Bears Beat Champs



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  • YES!

  • I keep debating what Bears jersey I should buy now that Brownie is gone...shit, maybe I might just have to go with Robbie...what a game. Berman just referred to Jackass as 'Fort Knox'...not bad!

  • I hope they all aren't this nerve-racking this year, but that was a great(ugly) win against the defending champs. We can definitely take a punch in the mouth and stay in the game. Olsen took a beating, but K Davis was the bigger suprise today. These two hopefully will be big, productive targets for quite a while, but I'm not sold on all the hype that Olsen's got this off-season. He's just gotta do more, plain and simple. JOHNNY KNOX IS A ROCK STAR!! I've been talking about this kid being the steal of the draft, and I think maybe I'm right. He's gonna be Eddie Royal for us this year, I can feel it. Great win, on to Seattle for the W.

  • The media can officially eat wang, Cutler showed us what he showed us in the 2nd half of the Green Bay game...he can flat out play. Is it me though or does Forte look like a completely different running back...and not in a good way.?

  • it was apparent that we miss Brian Urlacher a whole hell of a lot.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I dunno about that. Hunter looked fine to me. More of our problems on defense had to do with not getting any pass rush on some third and longs, or giving receivers some huge cushions...yes, d would have played better with him, but I think they played alright.

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    It was a great win to get and hopefully gets the rest of the season going.

    Still worried about the number of drops. And I'm a little concerned about the running game.

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    It was a little worrisome after that first drive by the Steelers. The Bears were getting picked apart. I think the rain hit at the right time too making it a little harder to get the ball down the field.

    Knox showed his speed but I was most impressed with his hands. He hauled in a few high passes and nearly pulled in an amazing catch down the sidelines.

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    Bears made me proud today. Fought like warriors all game. Need to take back a line from yesterday's blog. Jersey Olsen is one Tough kid. He sure showed it today. The hit he took was brutal down far sideline in 1st half. And he came right back in. Awesome! Cutler is as advertised. Seems unreal that he's a Bear. No more Jackass for Johnny Knox. How bout Fort Knox. Kid is MONEY! Hunter played well as did the entire unit. On both sides of ball. Now I can wuff on this Jersey Steeler fan who has never let me live down Lack getting hit by Bus back in 05. Great to see Richard Marvin Butkus with Gale Sayers before game. No let down up in Seahawks country. It's going to be a good week. Bear down and let's keep laying WOOD
    on rest of NFL.

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    The defense certainly looks better this year. Some props for Lovie are in order, I think.

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    Ripped on cutler week 1.

    week 2 better. The recivers suprised me more then anything, why to take some hits.

    The running game looks weak so far, but that might be because pit wasn't respecting the pass and rushing so many. If the passing game becomes consitant should give the run some help.

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    Great ugly win for Chicago, aided by those missed Jeff Reed field goals.

    Not a bad day.

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    Funny...Cedric Benson ran for 141 yards on 29 rushes. I watched the 2nd half waiting for the Bears game to start and couldn't believe Cincy was still in the game. (Damn is it funny hearing the announcers say "Ochocinco" instead of "Chad Johnson.")

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    Tough ? Greg Olsen is a pussy. Mr. Footsteps if ever I saw one and dropping almost everything coming his way. Targetted six or 7 times against the Pack, comes up with one catch. Gets flamed by a mini-me DB, manages to hold onto the ball after a hit by the midget and all of a sudden he's a tough guy ? Give me Kellen Davis any day, a guy who's 6'7, can block AND catch. I've changed my tune on Olsen, thought he would have manned up in the off season, but no. Olsen is a liability.

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    Great to see Phil Simms calling bullshit on the scrutiny that Cutler has faced.

  • Forte looked like a running back running against one of the best run Ds in the league.

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    Normally I would agree with that except he looked equally bad last week against not a good run D. I think Forte looks very ordinary this year. And slow.

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    I was at the game...All I can say is Knox, Cutler, and Tillman. Amazing how many doomsayers are out there after 1 game...Go Bears, until we meet again Green Bay!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no, tony homo is.

  • Great win for us. The team looked great overall but still has some minor work to be done. I think as the season goes on that we will continue to improve.

  • No. Tony Romo is the most overrated QB in history. Manning is a damn good signal-caller. I'd take him over Kyle Orton any day.

