Projecting The Roster: Offense

Final note on the second fake game.  Richmond McGee banged a nice kickoff to the goal line and dropped a punt inside the fifteen yard-line.  I know this is a personal dream of mine but I really hope the Bears keep this guy in the organization.  One man to backup both kicking spots is a nice comfort.

Last year, of the fifty-three men kept on the roster, twenty-five were offensive players.  Assuming the Bears stick with that breakdown, I'm projecting who is going to make this club.

QUARTERBACKS (Last year: 3)

This year: Jay Cutler, Caleb Hanie
Note: There is absolutely no reason for this club to carry Brett Basanez on anything other than the practice squad - with even that being wasteful.  Basanez saw only one series of action against the Giants and wasn't allowed to throw on 4th and 8.

RUNNING BACKS (Last year: 4)
This year: Matt Forte, Kevin Jones, Garrett Wolfe, Adrian Peterson
Note: The only real change in this group from a year ago is the re-organization of their usage.  Forte-Jones is the definitive 1-2 and Wolfe has firmly established himself as a versatile third down back.  Peterson is a Lovie Smith favorite and should continue to contribute on special teams.

FULLBACKS (Last year: 1)
This year: Jason McKie, Jason Davis
Note: The Bears know they are not deep in the receiving corps and I think they'll err on the side of bringing Davis onto the fifty-three to provide more power and the point of attack.  Davis also seems to be quite popular in the clubhouse and I think that's starting to mean something at Halas Hall.
WIDE RECEIVERS (Last year: 6)
This year: Hester, Bennett, Rideau, Aromashodu, Davis, Knox
Note: When I actually sat to consider the position, I surprised myself.  I couldn't make an argument against Rideau or D.A.  I couldn't make an argument for Iglesias, outside of where he was drafted.  That left me with Rash Davis on the roster and Johnny Knox being selected for his ability in the return game. 

TIGHT ENDS (Last year: 3)
This year: Greg Olsen, Desmond Clark, Kellen Davis
Note:  I can't tell you how happy it makes me that the Bears are stacked at my favorite position on the football field.  Outside of Jay Cutler, no player impressed me more Saturday night than Kellen Davis.  If Caleb Hanie had improved accuracy, Davis would have had a half dozen catches for close to a hundred yards.  Watch for this group to total somewhere in the 20 touchdown range this year.

OFFENSIVE LINE (Last year: 8)

This year: Kreutz, Beekman, Omiyale, Garza, Pace, Williams, Dan Buenning, Kevin Shaffer
Note: This thing that makes projecting the Bears' linemen difficult is the versatility of players like Omiyale and Beekman.  Omiyale showed a ton when filling in for Jordan Gross at left tackle last year in Carolina and Beekman seems to have settled in as the primary backup at both guards and center.  If Pace were to go down, Chris Williams could slide to the left tackle and that's why I chose Shaffer for the club.  If Kreutz were to get hurt, the Bears would need a guard on-the-ready.  I think it's Buenning.  Lance Louis should be a player in the future but a practice squad-er this year.

Total players: 25


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  • first?

  • You don't think Inglesias will make the cut?

  • Can't see much argue in your choices, coach.
    Have to wonder about Michael Gaines status though.
    Think they might keep 4 tight ends and leave Rash as odd man out?

  • I'm not a talent evaluator but Iglesias looked small to me. Not saying he won't be productive but Johnny Knox got separation from corners down the field and looked like a capable return man. I can't imagine the team choosing Iglesias over Davis.

  • I don't know what they are going to do with Gaines. Kellen Davis showed way too much upside so far. I don't think it makes sense to keep 2 Fullbacks and 4 Tightends. I can't see Rash staying though instead of Iglesias. We know what we get in a player like Rash but we don't need predictable, we need new guys to step up.

  • tough decision because Rash does contribute on Special Teams and can actually tackle.

  • I still think there's a 99.9% chance Rashied makes this team.

    I think it's going to come down to DA and Knox for the last WR spot, and they'll most likely keep Knox for special teams ability while DA will hit the practice squad. I think DA needs to really impress the next couple games to stick on the 53-man roster this season.

    By the way, as the former Pet Peeve, I should mention the 'n' in iNglesias is now at the top of my list with loose as a close 2nd. Thank goodness John St. Clair"e" is now a Cleveland Brown.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I think if Cutty has any say in the matter then DA and Knox will stay and Rash will go.

  • In reply to Shady:

    You know the Bears are LOATHE to cut a #3 pick the first year.

  • In reply to Shady:

    If Jason Davis and Kellen Davis were doing their job... they wouldnt have grabbed up Micheal Gaines; in Fake Game #2 Gaines picked up the safety and pushed him about 15 yards with Iglesias trotting close behind him. Im pretty sure Jason is Gone and Gaines stays, especially since with Dusty out Melton probably sticks and he has some FB experience.

    The last 5 WR spots are a toss up Rideaux is the tallest, Aroma has the best catch so far, Rasheid has the exp, Iglesias is probably the better true wideout over Knox but Knox has speed, and everyone likes speed. So here I dunno I think a lot is left to be decided honestly. But for me neither Knox or Iglesias last on the Practice Squad and Rasheid wouldn't get signed anywhere if you did cut him and need him later on. I mean who is in the market for a 5'9" no-name wideout from the AFL with a recent case of the dropsies... pretty sure Jones and Harrison get picked up well before him.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    I'm with you - I think they keep 4 TE's and effectively plug in Gaines as a FB depending on the formation.
    Sheed is gone.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    I saw that SoCalBearsFan is going to the Denver-CHI game...
    Is anyone else going to be there?

