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More Kevin Jones?
Vaughn McClure writes about the Bears giving Matt Forte some downtime at practice this weekend.  Smart move and something many of us think is coming ten months too late.  Just because the Double Deuce is capable of thirty touches a game doesn't mean he should be given thirty touches a game.  Over-running young tailbacks is quickly becoming the equivalent of over-throwing young arms in baseball.  Something the city of Chicago knows a thing or two about.

The Erik Kramer Factor
I write about the legendary 1995 season Erik Kramer played at quarterback for the Chicago Bears all the time.  Good to see it get some press from Brad Biggs.  Some really thoughtful insight from Kramer too:

''I can't think of a lot of guys out there who can do what he does,''
Kramer said. ''I think the thing when you look at Tom Brady, Peyton
Manning and the guys that are in that group that have won Super Bowls,
looking at them as quarterbacks, they're players that have supreme
command of what they're doing out there. With Jay, it still remains to
be seen, but the Bears are working with an incredible piece of clay.''

The Zack Attack
It's starting to look like Zack Bowman is going to be a real integral part of this club's secondary.  The kid showed flashes in limited duty last year until he was derailed by an injury.  And since I'm in the camp that believes Nate Vasher is on the way out, the team will need somebody to occupy half the field.


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  • I hope Bowman stays healthy this year and sticks as a starter. His injury history is Mike Brownish but so is the talent level.

  • Hey, even the Vikings sit AP periodically in favor of Chester Taylor. Granted, Taylor could start for a lot of teams but the point is, the Viking DO rest Peterson. Likewise the the Cowpokes with Barber, the Panthers with DeAngelo Williams. 16 games (and plus post season, ideally) REQUIRES 2 horses to pull the wagon.
    more than just a "spear carrier" behind your #1 back.

  • "I'm fast, too, you know,'' Bowman said. ``He's just a little bit faster. I'm always going to be on the top of my game. He said I was lucky [on the interception]. I wasn't lucky. I was on top and I was ready to go.''

    THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT RIGHT THERE!!!!! THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR FROM THE DEFENSE!!!! like MikeBrownhadaPosse said: if he can limit the injuries, him and Peanut will be a force to be reckoned w/ (along w/ kevin payne at FS). stelz....ehhh....still waiting on that one.

  • Alright, after a day to sort out all of what I saw last night...

    This is a good football team. A lot of talent was on display last night when I went to Bourbonnais to see YOUR 2009 Chicago Bears. I learned a lot yesterday evening in the somewhat chilly bleechers. I learned that a lot of people go to training camp who have no interest in footbal. I learned that there are actually people DUMB enough to show up to Chicago Bears traning camp, surrounded by 15,000 Chicago Bears fans wearing a green Greg Jennings jersey. I learned that Brad Biggs is extremely obese and Jay Glazer is extremely ripped. I also saw old Jim Miller, David Haugh, and Jeff Joniak trolling the sidelines with Jerry Angelo and a group of Illinois State Police.

    I tell you guys...I have been to five Bears camps. This is the best group of players which I have ever seen at Bourbonnais. The air was just electric with it. With Rex and Kyle and Brian the last several years, a certain level of incompetence was acceptable. A bad throw here...a dropped ball there. This team was completely different from any other that I have seen.

    The Wide Reciever corps was very good. Hester continues to make great strides. Is he a number one? No. But he's good. He caught a couple of deep balls from Cutler that were very impressive, through coverage. Earl Bennett was nothing short of kickass last night. He made a grab (perfectly thrown by Cutler to where only Bennett could make a play on it) which required an acrobatic contortion. He and Cutler have an undeniable rapport and that will bode well in the coming months. Juaquin Inglesias was disappointingly unimpressive. As was Rashied Davis who dropped 3 balls. On the other hand, Johnny Knox could be the real thing. He was fabulous and looked completely at home on the field, which is odd for a rookie reciever. Going to camp set my mind (somewhat) at ease about the reciever corps.

    Cutler is something which the Bears have never had. He really is something. Expertly thrown balls, lasers, bombs. He hit Olsen deep along the sidelines and Hester downfield at full-stride. I think he also made a point of standing next to Urlacher along the sidelines (and the sound of camera shutters closing was deafening).

    The best thing the Bears secondary has going for it is Josh Bullocks.

    Just kidding. The best thing the Bears secondary has going for it is Zack Bowman. All the news stories are damn true. He made some amazing plays on the ball. He needs to start on September 13. On interception drills Craig Steltz dropped a ball. Urlacher made a GREAT Cutler pick and took it to the house. It reminded me of the Brian of yesteryear.

    Point is, it's a good football team and I believe Urlacher when he says it is the best team he has ever been on. I concur. Stay healthy boys.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Thanks for the post, wish I could be there...

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Ghost, as always thanks for your insight. If this squad quelled your fears about needing to sign another receiver and doubts about talent in the secondary, then I'm estatic. You didn't refer to the defensive line, so I'm curious what you were able to see from that unit as well as what Marinelli has brought to the defense. That's my real question mark with this team. Can the front four keep Urlacher, Briggs and Pisa clean to do what they need to do? I've been a believer in Knox all along, and think he can do what Wes Welker does just faster and better. I still like the idea of signing Matt Jones, just because of his measurables and because I believe in his ability. I like what we have going into the season, though. I can't get over the fact that the talking heads on the four-letter network are starting to shower praise on Da Bears. It must be getting pretty chilly in Hell these days.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    I'm always a bit skeptical when it comes to training camp reports. It seems like every year that there's been hype and great expectations, the team fails to live up to them. However, the great seasons this team has had recently, reports out of camp were average at best. The same can also be said about pre-season games, the better the bears have done in those games, the worse they have done in the regular season, and vise versa. So, hopefully, we'll be something like 0-3 or 1-2 in preseason and then roll in the regular season with 14-2 or 13-3. Bears.

  • P.S. Jeff, I'll get my son to send you some of the pictures he took.

  • Kudos to the Ghost for that comprehensive report. Get that man a press credential! So you're saying Brad Biggs' middle name must be something like" "Really" or "Incedibly" or "Quite"...?

  • Thanks for the post GhostofHalas. So if Knox is the real deal hopefully he will beat out Davis before the season starts.
    Did K.Jones look OK?
    I like the idea of Forte getting a breather, I also like the idea of Forte touching the ball 90% of the time.

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