Players to Watch Tomorrow Night

If you've ever had bed bugs, you know why I've been one-and-done posting the last couple days.  Needless to say I'm looking forward to getting the Bears on the television set tomorrow night and watching the entire first half in slow motion. (Not kidding about this.  It's the only way to evaluate linemen.)

Here are the players I'm watching...

Devin Hester
I know the roster battle between Aroma and Rideau is gaining the media attention but the most we can expect from either of these guys during the season is 25-30 catches.  Hester has become the big question mark on the offense and for the first time in his career he's being routinely criticized in the media.  He needs a big fake game response and it's imperative that Ron Turner and Jay Cutler do everything in their power to help provide one.  I'd like to see a few short, slanty-type routes to get some rhythm going.

Matt Toeaina
This is Big Toe's Super Bowl.  With Dusty D's truck broken down on Mike Brown Boulevard, Matt has a chance to solidify his position in the defensive tackle rotation for the duration of the 2009 season.  I hope Lovie doesn't wait till the second half - against backups - to give the guy extensive playing time.

Nathan Vasher
With the fake games, it is all about steady improvement and no player improved more from the first fake game to the second fake game than Nathan Vasher.  He was far-from-lost in coverage and looked more confident as a tackler than I've seen him in years.  Kyle Orton doesn't have the arm to really test the secondary down the field but he can be terrifically accurate underneath.  Tackling will be key for the corners...especially Vash. 
Frank Omiyale, Olin Kreutz, Roberto Garza
The middle of the offensive line struggled against the big defensive tackles of the Giants, outside of a few plays.  The Broncos defense is not good and I'm looking to see these three guys dominate inside and spring Matt Forte to some big runs on obvious running downs.  Omiyale may have been handed the job at left guard but with the improving Josh Beekman on the bench, the Bears will have a short leash.

Caleb Hanie
I really like what Luke McCown did the other night for the Bucs, specifically his ability to make plays with his legs.  Hanie can't afford to miss open receivers all over the field and maintain his status as the backup quarterback.  For the confidence of both the player and the coaches, Caleb needs to show the consistency required to be successful and win games.


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  • 1st!!!!

  • but onto the assessment: i'm going to also want to see big things from the starting O line (specifically Chris Williams & Orlando Pace). since everybody in TC was talking highly of them, let's see it tomorrow.

    also, the safety play will be very important. hopefully kevin payne and Volcano (i LOVE that nickname) will solidify their positions (and so daniel manning will COMPLETELY get over that hammy and be lethal at nickel). but, as always, only time will tell....BEAR DOWN!!!!

  • Big Toemania!

  • I love it that there's at least one other person crazy enough to watch entire preseason games (or at least halves) in slo-mo. But I'm in a terrible quandary now: I got the DirecTV DVR this year so I could throw away my last-century VCR, but now I can't figure out how to play back in slow-motion. I may have to get Old Bessie out of mothballs for tomorrow's game.

    Also, I can't wait for the great utopian future when we get our choice of camera angles to watch and/or record. 'Cause right now all you can ever assess is line play. Luckily our LB and RB situation is so set that you don't really need to see them, but I would really like to see what's going on at DB & WR.

  • In reply to tcrawfor7:

    If it's the same as my DirecTV DVR, then you can get slow mo by hitting pause, then holding down the fast-forward arrow, IIRC.

    It's not a particularly great solution, but it should work.

  • In reply to tcrawfor7:

    Yo, Jeff. Only way to get rid of bed bugs: DE is the best.

  • I'll be watching Cutler's knees and shoulders.

  • Whew! What IS that odor? Oh, there it is. The Raiders on live on the NFL Network and getting spanked all over the first half by the Saints.

    How about watching how Jay Cutler reacts to tomorrow's setting? Yeah, it's just another fake game but if he tries to overreach to stick it to the Broncos, that won't be a good thing.

    Note to Jay; Stay within yourself.

    Note to Kevin Jones: Let's see some more hard running akin to last week, but HANG ONTO THE FOOTBALL.

    Note to Wolfman Garrett: See note to Kevin Jones.

  • Fake games or not, the Packer Offensive First Unit has yet to punt this pre-season. Here's hoping this is another case of last year's "Hey, the Lions went 4-0 in pre-season!"

    More on that Raider oder. Since 2003, the raiders have the worst record in the NFL EVEN WHEN YOU FACTOR IN THE LIONS GOING 0-16 LAST YEAR!

    The Raiders: Commitment to Excellence. What they really need is the commitment of Al Davis to the Old Genius' Home.

    Said it before and I say it again, Attention Al Davis and your attending sycophants: Even GEORGE HALAS, the man who INVENTED THE NFL, realized there came a time for him to pass the reins of control for his football team EVEN THOUGH HE ACTUALLY OWNED THEM and wasn't merely "Managing General Parnter" with some teeny, tiny actual percentage! The other Oakland partners must be even further along in their dementia than Davis is to continue to allow him to call the shots.

  • Thundershowers predicted for Denver tomorrow night.

    This game is extremely important to 5 guys.

    Namely, the 5 that will be getting a visit from "The Turk" on Tuesday when rosters are cut down from 80 to 75.

  • Tell the truth, Max. You're going to be at the beach. In Hawaii. Wuss.

  • are my new favorite pseudonym!

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