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Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk believes a ruling is due any day now in the StarCaps case that could should lead to the Williams Sisters being suspended for the first four games of the season.  The Williams' cheated and have spent the better part of year using their unlimited financial resources to circumnavigate league rules with a cunning use of the warped Minnesota judicial system.  Enough. 

The Vikings are now shopping Tarvaris Jackson, creating a possibly-combustible situation.  With reportedly half that locker room believing Jackson should be the starter, what happens if Brett Favre struggles early against the Vikes' cakewalk September schedule?  What happens if he gets hurt?  Will Sage Rosenfels take this club to the Super Bowl?

Jason Whitlock - one of the most underrated columnists in the country - wrote a scathing indictment of the Vikings' signing of Brett Favre.   GREEN BAY PACKERS
Hard to keep up with every team but did you all know that Packers' stud linebacker Nick Barnett may not start against the Bears on the 13th?  Barnett has been slow to recover from his November ACL tear and will tackle for the first time tonight against the Tennessee Titans.

Some folks in Green Bay believe that Brian Brohm may be cut by the Packers this weekend.  Couple that with Matt Flynn's bruised shoulder and apparently you don't have to travel very far to find a weaker backup quarterback than in Chicago.

Ernie Sims, still on the Lions, took an opportunity to insult the linebackers he's played with the past three seasons.  Would any football fan mind if players were restricted from ever giving interviews until after they've retired?  How stupid are these guys?  (Answer: Real stupid.)

Matt Millen drafted 39 players between 2002 and 2006 and only one of them is still on the team's roster.  Who?  You guessed it.  Ernie Sims.

And a note on the Lions quarterback situation.  Why are they even considering playing Daunte Culpepper?  Is getting to five wins more important than settling for only three?  Matthew Stafford is going to be the starting quarterback no later than the start of next season so why waste valuable experience?   


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  • It's going to be fun to watch the slow motion train wreck that is the Minnesota Vikings this year. The worst case scenario for the Queens is if they cruise along at .500 the most of the season until the winter months come around and their fragile QB seizes up in the frigid weather leading yet another team to crash and burn late in the season. See ya Childress!

    This division is going to come down to the Bears and Packers in my opinion, and week 1 could go a long way in determining who will be the class of the division. Is Adrian Peterson a monster? Yes, yes he is. But the QB position is more critical in determining the outcome late in games and the Bears and Packers have the best QBs in the division without a doubt.

    Whichever coach, Lovie Smith (Rod Marinelli) or Mike McCarthy (Dom Capers), can get the most out of their respective defense to slow down the opposing QB will probably win this division. My money is on Lovie Bear and his prideful defense that will no longer be required to carry the entire team on their broad shoulders. Go Bears!

  • Shady, thanks fr earlier comments. The Bear Tweets are now just beat writers. That way it's only a news vessel.

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    Yeah Jeff, I noticed after I posted. Much better. Thanks boss!

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    Apparently he's not watching Caleb play. That's alright, we like him and that's all that matters.

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    Culpepper took 8 stitches in his toe after some (currently) mysterious incident at his home Saturday.

    Please, PLEASE, PUh- LEEEZE let justice be served and SUSPEND "The Sisters".

    If I were Goodell, I would just end run the courts and suspend them WITH PAY. If they don't lose any money (for now) it would seem to me they lose legal standing. (Dear Vikings: When I say suspended, I MEAN suspended. Love, Roger) THEN let the legality of the NFL's position play out and, assuming the NFL wins, fine them 4 game checks when the opportunity presents. Hopefully the next ruling will render my plan moot.

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    I think the fact that the lions have zero to play for this season is the exact reason stafford shouldnt start. let stafford sit for a little while and get a feel for the game while giving the franchise a year to get some more talent to protect him. theres no need to throw him right into the fire and end up with David Carr style PTSD.

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    is there a patch to the game tonight? it's not airing in my market....

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    I'm not sure, but I'm going to try this:

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    Purple Pansies
    Vikes have a ton of talent but I believe they will struggle this year because of a total lack of team unity. Farve will struggle no doubt and that

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