Bears Name New Defensive Captain



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  • It's about time our best defender was named captain...

    I like this move, in a way, this season could be the figurative passing of the torch, I think Briggs has been the better backer for some time now, but this could enable him to take on more leadership with the team.

    PS, if anybody is looking for Bears jerseys, or any other jerseys for that matter, I am ordering 19 for my wedding this week and am getting crazy quantity discounts on the Reebok Authentic "on field" jerseys.

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  • Why are you ordering 19 for your wedding?

  • excellent choice, boys.

  • Jeff - you say "why", I say "why the f didn't I think of that?

    Glad to see Briggs getting his props. He's going to have to earn it Sunday.

  • I mean like, what are you doing with them? Who is wearing them?

  • We need our captains to come up BIG on Sunday!

  • fuckin' right. good job Bears

  • Haha, shouldn't we be discussing Briggs instead of my wedding...

    But I'm glad to talk about my wedding, I'm getting one for me, 6 groomsmen, one junior groomsman, her two dads, my step dad, my grandpa, my two dj's, my emcee, my bartender, and my pastor.

    I actually already got those, my wedding was on the day of the bears opener, which is why I haven't commented on the game much, I was busy saying I do...

    But the guy I ordered them from said he would give me the same price for a week or two if I wanted to order more.

  • In reply to kidronmusic:

    how much? and it's everybody from the '09 roster right?

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    Congratulations to both Lance Briggs and KidronMusic!

  • In reply to kidronmusic:

    Gratz KidronMusic! Thats hardcore man.

  • In reply to kidronmusic:

    haha thanks!

    It's not everybody. Email me for more info, I didn't mean to take over this post.

    Unless Jeff wants me too! Then I can post wedding pix and the whole 9 yards!

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    Thanks Ghost!

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    Two dj's, an emcee, bartender, AND a pastor?

    Where's this reception at? If you have some cute cousins I might have to CRASH this wedding!

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    Hey I

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    Kidron...good idea on the jerseys. My sister got married at Walter Payton's Roundhouse in Aurora, so her now husband bought all the groomsmen authentic Payton jerseys as gifts prior to the wedding. It was pretty sweet.

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    One of my best fantasy ever was when my Japanese girlfriend my 54 jersey prior to doing the nasty. My three loves, hot Japanese girl, doing the nasty and the Bears. Like when George mixed food, tv and sex. It works for me.

    That's why I think the brides maids in high heals, thongs and Bears Jersye's would have worked nicely too. That's the way my imagination went upon reading your first post. lmao.

    Anyways, Jeff, just to beat a dead horse (since he's dead he won't feel anything anyways) been seeing the int's on the un-named network and upon further review, two out of the three, if he wiat's a half second longer before throwing those, the receiver break offs looked to have left the right side of the field wide open for them to get TD's had he thrown it where they were breaking off. My analysis would be much better if I had Tevo or something. The third int, just have to give all props to the defender who got it on his knees, but Forte was going to likely get a TD with blockers in front of him had that not been stopped. The other one I think was just what it was, throwing to tight coverage to one of the TE's. Either way, Jay's propensity to "make a play" rather than settle for less in dump off to the outlet scenario, or "take what the defense is giving you", I am sure will develop as time goes on. I just have a lot of stock that he is smart enough and willing enough to be that guy, when you look at the difference between the Buffalo game and the Denver game. It was night and day and I am thinking that this will probably be the same thing.

    In addition, maybe if they get on the same page they could set that kind of play up on purpose where he rolls right and the receiver breaks off a route that seemingly goes left and heads for the right corner of the endzone. hmmm, I am so not a footbal x's and o's guy, but whatever.

    Sure we have moved on, talking team captain and all, but this stuff is still in my mind and it's hard to let it go until we get another game under the belt and a win would heal all sleep loss.

    On another front, you stated that Vasher who tripped on himself is done, they said Bowman was healthy, but only played 8 plays and on 670 yesterday, Arkush stated that Kevin Payne was the guy out of position on that play. Thoughts?

    Yea yea, Briggs is a captain, don't know what it will mean really. Probably won't make a difference. What really do "captains" do if they aren't guys like Mike Brown?

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    pick good players! I received a super bowl jersey for Cedric Benson when I was a groomsmen. Not sure what the hell I can do with that!

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    Congrats Kidron!

    So far as Briggs being captain, there is more to being team captain than making plays. Anyone that has ever been one knows that.

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    SC Dave is right. there's more to being captain than making plays. you also have to walk to mid-field for the coin toss. can't understate the importance of that walk!

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