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Three fake games and a month of practices and we've learned everything we're going to learn about the Chicago Bears before the start of the regular season.  The running back, tight ends and linebackers are great.  The offensive and defensive lines are good.  The receivers are rapidly improving.  The special teams are the league's best.  The secondary needs to get healthy.

But all of that fades in the glow of the guy under center.  Jay Cutler.  The Franchise.  Cutler is the kind of great quarterback that organizations can be built upon.  He elevates the play of the offensive line by scrambling from the pocket.  He makes the receivers better by fitting footballs into spaces they don't seem to belong.  He allows the defense to rebound from mistakes by doing what no quarterback has ever done here: lighting up the scoreboard.

Listening to the Denver stadium boo Cutler with what Al Michaels described as the passion of a "spurned lover" should tell you all you need to know.  Those fans know who left the building.  Now - for the first time in all of our lifetimes - we have "the guy".  You know the one, right?  You've seen him on highlight reels and hosting Super Bowl trophies.  You've seen him on magazine covers.  You've even seen him on the sideline at Soldier Field.  The other sideline.

Jay Cutler.  The guy.  The Franchise.  He played half a fake game tonight and his team knew it.  His coaches knew it.  The broadcasters couldn't stop talking about it.  The Chicago Bears have had the guy at middle linebacker and running back.  They've had it up and down the line.  Now they've got it at the most important position in the sport.  They've got a great quarterback.  The oldest franchise in the sport has finally joined the modern league.      


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  • Yep, I think this one a keeper!

  • Dear Mr. Tony Dungy and DaCoach, In reference to your combined evaluation of the current Chicago Bears 1st. string QB and his questionable maturity and leadership abilities, Na-Na-Na-Na-Naaaa-Na. In the future when any comments come to mind about Mr. Cutler, Be so kind as to keep them to yourself. Warmest Regards, MaddBearFan

  • Dead on. This guy can play. Truthfully, I was worried during the first quarter. I still remember that game in Buffalo, with all the missteps and miscommunication. The importance of the Hester return cannot be emphasized enough. First of all, he looked like Dave Toub kicked him in the ass and had him watch film for 9 months to regurgitate memories of how to be a kick/punt returner (good job to the blockers too, yes, that means you Craig Steltz). Second, the Hester return broke the monotony of the Bears offense thusfar in the game and Forte and the Offensive Line slugged their way into the endzone.

    Then the most important play of the game...3rd and 8 from the Bears' 4 yard line. Cutler hits Bennett at the 19 for a major first down. Four minutes later, he and Forte punched in another Touchdown. That drive was Jay Cutler.

    Oh ad for historical record, the second oldest franchise...gotta give props to the Racine/Chicago/St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals, founded in 1898.

  • whoa there nellie, lets not get so beefed up that we forget about the Defense could/should have played a little better there. We saw some good stuff, but they looked on the verge of trying to let it go, the 1's were still in during the 3rd quarter letting lots of stuff get by them being led by their number 3 qb. Maybe it was the bend don't break stuff, but I want domination, that aint going to work against the pack. Again, just voicing concern. And now introducing Bowman and Tillman, four INT's in game one right?

    To voice a slam on Mr Dungy, yea how many Super Bowls are you winning without Manning dude? With that, why only one with that guy? In addition, how were your wins and losses when Manning wasnt there. Please, when dungy comes back he wontlikely have a qb like that handed to him on a silver platter. He is smart enough to stay out of coaching if that scenario doesnt present itself for him again. Unless he just wants to make a buck, which probably will happen.

  • umm...I highly doubt anyone has seen him "hosting Super Bowl trophies."

  • In reply to DWat393:

    he was referencing Favre

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    or any other high profile Qb that has smoked us in the past while we attacked teams on offense with the likes of Hutch, Quinn, Moreno, and countless other sub par 2 seasons and done qb's.

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    Easy johnny chicago, I think DWat was just making fun of the type in "hosting" and not "hoisting". Not necessary or funny, but if it makes DWat feel better about himself then hey who am I to judge?

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    After the 3rd WR coaches look at special teams. Davis will not be cut.

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    I don't see Davis getting cut. He probably will almost never see the field split out wide, but he has stepped up on Toub's unit. He made a nice open-field tackle. Inglesias also made a nice catch in the 4th quarter, but was that (coupled with his high draft selection) enough to keep him on the roster?

