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We haven't done an open debate in a long time so let's get you guys all pumped up on a Monday morning by thinking about the wide receivers.

In: Devin Hester, Earl Bennett

Gonna Be In: Juaquin Iglesias

Bubble: Rash Davis, Jackass, Rideau A Deer...

And here's the question.  Is it worth the Chicago Bears moving on from Rashied Davis and another season of big drops on third downs in favor of youth and its upside?  Might it simply be time to throw the kids on the field and see what they've got?


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  • I dont care much for Rashied Davis, he had one good year with us and after that it was all down hill. I would like to see Rideau in that slot position. Jay Cutler talks about him all the time, so obviously he sees something in this guy. I just hope they put the best men on the field and Rashied Davis isnt one of them.

  • Isn't Rideau the #3 WR on the team? I'd like to see hester and Rdieau split wide with Bennett in the slot.

    DA and Rash are on the bubble IMO.

  • it looks like they'll keep 4 running backs and 4 tight ends. if that's the case i don't see how they will keep six receivers. unless rideau plays well enough to warrant the slot position it may be a matter of who's better on special teams, him or rash.

  • id personally like to see him over rash because he is by far our tallest receiver and along with our tight ends should be the best option in the red zone

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  • First off, isn't there a great debate every day?

    And, since when is Johnny Knox on the bubble? Every day there is an article which mentions him in a positive light. Case in point,,CST-SPT-bearnt10.article

    I'm not a fan of Davis anymore, but as I've said before, I doubt they will waive him because he is the only wide out with big-time veteran experience. I don't think they will cut Hillenmeyer or Williams (for Christ's sake we need SOMEBODY on Special Teams who can make tackles, not to mention back-up Pisa (if they even start Pisa, Hunter was making plays with the first team)). If they keep another Tight End I would like that to be Kellen Davis, because he showed some good stuff last preseason, and it wouldn't be bad to start working him into the system opposite Greg Olsen...Dez Clark isn't going to be around forever.

    But, do they cut Adrian Peterson? Do they need 4 backs going into the season? I think they should, but won't cut him (Special Teams once again) and if the Bears "get off the bus running," why not keep 4 backs?

  • They will consider TE Michael Gaines as the backup FB to McKie and keep 3 TE.

  • WR situation in my eyes:

    There's an article in the trib (or maybe da site, can't remember) about how Knox is only learning one WR position, and its NOT the slot. He is expected to contribute behind bennett. So the slot comes down to Rideau and Davis.

    Some good points so far. I think they will only keep 5 WR. I think it will depend on who is better on special teams. Since no one has taken this stance yet, i'll throw my hat in the ring. I think Davis will be the odd man out. Yeah, he's solid on special teams, and has the only experience on the team. Plus he's made a few big plays over the years... but he lacks 1) size, 2) hands, 3) draft status, 4) upside.

    So I say this is the depth chart: Hester/Ingleais (sp?), Bennett/Knox, Rideau (slot).

    I think they can only keep one of either Davis or the other AP. Because we are a run first team, and AP is a key piece to ST, he will stay.

    Thats my 2 cents. Just a guess.

  • Also consider that one wide receiver is going to the practice squad and that would either be Knox or Rideau.

  • Davis on the bubble? Methinks you rate him too highly. Steve Rosenbloom now refers to him as RASHIED SCISSORHANDS and last Friday named him "Captain"... of the PHYICALLY UNABLE TO PERFORM list!

    "Don't call me Julio" Iglesias has the advantage of being a high enough pick that the organization won't cut him so soon.
    While I like what I hear about the "burner", Knox, isn't there buzz like that in camp about someone annually?

    Sounds lately like RIDEAU has a spot, but we kind of thought that last camp too, no?

    All bets are off until they show something against live competetion.

    T Minus 5 days to that!

    And congratulations, Jeff. Just noticed that DA' BEAR BLOG is now PROMINENTLY linked on the Trib's CHICAGO BEARS PAGE.

  • Also, i just read an article in the sun times that reminded me of a very good point... we will be running a lot of 2 TE formations. That means a 3 WR isn't going to be getting a lot of time anyway. All the more reason I think we keep 5 WR.

    Jeff, i think, makes a good point about the practice squad. I think Knox could go, but that will depend on how well bennett plays as a #2. I just can't see sending Rideau back to PS just to keep davis, but then I'm not a WR coach either.

  • Sounds like Cutler is high on this Devin Aroma-shoo-doo guy. That'd be interesting if he made the team. I think Knox makes the roster based on draft status, and Rashied Davis gets cut.

  • Unofficial depth chart to be released today. my guess is that Rash is the #4 WR behind Hester, Bennett and Rideau.

  • The only case for Rash is on special teams. Rideau should have made the team last year, so I think he's a lock. To me, move on from the rash davis era.

  • All the signs point to Johnny Knox being Earl Bennett's primary back-up on Day says the big guy, Brad Biggs.

  • Didn't we draft a guy named Derrick Kinder this year? I have not heard one word about him. Major Suckage? anyone know?

  • Didn't we draft a guy named Derrick Kinder this year? I have not heard one word about him. Major Suckage? anyone know?

  • Kinder is the new Mike Hass, he's got practice squad written all over him... Until Cutler speaks up for him and gets an actual shot with the ones.

  • Al,I thought about Rash on specials but can we afford to give two roster spaces (Rash, AP) to offensive non-entities playing specials? I ask because I honestly don't know how they break down specials.

  • Apparently Tommie Harris had knee scoped in March. Interesting.

  • @ Shady.....yea i was going to mention that. why he tried to hide it is what i wanna know...

  • according to that biggs article that ghost posted hester and inglesias are practicing as "z" and bennett/knox are the "x". thats suprising to me because knox is more of a flanker and inglesias seems like a split end

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