Till-Bow Baggins

Buried in a day where the Minnesota Vikings have stolen the headlines was some pretty substantial, if predictable news from Brad Biggs.  It appears Lovie Smith & Co. have settled on Peanut Tillman and Zack Bowman as their starting corners. 

"[Tillman and Bowman] don't have to come out here and prove to us
that they can play," Smith said. "So we'll just do what we need to do.
Everything we do in general is to set up our play for [Green Bay].
Yeah, we would like to have them out here practicing, but as long as we
can get them back around in time, we'll be OK."

Asked if he was endorsing Bowman as a starter on the spot, Smith continued.

"I speak of Bowman based on what he's done since [offseason team
activities], and he's played as well as any of the defensive backs.
That's how I am looking at it.''

Lovie Smith knows what we all know.  He knows Nate Vasher is finished as a top tier defensive player.  He knows Truman McBride is nothing but a respectable backup.  And he knows that D.J. Moore and Woodny Turenne are D.J. Moore and Woodny Turenne.  So now the issue for the Chicago Bears is not finding their starting corners.  It's getting their starting corners healthy.


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  • FIRST?

  • WOO HOO!

  • OK Jeff, every ounce of LOTR geek in me is fighting the urge to take this theme and run with it.

  • Can we cast Favre's ruin upon the Metrodome?


  • I mean smite

  • we need to play all of our young corners a lot in the preaseason to see what we have. If they suck balls, then and only then should we go after an older free agent who may have a few downs left. until then signing and playing a free agent corner does not make a lot of sense. Listen to Da Coach.....and I'm hoping Favrah breaks his hip his first game back.

  • Im just gonna paste this from before as it is more relevant on this post anyway:

    Hey can anyone help me here? Why is Corey Graham not getting any consideration for a starting gig? Have they looked at moving him to safety? I thought he was very solid last year when he got opportunities. Obviously, with the emergence of Bowman and his 87 unofficial interceptions, there is no room at corner, but is there a spot for this guy and why have I heard little about him?

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Ah Corey Graham. The guy who stepped in and performed well at CB last year when Peanut and Vash went down to injuries. This off-season, however, it seems as if he's been moved around from corner to safety and now to the nickle corner.

    Now, WHY the staff has decided to move him around and try him at different positions is up for debate. Some people believe Graham somehow ended up in Love's "dog house" because maybe he wasn't enthusiastic about playing anything other than corner, and for that, they stick him at nickle. The other view is that Lovie just likes to make his players in the secondary more versatile by having them learn to play multiple positions rather than stick to one. I think that makes the most sense considering his history from last year. Graham showed the ability to match up against physical WRs and the ability to blitz effectively from the edge. His coverage ability? I think that's still up for evaluation, but for now the nickle role should allow him to see the field more than any other position he could play this year, barring injuries of course.

  • and no...Corey Graham is not a relative of mine.

  • I think DJ Moore has a ton of potential. The guy oozes confidence, which is an integral part of playing any pro sport. People underestimate confidence. A player has to believe he is the best in order to be the best. And Suck it Favrah!

  • That is very interesting. I was worried that Vasher's experience would keep him in the starting lineup even if Bowman was the better player. I'm very satisfied with Bowman and Tillman starting (three years ago, I though Peanut would lose his job before Vash).

    The media is absolutely beside itself today. Their beloved PRODIGAL SON has returned. The Chicago media is particularly disgusting...Neill Hayes...Brad Biggs. They all condemn Cutler for speaking the truth at a post-game press conference and they all praise the brave 40 year old quarterback returning one more time.

    Brett Favre can go administer autofellatio. We'll see him in November.

  • Vasher played himself out of the running last Saturday.

  • Narcissus just started his Vikings press conference. Somebody PLEASE have the stones to ask: "Brett, isn't this just your quaint, backwoods Missippi way of saying 'SCREW YOU GREEN BAY'. HOW DARE YOU NOT LET ME HAVE MY CAKE AND EAT IT TOO!' . "?

  • Turrene looked a helluva lot better than Vasher, all things considered.

  • And Favre sounded like someone ran over his cat; has anyone been a bigger baby about coming out of retirement? I thought at one point that Moustache Chilly was going to take out his hankey and dry Brett's little red eyes with it.
    I think Brett's shoulder/elbow/knee will go by week 6 and they'll be back to the Copter or T-Jack.

  • Here are some pics I took in Buffalo - http://www.flickr.com/photos/brandonpurcell/sets/72157621950643425/show/ My favorite ones are the one with Urlacher & Cutler and Hester & Harris (looks like Harris is blessing him)

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    Thanks...we were on the 25 yard line 8 rows up but the camera helps. It is a Canon Digital SLR with a 200mm zoom lens. I was worried they would be a bit blurry since I was free handing zoomed all the way in.

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    Well, I was able to catch the game from Saturday on the NFLN this evening and figured I'd share what I caught from a 2nd view of the game. To be clear, I didn't catch the 1st quarter with most of the starters, so this is mostly what I noticed from the guys who would be coming in from the bench.

