Chicago at Seattle

Auditioning actors for the duration tomorrow so I'll give y'all a full day to ponder my prediction for this weekend's pivotal ballgame in Seattle.  Why pivotal?  Because with Detroit around the corner, the Bears have a prime opportunity to get to the bye week at 3-1: their best start since 2006.

Your 2009 Chicago Bears
Seattle Seahawks 

Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?
  • I always like the Chicago Bears.
  • Seneca Wallace came in and threw a touchdown pass on his first play last week.  A one yard bomb.  The Seahawk possessions after that: punt, punt, interception, punt, turnover on downs, end of game.  
  • The 'Hawks have only allowed one sack this season and we've seen what happens when quarterbacks are given too much time in the pocket against our secondary.  It's incumbent upon Peanut and Bowman to take away short and intermediate routes from T.J. and Nate, especially the suddenly loose-mouthed Houshmandzadeh. When the ball is completed the safeties have to make the receivers pay for it.  Play violently.  I think they do. 
  • Sunday is very much about the Bears' offensive line, who've dramatically underperformed to this point.  The 49ers shredded this Lofa-less defense to the tune of 256 yards.  If the fellas up front can't spring Forte on Sunday, the coaching staff has to consider making changes at either the left guard and left tackle positions.  And no pre-snap penalties.  I don't care how noisy it gets.  None.
  • I can't remember a Bears wideout receiving the kind of media attention being showered on Johnny Knox and I'll be interested to see how Jim Mora approaches him defensively.  If the Hawks forget about Devin Hester on the other side of the field, look out for big numbers from Jay Cutler and #23.  Real big.
  • My best friend Lou wants me to predict the game based on the first game ever played between the Bears and the Seahawks.  I thought it was a dumb idea and then I looked at the stats from that game in1976.  The Bears had 259 on the ground and 250 in the air.  They won.  I like it.  The score?

Chicago Bears 34, Seattle Seahawks 7


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  • Da Coach returns to state the Bears seem to be (finally) on the right path. Will the real Jay Cutler please stand up?

  • C'mon Max! You know you are thinking the same as the rest of us.. Beekman should have been in there the whole time.

  • Agreed, Beekman could no worse than OMG Omiyale. If Olsen can't catch or block then we might as well have Gaines in his spot too, and keep Kellen Davis in there who can do both. 6'7 - I love that sh*t. Has Wrong Turner forgotten that the counter trey/traps are part of the run game and that pulling centers on sweeps is old school ?

  • Bears 20-9. We won't be running up a score as we run down the clock. Lots of penalties due to the noise and the battle of the replacements. Garret Wolfe falls into a cleat divot and isn't found for two quarters ...

  • Jeff, Puhlease!!!! write a blog about this article. I am so wanting to see some of our guys comments about this:


  • In reply to shonbear:

    A lunging grasp at a sheaf of straws.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Personally, I prefer the 'win first' philosophy...the rest is just bull shit.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    The Seahawks have host of injuries this week at key positions. This is certainly a game the Bears should win, even though playing in Seattle is difficult due to crowd noise. However, I think the preseason game in Denver might have at least prepared this team to deal with what they will get on Sunday.

    I think Hester hasn't gotten enough credit for his work at receiver after two games. He has caught some tough passes and made some big plays the first two games. I, for one, have been surprised at what I've seen from him and hope it continues.

    Let's hope the Bears take care of business and head home to take on the Lions with a good chance at going into the bye week with a desirable 3-1 record and a week to prepare for a solid Falcons team in Atlanta.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    I figure Seneca and that Seattle offense isn't thrilled to see the Monsters coming to town. This is Walter Jones first game back, and with Locklear out I heard on NFL Network they would be playing a third stringer at LT? I can't think that bodes will, plus no Lofa in that defense either. Bad news. AB is pissed and ready to hurt people, so is Wale. I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict that the biggest game on defense comes from.........Tommie Harris!!! I agree with everybody else and will take it a step further by saying if Forte doesn't have 75 yards at the half, we make some O-line changes. This is the game to get 200+ and bring his avg. back to where it needs to be. BEAR DOWN.

    CHI 35 - SEA 10

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Also.....I'm not worried about anything that T.J. Douchmanzadeh says, because he won't be able to back it up on the field. Someone is gonna turn the lights out on his ass Sunday.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Seneca Wallace hasn't been exactly "chopped liver" when he's filled in. He's taken care of the football, especially at home.

    According to WGN last night, TJ "HushMyMouthUp" is still iffy to even play.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    I think Mora is simply posturing. Of course they want to Bears to think that Hasselbeck will play so they have to prepare for him. Who cares about Senaca Wallace? But Matt Hasselbeck changes things a little. The loss to the 49ers made me question whether or not this was actually a resurgent Seahawks team or if it was just the Seahawks kicking the shit out of the worst team in the league (St. Louis).