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    Iglesias got open again but Hanie missed him for a TD on the left sidelines. Who knows at this point? I just want receivers that Cutty is confident throwing to and that is Hester, Bennett, Rideau, DA. He never mentions Knox, Iglesias, Davis or Kinder/Peterman
    I can't see the Bears keeping Davis if it means getting rid of Iglesias or Knox. I just can't see it. They have too much upside potential whereas Rash is Rash.

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    well...technically it's just Bennett out of the WR's. I'm half joking but kind of serious.

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    I feel comfortable this season with Cutler throwing to damn near everyone on this roster...and it feels good. I think he could make Rash better too so i'm not too concerned about it. These coaches get paid alot of money to evaluate this talent pool and Cutler has a lot of sway on who gets chosen as well. The right choices will be made my friends. Let's get those DB's healthy and charge into Lambeau with guns-a-blazing.

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    Last play before the first half two minute warning. Pressure comes, but Cutler rolls away from it and on the run launches a bullet to Olson 15 yards downfield. Olson reaches slightly behind himself to snag the pass for the first down. I contract a case of perma-grin. My wife walks in the room and asks me why I have this big, stupid smile on my face. "We have a quarterback", I say.

    Orton doesn't have the arm to make that throw. Orton probably fails to roll out and gets sacked. I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life and I watched Favre every week when he was still young and good. Cutler is that kind of strong-armed quarterback, with pocket presence and the confidence that he is going to convert every third and long. I am still stunned and overjoyed that we have a quarterback. A real, honest to goodness quarterback. Watching the Bears offense is fun again!

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    Just wanted to say some kind words about our Adrian Peterson - I man I called out as strictly mediocre after getting a real shot two seasons ago. He looks to be a much more productive backup running back than Inspector Gadget, and the year he brought nothing (2007), we probably had the worst run blocking offensive line in the league. I think they're wasting their time with Garrett. That was a wasted 3rd round pick, and Adrian deserves the 3rd backup role with his performance in the second half. (He actually looked better than K. Jones, not that it was exactly apples to apples).

    Sorry for dissing you in the past, Adrian (always loved your effort and role as team player though).

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    Here's a fun story that happened right before the game yesterday:

    So as I'm getting ready to get off work (and being amused by this spectacular show called "Everybody Loves Raymond"), my co-worker walks in (he's relieving me and is in a bad mood). Here's the conversation (oh and he's a Saints fan....very very critical to the story):

    Me - Surprised you're missing the game tonight....
    Him - What game?
    Me - Bears-Broncos
    Him - I don't give a shit about that. Two shitty teams playing...I hate shitty football
    Me - (visibly annoyed) What?
    Him - The Bears fucking suck. They play shitty football.
    Me - (very visibly upset but still calm) Says the New Orelans Saints bandwagon committee.
    Him - In our last game, we were cruising 31-0 at halftime
    Him - They're still a pro football team
    Me - .........

    Now because he looked upset (and if he would've said anything more, it would've been a serious problem), I let the issue die. Also (for rebuttal sake), I looked up the Saints preseason opponents; in order, they are the Bengals, Texans, and Raiders. At this point, I'm thinking this dude has no clue what he's uttering (combined last year, all of these teams went an astounding 17-30-1). Now look at us: Bills, Giants, and Broncos; one team made the playoffs (and were SB champs two years removed), one was 1 game away from making the playoffs (the infamous terrible defense), & the Bills weren't as bad as there record would say (all combined 27-21).

    Why am I continuing this rant? It's because NOBODY is giving us ANY respect. Even shitty teams (where since their inception they've been the laughingstock of the NFL...AND we had a better record than last year) are talkin' greasy because we have one of the best QBs in the league. Now what is everybody's excuses for why the Bears "...have nothing but false hope:"

    1) Division is terrible (not as of late b/c everybody got better in the North...yes even D-Rock City)
    2) Defense is old (count it up....avg. age on our defense is no more than 29....shocked me too)
    3) Da Bears are Da Bears and will find a way to lose (Excuse me? Did you not see the 9 league championships we have in our possession AND have the most wins of any NFL franchise? Did I just hear that bullshit come out your mouth)?
    4) Matt Forte was a rookie....he'll have a sophomore slump (lol...not even dignifying this shit w/ a response)
    5) Greg Olsen is a TE...Chicago doesn't have any receivers (besides Troy Brown and Deon Branch, name other receivers during the Pats' SB runs....)