    First the good:

    -Depth at TE. After Olsen and Clark, the Bears are lucky to have TWO more guys who can not only muscle up and hold a block on a running play, but can also get down the field for connections on the play action pass. Kellen Davis looks stronger in the run blocking department (something that was certainly lacking last year) and not only did he show the ability to catch the ball down field, but he flashed his stength by catching a Hanie ball in the flat and carrying 3 defenders past the 1st down marker. Having this guy back up both G-reg and Dez makes you feel pretty good about the depth at TE. Michael Gaines, the 4th TE, is probably going to play the role our buddy John Gilmore did as the short yardage TE who is in to block 90% of the time. He does, however, have the ability to get open versus LBs if given the right opportunity. Because the Bears are going to use a ton of 2 TE sets, it's going to be of critical importance to establish the running attack through efficient blocking so that the TEs can get open for big gains on play-action downs. The versatility of this group should give this offense a big boost this year, and they need it considering the state of the WR group.

    Where else do the Bears have depth? At the tackle positions on the defensive lines. After Tommie Harris and Anthony Adams starting on the inside, the Bears have quality backups in Izzy Idonije, Dusty Dvoracek, Marcus Harrison and Jarron Gilbert all of whom are able to penetrate into the backfield and disrupt plays. The Big Toe didn't look bad out there, in fact he made a few nice play vs. the run, but I just don't see him making the 53 man roster with the depth the Bears currently have at the position. In my mind, this group is going to play the biggest role in whether or not the entire defensive unit can get back to where it needs to be. If the Bears can keep a few of these guys fresh with a strong rotation of players, these guys have the ability to get into the backfield quickly and disrupt the QB. Unfortunately, other than Alex Brown, I just don't see the ends getting the kind of pressure on the QBs needed in order to throw off their timing. Hopefully 'Wale and Anderson can find some of their '06 mojo while using their contract year as added motivation.

    I also think the Bears have great depth at the guard position as well. Between Garza, Beekman, Omiyale, Buenning and Reed, these guys all showed the ability to not only pass protect, but to run block as well. This group should also be able to fill in at OT as well, and they better, because from what I saw on Saturday the tackle position did not look solid at all.

    Pace and Williams could be the key for offensice success this season. Not only to tackles provide run blocking, but they also keep your franchise QB upright. While I didn't see that much of our starters, I was able to take a look at guys like Kevin Shaffer and Cody Balogh. Not good. Not good at all. Think a poor man's John St. Clair. I really don't know what to say beyond that other than I hope one of our guards can move to tackle if necessary and please God let Pace and Williams stay healthy.

    Just a few other notes:
    - The Bears have more than a few guys who can return kicks this season, so it looks like Cutler should be starting with some solid field position this year.

    -While we didn't get to see much out of him on Saturday, DA looked to be getting some separation on the Buffalo DBs downfield. Unfortunately Brett Basanez was too busy playing terribly for us to get a chance to see what DA (or Rideau for that matter) could do. Hopefully we can see them in action next weekend.

    - Craig Steltz looks like a real playmaker in the box and sitting back in zone coverage. However if a QB finds him in single coverage vs. a WR or TE, advantage offense. Big time.

    - I know if Forte and Kevin Jones were unable to play, I'd much rather see AP than Garrett Wolfe in at RB. Sooner or later teams are going to figure out Wolfe can't run the ball effectively up the middle and learn to key in on screens and pitches when he is in. Not sure he was worth a 3rd round pick, but Id love for him to prove me wrong.

    - Whatever coverage the Bears were playing vs. the Bills spread offense wasn't working. The whole soft zone coverage was getting torn up with slants over the middle and short curl routs on the outside. If the QB is releasing the ball in 2 seconds or less, there is no way the pass rush can make a difference. I know the Bears play an effective brand of bend but don't break defense, but allowing 1st down after 1st down is going to wear down this unit and fast.

    -Robbie Gould is in for a pro bowl season.

    -Caleb Hanie looks great moving around in the pocket.

    -Brad Maynard is the man.

    That is all.

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    I'll bet Tillman isn't ready for Week 1, mark my words. Go ahead, mark them.

  • YES and YES. we need a corner and Matt Jones. Tillman and Bowman will be hurt all year on and off. Hester and Bennett are no substitute for a 6'6 WR with 4.4 40yd speed and great hands in Jones. I forsee a 10 and 6 season with a narrow missing of the playoffs.

  • Is anyone else fucking sick and tired of "reporters" asking our players how they fucking feel about what other players may have said regarding various plays during the 1st preseason day or events in OTA's. Give me a break already.

    Twitter is now annoying the shit out of me as well, especially when each tweet from these douchebags has the air of "oh my god, cutler just threw an incomplete pass in a 7 on 7 drill, do you think he is mad at Hester for not coming back to make a play on his pass the other night?" "Hester just turned the wrong way on a comeback route, do you think he feels like a true number 1 receiver? I should aks him about his thoughts on whether he feels that Olsen will be mad at him if he catches more balls than him this year. Devin, do you think Cutler is mad at you because you turned the wrong way on that comeback route back in OTA's?"

    Does anyone know what i am trying to get at?
    I feel like i'm in the twilight zone.

  • Johnny C - I think it comes with the incredibly heightened expectations on this team. I think the reporting has been really bad all offseason, but this is the same sort of breathless garbage that came around when the Bulls were dominant too.

  • I see what you are saying. It is just a little frustrating, i wish Favre would get indicted as a sweatshop owner that produced Wrangler jeans for pennies to take some of this nonsensical spotlight off of the boys.

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