Practice at Noon Today

I'm just going to keep rolling out this format for the start of camp.  I like it.

If you're not on Twitter...

You probably have a life off the computer and I'm slowly becoming jealous.  However, I've got a stream of updates from Brad Biggs, David Haugh and ESPN Chicago's Jeff Dickerson all day long.  It is the absolute best way to get a sense of the mood in Bourbonnais (outside of attending yourself). This one just came through from Dickerson:

Just saw my first waddle jersey of camp. Football season has truly begun.

The Duke of Earl

David Haugh's column on the rapport between Jay Cutler and Earl Bennett is a bit inspiring.  Describing an improvised route, wherein the Duke faked Vasher out of his jock:

"It was the first time I ran that route, and we just called up a normal play and he gave me a pump on that and all I had to do was turn up and catch it," Bennett said. "It's a great route and I hope we put it in the game plan."

I know better than to wholeheatedly buy every piece of positivity available from camp.  But currently I'm wholeheartedly buying every piece of positiviely available from camp.  Bennett needs to be a reliable five catch-a-game receiver and a threat on third downs.  He seems to be capable of just that.



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  • Im going to Family Day Saturday!!

  • Site seems a bit cumbersome at times. Things get choppy and subpages seem to load very slow. Would there be a way to load the whole site and have the comments nested under each main post with like a +/- sign to show/hide comments without loading a whole new page? Also some color coded system for moused over would be really kewl to tell what posts are new right away, that or bring back the numbered posts.

  • I just spent like 10 minutes looking up Jeff Dickerson's Twitter profile, here it is:

  • He hasn't earned the "Duke" ye,t but...but..having already played with JCut before gives Earl the advantage over the other WR's since they have their communications already prestablished. This is a good thing if Earl has the play routes down to an
    instinct level of play. Maybe why Turner and the boy's are holding up on an experienced WR to see how it develops.

  • As time goes on, The Ghost of Halas seems to be more and more right about not signing Plaxico Burress.,plaxico-burress-indicted.article

  • I never wanted Burris because he's arrogant moron who doesn't get just who butters his toast. He has authority issues up the ass. Hope he enjoy's his jailtime. All he had to do was take the plea, a couple of month's in jail and some community service and he could've been back this year supporting his family again. Buut fuck no.. ain't NOBODY gonna tell me what to do!!! D..U..M..B..A..S..S!!!

  • I've said from the start that I didn't think we need an outside receiver to add to the mix(trading for Boldin doesn't count, because that would have been badass), and if we did add one Matt Jones is the only one to consider. I saw a video of Plax the other night on the Best Damn Sports Show Period. During his rookie year, he caught a ball over the middle and went down before being touched. He promptly popped up and spiked the ball signaling first down like a jackass, and the defense recovered and took it to the house. My point is, his head is never really in it. No Plax, No Marshall, we'll be fine with what we have. Cutler is dominant enough to bring out the best in our youngsters, Bear Down!!

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