Three for Tuesday

Okay, guys, so it is done.  If you look at the right side of the screen (and scroll down a bit), you'll see the constant updates from the writers covering camp, some players and correspondance to them from fans.  It's actually pretty cool.

Cedric Benson Still Hasn't Learned
I don't care if Cedric Benson believes the Bears made a mistake in releasing him. (They didn't)  I don't care if Cedric Benson believes he's better than Matt Forte. (He's not)  I don't care if Cedric Benson believes the Holocaust didn't happen. (It did)  What I don't understand is why Benson insists on never shutting his goddamn mouth.  He had a halfway decent season for a crap team against awful defenses and now he's delivering his Hall of Fame speech to Brad Biggs.  Great athletes don't have to remind you of their accomplishments and Benson's reminders - beginning with his embarrassing draft day tear fest - are what led to the player resentment and fan disdain that chased him from Chicago in the first place. 

Tillman Injury...Good Thing?
Throwing a bone to Bob LeGere at the Daily Herald, who is reiterating what everyone seems to be saying: Zack Bowman is the standout of Bears training camp.  One has to wonder if Bowman would be receiving anywhere near the number of reps he's getting if Peanut wasn't out with a balky back.  Is it possible that the 2009 Chicago Bears are using injuries to their advantage?

Orlando Pace
Another good piece by Brad Biggs in the Sun-Times.  If you're not rooting for Pace to succeed in Chicago this season, you're not a sports fan.  


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  • Cedric Benson living a delusional lifesytle. What else is new?

    Can't wait until week 6 when the Chicago D finally gets to tee off on that loser.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Oh hell yes! I'd almost overlooked that! Christmas in October!

  • In reply to Shady:

    Cedric Benson can pick the corn nuts out of my shitpipe. That guy needs a serious attitude check. His sense of entitlement is amazing! I wanna hear more about how T. Jones socked him up at practice in 06! Anybody got details about that? Anyway, good riddance C-Benz....Go jack off in your helmet you fucking mutt.

  • fuck. cedric. benson's. wacktacular. ass.


  • Cedric Benson??? Who's he?

    Zack Bowman. Via the University of Nebraska.
    Same as some DB named Mike Brown.

    I'm a sports fan so, yes, I am rooting for Orlando Pace.

  • In an effort to get their best players on the field, don't you think the Bears would consider Bowman at FS if Peanut is ready to roll by week 1? What about Graham? Just not feeling too comfortable with the guys we have back there right now.

  • Long time reader, ocassional blogger....

    Can I get some Chris Williams news? Anyone watching this guy? Hopefully he as good as other first round tackles drafted last year.

    Is there any reason Olsen isn't a pro bowler this year?

  • In reply to jeungru13:

    You know offensive linemen, no news is good news.

  • In reply to jeungru13:

    Great little Twitter widget there, here's a nugget that just happened, posted by Haugh: "Crowd gives Bowman hand after he walks off field after going down with injury", hopefully it's no big deal.

    Oh and Cedric Benson may be the biggest piece of sh*t to ever put on a Bears jersey.

  • So if Bennett is wr 2, Hester is #1.....who starts in the slot?

    Do we put Olsen out wide and Clark back at tight end?

    We need more height for our wr's.

  • JJU...I'm hoping no news on Chris Williams is good news and we've heard nothing.

  • Williams looks decent from what I hear. 'Lando pace says he's got the right attitude. I've also heard he's more of a "finesse" pass blocker more than he is a run mauler. As long as he can start and stay healthy, I'm happy.

    As far as the slot WR goes, I think you're either looking at Rashied Davis or one of the rooks in Iglesias or Knox taking that role. However, you'll see the 2 TEs a whole lot more than you will the 3rd WR. I even read something today where they would move Dez and G-Greg out wide and have Hester and Bennett in the slot positions. I guess that would move the safties outside and open up lanes in the middle for quick passing routes. Now if only I could remember where I read that today...

  • Ah yes, here it is:

    "Bears management clearly values the strength of the receiving corps more than outsiders do, but offensive coordinator Ron Turner is going to play the equivalent of a shell game. One of the Bears' favorite formations is putting tight ends Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark on the outside of Hester and Bennett, effectively turning the tight ends into wideouts and the wideouts into slot receivers. Olsen and Clark combined for 95 catches last season, nine more than the top two wide receivers in the league. The plan is to draw safeties or linebackers on outside coverage, opening up the middle of the field. Offenses with great wide receivers wouldn't have to do such trickery, so this is a sign the Bears may be good but not great at wide receiver. Hester is now a full-time wide receiver with limited special-teams duties, and Bennett has the look of a solid 50- or 60-catch receiver. "If we don't win on the outside, we're not going to win many ballgames," Cutler said. I thought it was interesting that Bennett changed his number from 85 to 80 because he thought 85 looked too slow."

    Pretty funny last line there from Bennett

    I don't know how much stock I put into what The Professor tells us about camp after the 2007 season debacle.

  • I don't think I have ever disliked a player as much as I despise Cedric Benson. I hope he gets popped out of his helmet in Week 7.

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