League (still) Trying to Suspend Williams Sisters

According to the Associated Press, "The NFL asked a federal appeals court Tuesday to clear the way for the suspension of [Kevin and Pat Williams] for violating the league's anti-doping policy."  Oral arguments are being made this morning to the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Paul as the NFL attempts to overturn of Judge Paul Magnuson; who had decided that issues pending usurped the league's collective bargaining agreement. ProFootballTalk gives a more in-depth analysis:

At issue is the May 22 decision of Judge Paul Magnuson, a federal
jurist who decided that the claims made by Kevin and Pat Williams under
Minnesota drug-testing laws supersede the Collective Bargaining
Agreement between the NFL and the players union.

If the
three-judge panel on the Eighth Circuit agrees with Magnuson, the
state-court case will continue, and the Williamses will be able to play
until the litigation is resolved.

If the Eighth Circuit
disagrees, the state-court case will be scuttled.  Barring the
intervention of the U.S. Supreme Court on an emergency basis, both
players will serve four-game suspensions arising from the ingestion of
StarCaps, an over-the-counter supplement that secretly had been spiked
with a banned substance.

The league is not going to allow these two players to escape this situation without a suspension and it would be wise on their part to simply take the hit now.  The Vikings open with Cleveland, Detroit, San Francisco and (the now legendary matchup with) Green Bay.  They should go 3-1 through that phase of their schedule in their sleep.


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  • Let's have a Judge OUTSIDE the state of Minnesota dewal with this issue, eh?

  • er, "deal with".

  • I hate the Vikes soooo much. I think this farve thing has put me over the top. I now can say I hate them more than the Packers. The packers are a respectable organization, the vikes are just simply not. More reasons to hate them:

    1) Jared Allen is possibly the biggest piece of hillbilly shit on the face of the planet... and rocks a mullet.
    2) Their colors are annoying and totally lame. The white away uni's are OK, but the home purple ones suck so bad.
    3) Brad Childress is just awful in every way. With the talent on that team I could probably coach them to 10 wins. Please shave your molester stash off. You are not Da Coach and its not the 1980's.
    4) The media loves them for some reason... probably even more now that Farve is at QB. So i'll have to hear about how they are the "class of the NFC north" until probably week 10 or so.
    5) The party boat, the wizzinator fake penis, to name a few memorable moments
    6) They let their "hall of fame" QB miss out on training camp because, basically, he didn't want to go. Then they construct a fake QB competition. Then blow 12 million on the dude.

    I hate them. I hate Brett gets benched due to "injury" and they have to pay 12 million for a backup. I will be rooting for them to lose every single game... and on top of that i'll be hoping for a nice career ending injury for brett farve. The only way that guy is going to retire is if his arm falls off. I hope the bears D-line can help with that.

  • The "Williams Wall" might want to consider what I believe is a fair comparison:

    It is my understanding Plaxico Burress was offered a plea bargain
    months ago that would have had him serve 3 months and beavailable to be signed for the 2009 season, pending some sort of suspension by the NFL of course. Against the advice of counsel, he turned the deal down, went before a grand jury (and gave testimony that can be used against him) and was indicted and now likely faces 2 YEARS in "the slamma". How good does that plea bargain look now?

    SOMEBODY on the Vikings better take a good, long, look at their schedule because the 4 games Jeff lists would likely be the
    best stretch for Mssrs. Williams & Williams to sit out. "Hang 'em High" Roger Goodell and the NFL want their pound of flesh. Maybe
    they think there's 2 Viking fans sitting on that U.S. 8th Circuit court of appeals?

  • Then again, Jeff, maybe minus the 2 fat boys in the middle, that probable 3-1 stretch becomes a possible 2-2 or 1-3 start?

  • Well it's the easiest four game stretch of their season and it's not even close.

  • I agree that the Vikings organization are idiots. They may have more talent than us (and maybe that's worth a discussion - do they?) - but this is a move that is pure stupidity and loses them all kinds of credibility with their own players. The only reason I don't believe it will set back their organization is because there's no real moving forward with the existing group of semi-quarterbacks. They need some young high draft pick to go lead them - I have trouble believing Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme is the guy, and I KNOW TarVar isn't, and I TRIPLE KNOW Brett Favre isn't. "The Ego that Ate The Twin Cities" Two wins just became much easier to log for us, imo.

    And continuing to delay the Star Caps suspensions is just more evidence of stupidity! Do they think they can somehow avoid Roger Goodell's suspensions entirely? Of course they can't! Why not do it now and get it over with?


  • "Life is like a box of chocolates, Forrest. You never know when one's gonna retire or UNretire.....or force one into triple coverage."

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