First Quarter Summary

Quick points.

1, Orlando Pace is going to struggle against the speedy pass rushers.  I wonder if his pride will allow him to move to the right side at some point this season.

2. Tru McBride is pretty awful.  At everything.

3. Cutler is very good. 

4. So is Matt Forte.

5. I'd like to see the Bears get some other wide receivers involved.  We know Hester, Olsen and Clark are going to be there.  Throw a couple to D.A. and Rideau.

Very unexciting first quarter. 


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  • Poor Pace.

  • McBride is the weak link right now in the secondary. Thank goodness he isn't starting. Tillman and Bowman can't come back quick enough.

  • The offensive line is abysmal tonight. Pathetic is not too strong a word.

  • Hester. Man.

  • He looks like the old Devin! God damn!


  • Now drive down the field and punch another one in.

  • Fuck. Poor Kyle. That thing is broken.

  • I hope not.

  • 3 and 8 from your own 4 yard line. Throws a strike to Earl Bennet at the 20. THAT, ladies and gentlemen is why Jay Cutler was worth so much.

  • the offensive not looking that great...

  • pace is getting manhandled,hes looking to slow and lazy...out of shape

  • wow,cutler is impressive once he gets in

  • That is the kind of drive I was talking about. 98 yards, 5.00+ minutes, Touchdown.

  • Anyone watch Jason McKie on a sweep to the right earlier in the quarter just plain old ignore number 55 on the inside, get to the safety and completely whiff? He is my least favorite player of all time. No shit. He's taken the place of Jeremy Lincoln.

  • I'm seeing Facebook statuses about Devin Hester's cut! And looks like Cutler/Forte/Bears D are doin' well but I have missed the whole game so far.. argh. How are the other WRs besides Hester doing?

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