Updating Camp Battles

After nearly a week of practices, let's take a look at the camp battles of note.

Over.  Devin Hester and Earl Bennett are going to be the starting wideouts in Green Bay on the 13th.  The question is who of the remainder (Davis, Iglesias, Knox, Rideau) will win the job in the slot.

I thought Frank Omiyale would run away with this but all evidence is pointing toward Josh Beekman as the early leader.  I'd like to see this position settled as soon as possible because the more time this unit can play together before the season starts, the better.  The good news is, of course, the Bears have all-important depth along the offensive line.

Will Peanut be healthy?  Will Vasher continue to be awful?  Will Bowman's hamstring injury linger?  With Tru or Graham or D.J.Moore establish themselves at the position?  Cornerback has quickly become the position to watch throughout the preseason.

Steltz v. Manning won't remind anyone of Ali v. Frazier or Brown v. Board of Education but it's the absolute defensive key to big play prevention.  This coaching staff has always been in love with Danieal and I think it'll be an uphill climb for Craig to start in any major capacity.


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  • Hmm. Beekman over Omiyale? I consider that a disappointing bit of news.

  • Whoever has the best hands period! Unless it's Rash, then I say whoever has the second best hands period. Maybe I should have said comma the first time? OK, the safety position is the key to big play prevention, let's hope that their skill level or possible lack thereof is not going to create big play prevention on their side of the ball, in the same way they need to prevent, they also need to invent some turnovers for TD's. Game changing plays need to be happening. I'm thinking we won't really know what their made of until the preseason games when they can hit people.

  • I'm hoping for Rideau to be the third guy this year. He played well during preseason last year and deserved a shot. But for what ever reason never did. I echo Shonbear's comments in that I mainly just hope that we're done with the Rash Davis experiment. If that continues too much longer it'll start to remind me of the Dez White days...

  • "Whoever has the best hands period! Unless it's Rash, then I say whoever has the second best hands period."

  • Ha! Great Shonbear!

    I don't visualize Rashied Davis getting cut, simply because of the veteran experience he brings. He is the only player on the Bears roster who has been a NFL reciever for more than two seasons (Captaiin of the Practice Squad Rideau doesn't count). Ghost's predictions for September 13 (not that it takes Hank Stram to figure it out): Hester, Bennett are starters, Johnny Knox is the slot, Davis, Inglesias, Rideau, and Aromashodu round them out. Derek Kinder makes the practice squad.

  • I wonder where Mike Hass is...

  • New Orleans, I think. Could be wrong.

  • Sad, but true, Ghost. Rashied Davis is the "Elder Statesman" among Bears' wideouts.

  • wr coach Daryle Drake doesn't like playing rookies, and a fifth rounder from a small school with pretty much being drafted on speed only probably won't play much. However I would love to see the real Johny Knox (Johny Blaze) run down the sideline for a Cutler bomb every three or four games.

    I bet slot wr goes to R Davis. Yeah, you look at years in league at wr at this team and it is crazy, it is not necessarily terrible, but jumps out at ya.

    We need Devin Hester to be Steve Smith, quick as hell....talented as hell....great returning abilities...but needs to play wr to make his team better. Lets hope Hester can be the next Steve Smith. I stil want a taller posession wr opposite him.

  • Give Devin the crash course. Tell him to go punch DJ Moore in the face.

  • I am starting to think that I shouldn't believe every article tribune or sun times throws at the public in off season ......such as when we sign a guy who may have only started a couple times (Omi) but should be great at tackle and guard. And same for Schaffer, great swing tackle apparently but just Cleveland needed to bring in new. But it sounds like neither were great or even good. I feel like Jerry and the Bears lied to the Bears press, which in turn just lied to me.

    Chris Williams make me happier and kick some ass.

  • Last post for a bit but how can our defensive tackel not play (Harrison) because he is overweight, and then three days later come in and play. Did he go annerexic (sp?) on us and now he can play....or was that just a small tap on the wrist?

    by the way Jeff H. i did hear the Cutler interview on the score, yeah I did believe him when he said he didn't talk to either...wheres that come from

  • hass is in seattle

  • jjul3, exactly! I am at a loss for holding Harrison out for 3-4 days because he was overweight for his own good because the Bears care so much about the health of their players? Apparently they only care at the opening of preseason and not during OTA's cause didn't they know how much this guy weighed before and then it only takes 3-4 days to make weight and it has to be a major story for the first four days of camp. Give me a break!

