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I wrote earlier in the year that I thought the acquisition of Jay Cutler would move the Chicago Bears into the modern age - finally shifting the balance of power away from the overpaid, under-performing defensive unit.  Now Jay Cutler, simply by putting on the navy and orange, has become the face of the franchise.  He has become the Chicago Bears.  And if he remains so for the next ten years, it shall be the decade of decadence around Halas Hall.

Vaugh McClure quotes Cutler in the Tribune, regarding the selection of wide receivers: 

"If they don't ask me [my opinion], I'm going to tell them what I
think," he said Wednesday. "I have to be the one throwing to them on
game day. I have to trust them. But [offensive coordinator Ron Turner] and I have been on the same page since the start of training camp with what guys we wanted to see work in with me."

Take a step back from your computer and read that again.  Now, think.  What would Kyle Orton have answered that question with?  Something like, "I'll throw to whoever they put out there."  What would Rex Grossman have said?  Something about New Year's Eve?

The truth is...
...those guys did not want the Chicago Bears.  They wanted to fit in.  They wanted to be good locker room guys and not rock the firmly-established boat.  Cutler doesn't give a shit about Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs and Tommie Harris and Lovie Smith because he shouldn't.  Cutler looks around and sees that the young talent on this team is on his side of the ball.  His side, not Ron Turner's.  You can discount these comments today all you want but make no mistake about it...

Jay Cutler knows he's the Chicago Bears.  He knows winning opens the vault and fills the bags.  And he knows that the only person responsible for that is wearing #6.  If you ask me, that's something the Bears have lacked at quarterback since the Bears first fielded a quarterback.  That's something that makes me wish today was September 13th, instead of August 13th.  And that's something that wins championships.


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  • Very very astute, Jeff.

  • The QB wanting a say in who he throws to???? What a concept!
    Cutler certainly didn't just regurgitate the company line and I am not discounting his comments 1 iota. On the contrary, How refreshing. Now all we need to complete the set is for somebody on the defense to say something along the lines of "I sure wish Tommie Harris would get his head out of his butt and into this defense!".

  • Awesome post Jeff. Although i gotta say, that "click here to continue reading" shit was kinda mind-boggling. You know we want to finish the post.
    This is exactly why the coaching staff must step up. I've read a bunch of posters that say Lovie is the Man 'till his contract expires. No way! If Da Team doesn't make it to the playoffs, I honestly believe the fans will go so crazy that the Mgmt will have no choice but to seek out a new coaching staff.
    Cutler is Da Man(sorry Lovie).

  • The "Click Here" thing is an attempt to keep more on the main page for new folks that are coming through. We don't wanna lose too many old posts. If it gets too annoying, let me know.

  • i actually dont mind it. usually on other posts that have like 2 or 3 it pisses me off but since i always read da blogs comments i end up clicking on it anyways

  • i meant "2 or 3 comments"
    forgetting words out of sentences usually means its time for bed

  • I love it. And frankly, who do you trust more about what receivers should be out there?

    Teams will always have to submit a bit to star QBs. It's worth it.

  • Jay Cutler has something to prove this year, and you could tell from the moment he arrived at Halas Hall that he was on a mission to have a successful 1st season with his new team the Chicago Bears. Jay has his priorities in line and right now the #1 priority for him is winning. It's been well documented how Jay has rejected any endorsement opportunities because his focus for this year was winning, and any short term gain he would receive from those deals would cost him more in the long run. Jay, along with many other members on this team, is dedicated to winning and winning now.

    The biggest knocks on Cutler have been about his maturity and leadership skills, and each day he is going out and proving those critics wrong. In fact, the majority of people making those critical comments are people who hear the rumors floating around, but the people who work or have worked with Jay on a day to day basis have nothing but positive things to say about both his abilities on the field as well as his leadership skills.

    The history of quarterbacking in this city has been average at best. Most QBs have been happy to be along for the ride knowing the success of this team is going to live or die with the defense. Jay is here to break the mold. He's not just here for the ride, he's here to drive the damn bus, which I should mention, the team will now be exiting THROWING not RUNNING the football.

