First Half Reactions

I'm going to watch the game again tomorrow morning and provide some details but these are my ten gut responses to the brilliant, brilliant, brilliant first half.

1. If Denver wants another first round draft pick, they can have it.  I know it's the preseason but we've never - in the history of the franchise - had quarterbacking like that.

2. I'm this close to believing in this Marinelli bullshit they've been feeding us for six months.  The pass rush was dominating; punishing the Giants' starting offensive tackles and making the game unplayable for Eli Manning.  Can we finally stop taking Alex Brown off the field on third downs?  AB is - without question - our best defensive lineman.

3. Congratulations to Nathan Vasher.  Seriously.  The coaches, media and yours truly have massacred this guy for weeks and I thought he played a solid, aggressive half.  He charged the football and made sound tackles.  Keep working, man.

4. Earl fucking Bennett, huh?  Unbelievable.

5. I'm not letting this Johnny Knox get away.  That is an explosive talent.

6. Devin Hester lacks the instincts of a great receiver but that's about all he lacks.  Once Cutler and Hester get on the same page, we could be looking at a lethal offensive weapon.

7. Biggest flaw?  Run defense up the gut and run offense up the gut.  The middle of this team looked a bit soft tonight and that needs to be remedied.

8. Mark my words.  One day we're all going to talk about how good Kevin Payne was.

9. Did Osi Umenyiora or Justin Tuck make a play?  The combination of our tackles and the quarterback's elusiveness is a bit inspiring.

10. Devin Aromashodu is not just making the team.  He's catching a ton of passes this season.  I think Mr. Davis might not be sticking around much longer.     

Bonus #11. Did you guys see Jay Cutler?  


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  • Awesome half!

  • i'm over here crying at this shit!!!! bears are looking SICK AS HELL out there. and this is against one of the best D-Lines in the league....

    and you know the scary part? bowman and peanut aren't even back.....holy. shit.

  • are y'all seeing mark anderson out here? KILLIN' IT!!!!! don't care if it's against back-ups....that's impressive.

    o yea...he's my frat brother (if you pay attn. and see the upside-down horseshoe brands on his arms, that's a fraternity thing).

  • anderson looks inspired tonight. they all do.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    they need to keep this up all season. and i truly feel this is only the start IF they keep working hard & keep working on their chemistry.

    o and the true leader of this team is cutler. by FAR now.....everybody sees that he's trying to win games, not padding stats (by that RIDICULOUS run he pulled off). preseason needs to hurry up b/c the pack are in trouble....

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    So Rash is what? 6th string?

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Funny the difference a week makes. Probably more on the fans than the team too :)

  • ehhhh....i think they're still getting a feel for each other (blame kyle orton's lame ass). now that he knows that cutler can throw it to him way down the field, it's gonna be a problem for defenses in the future....

    it's one thing to hear he has an arm, but to actually SEE IT?!??!?! got damn....

  • Can they take Mike Brown's number off DJ Moore's back? the guy can't tackle.

  • wow! Cutler looked AWESOME. My 3 most encouraging plays:

    1) 1st Quarter, 3rd down, cutler rolls out and fires a bullet to Bennett... 1st down.
    2) on the run, he throws it 50 yards down field and OVERTHOWS hester. 23 slowed up, he probably hasnt seen a ball thrown that far on the run in his entire career. cannon arm.
    3) when it looks like nothing is there, cutler tucks it away and scrambles for a 1st down... nice. i'd have shit my pants if grossman did that.

    bottom line. we looked scary good tonight. D looked great, for the most part too. still soft in coverage, but 110% better than the last game . SO stoked right now.


  • if i'm lovie, hanie finishes this game and plays three quarters next week.

  • so jeff....where would you start cuts? demotions? does vasher start or is he #3?

  • My thrill of the night...JC's ability to be at home in the pocket. Meaning stepping into it or moving to be able to make the play. We haven't seen this type of play since Rex before his knee injury.

  • Let's not forget how good Forte looked. He may be the best running and catching RB in the NFL. Great to see Jay and the pass rush too.

  • can't wait for a team without davis, and agree 100% with the alex brown comment. i love alex brown.

  • Marinelli bullshit ? What bullshit ? The players have bought into him since day one. He's regarded as being the finest DL coach in the business. Our line can only get better as a result of his arrival - that's obvious. When players say things like "I've always been told *what* to do as a lineman ...never *why* I had to do this or that..." .. then it's time to believe this guy knows what he's doing ... he's teaching not coaching.

    Although the Giants OL was missing its two starting guards, and their defense was missing five starters !

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