    Anyways, I'm finished with that rant. I think we have to be looking at those pre-season games closely to see what will happen for that slot. That is where we need to start the ultimate "drop" watch. Lets count them, a TD is the only thing that might be considered to cancel out a drop.

  • Speaking of "CAMP BATTLES", those geniuses at the 4-letter Network sure gave us an IMPORTANT one today: Reporter(?) Chris Mortensen taking on Viking punter, Chris Kluwe, in ...(wait for it)...GUITAR HERO! Oooooo! Ahhhh! And, as if THAT wasn't exciting enough, we had 2 Vikings checking out the engine of his great big shiny bus!
    Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk! JEEEEZ. ESPN can't fill an hour of SPORTSCENTER or a half-hour of NFL LIVE without pissing away time on crap like that? Note to Mort: What's actually happening in the camps is now playing 2nd-fiddle to you and your damn bus, about which NOBODY GIVES A RAT'S REAR-END!!

    Well, Mort's in BEARS' Camp on Thursday. I expect he will go one-on-one with Brad Maynard in MARIO CART or POLAR BOWLER while Brian Uhrlacher and Tommie Harris overhaul the bus' transmission.

    Stay tuned for more classic coverage from the self-proclaimed "worldwide sports leader".

  • according to brad biggs harrison was 10 lbs overweight. ive seen a 200 pound guy drop 14 pounds in a day, so i have no problem believing a 320 lbs man can drop that in 3.

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Maybe he's on the Lendale White diet ("No Patron, homes!")

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Zisk, did that guy take a 14 pound shit?

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    no just a regular sized one. but in all seriousness he dehydrated himself pretty badly. probably not worth it for high school wrestling.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    See, that's what I'm saying he dehydrated the weight away, he didn't "really" lose it. lovie (maybe jerry) touted, I think on Da site that the health of their players comes first. Just because it's possible to lose 10-15 pounds in 1-4 days does not mean it is healthy. If they were going to let him do that then they should have just let him in camp and he would lose the pounds naturally because of the hard work in practice. If he can't perform because he is so hefty, then they move him with the 2's or 3's till he out performs the guys ahead of him, instead they just sit him on Jenny Craig for four days, I don't get it. I guess it makes sense if it is really more like a discipline thing and setting an example for the rest of the players, letting them know they take the off season seriously. Maybe they did know of his poundage during OTA's and when he left Halas Hall last they told him "hey bro you know you need to show up here lighter than you've been" or something like that. Anyways, anybody remember a guy named stringer? I don't want to hear the party line stating they care about the players health first and within three days they are saying this guy is safe to practice now, it's a line of crap.

    I know I have spent way too much time on this, sorry. Just still in killing time mode even though news is trickling out at a much better rate now till we get to preseason game one.

    Max, it took you long enough to speak up for your boy Rash.

    Here is something I have been thinking about: We sent whatsisname to Kansas City (or he went there when he was released) and he looked pretty good, time will tell this season for sure. If we start seeing some spectacular play making during preseason like we did with him (Mark Bradley in case you were wondering), I want to see those guys (Inglesias, Moore, Kinder, any of them) get their shot. Whoever is making spectacular grabs, no drops, YAC, provides some excitement. As much as Lloyd seemed to get the boot faster than (insert funny comment here...) he had some amazing catches in at least a few games, of course he had to because Orton threw him some lame stuff that he had to be Mr Fantastic in order to make the play. Prior to Orton's injury though he seemed to be the guy. Anyways, if we start giving some of these guys a chance and they are making plays happen there could be as much excitement as when Hester came on the scene. The rest of the league doesnt know their tendencies so this could work great for the first 5-6 games of the season while the league is catching up on the game film. Either way, execution, injuries and their fluid knowledge of the playbook according to Ron will dictate, but it is fun to conjecture right? That's what we do all day and night from around the globe.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Agreed. It is very easy to believe.

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    I know it's Lawrence Holmes, but he said yesterday he was shocked at how bad Basanez looked. Said he reminded him of a good high school QB. Terrible arm.