  • Ok Jeff. I'll bite on some of this, but I honestly don't think there is a QB that played the game that didn't voice who he wanted to throw the ball to. To me the difference is wether management was willing to listen.
    What I'm reading into this is that Lovie's attention may be more focused on the defense side of the ball to save his own ass this season and just maybe Jerry is playing the "I want to be more involved" card to help save his ass this season, by allowing Jay and Ron to have more say in the offense which I think will benefit both sides of the ball. I like Jay cause he seems to have twice the personality of both KO and Rexless put together(he seems to throw the ball a little better as well.... hey hey). Or maybe 1: Lovie is'nt paying so much attention to what's being said or 2:the responsibility of what is being said has been given to someone else. Whatever the case may be, whilst we are in tuned into the "JayMainia Show" this is terrific PR which as you said the end result will be more "cash in the sack".
    Let's just hope that the end results are more in the "w" column, and we do hear more from some of the guy's on a more open opinion type interview.

  • Oh yeah! great post jeff, and the comments are on, one and all,even the "click here" thing, aint so bad as it is..just dont get weird with it. Gotta believe Jays ready to rock-n-roll man, he knows the opportunity he's got and must be salivating like that Bears Den logo on WCG. It's one thing to be "in a position" to make an impact and actually having the ability and confidence to get it done. There just cant be any question that the man has both, Turner knows it and oughta be "all in" with what Cutler is thinkin'and if Smith really does have any aspirations of hangin' around he should turn 'em loose and enjoy the ride, could be the best seat on the bus.

  • If you think Jay doesn

  • Yep, really like the "Burn Your Jay Cutler Broncos Jersey Month" video on the SuperStar Blog. And I agree that you have a right to be unhappy about the trade. But I think in this case you need to look to management, they drew first blood. I think Jay was simply making a good read of the situation and didn't want to get sacked, so he doe's what he appears do to well, and that's to manuver his way out of a pending bad situation. Exactly what a Good QB is suppose to do.
    He also stood up for himself and took the bad publicity that comes with it, and not use a 10 year old child like the asshole who made the video. He may immature, but at least he's not a coward who won't show his face.
    I hope you in Denver will respect Kyle Orton and what he has to deal with more than you did Jay. Kyle deserves it.
    I appologize to everyone on the list for this off subject comment, but the way the video was done really pissed me off.

  • Jeff - I mean this in the most hetero way possible, but I got chills from reading this post. Great job and right on the money. Come on September 13th!!!!

  • From NFL.com


    Quite positive.

  • Check out this site to get ready for the season opening! On the Forte video, look at the guard who is pulling out leading the way! I can't wait for the season! Thanks Jeff for always leading us thru the off-season!! http://bears.fandome.com/video/114280/Best-of-Matt-Forte-2008-Highlights/

  • In NYC for a wedding... had to go to ESPN Zone to watch the White Sox choke last night. Ugh. I know the Bears pre-season game is on the NFL network, but it's also the night of the rehearsal dinner. I can't even sneak an AM radio in. Khaaaaan!

    Watched a few Afalava highlights today; the kid can lay some wood. I hope he makes the team. Either Manning/Payne, or Manning/Afalava, I'd be pretty happy with. I know Manning hasn't shown much so far, but he's really had to learn what to do on the football field. If he can get in position, with his athleticism (faster in-line speed than Hester, I hear) he should be able to play center field adequately. I can't beleive I'm this excited to see the Bears OFFENSE! Bear down.

  • Sounds like it could be Payne and Afalava in Bufflao, if you listen to reporters at camp.

  • Wow, Jeff. That's quite a mouthful from NFL,com.

    Transplant, can you BELIEVE Pods got picked off 3rd with none out in the 10th like some snot-knosed rookie!!!!!!! And it wasn't even close!

  • Transplant, I'm in NYC for life. Lemme know if you're lookin to sneak out for the game. I'll give you locales.

  • Thanks guys. Wedding/Rehearsal is actually in Rye; I'm taking a litte Va-cay in the city for a few days first. I wish it were in the city proper. No dice.

    No, the worst part about the Sox game was getting kicked out of the ESPN zone @ midnight (3rd circle of hell), going back to the condo where I'm staying, and watching the game via Gameday until 2:30 Am... as soon a KGJ was up, I knew it was over. The pods play was terrible, but it was more of an exclamation point on what was a terrible offensive game in all phases. But it's a West Coast stadium w/turf... I wasn't expecting much. Though seeing some Greek moron of a pitcher whose name barely fits on his jersey making us look like the Beloit College B-team at the plate was particularly maddening.