    The Alex Brown injury is supposed to be a sprained ankle, which stinks. Hopefully that is all it is and he will be able to return after the BYE.

    Good game today. Good week in the NFL. This is a very interesting and exciting season. There is an excellent possibility of Chicago going 3-1 into the BYE. After the BYE, they've got a tough opponent in Atlanta, which will test both dimensions of the defense. Then we can hopefully cruise through Cincinatti, Cleveland, Arizona, and San Fran. That would put us in an excellent place.

    Here's hoping...

  • He led a pretty impressive drive to beat the Cowboys tonight.

  • Wonder if the national media will spend the next week complaining about Romo's lack of composure under pressure and penchant for ill-timed turnovers. Oh, TO isn't going to be around to cry over "my quarterback", sure...but it'll be a hoot nonetheless.

    Oh, 'Boys fans, bet you wish you'd invested that $1.1 billion dollars in a better defense instead of a schmancy video board?

  • Alex Brown: "I won't miss nothing."

  • Sigh. We CANNOT afford "Defensive Starter injury of the week" as a regular feature on this show. Stop this.

    Yo, Steelers! Take your band of cheap shot artists and slink bank to Pittsburgh. I lost a lot of respect for you thugs today.

    Maybe there is a God. Feels like this was "Stealin' from the Steelers".

    Harrison: Late, dirty knee shot on Cutler.At least it WAS flagged.

    Carter: Helmet shot on Olsen on the sideline - NOT FLAGGED!

    Carter: Helmet shot on Olsen on down the middle - NOT FLAGGED!

    Farrior: Forearm to the head on Davis after the TD catch - NOT FLAGGED!

    Attention Officials: What part of NO BLOWS TO RECEIVERS HEADS ALLOWED don't you zebras understand? It's now the rule. For EVERYBODY. Even the Defending Champs! It was SUPPOSED to be a point of emphasis! Wake up or stay home! You clowns looked like the "special" class from the Ed Hochuli School of officiating.

    Dollars to donuts Mr. Carter gets shorted on this week's paycheck,
    courtesy of the league, along with a love note from "Hang'em High" Roger.

    4 drops, that I saw. That's too many.

    As Steve Rosenbloom would say: "Johnny Knox, your table is ready!"
    Make a place for your QB.

    Jeff Reed: Welcome to Soldier Field and "Shanks for the Mmemories"!
    Take your stories about how difficult it is to kick in Heinz Field and stick'em where the sun don't shine and shank you very much.

    If the Bears'running game were a child it's picture would be on a milk carton. Fix this.

    I don't think we'll face a tougher defense the rest of the season ALTHOUGH Sammurai Mike has his boys Flyin' in Frisco.

    I suspect we SHOULD be able to enjoy this game as one of NFL REPLAY's offerings this week although there was aFLOCK of good games this week.

    I am sooo going to enjoy listening to the Pittsburgh Radio broadcast of this game tomorrow via NFL FIELD PASS on

    Hey, Papa Joe Chevalier, hope you enjoyed today's game!

    Phil Simms: Come back anytime, Phil. Your dismissive attitude towards the "Jay Haters" was refreshing. Apparently it really does "take one (QB) to know one".

  • Where'd you see that Ghost? I don't have the luxury of seeing local news, as I'm down in Dallas. I DO have the luxury of going into work tomorrow and rubbin' in the Bear triumph and Cowboy defeat. Texans are a different breed of asshole, I'm telling you. The local media is going into full "sky is falling" mode. It's awesome. Alex Brown is tough, but I think we win at Seattle and Detroit without him. This offense is just going to improve over the next 2 weeks. I think Forte breaks out in Seattle for at least 150. I'll be disappointed at anything less than 3-1 at the bye, as I'm sure the rest of you will be. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the Thurs. night game against Samauri Mike and his 49 Ronin will be our biggest test in the first half. He's got those guys in SF drinking the kool-aid and playing with fire. Atlanta is beatable, as far as I'm concerned. Their defense has holes, and Cutler can shred it.

  • EWasy Ghost. I bet the Packers thought they were going "cruise' past the Bengals today and the Cardinals thought likewise last week against the 49ers. Whoops!

