A Tuesday Night Rodeo

Receiver as Flavor of the Month
Please, please, please Chicago media.  Please don't ruin Johnny Knox's chance at having a terrific career at wide receiver for the Bears.  Don't be fooled by the love affair that has developed at both the major dailies because as quickly as they'll praise the NFL's 15th ranked receiver, they'll be even faster to whack him in the barber's chair if his production fades.

I Think We Need a New Bus
The Chicago Bears are still claiming to be a running football team even as they've obviously transformed into a throwing football team. 

"Of course we would like to run the football," Smith said. "But if
(they) come with that pressure (vs. the run), and we single up on the
outside (receivers), you have to throw the ball, and the guys on the
outside have to win the 1-on-1 battles, and we won it constantly
throughout the day."

A great quarterback and receivers winning one-on-one battles?  What team is this? 


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  • Knox looked great, but you have to be disappointed with Bennett's production. As far as I'm concerned, its still receiver by committee; but it's nice to know that on any given day Hester, Knox, or Bennett can get it done

  • I think premature to judge any of the receivers, good or bad. I will go so far as to say that there is potential there.

  • Is anyone else more than a little sick of hearing the media whine that one of these receivers has to be "A Number 1". You'd think it was a rule that Moses brought down from Sinai with the 10 commandments.

    Last week Cutler found Bennett 7 times.

    This week he found Bennet once AND 6 other receivers 26 (?) times.

    When do you go to your #1 guy? How about....

    Big 3rd and goal down 7-0 just before halftime: Bang! Cutler hits Kellen Davis for a TD.

    Opportinity to strike deep on the 2nd TD drive: Bang! Cutler hits Greg Olsen for 29.

    HUGE 3rd and goal down 14-7 in th 4th: Bang!Cutler hits Johnny Knox for a TD.

    Key 3rd down play on the winning drive: Bang! Cutler hits Devin Hester. "First & ten, Chicago!"

    Related Item you probably already know: The Patriots won Super Bowls with perhaps the most nondescript cast of receivers ever.

    When they went back 2 years ago with a CLEAR #1 in Randy Moss, they lost.

    These guys are ALL paid to make plays, including at crunch time.

    Just askin':
    How come when Peyton Manning or Brady hit 7 differnt receivers it's trumpeted like they just found a cure for cancer but when a Bear QB does it (and KO did it a at least a couple times last season) it barely gets a mention?

    You had to love last night's Colts-Fins tilt giving lie to what I
    consider the most overrated statistic in the NFL: Time of posession.

    It hit me while watching the game again last night why we don't get
    Phil Simms on more Bear games. He's on CBS and does mostly AFC. Instead we get Fox blobs like Tony "Master of the obvious" Siragusa. Yo, Tony! Get OFF the sideline! You're blotting out the sun!

  • Why is no one talking about Hester's two clutch catches for 1st downs...including the huge one between two defenders on that final scoring drive (both on scoring drives)? Knox has been playing receiver forever, Hester is still learning the position, and is having some issues w/mental mistakes (and he still runs backwards sometimes) but I think he had a decent game too.

  • In reply to BearsTransplant:

    I'd never thought I'd be so happy seeing Hester make a 5-yard catch.

  • In reply to BearsTransplant:

    Hey Shonbear, post shorter coments...j/k you have great insight. We finally have a good quarterback, and he is going to throw to the open receiver. If it happened to be Jackass last week. by the way Jeff, i like your unwillingness to change his nickname, jackass is perfect. I bet next week the seachickens will key on knox and we'll all be singing bennets praises. nfl net is about to replay the bears game. two weeks, two replays on nfl net, great.

  • In reply to BearsTransplant:

    I think we're still trying to figure out what exactly we're seeing with the offense. Hopefully the rest of the NFL is too.

    But fuck, it feels good to have a real QB

  • In reply to BearsTransplant:

    my second viewing...

    Knox over Bennnet for #2 rec. With Hester and Knox on the outside it should open up the middle more than Hester and bennet.

    Kellen Davis is better than Dez Clark. Taller, faster, , younger, better hands. As much as I appreciate Clarks production, Kellen is the future.

    Noticable difference between vasher and Bowman. Vasher should get a look at nickle, but i have a feeling he is done. dump the salary. Tillman/ Bowman should be our starters.

    Afalava is better than Payne. He hits as hard as payne, but he wraps up and covers better.

    What happened to Hester on punt returns? He used to scare the crap out of opponents, not he only scares the crap out of us fans.

    Ron Turner is good. Shonbear, you need to get off his tip. A new coordinator will set us back years. He's the best bears offensive mind since well, the first coming of ron turner.

    God damn that last drive of the first half was great. Gave Da Coach wood. Shaped like a bone in ribeye....

    B E A R S!

  • In reply to BearsTransplant:

    2nd half.....

