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  • Mars mutherfuckers... I mean first!

  • I think we keep forgetting...


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  • In reply to jdawg:

    Lyric Opera guy, again?

    Good concept, Jeff! It worked LAST week.

    Listen, I'm not superstitious (he said, clutching his rabbit's foot and horseshoe), but neither do I believe in tempting fate. Read as: Do NOT piss off the football gods.

    Besides, Lyric Opera guy LOOKS like Odin or Thor, doesn't he?
    He could pass for a football god.

    "For luck" around here? I have my Bears' antenna ball on the car, various Bears mascot figures on my desk, Gayle Sayers, Jim McMahon and TWO Dick Butkus (home AND road uniforms) "Starting Lineup" figures staring down at me from the bookcase as I peck away at the keyboard.

    The latest additions to the mojo collection? Last fall the wife HAD to have his & her stuffed Mooses from BUILD A BEAR (We've been collecting Moose paraphenalia for almost 30 years).

    Being the excellent "Serious Bears Fan's Wife" that she is, she surreptitiously puchased a Bears' uniform for the male moose and a Bears' cheerleader outfit for the female moose. The outfits arrived JUST in time for the Steeler game and VOILA...VICTORY! Minor issue - Can't get the little Bear Helmet that comes with the uniform on the Male Moose's head because of his antlers.

    BEAR DOWN! I want "Seattle Squab" on the menu tonight!

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    Who you foolin', Jeff? Thats totally you writing that crap!

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    ender, i promise you it isn't me. it is someone i know, however. i just like keeping the identity mysterious.

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    Is it anyone WE know?

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    no. he made a few appearances in the comments but i didn't actually know that he had.

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    Alright, watched all of Game 1 and we lost. I didn't watch a second of Game 2 and spent the day at Busch Gardens with my kid. I assumed we had probably lost but hoped for a close game and maybe even a miracle. I was going to try and block most of the computer screen and avoid the final score and go through the play by play on but didn't have the patience. And oila, victory over the SB Champs. So tomorrow I will doing my part and not watching the game live while at Busch Gardens again. (Yes my kid is spoiled). How can I watch the games after they are over since I will miss all the day games? Can I pay a couple bucks to watch them somewhere like renting a movie online? (And yes if they keep winning I will not watch any of them live.) I may not watch us all the way to a SB victory this season.

    Bear Down!!

  • everything

  • Okay... Voice of reason just got downgraded to meatball.
    A.) he used Seneca Wallace as a reason Seattle can win.
    B.) last week he ignored the fact that Pitt is 1 -11 at Soldier Field when he picked Pitt and now he's dredging up past records cuz it's all he has. Or maybe she.

  • He/she has a job to do and it's to piss us all off.

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    Is that some sort of hint of who it might be?

    Back in the days of Mike, Pissed Off and Rex Grossman there was drama, conversation, debate, fighing and lots of personal insulting. It was fun. Now-a-days, things are a bit more civil which is nice, but watching PO'd try and defend Rex Grossman against practically the entire Bears fanbase was priceless.

  • I've invited The voice of treason to submit a counter-balance column each week, keeping us from getting too confident. The plan is for that column to ultimately run with my pro-Bears column each week. I think it'll provide nice text for debate. and it seems to get guys riled up.

  • That picture is hilarious.

  • Thanks BDG, I'll check that out when I get home. I also am not Voice of Treason. I like us in this one. And to cover the spread. Maybe Gould again if necessary. I think this is the one where the O-line starts to gel and put up a better performance. Ft. Matte and #23 get overlooked and do damage too. Off to Busch Gardens.

    Bear Down all!!!

  • Go 9ers!!

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