  • I'm not worried about the run game yet. Two 3-4 defenses in a row with terrific outside linebackers were not the recipe for Forte getting 100 on the ground. Plus, there was an awful lot of Max Protect going on. Hopefully the run game gets on track next week vs. Seattle. I was happy to see Pace blow some guys up on that screen pass tho. Big fella was moving!
    Albert - I said the same thing on the hit on Olsen...turned to the Steelers table to my right and said someone was going to come up $7.5k light in the paycheck next week. They agreed. That was a deafening hit, but then again, most helmet-to-helmets are.
    I'm making my Week 2 Super Bowl prediction:
    Bears - Ravens
    38 32

  • And Jeff - do you think ChicagoNow would ante up for some DaBearsBlog t-shirts now? The hits on the blog must be outrageous.

  • Don't get me wrong, Al. I think they need to prepare for each game as though it was a playoff game.

    But if they lose to the Browns or the Bungles I'm going to be pissed and hell.

  • Matty-I saw that on the sun times' website.

    Here's teh link:,bears-alex-brown-21.article

    It says that Brown has a sprained ankle, but not a high ankle sprain like Kyle had last year. Preliminary reports make it sound like he might be able to play...but I'll not hold my breath on that until the injury reports start coming out.

  • I just want to be on record that I called this win how many days ago because it's what they do to us, that whole chip on the shoulder thing. Win the ones that all experts say there is no way they should win. When they get the monky off their back about not winning the wons the "should" win, then they will be the force to be reckoned with, when they believe in themselves and their ability there will be now stopping them. I'm with-holding some of my exuberance for a couple more games. Still looking for that well oiled machine offensively and defensively I'm hoping for. I am still tired of just being relieved for a win and not confident in a win, glad they didn't blow it or squander it away. This is the feeling I want to go away. I am believing that today's win is a first step towards that, as I believe after every win.

    This could be the begininning of a beautiful relationship...

  • As predicted, no biggie. Go Bears. WTF happened to the Packers ?!

  • Time to eat crow for all those who doubted our boys, Cutler and Lovie ... against the "champs" and Fatboy Worthlessberger. Serve it up ...

  • My concern over Alex Brown is that they will do an MRI today and find out it ain't "just a sprain". We need our best defensive lineman.

  • More thuggery. Per the Trib: Alex Brown, pending a look at game film, is intimating that a cheap-shot caused his ankle problem.

  • As the first quarter was starting to look kind of dismal, I remember saying the Bears need something to go right to light a spark.....

    In comes my man, Charles Tillman, with that interception. Yeah Peanut!! You turned the worm.

    Sure Cutler, Cutler, Cutler is all you hear this morning. I love him, but Peanut deserves more credit than the zero he is getting from the press.

  • In reply to sjvl:

    I think both Bowman and Peanut deserve some credit. The Steelers attacked Peanut and he responded and Bowman was quiet all day. When you hear nothing from a corner it is usually a good thing and he is doing his job.

  • Great game. I didn't think it was ugly, last week, that was ugly. Hard fought low scoring games should not be instantly tagged ugly. Thought the missed FG and partially blocked FG was kind of Football Karma. Did anyone else see Reed's second kick get tipped, I swear it did? Anyway the missed holding call on Mendenhalls big run was atrocious, The lineman had both hands outside of Hillenmeyer's shoulders and had a full hand of jersey with both hands, and picked him up and turned him with his jersey..... um any one of those three is a hold but the football gods made things right.

    Cutler was impressive but a little scary, that pass to Davis in the end zone, holy crap. I mean he had a spot about the size of a coffee can to hit, and he did but wow that guy has a pair. I take no issue with the hard hits by the safety, I miss the days of Ronnie Lott and Steve Atwater, that's just smash mouth football to me.

    Overall really fun to watch, it's a realy good feeling to just absolutely know if you get inside the 35, game over. Bengals are a worrisome team, that Odom guy is a beast, someone asked what happened to GB, he is what happened, he had 5 sacks by himself on Rodgers and 2 last week. Yah thats 7 sacks in 2 weeks, and we have an aged Orlando Pace to try and stop him. Scary.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Odum was a beast yesterday but, he did most of his damage against Cliftons back-up. The packers had to shift the entire left side of their line after clifton went down. Couple that with a right tackle that already needed extra help because he is horrible and you have the stage set for a monster day for a DE.

  • That's exactly what my husband said. So here's what I told him: somebody has to be there to catch that ball, or it's not an interception. Peanut was there!

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