Five Quick Thoughts

Just wrapped up watching the entirety of this ballgame and here's five thoughts.

1. On the quarterbacks.  (1) Don't worry about Jay Cutler's performance.  Without Matt Forte and Greg Olsen (the team's other two dynamic weapons), it is nearly impossible to gauge how this offense is going to look.  (2) I was quite impressed with Caleb Hanie.  He has a solid arm, good vision down the field and seems to be comfortable when scrambling outside the pocket.  (3) Brett Basanez should not make this or any other club's 53 man roster.

2.  Trent Edwards went 10-for-10.  Trent Edwards looked an awful lot like every quarterback the Bears faced in 2008.  If Green Bay runs the ball fifteen times on opening night, I'll be surprised.

3. Nathan Vasher needed a solid performance last night and he certainly did not provide it.  Vash looked tentative in coverage and slow to the football.  Won't someone tell me what's happened to this player since signing a lucrative contract extension?

4. I think the speculation can end.  Rashied Davis is going to be on this team.

5. Even though Al Afalava (how about 'Volcano' as a nickname) and Craig Steltz Bomber are not starting players, I think we've got some depth at the safety spot.  Both players looked confident and - more importantly - made plays.     


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  • First!

  • Good observations Jeff. Mine were:

    -Basanez is garbage
    -Afalava ((Benny Lava)search "Benny Lava" on youtube) makes this team
    -Kevin Payne is looking to paralize someone. love it!!!
    -Urlacher can still get outside
    -The D-Line still isn't up to speed
    -K. Jones is a solid back up. Forte will greatly benefit from that...
    -I would have really liked to see more Rideau...
    -Schaeffer is garbage at LT
    -Manning may have some competition at KR
    -Robbie Gould can hit 60 yard FGs!!!! Let him kick from 50+ Lovie!!! He will have a pro bowl year.
    -Jay Cutler: He gets a pass. I think all RT told him to do is throw it 15+ yds everytime. He needs about a half-a-second more in the pocket (OL needs to step it up a little bit...). This is his first freakin game with us and these receivers. He'll be fine. Anyone making Grossman comparisons to JC should be shot. Olsen+Forte+Cutler= instant offense. He just got his feet wet. He'll be fine by the time we get to Green Bay. That hitch route to Hester was a laser, and that pass to Des was beautiful. He was looking left and released it right to Clark within a quarter of a second after seeing he was open. Don't throw this team under the bus yet....

  • *Schaeffer is managable @ RT
    *Manning's competition is Knox

  • BTW. Can we PLEASE zone out our OLBs so i dont have to see that FUCKING SLANT ROUTE over and over and over and over a-fucking-gain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • well put. the panicking in the previous thread is tiresome.

  • Jeff, I think it is safe to say that you can append a "yet" to the end of:
    "Even though Al Afalava (how about 'Volcano' as a nickname)...(is) not starting..."

    Steltz is still a half-step slow in coverage. His tackling is fine - and he has a nose for the ball, but I don't think he'll ever be the guy that's making plays with the ball in the air.
    Afalava - I think he's going to be a starter, this year or next.
    Tough guy and I think he has better side-to-side speed than Payne and Steltz. I see him and think pro-bowl safety in a couple of years. Maybe that's just post-game adrenaline (lol).
    Turrene did impress me quite a bit.
    McBride got eaten alive ALL night.

  • And I don't talk about Bullocks - he is awful. Awful, awful, awful.

  • I watched the game again in slow-mo and made these observations:

    On the QBs: On the Cutler interception, the pocket collapsed and it looked like he threw it using only arm strength so he didn

  • 2008 is the game plan everyone is going to use. Quick drops, toss it to wide receivers, get yardage. Teams won't average big plays in the pass game but they'll move the chains easily. A pass rush won't really matter if the quarterback unloads quickly. Unfortunately, our corners are fond of a five yard cushion for receivers.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Jeff, if anything worries me about this coming year, it is just this. I would hate to see our defense get slanted to death again this year. Does Lovie have a real remedy for this or not? IF he doesn't it might just cost him his job. Let's hope that isn't the case.

  • Why is that, anyway? Why do our corners fail to jam receivers up at the line of scrimmage? Are they that slow on average?

  • Agreed - my question is why our DBs generally don't look like they play much bump and run. Are they too slow (they aren't too small, AFAIK) to recover or is it just not Babich/Lovie's philosophy? As in, if we had pro bowl corners, would the DC still have them sagging 5-10 yds off the LOS?

  • Yes. It's game only pre-season game1, so for the most part, chill. You don't change 3 spots on your offensive live and then just turn the key and drive off to the promised land like you bought a new car. The bell-weather for pre-season is normally game 3 (Denver. THAT'LL be fun).

    That said, feel free not to tell me I should "be shot" for making a Grossman comparison. It's Chicago. It comes with the territory and that INT had REX written all over it. That kind of INT is EXACTLY why Rex is competing to be the back-up in Houston. If the pocket's collapsing then pull it down and take the sack. In the regular season maybe he scrambles but let's save those risks for games that count.I don't want to see an off-balance, toss-it-up-for-grabs wounded duck even in pre-season game #1.

    On the other hand, yes, here we go again with the damn slant passes which are, safe to say, Green Bay's favorite play?

    Most of you know where I stand on the braying donkeys at the Favre-kissing network. With a few exceptions (Mel Kiper, for one) they are ROOTING like a bunch of high school cheerleaders for JC to CRASH & BURN in Chicago. Fine. They whiffed on the Favre out of Green Bay story from the get-go and we'll see who whiffs on JC. But for Crisssakes, DON'T THROW THOSE HONKING GEESE THE EQUIVALENT OF A BATTING PRACTICE FAST BALL RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE in a post game interview! If Cutler didn't exactly throw Hester "under the bus" in those comments, he AT LEAST gave Devin a nudge into oncoming traffic. I repeat from yesterday. Cutler's comment regarding the pick SHOULD have been: "My Bad". Period. Next question. Even REX had the stones to stand up and say "I wasn't ready to play" after that ugly game vs. the Packers to end the '06 regular season.

    I give #6 a pass on the game performance. He was probably, and understandably, a little to amped up for his Bears' debut. As for RonTurner's instructuion to jay, I must admit I couldn't quite overhear them from here.

    But JC gets an "F" in post game deportment. If the receiver screws up, feel free to tear him a new one. But not in public! The QB NEVER blames the receiver in public and vice-versa for that matter. Never. EVER. Leave the blame game to the discretion of the coaches.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:


  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Obviously we in Chicago are not used to a QB who customizes his throws to his receivers abilities... He is learning what these guys like and trying to figure out how to put the ball where they are most effective catching it.

    Even with his quote out of context, he isn't blaming Hester, he's just saying Hester isn't a 6'3" Randy Moss in his prime jump ball receiver. That means Jay Cutler shouldn't have thrown a jump ball to him. What's the big deal there.

  • I don't buy the whole throwing Hester under the bus story. Read those quotes and what he's saying is not Hester screwed up. He's saying that Hester is the kinda player who likes that type of pass. He was explaining why the two of them are off a bit still.

  • Do they put negativity in the tea in Springfield?

  • I contend he was making an excuse for a bad throw and I don't like to see/hear that, anytime. The fact that his explanation has to be exlained and defended speaks volumes.

  • How was that throwing Devin under the bus? Obviously, he isn't the type of receiver who you throw a jump ball to and expect him to come down with it. Let's just hope Cutler understands that now. I think he does.

  • Jeff, I am glad to see you are impressed with Hanie. Does this mean you are feeling more comfortable with him as a #2? You seemed a little iffy there earlier in the offseason.

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