Forte, Olsen to Start Saturday Night

Steve Rosenbloom wants to see the first team offense play tomorrow night and he's right.

I can't believe the Bears are cocky enough to think Cutler and the
offensive line don't need several quarters worth of snaps in anger with
Forte in the backfield, Olsen in the pattern and whatever detritus the
Bears have at wideout trying to fake like they're capable.

It doesn't just magically happen. You can't just put all these guys
together and expect them to be good without seeing them do it under
duress. I have it on good authority the Packers aren't going to play
two-hand-touch-below-the-waist in the fourth quarter the night of Sept.

Well according to Jeff Dickerson at ESPN Chicago, the Bears are set to suit up Greg Olsen and Matt Forte Saturday night against the New York Giants.  This means that we'll all get a look - for at least a series or two - at the eleven men slated to start against the Packers on the 13th.


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  • 1st? I'm all for it. As long as they are only out there for a few series. All three of those guys are keys to a successful season. No need to push it and keep them out there for a glorified practice.

  • Hmmm. Common sense. What a concept!

  • Bring on Olsen, but if Forte is still recovering from a hammy, don't even think about it, only if he is 100% ok from that. If they further the injury, he won't be any good all year.

  • They should also get Tommie in there for a quarter. He may still have some elite tendencies, but he still needs some practice. I think the defense always looked winded in the fourth quarter last year and you can

  • Did Everyone see Benson sucking ass (fumbling and losing hit footing as usual) in the Cincy Indy game tonight? hahahaha I cant stop laughing hahahaha!!!!!!!! and he had the nerve to say that we regret letting him go lmao! Im in tears! haha .... Oh Cedric you're so silly hahaha

  • I really don't want to see Forte test his hammy until the 3rd preseason game. That goes for Manning and Bowman as well. Hamstring injuries are devastating because they only come back when people go full speed and give 1005 effort. There is no reason to have our guys with hamstring injuries test them on Saturday night. I know they eventually have to get in to be ready for the season but Saturday is not the time for it.

  • I have no problem with Forte and Olsen going for it. They hold guys out of preseason for really minor things. I doubt that Forte's hammy was nearly as bad as many think it was, probably just a tweak that would't have drawn any attention during the season. The Giants A game on D is about the best chance we have to see where we're really at, especially the Oline. If we can hold up against that pass rush, we're in business

  • Al Afalava is making some noise. I think the should push for the starting SS spot. This would mean FS would be between Kevin Payne and Daniel (this franchise has a giant man crush on me) Manning. It's hard for manning to get much of a feel for his 3 positions when he's missing all this time. I think he should move back to Nickel and kick returner. Start Afalava and Payne at S... at least they will hit people.

  • In reply to JimmyNewport:

    'Hot Afalava' probably increased his stock more than any Bear in training camp. A sixth round pick making some serious noise. I've heard that even if he doesn't win a starting strong safety spot, he has been very impressive on special teams during camp. Makes sense...the guys who aren't afraid to crack some skulls make for the best special teamers. I expect our coverage teams to be excellent this year.
    It seems that free safety will more than likely be a weak position for the defense again this season. Honestly, we haven't had a true free safety since Mike Brown started getting hurt almost every season. I don't trust Manning despite the fact that his physical skills would seem to fit the position perfectly...he just doesn't have the instincts it seems. Payne has always seemed like a more natural strong safety (and he would be a good one if he learns to tackle soundly while not always going for the knock out blow). I think we are just going to hope that we get average play from whoever is at FS most of the year.
    That said, every team in the NFL has a weakness or two. Clearly, at least going into this season, wide receiver and the secondary will be our areas for concern. It will be up to Cutler and the defensive front four to make up for these deficiencies.

  • I think the first team had better get more than two series. I would go the entire first half. What good does keeping people healthy do if you aren't even on the same page. You have to remember we have 3 new o-lineman, a new quarterback and basically two new receivers. Cutler, Hester and Bennett have to be on the same page and this O-line has to gel or this season will be a disaster. This is the one time I don't mind the pre-season because our Bears need every snap they can get before Green Bay.

  • My god! Jim McMahon is 50 years old? I'm old as fuck.

  • From the "I wish I'D said that" department:

    "Brett Favre is coming out of retirement to play for the Minnesota
    Vikings. Talk about your 'Cash For Clunkers'!" - David Letterman

  • Heard on the Dan Patrick radio show this morning:

    "Jay Cutler is the Best QB in the NFC North" - Rich Eisen, NFL Network.

    Rich can be a little "off the wall" for me. Hope he's right on this one.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Eisen's not the first person to say that, Cutler is highly regarded in the let's see if he can follow through.

  • I believe Cutler is the best QB in the division. Rodgers is a close second mostly because of the receivers he has. Favre is old and now immobile but AP will definitely open up the passing game. Culpepper/Stafford are no comparison. Stafford we will find out about in the coming years. Cutler absolutely needs a receiver to break out this season, but will still have a good season if one doesn't simply because of Greg Olsen and Dez Clark. If Bennett or Hester breaks out though the NFC North better watch out.

  • i have a huge favor to ask anyone willing to do it. im in iraq working 12 hour days including on sundays. if anyone has the technical expertise and equipment to record the games onto dvd please contact me at i'm willing to pay for all the postage out and any other costs it might incur.

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Zisk...another option, IF you have solid computer to go on ITUNES each week. They don't carry entire games, but you can buy recaps of each game (more than a quick sportscenter highlight, usually contains most of the important plays from that weeks game, plus some post game recap). I think it costs a couple of bucks...

    Hope this might help. Lord knows, DVDs of the actual games would be sweet.

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    No idea how to do this, but I'm sure you can get copies from somewhere on the Internet. Ask around some forums, good luck!

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Anybody catch this Roethlisberger injury? It sounds moderately serious. Preliminary tests have ruled out a torn achilles, but they are running more tests.

    Go ahead, Ben. Take 4-6 weeks to recoup!

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Zisk. I THINK you should be able to get what you want from

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    He was "carted off the field". Here's more info at

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Leave a comment...

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    oops...blank comment
    hey Jeff, where did you want us to send pics from training camp?
    I went to the last practice yesterday...

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    my internet is way too slow here, it cant even handle youtube or the highlights on da site

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    if anyone thinks they could do it, id appreciate it a ton

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Send all photos to

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