Bears, Packers, One Year Ago

Breaking down the opener starts this afternoon.  For now, let's re-live the greatest Bears football moments of 2008.

And then...


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  • Alex Brown has a Posse.

  • Jeff, next time can you mute cornhole's comments...

    Sometimes I just wish I had an electronic dog collar attached to all ESPN talking heads that would assist in training them not to say stupid shit, or at least stuff I determine is stupid.

  • That game is in the Packer Hall of Shame it even cost the Packers a potential 7-9 season!

  • Tossing out a little "positive karma" for us here are ya Jeff? It may take a bit more than of "think win" attitude to clear the first two weeks with a checkmark in the "W" columm. But if they do pull it off, the momemtem will be unstoppable.

  • I cannot f-ing wait for this's going to be stuff dreams/nightmares are made of.

    Either way, I'm wearing my urlacher jersey into work the next morning.

  • i'm a little concerned that Green Bay continues to make trades like the one for Derrick Mason to make their secondary even better than it was before and we just sit there with question marks coming off the worst Pass Defense of all time. We went out and got no one. A little scary.

  • The first 2 games of this season will be a real test of fire, not just for Cutler, but for the Offensive line and our Defense. I'll be sending all the good karma I can but is it enough to move Pace's fat ass to be able to stop those fast DEs or enough to get some very good pass rushing out of Tommie Harris' bum knee.

    I hope so but I have a bad feeling about this one.

  • Why haven't we signed Dominic Rhodes yet? Is anyone else as concerned with Peterson and Wolfe being full time back-ups to Forte?

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    If they sign somebody then they send the message that Wolfe can't get it done.Though K Jones was suppose to be the 2nd back.
    What I will always wonder this season were the Bears going to cut AP or Wolfe?

  • In reply to DecaturStaleys7:

    at this point i don't think the bears brass should be concerned with how GW and AP might interpret the message of bringing in another RB. every other team knows we need to bring in another RB to be as competitive as possible.

  • In reply to DecaturStaleys7:

    i was at that game in -17 degree weather of December and I'm from florida. It was crazy.
    Check out my blog at

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Yes Ghost:

    We are 1 starting RB injury away from going 9-7

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    The problem here is that we over value special teams guys. We have three roster spots at rb and wr dedicated to special teams guys in Davis, Peterson, and Wolf. That's too many. Especially at positions where we need help.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    This is a spectacular read, a Haugh piece linked in from the NFL/ESPN NFC North blog.,0,64606.column?page=1

    I can't get over the part about John Elway and Jeff George. Smooth as butta I tell ya. This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of.

    My thoughts on the next two games are as follows, simple and not overthought at all. Yes I am concerned, but I am looking at it like this.

    We are worried about the secondary, valid concern, but then there was last years game against the Colts, I had the same worries, but worse, they surprized me, nobody is expecting us to beat these guys, all they could talk about during the preseason was the Packs new defense and how wonderful and smooth their offense was looking, hello, preseason.

    So they go in overconfident mode thinking a little too highly of themselves and WHAMO! We walk out of there with a victory and they walk out picking their jaws off the floor in shock and dismay.

    Then we roll home for game two with a rejuvinated team, fired up after that huge win and our electrifying qb starts dropping the bombs on Pittsburgh in our house. Our fans are going to be more fired up than they were during Hester returns in 06 and 07, but not only when he is on the field for returns, but for the whole game.

    Jaycut is our ALLSPARK launching us with the power to defeat decepticons. Brett F can be Megatron if you like actually probably (AP), anyways you get it.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Wolfe can't get the job done. If you give him blocking he can move quick and sharp, but he's not the kind of guy who can run headlong into the defense. He's best on screen passes. And I don't think they planned on cutting either AP or Wolfe. The injury to Kevin Jones likely did not influence that decision.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    My theory is that it saved Gaines

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I wonder if they will ever turn Melton back into a bruising fullback/tailback? i was thinking about that the other day because i round an old Raymont Harris jersey that my buddy left at my house.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    For some reason they dont seem to want to let go of players like Mckie. Guys like Mckie, Rash, McBride maybe even Vasher and Wolfe are the smorgasborge cream of the crop in mediocrity.

    Sure every one of these guys have made plays, been a contribution to winning some games here and there, but have they really consistently done it day and day out, can you really depend on them to carry the line, hasnt the jury been out on them. We still hold out hope that we will see Vasher at old form and we hope with a mustard seed of faith that Wolfe will suddenly turn into Sproles and that Davis wont brick hand a critical 3rd down drive killer and then we dream of Ron T, not giving the ball to Mckie for an up the middle goaline impenetrable wall dive (at least he can catch a screen pass) and then McBride, I don't even know what he has ever done good for the team.

    Are all these guys just "yes" men that the coaches don't want to lose. Which brings me to my point that this is why they want call Griese. HA!, and you thought I wasnt going to try bringing that up again, so there!

    WE NEED RHODES NOW!!! Make it so number one.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    You're "preaching to the choir" here, Ghost.

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