A Wednesday Rodeo

There will be no more words wasted on this site about the Chicago media's current infatuation with Jay Cutler's facial expressions.  Writers like the Tribune's Rick Morrissey are why most people around the country have little respect for the town's sports writers.  Morrissey, like Mariotti before him, think dour is interesting and prey upon the local fan's propensity to be pessimistic.  In my opinion, it's cheap journalism.  And unsurprising.

Bowman Was Healthy?
According to Vaughn McClure, Zack Bowman was entirely healthy Sunday night and doesn't seem to have any idea why he didn't play down the stretch.  About the only positive thing that came out of the last two minutes at Lambeau Field is the fact that the entire organization should now be able to move beyond the Nathan Vasher reclamation project.  They should start the healing process Sunday or face the prospect of a Santonio Holmes choreographed dance number in the Soldier Field end zone.

Most Telling Statistic
Matt Forte.  Zero catches.  Look no further than the success of Tom Brady and Phil Rivers Monday night to understand the importance of checking down to a pass-catching back.  Kevin Faulk and Darren Sproles won those games Monday night and Matt Forte should have been given a shot Sunday night.


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  • First!

  • "Matt Forte. Zero catches."

    Well that's no one's fault but our genius offensive coordinator. I swear Turner better pull his head out of his ass by Sunday or we're cooked.

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    Don't count on it, dude.

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    In regards to Cutler

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    Hey Shady-

    I agree with you 100% about Lovie's in game decisions...

    The only thing I will say, is that he did not call that fake punt. The snapper made that decision, although I dont know why you give him that ability..but that's another story.

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    Hey Guys I'm a new member and just wanted to say living on the west coast I got to see alot of denvers games and I read some people here say cutler should use his dump passes I don't think he knows what that is he never used them in denver.All I saw was him throwing into double and triple coverage until he learns to use them we are going to see him throw picks.Hopefully he will learn and our D can cause some turnovers good luck Bears!

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    "If you throw 4 picks in a game you don't go through your progressions and take what the D is giving you. You are trying to force things into double and quadruple coverage. That's the entire philosophy of a gunslinger. The only time Forte is gonna get a pass thrown his way is if he is the primary read."

    Explain to me like I'm a four year old how Cutler can check down through his receivers, given the 0.3 seconds he gets from his offensive line before he has large men knocking him to the ground. Please. I'm waiting.

    Nice post Shady, but that punt call was totally on Mannelly and he should have had his eggs cut off for that.

  • Yah I would have rather had Bowman there instead of Vash.

    Well duh on the Forte thing; If you throw 4 picks in a game you don't go through your progressions and take what the D is giving you. You are trying to force things into double and quadruple coverage. That's the entire philosophy of a gunslinger. The only time Forte is gonna get a pass thrown his way is if he is the primary read.

  • Great call about Morrisey...that guy is garbage.

  • My question? How much was Ron Turner (and most of you know I blame Turner for pissing away the Super Bowl) and how much might have been Cutler trying to get it (14 attempts according to Peter King)to Bennett?

  • Jeff, I feel I need to take a moment and congratulate you for not giving up after week one. I enjoy this blog tremendously, and would hate to see heavy doses of negativity from you. Thanks for keeping things positive and moving on from Sunday night.

    OK, moving forward, is it safe to say that our best options in the secondary are Afalava(SS) and Manning(FS), with Tillman and Bowman on the corners? I like Kevin Payne, and thought he played decent on Sunday. Most of what I've read, though, speaks to the contrary. Cutler will incorporate the check-downs to Forte, and I expect that to start this week because without Troy P the Steelers don't have as much speed to cover the flats. What's the word at left guard? I think we've got to have a better option than Omiyale. Our defense ranking 5th in the league after week 1 against what was purported to be one of the top 5 offenses in the league without Urlacher for almost 3 quarters tells me that schematically we should be fine. I'd like to see more flying to the ball, though, and a healthy diet of Manning screaming in on safety blitzes.

  • Morrisey actually mentions the possibility of Shanahan replacing Smith which, as far as I am concerned, shows how deluded HE is.

  • To be completely honest, I don't see any reason to be pessimistic. Cutler was terrible Sunday night and we still should have won a road division game.

    Last year I thought we were a Super Bowl contender after opening night and where'd that get us?

  • Morrisey is one of these writers who is always going for the shock headline, etc. Not too surprising, so it doesn't make my blood boil or anything.

    I was wondering why Bowman wasn't seeing much action in week one. I worried that he had tweaked the injury, but apparantly not. He needs to get on the field...he will make some mistakes because of his lack of experience, but his upside is worth it. Plus, we all know Vasher is a liability at this point.

    Yes, Forte needs to catch some passes. I wish Turner would have given Cutler and the offense some Forte screens or passes in the flat against Green Bay to establish some rhythm early in the game. With Clark out this week and Olsen showing us nothing against the Pack, Cutler needs to lean on Forte as his security blanket.

  • An improvisational quarterback isn't going to be successful with our crop of wideouts. The best weapons on this team are at tight end, running back and go route wideouts. Call him and run em.

  • Patriots are looking into Derrick Brooks. I think we may have burned the damn bridge.

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