    All I'm saying is this: ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, TWO TEAMS SUIT UP TO PLAY; EITHER TEAM CAN WIN!!!!! Can the bullshit excuses and give us our props. We're contenders in the NFC and I bet every coach in the league is scared at the possibility of playing at Soldier Field in January....

    /end rant

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    Who really cares what non-Bears fans think?

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    hence the post "here's a funny story." it's just funny to see ppl hate when they don't have a good reason to (another reason why i think the Bears will definitely go playoff hunting)

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    Hard on the air regarding last night...

    "That was the SUPER BOWL OF HATE". - Jim Rome.

    Here's the choice (and remember, death is not an option):
    Being Bronco fan or being a Raider fan.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Raiders fan. 1) Nicer weather 2) Things COULD get better soon 3) Owner will die soon, so better chance of things turning around sooner 4) Fun costumes that the fans wear.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Attention Denver Bronco Weenies, er, Fans: You were booing the wrong guy all night. Your target SHOULD have been the Bill Belicheat wanna-be wearing the hoodie on the Bronoco's sideline.

    FYI, KO was not allowed to discuss his injury with reporters after the game. When asked about it he replied, "Talk to the coach".
    The Broncos described it as an "upper extremity injury".
    Think McDaniel called his old boss before he came up with that line of double talk?

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Er,, HEARD on the air.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Are you sure death is not a choice, Al?

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Attention Buffalo Bills fans: Welcome to Football Hell. Your host is Dick Jauron. (We miss him in Chicago like we miss the Chicago Fire of 1871).

  • No Jay in the 2nd half?!?! What a bunch of...just kidding.
    I heartily approve. One attempted cheap shot was one too many.

    Talk about a baptism of fire. Fake game or not, I don't believe Cutler will face a more hostile environment in his entire career. Remember when I posted "Jay Cutler, stay within yourself"? Mission accomplished! I sure like working with folks who take direction well. Damn, if he'd just LED Aroma a little bit on that bomb....

    Let's all remember, yes, it was fake game #3, as close to a real game as the exhibition, er, pre-season (Sorry, Mr. Goodell) has to offer, but it was ONLY the Denver Broncos, a team that doesn't figure to see the sunny side of .500 no matter how well KO performs for them.

    1 sack and, I believe, 3 holding calls against what the NBC guys claim is "one of the best offensive lines" in the NFL. I'm almost ready to refer to them as "Rushmen".

    I see my favorite zebra (not), the Odious Ed Hochuli, is in mid-season form. His ass must REALLY be sore after pulling that roughing the passer call against Alex Brown out of it.

    Had to love Chris Collinsworth LAUGHING while he discssed what the Bears paid for Cutler and saying (and I paraphrase a bit) "It doesn't matter what the Broncos got, you NEVER get value when you trade a franchise player". He also pointed out that the Denver fans should love that Johnny Knox is also a result of that deal as that's who the Bear's picked with the Denver choice they received.

    On the other hand, unless they said something at the top of the show (I was just getting back from picking up the pizzas), Michaels & Collinsworth went the bulk of the game before pointing out that projected starters Peanut Tillman & Zack Bowman were not in the lineup.

    Hey #14! Who are you and what did you do with Brett Basenez?

    Look! A Michael Gaines sighting!
    How'd you like to be a 170 pound DB and see THAT load bearing down on you?

    What are the Bears at this point? I would say they are still a work-in-progress. But I endorse the progress I've seen over the last 2 weeks and can only hope it continues.

  • Jeff, great post, my sentiments exactly!! I didn't hear the spurned (scorned) lover line, but it kind of made sense for me, I was all aglow last night after 30 minutes of football - thinking it was a feeling like I couldn't believe the hottest chick in school was in love with ME! And it had the same kind of disbelief associated with it - when is this implausible relationship going to end? And realizing - IT ISN'T! WE'RE MARRIED!

    I knew without a doubt that Cutler wasn't going in after the first half. He'd shown quite enough. To paraphrase Seinfeld,


    I say Jay gets full and final control and last word on who stays and who goes at WR - and I noted no throws to Rash that I remember (did he even play?). That last drive was just amazing. Jay will create offensive weapons out of the clay he has. Thought the line played excellent last night, not perfect, a little overstated how bad Pace did against the short guy, overall I thought pass blocking was good enough for Jay to succeed (given what Jay can do in the pocket - how INCREDIBLE is it to have someone who can move around like he does and then fire darts exactly where he wants?) - and run blocking was noticeably improved over last year.

