Beat Writers Project the 53

Both of the local beats have projected the Bears' 53-man roster and there are a few surprises.

Click here to read David Haugh in the Trib.

Click here to read Brad Biggs in the Sun-Times.

Both men have some similar opinions but I'll just respond to the trends I'm seeing.

1. I hope the Bears do not cut Craig Steltz in favor of Josh Bullocks.  Bullocks may have a lot more starts under his belt but those starts are for that horror show of a defense down in New Orleans.  Bullocks has no upside and Steltz has a ton, in my opinion.  It'll take a day for someone to scoop him up.

2. On the "scoop up" trend, I agree with Biggs on this one: the Bears need to be careful with Lance Louis.  He's young and very raw but everyone who sees the kid play thinks he has a future at tackle.  Good offensive linemen are expensive properties and teams will be eager to grab this value. 

3. The Bears will be walking a fine line if they do as Haugh suggests and cut Matt Toeaina.  Marcus Harrison and Anthony Adams are true defensive tackles, with Israel and Jarron serving as more DT/DE hybrids.  When Tommie Harris goes down for the season in week six, the team will wish they had his bulk available to clog up blockers for 54.

4. Trumaine McBride or Rod Hood?  I'll take Hood.  Trumaine McBride or Albert in Tucson?  I'll take Albert.  Trumaine should already be on the street.  He can not be allowed to play in a professional game for the Bears this season.

5. My final point is simple: don't worry about perceived "mistakes".  If Iglesias isn't better than Rideau, lose him.  If Melton isn't worth what Toeaina is, lose him.  If Michael Gaines hasn't panned out, don't worry about it.  This team is built to win in 2009.  Let's worry about 2010 after Valentine's Day. 


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  • First!

  • I don't know, Jeff. I've never seen Al tackle.

    Of course, I've never seen McBride tackle either...

  • Jeff, to quote "Brooks" from SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION : "I damn near soiled myself".


  • Scouting Report - Albert in Tucson:

    Remarkable time in the "40". (Measured with a Sun-dial).

    Has that special "2nd gear" (SLOW and STOP).

    Perfect body weight for a man of 6' 2. (Too bad he's only 5' 10.)

    Tackles like "L.T." (Not LAWRENCE Taylor but LIZ Taylor).

    Coverage skills of a Sanders. (Not Dion but COLONEL Sanders).

    Clearly has a knack for making big plays. (At the training table).

  • Seriously, these cuts could be QUITE telling. Will they be made to put "the best 53" on the roster OR to "save face" for the organization ("We can't cut HIM yet, we used a #3 pick!" or "We JUST signed him as a Free Agent!")????

    Damn. Looks like no NFL Replay of this one until well into the weekend. Oh well, this IS the fakest game of the fake season.

  • Albert, very funny! I feel strongly that the organization is past the "save face" stage - the moves of this offseason have given Jerry and crew an approval rating in the high 90's. That gives them freedom to do what they want. So I won't be surprised to see some draft picks get cut. I'll be very surprised if it's Iglesias though.

    One comment I'll make as a newbie assistant football coach - I think the point we forget as fans - even "educated fans" - is that our position coaches spend A LOT of time in practice watching these guys play, for hours and hours and hours. They KNOW who's cutting it and who isn't, who brings the effort and who doesn't, who CONSISTENTLY does what they're supposed to and who sometimes does and sometimes doesn't. And they have to make the hard decisions - do we think we can make someone who is consistently inconsistent better? Or is the team better off with the more consistent, harder working, smarter player who is perhaps not as athletic?

    The one thing I know is, hard as it is to accept here, we see but a tiny fraction of what the coaches see in these players. I'm willing to give it up to them on the cuts.

  • It's funny how you talk about guys with future upside for the first 3 points, and then the last point pretty much says "don't worry about the future, win now."

  • I say lose Tommie Harris. I would like Harrison and Adams as our DT's. Tommie Harris knee will never be the same and he doesnt have the heart to play. Devin Hester is not a #1 WR! He should be a slot WR. that is one thing i learn this preseason is that hester is to small and has no seperation from corners.

  • Hester doesn't seem to have the greatest judgement on the ball when it is in the air either. He realy tries hard, but the instinct just seems to run a little short.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    I'm betting that Hester wins at least 2 games by himself either using his return skills or his disgusting cartoonish speed. He is no Steve Smith but Anytime/Superman is a burner and he will make it happen one way or another.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    Guys, i watched the Bears game again last night on NFL network and it solidified the following beliefs about this team:

    -harrison and Adams are going to have good years. They were getting penetration and they looked strong.
    -Pisa is a strong, fast, agile, aggressive badass. we didn't have that with HH.
    -Briggs will most likely go to the Pro-Bowl again. Last season people were writing him off in the pre-season because of missed tackles and he ended up killing people in the reg season. He is on track for a banner year.
    -Olsen and Clark are a huge tandem especially down by the goal line and in the seams.
    -with that confidence building punt return by Hester i am confident you will see at least 2 TD returns this year and a couple 40+ ones.
    -CUTLER DOESN'T NEED TO PLAY ON THURS. if he gets hurt Lovie must be fired.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    I don't see them cutting Steltz for Bullocks, that would be an awful mistake and keeping a noname, never see the field LB just for ST would be an awful waste of a roster spot imho. Id give that spot to Gaines simply to have a blocking TE.

    The conventional wisdom would say cut Davis at receiver... NO ONE WILL SIGN HIM! HE CAN BE PICKED UP MID FNG SEASON IF YOU HAVE TO.
    He is the only receiver we have that is guaranteed not to sign anywhere if cut or waived, you don't even have to pay him practice squad money just let him sit on his couch in case you need him.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    "...Lose Tommie Harris." Now THAT is a funny post!

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    I think the addition of Rod Hood was the right thing to do. we need to throw him in the fire tonight and let him do his thing. He might not be on AZ anymore and Dom. Rogers-Cromartie is still there but he personally gave up 170 yards on 4 pass plays and 2 Td's against Green Bay and is still considered a top DB. Don't worry about Rod. He will be just fine. Bye Trumaine! Now let's just get McCalister to fill the gap until Tillman is back in a couple of weeks and Bowman fully healthy by week 2 or 3.

  • I understand many of you don't want Rash around...but Arrogant bastard...huh?


  • Well, if it helps, my girlfriend met Rash at Bears 101 last year and said he was by far the nicest and most genuine of all the players there.

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