    Remember before Week 1, when Lovie Smith was "unsure" if Tillman would play. Of course Coach Smith knew, but if Tillman did not play he wanted Green Bay to be preparing for them anyway.

    Even if Hasselbeck does play, one good hit from Wale or Alex (or maybe Mark Anderson for Christ's sake) and he's done.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    I agree with ghost, imo it would be pretty stupid to play your franchise QB with a broken rib. I mean bruised, okay but broken, no you let that mend. That said I really hope we don't take these guys light; apparantly they have all kinds of motivating factors (whosurmomma) against the bears we didn't know about and now Mora is preaching to them about how he can win with any 45 players that show up. So I guess we will see.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Bear fans. Take a look at below link and try to get a feel for how prepared Seabirds are this weekends game.

    They're banged up pretty good but can't bring in any replacements because none of the injuries are season ending. Them's Da Breaks as they say. Glad to be playing them this weekend. Show no mercy
    and pummel Seagulls.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    I think this is the game where we finally see our boys get a lead early. Then the D can pin its ears back and really do some damage. I see 4 sacks and 2 turnovers, minimum.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Wow. This IS quite a list of Seahawk injuries.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Naturally, as long as I was in the neighborhood, I had to leave a comment about TJ.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Beekman= More Forte yards!

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Pittsburg S Tyrone Carter got fined 5 G's for the Jersey Greg hit. Jersey said it was a good play (after looking at it, it looked like a sound football hit). Goddell needs to seriously calm down w/ this No Fun League shit.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Don't mean to pile on, Doc but I could not disagree more.

    Carter led with his head. Twice. He got off cheap in my opinion in more ways than one. That rule is designed to protect the defender as well as the receiver. Those kinds of hits shortened the careers of Doug Plank and Chuck Cecil by a good 3 years and Mark Buoniconti is still trying to overcome paralysis induced by a head shot tackle.

    "No Fun League"? I'll tell you what makes it no fun. It's when skill players take cheap shots like that or the crap James Harrison tried to lay on Cutler or the forearm to the head James Farrior delivered to Kellen Davis after the TD pass that puts skill players on the sidelines so that you eventually wind up with games like Washington 9, St.Louis 7. THAT is no fun as anyone who sat thru it will tell you.

    I've seen all the 6-3 Bears games I ever want to see and I've seen more than 1.

    I submit that a late, cheap shot hit on KO last season against Detroit produced his bum ankle and shortchanged the Bear offense for the rest of the season because we all know Orton was not the same QB when he came back and played hurt.

    Where the NFL IS guilty of complete HYPOCRISY is their sanctioning of the depiction of such ultra-violent hits in video games like MADDEN.

    And I also cannot buy that Butkus or Singletary wouldn't be legends, regardless of the era in which they played.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    the 2nd olsen hit was clean, but i thought the 1st looked a lot worst than it seemed (but at the end of the day, fuck it....he's not on my team). But that Hines Ward rule (due to Keith Rivers being a total bitch)? hell naw....that shit was clean as hell....just good blocking. THAT'S what i mean by No Fun League. but i can dig it Al

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    I agree - the sideline shot was the worse of the two...but the rules don't try and determine intent or the speed of the play. Some D-lineman comes up and love-taps Jay Cutler in slow-motion and it'll be $ well it should. I didn't pay $$$ to watch Hanie start the preseason game in Denver.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Just as Jeff predicted, Percy Harvin seems like a great cupcake. He has taken ill for the THIRD time since the Draft.

    Maybe he has H1N1? What if the entire Vikings team...surely not.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Nice article on Afalava...I still screw up his name

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    Good article, thanks for posting. I still want to know why he switched his number to #24...I was so confused at the start of the first game. Seems like Afalava has a good head on his shoulders...he could be a strong safety for the Bears for a long time with any luck. Now, we just need to find a free safety.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    What about this weak shit, I saw the hit too, din't watch it over and over, but it looked illegal to me and if I'm not mistaken seems like GO took two to the head last Sunday from Pittsburgh with no calls from the refs.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Yeah, Butkus and Singletary wouldn't be legends?? WHoaaa.

    I'll agree today's game is much more violent than in years past. Players are bigger stronger and faster than ever, it makes for a dangerous yet wildly entertaining game. Man I love football. But you have the feeling we're going to see somebody die on the field, and everything is going to change. Sounds horrible, but it's the truth.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    The steelers D sorta played a dirty game, in my opinion. I think the harrison shot at Cutler was pretty blatant and unnecessary. Late hit is one thing, a 250 lb guy diving at your knees is another.

