Sound bites go a long way.

    I don't know YET, but I would imagine that Jay would look and act the exact same way after a Bears victory. 'Yeah, we won. It was nice. We need to work on X, Y, and Z.' As long as this guy is in the league he is going to be scorned by idiots like Mike Martz.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    I think Martz and Dungy are basically calling out Cutler for "forcing" a trade. That's what they have against him. (I say "forcing" in quotes because they should have told him no.) Though the Denver coach is raw and young, maybe there is a sort of players vs coaches mentaility going on in their criticism of Jay.

  • Cutler's gunslinger mentality totally prevents him from appreciating the damage a turnover does to the team. If Lovie is worthy of being the Bears coach, he will straighten his young QB out and quickly. At least Grossman KNEW his pics were damaging, he just couldn't help throwing them. He is short, slow, has no moves in the pocket and prone to panick induced braincramps, so balls were often sent flying without much thought. But Cutler doesn't have those limitations, even when he is running for his life he seems to always be in control, AND HE STILL THROWS PICS! He just doesn't care about the damage as much as he should. Fix that Lovie! I'll bet Da Coach would!

  • Your damn right i would! But never compare Jay Cut to Rex again! He needs to reel it in a little, but now with Urlacher out more than before, we need Jay to chuck the ball around and score some points...Now go to one of my fine resturnts.

  • And I want to say something about the Urlacher debate, (scratch or gash?), I think it is a gash. 54 is big AND fast. I was never on a b-ball team above Jr. varsity at Chicago Circle, but I was fast at 6'2 180. And it always intimidated me when someone was bigger AND faster than me. Urlacher makes a lot of players IN THE NFL feel that way. He can cover more ground and bring more wood when he gets there than ANY body else in the league! Sure he has not been what he once was, but this year he was looking more like the old Brian. His hit on Rodgers a prime example. He will be sorely misssed. But we are deep at LB so Jeff has a point, (we can still do this).

  • I would argue with Jeff that Urlacher is a hall of famer. He's been in the league 10 years, well 9 and a game, but list 5 lbs better.

  • I'm hoping we pick up Hank Baskett - dude's tall, a ST stud, and depending on how long DA is out (week-to-week?), he'd fill that spot in the WR rotation.
    We need to backstop the ST slots for the two LBs that are moving into starting defensive spots. Hunter and Nick Roach can't be playing every ST snap. And we frankly need the help at WR...hell, cut Hands and bring Baskett on. Instant upgrade.
    I'd like to add that I'm happy I didn't order a custom Afalava jersey before the regular season or I would've had some 'splaining to do.

  • Oh yeah, Mike Martz can polish a knob for all I care - bitter old bastard.

  • The highest fences that we climb are the ones we build inside our minds.

  • In reply to RodgerRodger:

    Words of encouragement for Cutler. Even though he is the enemy. What good can you possibly be if your enemies don't test you?

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