  • In reply to dutsami:

    I don't disagree with Gaines making the team. Iglesias may have more upside but is he going to see a down of action on specials? Rashied will and those final receiver spots have a lot to do with specials. Iglesias is too small for that.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    It doesn't matter...the Bears won't cut a 3rd round pick before his first season.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    No they won't. They hid Bazuin and Okwo before cutting them the following summer.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    sorry, this is pretty unrelated, but remember this guy? Go to about 4:30 in the video onward to see some vintage Vash.

  • In reply to CSauce:

    WOW. That made me miss how good vash and tommie harris used to be.

  • In reply to CSauce:

    Haha Albert thats

  • In reply to CSauce:

    ESPN article on how Denver should trade Marshall for a 1st and 4th round pick. Think they would take a 2nd and 4th? Jerry was willing to use our 2nd rounder on Boldin... I would argue, due to the chemistry between cutler and Marshall, he would be just as awesome.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    BDG yea.....on DA Site they are saying it's a sprained MCL not torn ACL

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Off topic but..

    Is it just toooo funny that in JERRYLAND, the Cowboys brand new BILLION DOLLAR home, the Jerra Jones' UBER-SCOREBOARD gets in the way of punts?!?!? Can you say "DOINK!" Now he's in a pissing contest with the league to see who gets to foot the 7 figure bill to fix that SNAFU! I'm loving it!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I know. What a joke.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Per the Minneapolis Star-Tribue, Narcissus will play the entire first half against the Texans next Monday. Sure hope he gets up close and personal with Mario Williams several times!

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    New Football Stadium: $1 BILLION + .

    New, State-of-the-art Scoreboard with Giant HDTV Screen suspended above midfield: $40 million.

    Having a live punt DOINK off of said scoreboard during the first game played there? Priceless.

  • In reply to Shady:

    We need a third qb. Jeff, in your post you remarked on Hanie's inaccuracy. I saw a recent article ranking the Bears' backup qb situation 32 out of 32. I think TJack is going to be available and he's a pretty good backup. Or if McCown gets cut. To make room, I say go with one FB. I agree with cutting Iglesias -- I've seen nothing from him. And I think Rash will have a very good year. He's playing with a lot of passion all of the sudden. I think the dropsies are gone. I still think we need to bring in a WR, either Matt Jones, who I've warmed up to the idea of, or somebody else's cap casualty, and put Rideau back on the practice squad. I want to disagree with you about Gaines, but I can't see how he makes the team. 4 TEs is not happening.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I think the notion that Iglesias gets cut is terribly wrong. He's in the same spot as Bennett was last year and now Earl's our number 2. He has a much bigger upside than Davis Does. I think it's actually between Knox and davis for that final wr position.
    I also agree with those who say Gaines makes it as the 4th TE and backup FB.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Jeff, I pretty much agree with a couple exceptions:

    1) I have to think we will keep 4 TE's. We didn't sign Gains just to cut him. Agree that Kellen Davis looked good this preseason.

    2) Because of point 1, we will only keep 1 FB.

    3) I guess we keep 6 WR's. Unless we keep 4TE and 2 FB, then only 5 WR. I don't know what to think here. I know that Hester, Bennet are in. I think we keep Igleisas and Knox for draft status and the fact that they are rookies with upside. So that leaves 2 spots (maybe only 1) for Rash, Rideau, and DA. My guess is we keep Rash and Rideau, DA goes to the PS. Yeah he had one nice catch, but Rideau had 3 TD's last preseason and didn't make the team... so i don't know how they evaluate.

    Either way, I think the 3WR won't see the field much, unless there is injury.

    I'm happy with this Offense, more or less.

  • I think Iglesias makes the team over Rash just b/c of draft status. I'm interested in how your going to keep only 25 defensive players. With Dusty's injury, maybe only 9 DL make the team. Still going to have a tough cut. Michael Gains and Iglesias are probably the toughest cuts you have on offense.

  • i'd say the chances are like 1 in a million... but i do remember reading espn one afternoon to find my beloved, but frugal, chicago bears trading to get jay cutler and signing orlando pace.... in the same day. so nothing seems impossible anymore.

  • There's no way we keep two mediocre fullbacks on the club. I bet Jason Davis beats out McKie this year. I bet we keep four TEs. If I were truly a betting man I'd bet about $1000 that Iglesias stays - how can you cut a non-injured 3rd rounder before he's ever played a real snap? Answer: You can't and Bears won't.

    Do teams really ever go with only 2 QBs? I like the idea - if one goes down you sign another quick off the waiver wire, with the idea that if you have to get to your 3rd, you're hosed anyway. But conventional wisdom says keep three. And any kind of analysis that's even a hair above idiocy says you don't keep Spazanez. Who do you think the Vikes will cut? Cause they can't keep 4 can they? How about the 5th rounder? JDB? I'd take a flyer on him. Not Tarvar please.

  • a lot of teams go with two qbs. colts have for years. giants did last year. you can always stick one on the practice squad.

  • If both Cutler and Hanie go down, just plug Hester in at the emergency QB spot. What the that point, the season is done, he won't be catching any balls anyway, and Lovie is obsessed with getting the ball in "our most dangerous weapons hands", so at least he'll be happy.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    and besides, Brett Bathanazeresus is horrible. I would rather put my 35 lb bulldog behind center than watch him bring his unholy shit-bomb of a game.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    If Cutler goes down the season is over, don't even worr about if Hanie gets hurt. If we need to grab a QB during the season maybe we can get Vinny back in the league for one more season.

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