  • In reply to JimmyNewport:

    He Favre'd him.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Anybody check out the cheap kick Dallas OT Flozell Adams put on Justin Tuck? Nasty as hell and he did not stop there. He kicked Osi U as well. Certain players in NFL are dirty. Steelers Harrison and Ward top the list. NFL even made a new rule and named it after Ward for the head cracking block he layed on Bengal LB Keith Rivers. Today, Ward stated he'd do it again if same play came about. Point being, you gotta have your head on a swivel Sunday afternoons in NFL. It's modern day freaking gladiators and that's why we love it. Alex Brown sustained his injured ankle thanks to Chris Kemoeatu forearm shiver to his neck. That's all he could do to slow down AB from getting 3rd sack. I say good. Brown will be so pissed off that he'll destroy RT Ray Willis. Bear Down and hit everybody...

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Check that. Brown will be on LT Sean Locklear. Wale gets RT Willis. My bad.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    If Brown plays on Sunday.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Wrong again. Walter Jones will be in front of Alex. Locklear is out. Hard to keep up with injuries in SeaGull land
    9-24-09 INJURY REPORT

    The official report, as released by the team:


    * LB Leroy Hill (groin)
    * OT Sean Locklear (ankle)
    * CB Josh Wilson (ankle)

    Did not practice

    * FB Justin Griffith (knee)
    * QB Matt Hasselbeck (rib)
    * MLB Lofa Tatupu (hamstring)

    Limited in practice

    * CB Ken Lucas (groin)
    * DT Brandon Mebane (calf)

    Full participation

    * WR Deion Branch (hamstring)
    * CB Travis Fisher (hamstring)
    * WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh (back)
    * OT Walter Jones (knee)
    * C Chris Spencer (quadriceps)

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Good call on Flozell, Jersey. I think he got off way too light. First offense, fine him. 2nd one in the SAM GAME? i sit his butt for a week. Especially since Mr. Adams' reputation for that kind of crap precedes him.

    Who would name their SON Flozell?

    Just askin'.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    This is the week we get respect from the national media. We are a botched fake punt away from 2-0. The one victory we have is against the nfl champs. Mark my words, we drink Seattles milkshake this week, we drink it up. It will not be close. The boo yah's and all of there followers in the national media treat us like the red headed stepchild, and have for years. It takes a double digit victory to get them talking aobut us, and that is exactly what we will provide them with.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    I'm eerily proud that my comment on this thread was (at least momentarily) on the front page of ChicagoNow:

  • Well, the way that scene in "There Will Be Blood" ends is most definitely what I expect to see on the field on Sunday.

  • bro you wylin'

  • I agree...the hit didn't look malicious to me at all. Honestly, it's easier said than done asking a player not to lead with his helmet even though it isn't safe for the tackler either...but it happens. These plays can happen so fast, instincts often take over I imagine. Still, Carter did it twice in one game, so in my opionion, he probably deserved to be fined if at least to get his attention.

  • They play Omiyale because they signed him to a big FA contract, plain and simple. You can't pay a guy big money just to put him behind somebody you already had on your roster.

  • Hmmm. Some disagreement and nobody called anybody any names?
    What kind blog is this?! Thankfully, an intelligent, serious one that deserves to be promoted on the sports page of one of the contries major daileies.

    My MAIN gripe on this helmet hit discussion?

    WE all pretty much agree the hit was "illegal", if not malicious.

    The LEAGUE fined Carter so THEY thought it was illegal as well.

    The Zebras? TOTYALLY CLUELESS, yet again! What game are you monleys watching? The league has to step in and clean up after them which happens WEEKLY which is FAR TOO OFTEN and that is just Maddening. Plus, I still say Farrior got away with one on
    K. Davis and, even tho' it WAS flagged, Harrison should have been fined for his absolute crap-on-a-cracker hit on Cutler. Screw you, James.

  • Okay, I have been seeing a lot of dropped balls that should have been caught recently. I think Cutler puts the ball where it needs to be. From the looks of it Cutler throws bullets at these guys and they are either not ready for it or need to get use to Cutler's arm. Cuz, It

  • Albert down in Tuscon. Nice pic of Richard Marvin Butkus. I prepare for every game Bears play by teeing up U-tube vids of Butkus. Gets my blood boiling. That hit by James Farrior on Kellen Davis was vicious no doubt.What I did take away from that play was this. KDavis is a player. Holding on to TD ball will get his big body on the field where it belongs. Not anchored to the bench/special teams. Love the target he gives Cutler. Hell, I'd swing TE Jersey Gregster outside and make him WR. Our own version of Matt Jones (sober of course). Size and speed are hard to cover in any football game. We have blazing speed in Hester/Knox and nice size in Olsen/Davis. Bears need to understand team strengths and weaknesses and apply them correctly. Davis needs to play more. Olsen should split wide to cause mismatches that Cutler will exploit. Bear Down...

  • Albert. I could not resist.
    Utube Dick Butkus. I'm ready for SeaGulls right now. Let the Bodies Hit The Floor!!!!!

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