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Several bears things on my mind this morning (although i should be thinking more about work):

    1. WTF happened with corey graham? He has a decent/good first season. Then in the offseason he is "moved" to S. Then in OTA's he's S... then corner. Now hes fucking nickel back? With bowman and tillman out he should be getting reps a corner... even if he is behind vasher on the depth chart. Plus i thought D. Manning was our nickel back. Something is up. This stinks of Chris Harris part II. maybe we can get a 5th round pick for graham and send him to a team that will actually let him play a position for more than 2 weeks. This pisses me off.

    2. I haven't heard much about S from camp. Is this because they are difficult to evaluate outside of game situations? I am getting increasingly nervous about our secondary.

    3. The O-line, for the first time in what seems like forever, is stacked. We have a couple solid swing guys who can fill in if(when) there are injuries. We have an upgrade at LT and (hopefully) RT. I think the addition of Schaffer, Omi, and Pace will be dramatic. cutler + time = deadly. our 2007 and 2008 lines were not great... this one could be top 3rd of the league good. Add that to having Forte and a guy like cutler who can move around and you have some real potential for offense.

    its gonna be a good year. i can feel it.

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    regarding jeff's post:

    I feel good about Hester and Bennett starting against the Pack. I feel that Rash will get the start but that Knox will overtake the position after Rash's chance is blown by him.

    I agree with Al that I was initially disappointed regarding Beekman moving in front of Omiyale but then i realized that Beekman came in last year and did a decent job. If he grew as a player and his skill level increased to compete against Omiyale then that is a good thing.

    If Bowman can come back from the Hammy then i see him starting with Vasher at corner. I don't want to see Vasher get replaced but once Tilman comes back and is in game shape then Tilman and Bowman could be our corners...or Tilman and Vasher at that point. Then part of me wants to see what the kid DJ Moore can do. A brash youngster with skills and attitude.

    I am still not convinced that Manning is our answer at Free Safety and would rather see him at corner. However, if Steltz just doesn't have the range then you do what you gotta do.

    I'm pumped about the Rush-men and our 1-2 punch running backs and tightends and we are going to have a great time watching them this season.

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Holy Hell, i meant I would rather see Manning at Nickel... WTF was my hand typing?

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Actually, would manning make a decent shut down corner out on an island just relying on pure physical skill while mirroring the opposing #1 receiver and not having to think about anything else?

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Jeff, whats goin on with my user-name??? I'm having to reset my password everytime, just to log in....

    Sorry so late BDG....

    53 man roster prediction:

    Jay Cutler
    Caleb Hanie

    Matt Forte
    Kevin Jones
    Garrett Wolfe
    Jason Mckie

    Devin Hester
    Earl Bennett
    Juaqin Iglesias
    Johnny Knox
    Brandon Rideau

    Greg Olsen
    Desmond Clark
    Kellen Davis
    Michael Gaines

    Orlando Pace
    Chris Williams
    Olin Kruetz
    Roberto Garza
    Josh Beekman
    Kevin Schaefer
    Frank Omiyale
    Dan Beunning

    Tommie Harris
    Alex Brown
    Adewale Ogunleye
    Marcus Harrison
    Dusty Dvoracek
    Israel Idonije
    Mark Anderson
    Anthony Adams
    Jarron Gilbert
    Henry Melton

    Brian Urlacher
    Lance Briggs
    Pisa Tinosamoa
    Marcus Freeman
    Nick Roach
    Jamar Williams

    Charles Tillman
    Zach Bowman
    Kevin Payne
    Danielle Manning
    Craig Steltz
    Nathan Vasher
    Corey Graham
    D.J. Moore
    Trumaine McBride
    Al Afalava
    Marcus Hamilton

    Ks & LS
    Robbie Gould
    Brad Maynard
    Patrick Mannely

    Notable guys not making the team:
    Adrian Peterson
    Rashied Davis
    Hunter Hillenmeyer
    Brett Basanez
    Matt Toeaina

  • It's another day that it's good...not to be a Lions fan.


  • JJU13, there is no way an intelligent coach will not put the best players in the best position. I stand by Knox. If you would kindly go to Bourbonnais and see it for yourself, you would agree.

    Rashied Davis dropping ball after ball.

    Johnny Knox catching ball after ball through good (sometimes double) coverage.

  • you forgot that the illustrious KC Joyner thinks garza is one of the best in the league

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