    Totally agree with you Ghost - that Hester return was an immense relief, and a harbinger of great things to come this year - I'm not sure I remember one return like that last year, preseason or regular. That totally looked like the Hester of Season 1.

    Not sure about the hand wringing on the D - are these guys as good as in 2006? NO, the secondary is not where it was. Do they look like they're ready to erase the embarrassment of the last two years? I'd say yes. I'd also so coaching changes appear to be working.



  • My thought from last nights game...
    1. Can't blame Denver fans for being a bit upset. But honsetly, if I was in their shoes, I'd be more upset with McDaniels myself. That's just me.
    2. Hester's return was a sight to see. That was the Devin from two years ago...no sideline to sideline BS...wait for the cut back lane when it opens up and hit it hard. Now, just please stop catching punts inside the 10 and he should be fine.
    3. Is it just me, or does Urlacher look like our 3rd best linebacker at this point? And, that isn't an insult, Briggs and Pisa have been great.
    4. Cutler looked great. Nice to see some mobility...and that TD pass to Forte was perfect (great catch too).
    5. DLine played well. I did think Tommie had a couple of nice surges when the Broncos were backed up near the goal line.
    6. Rash deserves a spot on the team. Give it to him.
    7. Payne tackled very well last night...very curious to see who starts and at what position come the regular season at free and strong. DManning at free, with no work in the preseason, scares me a bit against the Pack at this point. That much I know.
    8. Cuts are going to very, very interesting this year. Competition is a good thing, let's hope this helps in the long run.

    September 13th can't get here fast enough!

  • Hmph last few spots are gonna be tough, esp at WR
    McBride is awful at CB so I say his spot is iffy, I think you only keep Gaines or Jason Davis, then there's Garret Wolfe and Rasheid Davis. Ok look, I know the whole they are good ST contributors argument but; in the end we can only devote about 4 guys to ST contributors and the rest we need to think about position skill first.
    I mean, GOD forbid, Forte and KJ go down for a bit, who is carrying the 3 down back load for you? AP or GW... This roster is getting a bit tight to carry an undersized gadget back who has been promised we'd find a way to fit him in and who is hangin around cuz he learned to tackle.
    The there's Rasheid vs Knox and Iglesias. Davis is smaller than both these guys, older, slower, and has brick hands. I really think Iglesias got demoted for the whole one-hand catch thing that Cutler didn't like. But the guy is over 6ft, has great hands, and can get YAC - he is a young Boldin and now we may let him get taken to keep a never was AFL guy - psycho.

  • Short and to the point:

    Rash : gone
    Pisa : solid
    Payne : improving
    Harrison : more consistent
    Cutler : confidence
    Olsen : love to see him split out and also matched with LB's
    D.Clark : looked amazing after the catches
    Forte : Marshall Faulk 2
    Bennett : sleeper success
    Brandon Lloyd : actually wish we still had him with Cutler as QB
    Tru : brutal, brutal, brutal
    Briggs : number 1 LB
    Urlacher : looked a little slow and weak against the run
    Big Toe : made me feel a little better about losing Dusty
    Pace and Williams : better as the game went on...scary in 1st qtr
    KJ : ran hard
    AP : ran really hard...like his job depended on it
    Wolfman : didn't really stand out to me
    Hester : named by Collingsworth- "the dangerous one"
    Knox : 4.37 40yd dash, improving hands, very very exciting
    Iglesias : keep him and let Rash go
    Gaines : sexy moves after the catch. he's the hybrid we keep.
    J. Davis : he gone
    DA : can see why Cutty likes him
    Ron Turner : finally getting brave with playcalling
    Steltz : looked slow and out of position on D
    Afalava : didn't really stand out

    I'm sure there were others that i missed but overall i feel we will get better throughout the season as Bowman, Tillman and Manning get healthier. Offense will only get better as time goes on. Very excited for opening day. I have a really good feeling that we have an excellent chance to make the playoffs this year. Go Bears!

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    also, Harris is just flat out injured. He has heart for being out there but the man is playing on 1 leg and the Bears just won't admit it.

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