    Alex Brown is our best d lineman. If he faced the right tackle like goon does, he'd have way better numbers.

    The duke of Earl is nifty. He'll be the best Bears # 80 since Curtis Conway.

    Run game will come. 3-4 is much harder to run againsy. 100+ for wd Forte against the seachickens.

    Has Gilbert played a down this year? How bout melton? Harrison?

    Blatent holding on Mendendouche's big run

    Lovie drinks Babich's milkshake, he drinks it up. Two games in and its obvious that Babich was in way over his noodle. I should be mad, but if it wasn't for the perfect storm of shit, Cutler would not be here, so thank you.

    Danielle is a better nickle than safety, the only question is, is he better than payne?

    I love Jeff Ried

    I should post shorter messages....

  • In reply to BearsTransplant:

    I have to admit that I was concerned with Turner having the yayas to stick with the passing game when that

  • In reply to BearsTransplant:

    Something I noticed in both games this year that is a huge plus for us for years to come. We all know that Ron Turner loves the quick hitters to his WR's in space, hoping they can make a play. We've all bagged on him over the last few years because those tended to be wasted plays, zero gains, pick 6's, etc. The difference now is Cutler's rocket. The ball is out and caught before he defense gets out of their stances. The WR's have the speed and agility to make things happen. As the year goes on, and we have more and more success with these, it opens up the quick hit fake-inside delayed handoff to Matty running downhill at a defense out of alignment. Just one of the many new wrinkles in the vastly improved offense......and dare I say improved view of Ron Turner in our eyes. Sorry, couldn't resist.

  • In reply to BearsTransplant:

    Hey, Kellen Davis is better than Greg Olsen, never mind Dez Clarke. he can block and catch. Two things Olsen sucks at by the way.

    The Packers, Bears and Steelers all have poor OLs in common and the resulting hit on our running games has three good teams at 1-1. Omiyale's run blocking is disastrous and his pass blocking not far behind. Greg 'Footsteps' Olsen cannot block, and by the looks of it can't catch in traffic, so how long we persist with him will be related to whether or not his receiving comes together in time. Haven't got a clue about Michael Gaines, but it would be interesting to see him line up with Kellen Davis as book ends, wouldn't it ? Two TEs that can block (assuming Gaines can block, Davis can) and one of whom can actually get open and catch the ball. 6'7 targets are nice to have around. Might be nice when we've run up a score on the Hawks to throw in Beekman, Davis and Gaines together, run the ball some and see what happens. Get a little play action off that. Nothing to lose.

    Turns out that not having this shining, golden #1 receiver might be a good thing. No one knows who to double team and our boy can hit anyone, anywhere, anytime, or just keep it and go for the first.

    Hey, Bum Turner, see that Miami offense ? That's how to confuse a defense. Imagine Cutler with those kinds of plays. Amazing misdirection.

    Can't bring Urlacher back ... but we can bring Rideau back he is helping our roster I will need explained to me slowly ...vaya condios Senor Iglesias ....

  • Albert,

    Spectacularm comments about the way they trumpet it from the heavens when a "manning" spreads the football around, but act like there is something wrong with the Bears when they do it.

    Ok, look guys we were kind of lucky to come away with that win there, I'll take a little luck anytime. Two missed field goals and lots of missed.dropped passes by the Steelers. You could say some of those were simmilar to tennis "unforced errors". We capitalized, I'm good to go.

    The run game, I just don't think there is a commitment to it, if it's not working, then use the short passes, screens etc... to
    Forte in Westbrook fashion (at least for periods of the game, not as a whole offense thing). Anyway, it just seems like they arent committed to it as long as they have Jay.

    I don't mind while we are winning, but I don't think a super pass happy offense is going to do it, a well balanced attack is better.

    I talk myself out of my concerns as I calm myself with the idea that we all knew that this offense was going to need 4-6 games into the season to gel. Still looking for that gel, it shows up in spurts. When other teams start game planning, things will need to be adjusted and hopefully we will see more balance then. Come on RT surprize me and prove me wrong.

    My "well oiled machine" analogy won't go away, I want to see our Bears drive down the field like they know what's up and they don't look as surprized or excited as the fans. For example, the Giants, Dallas and the Colts did it at will in their games like it's business as usual. We as the fans of the Greatest Team Ever deserve that kind of product. The tools seem to be in place, the belief/faith is coming week by week. The coaches better not "F" it away.

    Jeff good analysis of the game in review, not going overboard and forgetting all the mistakes and weaknesses. If they start improving in those areas I can't see who could beat them.

    Lastly, anybody watch how the Miami offensive play calling at the end of the game gave it, or ensured a win for the Colts in the last few minutes. They had the middle of the field and use up all the time trying to get it all instead of methodically getting down the field and into the red zone to increase their success percentage for a TD? Whatever, reminded me of RT.

    Go Bears!

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