Pre-Fake Game Final Thoughts

I'll be on here throughout the early part of the game tonight, providing my stirring mix of comic musings and football commentary.  Tomorrow morning I'll be watching the recording of the game and doing some more in-depth stuff.

A few day-of things to think about...

Vaughn McClure has a pretty interesting piece about Jamar Williams' quest for playing time among some of the best linebackers around.  With the man in the middle gaining in years, I'd start expecting to see Lovie move to something of a rotation with this corps.

David Haugh mentions in his column that he'd like to see the team get Matt Forte going.  I couldn't disagree more.  Get Matt Forte in for a series and then off the damn field.  We know what we have in the Double Deuce and risking any type of injury in these fake games is drinking the devil's bubbly. (Side note: I just made that phrase up.)

Watch the starting defensive lineup tonight because Brad Biggs believes "it's possible the Bears insert Graham into the starting lineup vs. the Giants with Trumaine McBride on the other side."  If Nathan Vasher isn't on the field early tonight, I can imagine a scenario where Vasher isn't on the roster come the end of the month.

And I am going to hold Lovie Smith to his word:

Smith told players in the locker room after the game last week --
and has reiterated all week -- that the biggest jump is from the first
to second game in preseason. He wouldn't say how much starters will
play, only that he's looking for some positive momentum in the second
quarter before taking them out.

''We're not ready to play the Packers yet,'' Smith said, referring
to the regular-season opener at Green Bay on Sept. 13. ''We'll know a
lot more this week. This week will tell us a lot."

Tonight there are some expectations.   


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  • First! I will miss the game tonight since we are flying out for vacation. I agree with Forte, there is no reason for him show anything in preseason. He did plenty last year and there is no reason to risk injury.

  • Fiost...

  • Offense: I agree on holding back on the injured starters.Let them have a few reps and get them out of there. Rather see them take more time the last 2 games. Do want to see JC and Hanie to work with as many of the rookie recievers and possible. I would think after all the practice sessions they would be pretty familiar with each other by now, so let's just keep them working so they get all the screw ups out of their system's now! Like to see Knox do another kick off return too. If he gets a chance to do some reps I hope he hangs on to the damned ball.
    Defense: this will be a real test for these guy's, don't know how this is going to play out. Will be very interesting to see what they can do. Hopefully get in Mannings face a lot.We'll see. Ok, I'll shut up now!

  • The dream night would be two solid offensive series, with Cutler throwing the ball to everybody. Then get off the field healthy.

  • in the future do you thunk the bears would ever move briggs to MLB and Urlacher to the outside?

  • Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. A man after me own heart. I usually wait till about October to make the argument that we're wasting many of Brian's assets (namely his speed) by keeping him in the middle. I think he could be a dynamic edge rusher from the upright position. I disagree about Briggs. I think he's the prototypical middle man. A fierce tackler, sheds blockers and doesn't get lost in coverage. He reminds me of Derrick Brooks.

  • ive been wondering for a while how briggs would stack up compared to the middle linebackers. i always see him lumped along with pass rushing guys playing on a 3-4 D even though thats not his function

  • I also hate the 3-4. I'm a 4-3 purist that values pass rushing defensive ends as opposed to roaming outside linebackers.

  • if done right 3-4 can definitely get the job done.(see ravens/steelers if not convinced)

  • I know it works. Billy B's got three Super Bowls with it. I just hate it.

  • I'm glad to see it, Jeff. I'm a huge proponent of the 4-3. I know the 3-4 works well sometimes, but I am a firm believer in 4 down linemen.

    That being said, the Bears probably have enough talent at Linebacker to successfully run the 3-4...someday...if they have to.

  • I just hope one of these linebackers/safeties learned how to cover tight ends in the offseason.

  • does anyone know where I can watch the game live? Instead of waiting for the NFL channel to replay it tomorrow at 7pm.


  • Can we at least ATTEMPT to jump a slant route or two tonight?

    TANK McNAMARA doing some funny stuff re: The Lions' Matt Stafford.

  • "This (game) will tell us a lot". - Lovie Smith

    OK, Lovie. We'll REMEMBER you said that!

  • Agreed.

  • Damn. I'll have to just settle for highlights tonight until the Bears-Giants are replayed Sunday at 4p here in Tucson. Save your breath, my home computer is in for a minor repair and only have dial-up at home so the Net is not an option. I hold all you live viewers responsible: Make sure I have something worth watching on Sunday, please!

    I am BTW, honored that "Narcissus" has been adopted with credit to myself but, be advised, I saw it somewhere else first and did not originate it. It may have been Steve Rosenbloom. WHEREVER it was, it was toooo perfect not to pass along. Kind of like that SMACKDOWN that was delivered to Favre last night.

    NFLN used the Viking TV feed to start the game so their analyst had a plausible excuse for everything Narcissus was UNable to do. Never DID hear them say anything like "If'd he'd been here at the start of camp, he wouldn't be having these issues".

  • yeah. if they put him behind graham and mcbride, that would make him the fifth corner.

  • anybody living in the new york area is lucky as the game is on nbc here....cuz it's the giants.

  • We know what we've got in Forte, but Cutler needs time with him at full speed, or at least the type of speed you get when you're playing another team. I wouldn't be surprised to seem him play well into the 2nd quarter, especially to get the WRs involved.

  • Yea Jeff I'm in north jersey and will see the game on nbc at 8!!!

  • Totally agree with Forte comment. The man knows where the gaps are. Running isn't rocket science.

    Answer to the safety problem on running situations? Play with this crack-inspired thought : Urlacher. The biggest safety in the business ! Pisa, Briggs and Williams as the linebackers, and the man himself at FS on running downs / bring on Williams, lose the FS and fill the four gaps with big guys ... would help with AP when we meet him too ...

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