  • Vick to the Eagles....I wonder if Mike and Andy Rieds son met in Prison?

  • Gruden real good on MNF. What an upgrade.

  • The best off season move for me was Cutler to da bears. The second best off season move had to be the release of Tony K, and getting Mr. Gruden. Definately.

    Now when Denver goes for it on third and one this year in the fourth quarter we don't have to listen to that bald dweeb setting up the play and telling us a minute long stupid sappy story about the whole franchise up in arms about getting rid of a great coach and great quarterback.

  • finally watching highlights of various football games today during halftime of the Pitt vs AZ game is awesome. Concerned about Daniel Manning's hammy. didn't he hurt that one last year too or am i thinking of another players hammy injury?

  • Cutler can say what he wants because he is good. He is able to 'bitch' about the situation in Denver because he is good. A lot of Bears players seemed to love Orton because he was a team player, but he had to be, cause he can never be as good as qb as Cutler. It's like a hot chick / not so hot chick type of thing, people will listen to the hot chick.

  • Don't laugh at this comment...

    I think that Tommie Harris might have a good year. I have been critical of Tommie in the past but I can't be mad at a guy for being injured...just for being a smug asshole when someone brings it up to him. The more I think about it, I agree with Jeff's assessment. I won't specifically root for Tommie but I want him to fulfill his potential and i want him to play like a guy that NEEDS the money.

    Safety concerns:
    I know it is only the first pre-season game but once again we look like we might start the season with 3 out of 5 viable starters at DB hurting.

    No concerns:
    at the WR position. I think the coaches will also do the right thing and will get Rideau, Iglesias and possibly DA into the mix.

    The D line is pumped up this year and with some actual technical coaching this offseason from Marinelli we may see a complete turnaround from last year at the position. Who will be the odd man out this year though?

    The Plasma is being hooked up on Saturday during the day and will be ready for the first pre-season game and the emergence of a young and talented receiving corps.

  • Howdy gents and ladies. Well, football season is finally here, and my new position at work has prevented me from being able to follow the day to day goings on of your Chicago Bears, as I have had to spend what little time I have checking on the team north of the border.

    This Cutler comment kind of grabbed my attention though, so I thought I would weigh in....

    It's a gutsy comment, which shows Cutler's level of self confidence. He has set himself up to either be unbelievable successful and well loved by the fans, or he will crash and burn to depths that not even Rex was able to reach. IMO, I'm not a big fan of players who step outside of their roles as players and try to take on the job of coach or GM; which is one of the main reasons I went from Favre supporter to putting the #4 jersey deep in the closet, unlikely to see the light of day for a long, LONG time. The question I would have for (Lord) Jay, is when there are bumps in the road of the 2009 season, will he take responsibility for any less than stellar performances that may happen, or will he point the fingers at others in the difficult moments?

    Good luck with the opening game against the Buffalos and the always entertaining TO.

  • "If you ask me, that's something the Bears have lacked at quarterback since the Bears first fielded a quarterback."

    Whoa. Dude, I was with you all the way until the last paragraph. Cutler takin' up the reins of his team good. Grossman was a pretender, a pussy, an impostor on the throne. Orton just hadn't got the swagger or the arm. But dissin' Jim McMahon ? Sacrilege. He remains the ONLY QB to lead this team to a Superbowl victory. One of the winningest guys ever to throw a pigskin. I never saw a QB with as many comebacks per games played and that include Joe Montana. I never saw a QB who wanted it more, who never knew when he was beat, who wasn't afraid to change the plays called by the coach when they stank or say what needed to be said. Don't get me wrong, for me Jay Cutler is the Second Coming, he is the Messiah, but right now he has to take a back seat to Jimmy Mac - give the man some respect and not pretend like he didn't exist. Got to get that ring on your finger before you get considered to be all that. It made me wanna puke every time I read about Cutler being the first franchise QB since Sid Luckman. That's completely disrespectful to the greatest Bears QB of all time, Jimbo. How can you forget a winner like Jim ? Charles Martin wasn't his fault (that prick should have been jailed for what he did IMHO).

    Right now, the greatest #6 in Chicago history is Kevin Butler. In QB terms it remains #9. I like the sounds Cutler is making, taking over his team. Good to see, and I think he'll lead us to a superbowl this year. But let's not disrespect Jim McMahon, who was a few inches in height, and one terrible assault away from being the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Nuff said. Go Bears.

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