You Must Listen To This.

Shady, the man with his ear to the grindstone, found this interview by Zach Zaidman.  I gave it a listen and it's pretty amazing stuff with Jay Cutler and Jersey Greg.   

Shady's been with us forever and he is beloved. Click here to listen.


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  • First! Awesome interview.

  • Good interview! its funny how jays says "we dont make fun of olin" its crazy cause it sounds as if these guys have been playing together for years. I love the chemistry these three guys have. Cant wait for the season to start.

  • That was rather entertaining.

  • Nice name drop.

  • lmao @ greg olsen. he wasn't having any of that "WR" shit.

    "I'm a tight end. Pass-catching TE. You implied I'm not a TE but a WR. Get it straight....I'm a TE."

    funniest part.

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